Last Week before Flush for the OG Kush Ladies!!!


What is up GreenBox Growers, and welcome back for week 15 overall to the OG Kush Screen of Green Grow series! This is also the beginning of week 7 of flower and if you have already watch the last week's update, you will know that this OG Kush strain is an 8-week or a recommended 8 weeks strain. So we checked the trichomes, they look like they have some time to go so we are going to continue with the nutrient schedule is normal during this week and then at the end of this week's video we will do another trichome check to see if they are ready to start that flush. 

If so then we will begin the flush starting at the beginning of week 8 of flower. OK Growers so I am really excited with how these buds are turning out, I definitely think that this is my best grow yet. And the buds honestly they look top shelf or top-shelf quality from a dispensary, they are really dense and large in size and then the density of trichomes on the buds, so the amount of potency they are going to have is off-the-charts! So now that you know what we are doing in this week's episode, let's head over to the grow tent to check out how they are looking and get started with day one of the week! 

Alright Growers, so here we are at the 4 by 4 tent with the OG Kush ladies, and you can see the buds are just really crystaling up nicely. Trichomes are packed on there so densely it really in my opinion looks like someone sprinkled some nice sugar on their! So I will give you guys a nice close-up on that in the coming up shot here, for today's update so again we are keeping the lights how they are at this distance until the end of this grow. We are going to hold off on defoliation as well except for leaves they're just coming right off or are falling off.

 You can see like down here naturally the fans will kind of blow them off as they get dead or they die and then they just naturally are barely hanging on to the plant. So no defoliation well, keeping the light height the same, we are going to shake up the CO2 canisters as always and then today we are doing our first plane watering. So I have two gallons mixed up with a full tablespoon of the grape sweet. 

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And we will evenly distribute that throughout all four of the plants. I like I was saying in the intro and in last week's video, we are going to continue with the nutrients schedule this week and then at the end of the week we will do a little trichome check to see how they are doing. And to see if they developed enough to be ready to start flush come day 1 of week 8 of flower. All right guys so that is it for the update today, I'm going to go ahead and do that watering and then we will see you back here in twenty-four hours!

Alright Growers we are back for the second day of the week, and at this point really all we have left to do is wait for those trichomes to finish the maturing process. So just waiting for them to turn 5 to 10% Amber while the rest are milky, and then we will start the flushing process. So what that means is everything is pretty much staying on autopilot and terms of temperature and humidity as well as the level of the lights or the distance of the lights from the plants. 

So today it is going to be a simple update, all we are doing is our small in between watering of one gallon split between all four of the plants. And I just have one, I'm sorry half a teaspoon or half a tablespoon I'm sorry or 1.5 teaspoons of the grape sweet mixed into that gallon. So again splitting that between all four of the plants, just shaking up the CO2 canisters and then that is really at. So we will be checking at the end of this week on the trichomes to see if they have reached the point of maturity and being ready for flush.

 But besides that, very very stoked on the yields it looks like we are going to be pulling as well as the quality of all of the buds in here. No not only are the nugs in the very center that we're getting the most light, not only do those ones look amazing, but even when you come all the way to the very edge of the canopy. And even down below, below the low SCROG Net here, you can see and I'll give you guys some better shots. But even below that second layer of the scrog net, we have some really Frosty and dense Bud development.

Now of course it is not as big as these main colas up top in the middle, but for being on the very outskirts and edges of the lights and canopy and kind of under that second layer of the scrog net. Down at the very lowest nodes, that is still amazing development. So I'm going to give you guys some good close-ups on these buds on the edges in the upcoming shot here while we are doing that watering. And then I will see you guys back here in twenty-four hours for the third day of the week. Alright Peace Growers!

Welcome back Growers, it is now the third day of the week and today is a simple update as all we are going to be doing is watering the plants. So this is going to be their second plain watering sense that last nutrient feeding, and I have two gallons mixed up with one full tablespoon of the grape sweet by Botanicare.  And that will be split between all four of these plants here. 

Of course we are going to be shaking up the CO2 canisters, no adjusting of the light necessary today or like I have been saying probably for the rest of the grow. Now the buds are fattening up daily so that's really good we are getting some nice added size to them throughout this possibly last week of the regular grow.  And based on the development we are getting I do believe that when we check the trichomes on day 7 of this week, I do believe that they will be ready for a flush.  

Now I might be wrong again and we might need one additional week to go. But just based off of this development, I am thinking we will get one more nutrient feeding in and then we will be flushing for the rest of this grow. Alright guy so that's pretty much it for today, I am going to go ahead and get that watering taken care of and then I will see you guys back here in 24 Hours.  Alright, Peace!

It is day four of the week now and I have a feeling we are getting very close to being ready to start our flush. As you can see pretty much all of the hairs or all of the pistols on the buds have curled in and changed to a light orange color or a slightly orange color. And they have put on some significant size throughout this week. So I have a hunch that when we check the trichomes on day 7 of this week they will be ready to start that flush. And that will be great because that still gives us another 10 to 14 days of putting on size and density for these nugs. 

So for today it is going to be a simple one, we are just doing one of our small in between waterings. Right here I have one gallon mixed up with a full teaspoon of the grape bud sweetener by Botanicare.  Now the lid kind of broke off on the top there, so that is why I dont have it out here I just didn't want to spill it.  So that one gallon will be split between all four of the plants as usual.  And then today we actually just refilled the CO2 canisters by TNB Naturals, so don't forget to shake them up and then of course once they run out or they are ready for a refill be sure to refill them. 

And this is what this package look like, this is a new one that hasn't been used yet and I just kind of stocked up so I have them ready every two weeks. That will probably be the last time that we refill or it definitely will be the last time that we refill them for this series because like I said you don't need too much at the very end. So that is just kind of their last push of CO2. Now besides that I would just like to mention that during the last few weeks of flower here. 

I am keeping the temperature on the especially low side in the grow room.  So you can see right here it is 73° and I try to keep it at about 72 to 73° Fahrenheit throughout the day and then at night again just saying at 68 to 69 degrees Fahrenheit will do just fine. But that is important towards the end of the grow to keep them on the cool side because if it goes a little too warm it is a lot easier to stress them out at this point and any stress will damage your buds as well as the quality and yields. So that was pretty much it for todays update, we are going to go ahead and do that play watering with the grape sweetener. And then I will see you guys back here in 24 hours. 

Okay Growers so we are now back for the very next day of the week and as I keep saying it is just going to be a real simple update. So today is the third plain watering that we will be doing for the plants and their last nutrient feeding. And in that gallon of water I have a full tablespoon of the Grape Sweet by Botanicare mixed up. So course we will be shaking up our TNB Naturals CO2 canisters today. 

And reason why it is so simple is because as I keep saying we are basically on autopilot at this point and we are just trying to provide them with perfect conditions such as temperature and humidity while they finish up the whole trichome maturity process. And then once that is done we will be harvesting them. 

So like I said all we are doing is that watering today and today's from here which is day 7 of this week, we will be checking the trichomes and then hopefully after that point we will be starting our 10 to 14 day flush. All right guys so I'm going to go ahead and get that watering done, I will show you some close-ups on the bus so you can see the recent development and then I will see you guys back here in 24 hours for the next day of the week! Alright Peace Growers!

Okay folks it is now day 6 of the week here and getting very close to being ready for flush, I'm really hoping that by tomorrow we are going to check those trichomes like I said we would and then we will see that they are ready for day one of the next week. Again if everything goes to plan, tomorrow will be the last nutrients feeding. So what that means is today we are just doing our small in between watering of one gallon with 1.5 teaspoons of the grape sweet by botanicare. 

And I will be splitting that between all four of the plants. Besides that I'm just going to be shaking up those CO2 canisters and again I have been slowly lowering the temps just a little bit each day here. So we are kind of in the 72 274 degree range during the day and then about 68 to 69 degrees at night. And that just helps at the very end of flower to get a little extra frost on the buds and to help bring out that purple color and effect on them as well.

 So like I said just an easy update today, it's going to do that small watering and then tomorrow we will be doing that nutrients feeding and then hopefully when we check the trichomes we will see that it is time to start the flush. All right guys so I'm going to go ahead and do that watering and then I will give you some nice close ups on the buds as they have been having some really good development here every 24 hours. Looking really Frosty and dense, and they still seem to be packing on some size everyday. All rights go check that out! 

What up GreenBox Growers, so we are back here now for the last day of the week in this is a very exciting update with the news we have all been waiting for. I just checked the trichomes with the scope on the main colas here and they are definitely ready to start that flush. We are right around 5% Amber and everything else looking milky or cloudy. 

So over that too weak. Or the 10 to 14 day flushing period, we will still get a lot of good development and even more Amber. And the goal is we want to finish around 20 to 30% amber. So we should get that much development over that 2 week Flushing Period. Now for today's update we will be doing a nutrient feeding, so it will be the last one of the grow and this is week 9 overall from the fox farm Dirty Dozen schedule. It is a little blurry right there but we do have it listed on this page so that you can pop it up and look at the feeding chart right on your screen there. 

Now we are doing it at full strength and I have two gallons mixed up which we will be splitting between all for the plants. And what is nice as we are getting some of that Cha Ching powder in there which is going to help with some extra Bloom growth and yields. And then we also have the Bembe which is going to help us with some extra sweetening as well as some size and extra potency. 

Now we've got a full 1.5 teaspoons per gallon of water both the Cal Mag and the grape sweet by Botanicare mixed in there, she just keep that in mind. We will be continuing with the shaking of the CO2 canisters all the way through the flushing period, so keep doing that each day. And that is pretty much it for the update, so what we are going to do now is give you guys some nice clothes that's on the buds while I do the water in, and then we are going to do a shot with the trichomes scope to show you those trichomes up close! 

Now tomorrow will be day one of the flush, so I will go over the details for how we are going to start that phase in next week's video. So stay tuned for that, we will be back with that shortly and now let's get to those bud shots! 

Alright folks so here we are now and we are going to do the trichomes check on these buds. So we are going to start with the main cause of top to check them out, and remember you want to look on the buds themselves, not the sugar leaves. Because the sugar leaves will show further development than the main buds. 

I did already checked today and we do have the proper development, around 5% Amber trichomes with the rest of Milky to start that flush. So let's get started, and we are going to get started by checking out this main guy right here. And you can see very purple, very dense and frosty, especially on top. So yeah now let's see how this trichomes look. So that's a Sugar Leaf of course, but I am going to give you guys some good slow mo’s of this now too so here we go!

Alright GreenBox Growers, so that officially concludes this week's episode of the OG Kush Screen of Green Grow series! Now as a reminder that was a week 15 overall as well as week 7 of flower, and if you guys remember this is supposed to be an 8 week or around an 8-week overall flowering strain. So we are right on schedule in terms of how long it should take to finish these ladies up, and like I said in today's update as well, those trichomes I looking right on time. So we are going to start that flush, day 1 of this coming week which is of course tomorrow.

 So in next week's update on day one I'm going to give you all of the details you need to know about how to start that flush. What we are going to be doing over that entire process, and then what the last steps will be to get us into a harvesting phase. So it doesn't want us to thank you guys for watching this week's update on the OG Kush ladies. I really hope you guys enjoyed it, I know I sure am as these are by far some of the best results I have ever gotten with growing cannabis.

 They are really Dense, really Frosty and the size is tremendous. I have a lot to thank to TNB Naturals for hooking us up with their CO2 canisters. Because I think a lot of it has to do with that, and then of course those electric sky 300 watt LEDs by the green Sunshine Company are making a huge difference. 

Of course we don't want to forget about the scrog net that we are using because that does help a lot with those yields, so just a huge thank you to all of our supporters and sponsors who hook us up with these supplies so that we can test them out and show you guys the kinds of results. And how well you can improve your grows using those products. And I just want to give you guys won last thank you for following along with this entire grow series. I will be back shortly with the next update which of course is going to be the start of flush, and I also just wanted to say I really hope everything is really going well with your guys's cannabis plants in your Gardens. And until I see you guys for next week's update…

Happy Growing!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown