Adding the SCROG Net + TNB Naturals CO2

What up GreenBox Growers, and welcome back for week 5 of vegetation for the beginner Agent Orange grow series by my brother Cody! So it is just going to be a regular week pretty much, we are going to continue with the LST, we might continue to raise the strength of the light a little bit more since it is responding really well to the increase we've done so far. But by the end of the week we might begin the SCROG Net so we will see how that goes. Yeah so hopefully we will be adding the net by the end of this week or by the beginning of next week at the latest, and now that you guys know what we are doing in this week's video let's get started with day one of the week!

Hey guys, welcome back it is day one of a new week. Let's check out the plants, they are looking really good! They have definitely improved and it has been a slow recovery process, not really a recovery but it has been a slow improvement since we have been increasing that light power and I am really happy with the results. The soil is still moist from the last watering so we will definitely leave that be today, but we will go ahead and do more LST with the plants and we will raise the light another 5% and then do a misting after all of that.

 So we will go ahead and raise the light 5% here so let me see where it is at right now. This light dial is not quite accurate so I think it is at 45% right now, so we will go to 50%. But the tick marks should be in intervals of 5 but it is not so it's a little off but you can make it work, it's not terrible. All right said that is good there, we are going to go ahead and do some LST and the misting and then we will see you guys back tomorrow for day 2! 

Hey guys, welcome back it is day two, let's check on the plants and see how they're doing. So they are looking good as usual, they are growing and they are looking green and I am really happy with how they are responding to the lights so as usual we are going to continue with the raising of the power. We are going to go up another 5% here, so we are at 50% and we are going to go to 55%. And on this list CannaGrow Cre Cob LED Light, there are little ticks around the dial. They are not each 5 so just be careful with how much each tick is.  

And in our case it's like you have to take out a check in a little over to do 5%. So that's how we are doing it. The soil today is still decently moist so we are probably going to do watering tomorrow, and then for today we are just going to do the usual misting. All right, yeah I'm super stoked on how big these plants are getting, they were a little lady for a second there and now they are getting very sturdy and nice and thick stems. All right so that does it for day two guys and we will see you tomorrow for day 3! 

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Hey guys here we are for day 3 of the week, let's check out see how the plants are doing. They are looking great and I am really happy with their results as they come along and are growing through vegetation. I am going to do some LST today since I didn’t yesterday. We will do a watering cuz the soil looks nice and dry, and then of course we will do a misting. And then lastly I want to raise, firstly actually I am going to raise the light. 

So we are at 55% right now so let's go up to 60%. There we go, Okay cool so we are at 60% now. We will go ahead and give these plants some LST some watering, and then a quick misting. And just a reminder guys this is our second plane watering since the last nutrient feeding and because the plants are growing we are up to 3/4 of a gallon of water for both of these plants. So split that between the two of them. So we are going to go ahead and do the LST, we are going to get that water and taken care of, a quick misting and then we will see you guys back tomorrow for Day 4.

Hey guys, welcome back it is day four of the week. The plants are looking really good today, they are really thriving and those leaves are getting massive. We taped up one of the leaves or one of the stems that had snapped, unfortunately the plant or the stem had survived the snap. It was still growing and you could see it was growing up towards the light, and now that it has cracked it is now going lopsided. So by tomorrow it should be corrected. 

The soil is still pretty moist so we will still let it be oh, we will do a misting today but no LSt. And then we will raise the light power on our CannaGrow Cre COB LED about 5% as usual. And then that will do it for today guys let's get that misting going.  That is looking good, all right so I am really excited because we are probably going to be using the scrog soon but we will keep you guys updated on that. We will see you guys back here tomorrow for Day 5!

Hey guys, welcome back it is day five of the week and some exciting news here. TNB Naturals Has hooked us up with a CO2 canister, I am really excited about this because these are really supposed to enhance the effect of the grow. They are supposed to really get you faster vegetative growth, thicker vegetative growth and then once you are into the flowering stage you are just supposed to get bigger buds because of it.

 So I am really excited to see the results of my brother Dylan says he has used the canisters on his grows too and he says they work better than EXhale Homegrown CO2 bag. So I'm excited to give that a try, and it is supposed to cover 8 square feet of growth, so one is definitely enough for my tent size as it is a 2 x 4 tent.  So you add a liter of lukewarm water into the canister after you have unscrew the cap. And then you put the cap back on and remove the sticker and then cover the hole with your finger and Shake It. And then as you remove your finger you're going to hear it release some compressed CO2 gas and you are going to hear it hissing. So it is going to be cool to use that, and I definitely think this will give better results. 

So that is pretty much all you have to do to set up the canister. You want them to be hanging right above the plants because CO2 is a heavier gas so it is going to drop down. So when it is above the plant, the canister, as the gas release is it will pass over the plants better than if it were below them. So I am very stoked to have those, thank you to tnb Naturals, we are really excited about the canisters and thanks a lot for the hook up! Other than that for day five, we are going to be turning the light up another 5%.

 Let's go ahead and get that taken care of right now. So we should be getting upwards of 70% now. So the plants you can tell we're not getting burned At All by this, they are really thriving with the extra light power so we will be doing a watering today. It is the third plane watering since the last nutrient feeding. And then we will also be doing the usual misting, like I said no LST today because we are just going to get the plants another rest day. So we will be splitting almost a full gallon of water today for the plants. Just keep that in mind that we are increasing the amount of water we are using between these two plants. Alright that does it you guys for today which is day five, and we will see you tomorrow for day 6! 

Hey guys, welcome back it is day 6 of the week, the plants are really thriving and I am so exciting with the results, they are literally changing every day! Today we will not be doing a watering of the soil is still a little moist, so we will leave that be but we will go ahead and raise a light another 5% up to 75%. Or 80% I believe, yeah there you go. Okay so that is now at 80% now and, let's see what else, we are going to be doing this thing of course and then a quick L St, and then tomorrow we are going to be doing our first defoliation. And then we are also going to be putting up the scrog net. So tomorrow there will be a lot more to do, that will be a really exciting day but today we are just going to be doing the LST and misting and that will do it for today. We will see you guys tomorrow!

Hey guys, welcome back to the agent orange grow series, it’s day 7 of the week and it is actually a very exciting day. We are going to be adding the SCROG Net!  We will also be doing a defoliation which means we will just be cutting off some of these bigger fan leaves, but I am really excited about the scrog because this is when we will really start to see the plants get nicely organized and that is when you will get the best results I think.

 It makes sense to me that you would spread them out you know get better light throughout the plant and then because of that you would actually get larger yields. So hopefully those are the results I will be getting with my scrog. And then from what I have watched on Dylan's videos, it makes sense that cutting away some of the bigger fan leaves that are blocking light to the lower canopy, it makes sense that that would help get light down there and give lower tops a chance to grow up. 

So we will also be raising the light 5% so let's go ahead and get that taken care of right now. So it looks like at this point, we are getting close to 100% but not quite we are at 90% right now. So we are getting close and we are at the last stretch there. And then we are going to be doing a watering today, it is actually going to be a nutrient feeding today. We are on the third week of the vegetative cycle but we will get into more details on that once we do this defoliation and SCROG Net. We will do the usual misting and the shaking of the CO2 canister of course, it is a pretty full day today guys so let's go ahead and get started on that scrog net and defoliation! 

Okay guys so we have finished up that first defoliation, you can get a look now of the difference between one that has it done compared to one that has not had it done. You can see it's not too big of a difference but having those huge leaves out of there, it is really exposing a whole network of tiny little leaves that you can see. So it is going to help those ones flourish and do a lot better now. Two other important points to note you always want to make sure you keep your scrog net a couple of inches above the top of the plants, maybe two to three inches even and it is really key to keep that up there. And you want to make sure to use a clean pair of Fiskar scissors just so you don't infect the plant when you go and cut the stems.

 Okay so that does it for the defoliation and the SCROG, and we are going to be doing a nutrient feeding today. We are doing the third week of the vegetative mix of the fox farm Dirty Dozen nutrients feeding schedule. There you can see it, we will be doing it at full strength, we are also going to add a teaspoon of cal-mag to this gallon of nutrients that we are using. The gallon that will be split between the two. And then we will be doing the usual misting, we have already shaken up the CO2 canister so that is good. So we are going to go ahead and get the second plant defoliated guys, and then we will see you back tomorrow for the first day of the next week! 

All right GreenBox Growers, so that concludes week 5 of vegetation for Cody's agent orange beginner grow Series! Yeah so we have our first defoliation under the belt, we now have the scrog in there so we are in the next week going to start guiding the plants up through the scrog and training them through it. And we should see that help them with the vegetative growth. Yeah so we should see the scrog net fill up with tops and then next week to two weeks, and then once we get that done we will be flipping them to flower. So until next time, thank you guys for watching this week's video, we really hope you enjoyed it, until next time…

Happy Growing!!! 
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown