Fill SCROG Net w/ Late Stage Low Stress Training


What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back to the plant training techniques video section! Now in today's episode we are going to be covering late stage low-stress training, and what I mean by that is essentially how to fill out a scrog net using these techniques. So what we are going to be covering in today’s video is from start to finish how to fill out an empty scrog net with vegetative growth so that you can then begin the flowering phase. 

If you are not using a SCROG Net with your grow, this will work as well because the goal is essentially the same thing and you will see what we are doing is spreading the plants out so we can get as many tops to grow up through the canopy for maximum yields. Now in this video we are going to be using a few different grows to show and demonstrate what to do or how to do this technique, so we will be checking out the OG Kush tent. We will be seeing the agent orange ladies, and then we will also be using the chemdawg plants for some demonstrations.

 Now I am also going to be doing 2 updates a week for this video, until we get to the flowering phase with these ladies. So you are going to see really the whole course from start to finish on how to fill out a scrog net! Alright so now that you guys know what we are doing in today’s video, let's head over to the OG Kush to check out those plants or an example of what we are working towards with this plant training technique. 

Alright so here we are at the OG Kush tent, and these ladies are actually about Midway through their second week of flower. So you can see they have a nice bit of pistil development and early flower grows going on there. But what you will also notice is we have a double SCROG setup here and they have completely filled out every square of the net. We pretty much have two branches or two main tops going through every square and this is ideally what you want your end results to look like when using a scrog net.

So you can see not only do we have all of the net filled out but the tops are just about 4 to 6 in through the tops of it, they are not stretched out too tall. And they are not too far below. So very ideal situation here and this is exactly what I will be showing you guys how to do or how to get your plants to look exactly like this. Now the reason we are doing this is because first of all is going to help increase yields as well as density of the buds that we are getting. So that is very important.

 Now we are going to head over to the agent orange tent because I want to show you guys an example of two plants with the scrog net that they just have a few tops growing through here. Not too many. But we are going to be going over this or showing you over the course of this video how we are training these through the scrog net. Now essentially the technique is you are going to be bending the tallest tops we're the ones that are the farthest through the scrog net. You are going to want to bend them out and away from the center of the plant horizontally.

 So exactly or essentially what you will be doing is let's say you are in this square right here, the goal is to take that top and eventually work it out and away from The Middle to that square out there. What that does is it allows for more light to penetrate down through the canopy because it actually opens everything up. And then in turn more tops or going to sprout up and grow through the canopy and the scrog net. And then develop more bud, so again this leads to more yields, denser Buds and that is obviously our main goal here as well as the main goal of using a scrog net. Now we actually already trained this plant today so you can see this talk right here we have actually pulled it down through this Square.

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 It was actually going through that square earlier and then we brought it down through this one and then just slowly we will lower it down their opening that canopy more and more. With low stress training through a scrog net, you can do it pretty much every day, I generally do it every other day. Just because I like to give the plants a little bit of rest, if you do like to do it everyday I recommend at least once a week you do just give them at least a day off just so they can recover from it.

 This is also something you are pretty much going to do right up until the day you start flowers that we will cover that throughout the course of this video. But yeah usually you are going to be training and filling out that scrog net, and then once you have all of the squares filled you want to pretty much flipping to flower within the next couple days. So finally before we do any training let's head on over to the chemdawg grow tent. Now we had to add an extra light into this tent because the plant on the left was kind of getting overshadowed by this one and kind of lagging with growth. 

So I added that second light and now she is almost reached the scrog net but that is actually good because now you guys will get to see how long it takes for her to get that first and top through the scrog net. And then how long from there for her to fill out her entire section. Now you can see the plan on the right here this chemdawg plant has done a really good job of filling out most of the squares. She's got obviously more squares poking through the net. 

And yeah you will get to see how this one transitions as well over the course of the next couple of weeks as we trained her through the scrog net. Okay folks so that pretty much concludes this intro and first day of the late-stage low-stress training video. What I am going to do now is I will be back in a few days and then that is when I will show you guys that first bit of low stress training through the scrog net. Like I said we already did it for this plant today here and the chemdawg ladies are on a rest day. In a few days once we have a little more growth I will see you guys back here. Peace!

 Okay Growers so we are back here two days later and quick update on the plans. So first off the agent orange, you can see we've got a lot of Topps now poking out through the scrog net. So what we will do is with the ones that are like that one right there about four to five in through the top. We are going to train them a little bit and then the ones that are just poking through or haven't made it through just yet. We are going to leave those alone so that they can grow up or keep growing up and catch up to the taller ones. 

Again our goal is to get all of these tops at the same height so that they get the same amount of light and then in the end with that will lead to is full development of all of the buds. So when we train those taller branches horizontally away two different squares, what that does is keeps them low and further away from the center of the plant which allows for the shorter tops to grow up and catch up to those tops so they are at the same height like we were just discussing. All right so like I said I will show you guys in the Montage shot today, the low stress training we will do on there. But right now this grognet is about 50% full so I would say another week to go before she is ready to be full or before she's going to be full and ready to flip to flower. 

Now let's head over to the chemdawg tent right here you can see the plant on the left is getting very close to Growing through, just probably another inch to go and then she will make it through this grognet there. And then this one on the right has several tops that are just poking through. So there is no low stress training to be done here because they are not high enough through the scrog net to be trained to a further square away.

 If I tried to for example bring this one to a square that is further away, it probably wouldn't even reach to the edge so it would just stay in that square anyway. So we will not be doing any LST on those ones, and we do LST on the plant that still hasn't reached the scrog net but what I like to do is Maybe just once every couple of days do it so that most of its growth or efforts is focused on upward growth through the scrog net.

 Then once it does get through the net that is when you can focus more on widening that canopy. All right guys so that's pretty much it for today's update, I'm going to go ahead and do the LST on the agent orange plants and then I will be back here in a couple of days for your next update on the late-stage low-stress training. Peace! 

Alright folks so we are back here just two days later for your next update on the late-stage low-stress training. So as you can see we actually just did some low stress training today on the agent orange plants and you can see a lot of tops have popped up through the scrog net. But the ones that we have trained today or just the ones that are tall enough and about 5in up through the scrog net. 

Once that are just starting to poke through I am still holding off on those ones in terms of training because there is no need. We want to just let them catch up to those taller ones. And then training the taller ones slows them down in terms of upward growth because it causes them to grow outwards horizontally and that also helps with allowing those lower top to catch up.

 So right now we are just trying to fill out the scrog net and I would say right here on this one we are about 60% of the way through. So we will probably just do one more week a vegetation and then that one will be ready to flower. Now for the chemdawg tent you can see this lady on the right really filling out nicely and there is no need for any low stress training today as you can see because the tops that are through the scrog net are only about an inch or two through. So no need to train. 

With the one on the left she is looking really good and healthy and actually is now touching the scrog net so the next few days here she will start having tops coming through. And we will start training them as they poke through or grow taller through the strong that. All right folks are those it for today's update on the late-stage low-stress training and I will be back here in about two to three days to give you your next update. All right peace! 

All right folks so has been about 3 days since that last clip that I showed you on both of these plants, so I just wanted to show you how much both the chemdawg as well as the agent orange plants have grown since the last few days. So of course this is the chemdawg tent right here and you can see that the left plant has made it to the scrog net and we will start training it through there once it gets a little taller. 

Plant on the right is doing really well and is pretty much filled out that it's portion of the tent so or of the scrog net so we are hoping to just wait another week for this guy to fill out it's half and then we will be flipping them to flower. Now we are not doing any training on these guys today because we did some yesterday so today is a recovery day. 

Now over here in the agent orange tent we did just do some low stress training today because as you can see they are growing really well, nice and Tall through the scrog net and there are a lot of tops from each plant that is poking through. So same situation here, the right plant is pretty much filled out its entire portion of the scrog net and now we are just waiting for the left plant to do the same and then that is when we will be slipping into flower. 

So that is it for today's update, I will be back in another three days or your next one just to show you guys again the progress these plants are are having filling out the scrog net. In the meantime we are just going to be using low-stress training no talking whatsoever To make them do so. And then of course just using the lights and adjusting them according to how the plants are responding to them. So I will see you guys back here in three days.

What up Growers so we are back here a few days later for the next to update on the late-stage low-stress training. So we are here in the agent orange tent first just to check out these ladies have grown since the last update, and actually about 24 hours ago we did a very serious defoliation on both of these plants. So that is why they look really thinned out. 

The reason we did this is because the growth where the vegetative growth was starting to slow down a little bit because of how bushy the plants were. So what we did defoliated so I could focus on the main tops growing up through the scrog net and through the canopy. So I am thinking it is going to be another week of vegetation for these plants, this one on the right here is pretty much ready to start flower it is just got a few squares on its have to fill out. 

And then the one here on the left is what we are really waiting for it to catch up. As you can see it does have a decent amount I've tops through the scrog net, but we want to fill out more of the squares first so that we have enough tops to start the flowering phase. So what we are going to is we are going to continue with low stress training on the taller tops so those don't outgrow the scrog net. And what that will do is give us more time to allow for the shorter lower tops to grow up through the scrog net and catch up to the rest. 

So like I was saying for now we we'll just to be doing the low stress training three-finger technique to keep those really tall branches short and lower. And now we are just going to wait for this plant to basically grow but through the net. All right let's head over to the chemdawg tent really quickly, because there was a decent amount of progress that we had here on the left plant. 

We ended up taking that second light out because we were having some issues where we had added the second light. I think it was a little bit too much power for these ladies at this point. The right plant is doing really well, still kind of the same issue is this right plant is bigger than the left plants still has some catching up to do. So we are doing LST, the three-finger technique to keep these taller top shorter while we allow for get some more time or allow for more time for the tops on this plant to grow up. 

But as you can see we've got about four tops for five tops that are right at the were right about to pass through the scrog net. So she should be filling it out pretty quickly here. Okay so that concludes today's update on the late-stage low-stress training where we are focusing on filling out those scrog nets. I think for both of these we just have about I would say a a week of vegetation to go at least with the agent orange.

 Those plants are a week older than the two chemdawg plants here so they may take a little bit of time. But it is quite possible that these ones finish up in a week's time also. It just depends on how this left plant decides to fill out the scrog net. Or I guess I will be back in a few days for your next update on the late-stage low-stress training video. And until then, Happy growing!

What up GreenBox Growers, we are back here now three days later for your next update on the late stage low stress training. Now as you can see the left plant here has definitely grown through the scrog net really well and has pretty much filled out her entire half of it and as we can see right here the right plant has done that already pretty well. 

I would say it has been about a few weeks since she has filled this out so we have just been training her to kind of keep her low to the ground so she doesn't outgrow the tent. So we are actually going to be flipping these chemdawg plants into flower within the next few days here. I will keep you guys updated on that and I will be giving you guys updates on the late-stage low-stress training on until then.

For these plants here we are not going to be doing any bending actually for the next few days oh, probably we will not do anymore LST for the rest of the grow actually because we just want them to get taller in height until we get started with the flowering phase. Now to correct myself I will probably do one more low-stress training before the flowering phase just one right before we flip then just to get that last training in. But besides that it is pretty much just going to be a lollipopping right before we flip them and then that will be at.

 So let's head over to the agent orange tent and I've actually, I've currently got the grow light turned off because I want you guys to see them at their natural color without the purple blue light going. But these ladies are in the same situation looking much healthier than the chemdawg plants in my opinion and the left plant has filled out a scrog net really nicely after we defoliated her that last time. 

So it seems like in these tents but the left plants were struggling which is kind of funny but this guy has definitely caught up and same with the one in the other chemdawg tent. So for the agent orange ladies we are probably going to be flipping them in the next four days here and to the flour and beforehand what we will do is the lollipop maybe a little defoliation up top and we are probably not going to do any low stress training on the left of plants here as her tops are just poking through the scrog net.

 But for the plant on the right, some of those tots are a good 4 to 5 in through so what we are going to do is train those until we flip just so that they stay level with the rest of the canopy. All right guys I will probably be back for your next update in two days here, just to show you guys the results of those lollipoppings once we do them. So I will see you then, all right peace! 

Okay so we are back here two days later for your next update and the agent orange plants are actually going crazy right now with vegetative growth! You can see this left plant has really caught up with the right plant, the right plant is obviously still bigger but the left plant is filling out a very good portion of the scrog now as well.

 So we are actually going to be flipping these ladies to flower starting tomorrow night so tomorrow we will be doing a lollipopping as well as some defoliation up top and then that evening we will be switching to the 12 12 light schedule. So for now this is probably going to be actually the last update here as you guys can see because that pretty much does it for our late-stage low-stress training. 

Again lollipopping and defoliation is more of a high-stress sort of technique, it is not low stress training. But again we are going to be flipping and I will show you guys the plants tomorrow after they are all trimmed up just so you can see what it looks like in terms of late-stage low-stress training that is pretty much it. 

And that is how you want to fill out you are a scrog net. Now I know what you guys are thinking, there are still some squares open here and you know the plants are just poking through and some of the areas. But what you got to remember is during the flower. But what you got to remember is during the flower eating phase, most trains are going to stretching, most trains are going to stretch a good amount.  

But even some are going to stretch you know up to twice as much so you want to account for that, know what strain you are growing and what characteristics or growing characteristics it has. All right guys said that concludes today's update again probably the last update of low-stress training but I will be back to show you guys each of these grow tents right before we flip these ladies to flower. All right peace!

All right folks we are back in the grow room just a few days later after our last grow update, and before I show you the new update on the agent orange and chemdawg ladies. I just want to show you guys what you have to look forward to with your screen of green method. Again these are the OG Kush plants and they are just starting week 5 of flower today. 

All right so we will head over to the agent orange tent because in fact we just did a lollipopping yesterday on both of these ladies. You can see really cleaned up the bottom third of the trunks and as main branches down below there. And we also thinned out the upper part of the canopy just so that we could separate and uncrowd the different tops. 

We will do a little low stress training through the first week of the flowering phase but just very minimal and just moving the taller tops to further squares from the center of the plant. So today is officially day 1 of flowers we did change over the light schedule to the 12 12 or 12 hours on 12 hours off. 

So the agent orange ladies are now in flower and what that means is that will officially conclude the late-stage low-stress training updates for these two plants and if you do want to follow along with this grow series however you can check that out as we do have all the videos under our indoor growing section. 

Alright so we are now back here about 5 days later and this is going to be the last update for the late stage low-stress training video. So here we are at the chemdawg grow tent and yesterday was the lollipopping, we did the lollipopping on both of these plants here as you can see. And we then did that evening which was last night, flipped them into flour by changing the lights cycle to a 12:12 or 12 hours on 12 hours off period. 

So this is day one here of flower and we will no longer be doing any low stress training on the plants. We are just going to let them grow upwards now, we will do defoliation but that would be a different video. Now of course the agent orange plants have been in flower for about 7 days now. 

We just finished day 7 today actually, and they are looking good just getting through that pre flower or transitional phase as you can see they are starting to get some nice pistols going at the very top nodes. So very happy on the development that's far. So that pretty much concludes how to do this technique so it is not time for you guys to utilize this in your very own garden. All right hope you guys enjoyed, peace!

Okay Growers so that concludes the late-stage low-stress training video and again this is an ideal way to set up your scrog net or to train you are plants in order to properly fill it out before you flip them to flower. As always I want to thank you guys for watching this episode of our plant training techniques, we will be back shortly with another update and another technique for increasing yields as well as butt size. Until then we just want to get them thank you guys for watching this video and we really hope you enjoyed it, and until next time…

Happy Growing! 
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown