Almost ready for the SCROG Net + More LST!

Alright GreenBox Growers welcome back for week 4 vegetation for Cody's agent orange beginner grow series! So we have been seeing a lot of new top growth going on so this week we are going to be continuing with the LST with that three-finger technique. And then with a couple weeks here we will probably be ready to use this scrog. The scrog here is from Growers scrog Nets .Com, it is a double layer so it has a lower layer for the lower parts of the canopy where the tops are. I think for this setup we are just going to be using one layer but yeah it will still be really useful in the two by four tent.

 But yeah we are just going to be doing some minor LST this week though, it is just exciting and I wanted to show you guys that so you get an idea of what we will be using in the near future. Yeah so we will have the link or the week is right here on the screen to, is a really good company that I've been working with. And yeah it's going to be a really exciting week, hopefully we only need one to two more weeks of vegetation before we get that scrog net up there. And now that you guys know what we are doing in this week's video, Let's Get start with day one of the week!

Hey guys, here we are for day one of the week, the plants are looking great it really seemed to be liking that extra 5% of light power that we added. I think I need to mention that last time we went up to 25%, I need to correct that as we actually went up from 15% to 20%. Because they liked it so much, I think what we will be doing is now going up to 25%, and I think we will also be doing some minor LST because they are growing upwards but we want them to continue widening and getting more bushy. 

So we will give them some LST. Lastly the soil is pretty dry so we will be doing a plain water in. This is going to be the third plain watering since the last nutrient feeding. And then of course the usual misting for the girls, and as far as water and goes today we are going to be using a half gallon total so each of these plants will be drinking a 1/4 gallon of water. And that is going to do a guys so we are going to go ahead to a quite a bit with these plants today and then we will see you tomorrow for day two of the week!

Hey guys it is day two of the week the plants are looking really good here, they are starting to really spring up and they are also getting good and wide. The plant is filling out basically, the coloration is still good and the soil today is still pretty moist so we are just going to let it be for today. We are going to do a misting but I do want to do a round of LST first. Just to continue with getting the plants to grow outward and to help it get every top an opportunity to grow well. So let's go ahead and get some of that LST going here. And one thing I wanted to mention guys before you start with the LST is tomorrow we will probably turn up the light another 5%.

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 Just because the plants seem to be really responding well to the light oh, we just want to give them time to graduate to that so tomorrow they are really wanting that extra light. And just to remind you we are on the cannagrow 200 watt Cree cob LED light here. They hooked us up with this and now we are using this light currently for this grow here on the agent orange. And you can check out their products on Amazon, just search cannagrow LED and they should pop up no problem. So I'm going to go ahead and get this LST taken care of with some misting and then that will be it for today guys.

Hey guys here we are for day three of the week, the plants are looking great and they are, you know we did some LST yesterday and they look like they are responding well to it. But I think we could probably give them a rest just because I have been going at it a lot with the LST. So I really just want to let them start growing now and not really do too much to them. 

The soil is still obviously moist so we are not going to water today but we are going to do the misting and then that will do it. And then one more thing guys actually before we get out of here, we are going to turn the light up another 5% so let me just go ahead and do that. So at this point we are all the way up to 30%. All right so that is all we did today, just a misting and then we changed the power of the light and then that will do it. We will see you tomorrow for day 4!

Hey guys here we are for day 4 of the week, the plants really look like they have grown quite a bit since yesterday. They look really full which I'm stoked to see because they were definitely needing to fill out more, and it seems like they are responding well to the light being turned up more. So I think we might actually do that again, we will go from 30% to 35% on the light. This is our cannagrow Cree cob LED we got going here, so just a reminder you will be at 35%, At the end of today. And then the soil is looking pretty dry here, so we will go ahead and do a watering today. 

And since it has been 3 playing waterings we are going to do a nutrient feeding today with our Fox Farm Dirty Dozen. So we are at week 2 of the vegetative mix for the fox farm feeding schedule, we are doing it at three-quarter strength and we are also adding some cal-mag to that. We are going to be using a half gallon of solution today for these two plants. So they will each be getting 1/4 of a gallon of solution. And then just the usual misting oh, and like I said we are turning up the light, our CanaGrow Cree cob led to 35%. And then that should do it for today guys, no LST and then we will see you back tomorrow or day 5! 

Hey guys welcome back, it is day five, the plants are looking great and as you can tell we just did a nice misting with them. So other than that today we are just going to be doing a little LST. And then also because the plants keep responding better and better to raising the light I am going to raise it another 5%. So let me just get in there oh, okay so that is another 5%. So we should be at 40% now correct, yep we are at 40% now! Looking good, so we are going to go ahead and get that LST taken care of guys and then we will see you tomorrow for day 6.

Hey guys, it is day 6 of the week, the plants are looking very nice today! Really filling out and I can tell they are getting much thicker in the stems now that they are getting higher and higher light power hello there was a time there when they were kind of looking a little leggy as I have heard Dylan say. But they are definitely getting sturdier now. The soil is still pretty moist today so we will not do any watering it, but we will do a misting. And then we are going to raise up the dial 5% so we are going up to 45% I believe. Yes we are at 45% now. And I just want to keep going cuz I really think I had these way too low in terms of light power, so I really want to get them at the right amount. And then get them to their maximum potential, okay so let's get the misting taken care of and then that will do it for today guys. So we will see you tomorrow for the last day of the week!

Hey guys, welcome back it is the last day of the week in the plants are looking great. I really am happy with how they are responding to this continual increase and light strength. So I am hoping we continue to see more increase in girth for the stems as well as bushiness in general for the plants.  Today the soil is looking pretty dry so we are going to go ahead and do a watering, we will do the same half gallon it is just going to be a plane watering, the first one since last nutrient feeding. 

We will do some LST, the plants have had a day of rest so we will go ahead and do that today. And then we will go ahead and do the misting and it is also important for you guys to know that our CanaGrow Cree Cob LED has been raised about four in just to increase the footprint it has on the plants. And as we increase the power we don't want to keep it too close to the plants as they are getting taller so it is good to just keep it at a good height. Okay guys so that does it for this week and we will see you tomorrow for the next one!

Alright Growers so the first month is officially in the books for Cody's beginner Agent Orange grow series. And as you guys could see you in that last pic, one of the tops ended up working on the other one did not. Cody do you want to elaborate on that?! Yeah so basically on the first one I did that tape was well wrapped around and it was a good length and it was basically just holding the broken part up like a splint. And it was keeping the 2 broken ends together so that the contact could kind of fit back together and heal. 

Whereas on the other one it just for some reason looked like the tape had come unraveled and so it wasn't able to hold it up for that to happen and it just basically maintained that broken spot. And eventually the top died because it wasn't getting that connection made. And yeah we could kind of see through the tape and it looked like there was kind of a gap between the part that broke off and then the base of it.

 So that is why I died in the video and then as you guys saw, the other one that was done properly is still alive and thriving so that is good. So yeah that pretty much wraps it up for this week's video but we will be back shortly for week 5. Hopefully after this coming week we will be adding the scrog net and then shortly after that we will be going into flower. So until then Happy growing! 

Happy Growing!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown