Transitioning to the Flower Phase!


What is up GreenBox Growers, and welcome back for week 9 of the OG Kush Screen of Green Grow series! Now today we are actually flipping the plants into the flowering stage Converse that also means this is day one of week one of flower. So get excited for this week's video because that means we are officially transitioning into the flowering phase. And I would also like to mention that the plants have recovered perfectly from the lollipopping and defoliation yesterday.

 And we already have some tops that have grown through that second layer of the scrog net. So in this week's video I am going to be covering all of the changes you need to make to your grow room and conditions. As well as the setup, so it is ideal for the flowering phase. All right so now that you guys know what we are doing in this week's video, let's get started with day one of the week!

Okay Growers so here we are at the OG Kush tent for day 1 of week 9. So as I was saying, we are going to be flipping the light schedule to the flowering phase starting tonight. So that actually means tomorrow will officially be the first day of flower. Now before I get into the details about that, I just want to cover what we will be doing in today's video. So first of all plants are ready for their next watering, the soil is dry. So it will normally be our second plane watering but as you can see in between the last flower or I'm sorry the last nutrient mix of the vegetative stage and then the first flowering mix of nutrients of The Dirty Dozen. 

You will see there is a recommended Sledgehammer flushing. So that is what we will be doing today, normally this would be the second playing watering but we will be doing the sledgehammer mix. I've got two gallons mixed up that will be split between all four plants. And I am mixing it up at two teaspoons per gallon of water of the sledgehammer mix. Now this is just going to help us flush out the soil of any buildup of minerals or salts. So that once we start that flowering phase, that will not be an issue.

 So after this watering, the next watering will be that 3rd plain watering and then after that we will start the first flower nutrient mix. And I mentioned this earlier in the series but we are also going to be adding this Bud flavor enhancer which is the grape Sweet. It Is the grape flavor from the sweet line which is by Botanicare. So this is a completely optional item to add to your list. But it is great for adding an added flavor to your buds. They have other flavors as well but I decided to go with grape.

Some more details on that during the next nutrients feeding. All right so besides that we will do a light misting today but this is going to be the very last one for the entire grow. Some Growers like to miss their plant still during the flowering face for the first two weeks, week to two weeks. But I don't like to do that so my recommendation is to stop misting day 1 of flower. We will be shaking up the TNB Naturals CO2 canisters, and we will continue refilling them as needed. Because even during the flowering phase, the CO2 canisters are going to be exceptionally useful. Actually more useful them during the vegetation stage because they are going to help fatten up those nugs as well as give bigger development up top above the canopy. 

That's alright so that covers everything for what we are doing to the plants today. Now let's talk about the changes we need to make for the flower cycle. So first of all I am going to be, tonight once the lights turn off I will be changing the light cycle to 12 hours on 12 hours off. Because that is how you force your plants to flower if they are photoperiods. Now tomorrow I will also be turning on the 2nd 300 watt electric sky LED, and I will be raising them both as high as possible and kind of angling them out words so we don't stress the plants out again like last time. But now that we are in flour we definitely want to get more power, more light power in here so the plants don't stretch too much and so we get full dense buds developing.

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 Now besides the light change for the flowering stage you will want to have a different temperature and humidity range so for temperature you want to be right around 73-75 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and at night you want it to be a little cooler. Right around 68 to 69 degrees Fahrenheit, and that is just to mimic the winter conditions outside because in nature cannabis actually flowers during the winter months. So that is also why you shorten the light schedule, to help me make those conditions as well. Now for humidity you will want to lower that a little bit as well, into the 50 to 55% range. 

And the reason for that is because during flower it is a little easier to develop mold on the plants so lowering that humidity will help tremendously. So besides that, that pretty much covers all the changes you will make for the flowering stage. After this clip we are going to go ahead and do that flushing, no LST today. We are just going to let them recover, I did want to show you guys though how well they look or how healthy and happy they look today after that lollipopping and defoliation We did yesterday. And in fact, there is already a couple I would say like five or six tops that are just poking through that second layer of the scrog net.

 So we don't want them to stretch too much more than that so that second light will help cure that issue, and yeah that is pretty much it. So let's go ahead and empty that flushing now, and I will see you guys back here for day 2 of the week. 

Alright so we are back here for the second day of the week which also means it is officially day 1 of flower. So like I said yesterday, I switched over the light schedule to that 12/12 flowering cycle starting last night. And actually already the plants have pushed out some pistols right at the very top nodes. Let me see if I can get you guys some close-ups on that. But it isn't really focusing okay there we go, you can see right there right around that talk growth there are those white pistils towards the bottom coming out.

And we've got those coming out of all of the tops for I would say the first couple of nodes at least. So I'm very happy with that, it is only day one flower and we are already seeing some results. So besides that we are going to be shaking up the tnb naturals CO2 canisters of course, and actually the plants, yesterday we watered them with that Sledgehammer Flush but today we are just going to be doing that little plain watering that I do on the off days. Just to tide them over. So I will probably just be splitting one of these spray bottles worth of water between all four plants.

 Not like I was saying yesterday I have turned on the second Electric Sky 300 watt LED, but what I have done is first of all I have raised them both all the way up as high as possible. And then as you can see I've kind of got them tilted so they are not straight down flat, they are kind of angled so the light isn't going straight down on the plants but it is kind of going out and away from them so that they can adjust to the second light without getting stressed out.

 So we will slowly flatten out the light and angle it less and less as they get used to it and then we will begin lowering it as they are further into flower. And then I will see you guys back here in 24 hours for day 2 of flour, which is also day 3 of the week. All right peace!

What up Growers, so we are back here now for day 3 of the week and ladies are looking better than ever. And actually that also means it is now day 2 of flower. So ladies are actually ready for their next watering and as you can see for whatever reason the back left plant is looking especially under-watered. But that is a little surprising just because that is one of the smaller plants in the tent and as you can see all of the other ones are just fine. So I'm thinking it is because we have the second LED turned on in here so it is just adding a little more heat and energy for the plants. So it might have just ranking up the water a little faster. 

So for this watering we are going to be doing two gallons of playing water and this is the third watering since the last nutrient feeding. So what that means is the next nutrient feeding or I'm sorry the next watering will be our first nutrient feeding of the flowering phase. So very excited for that because we are also going to be adding in that grape sweet Bud sweetener I was telling you guys about in last week's video. So besides that watering, I am just going to be shaking up the TNB natural CO2 canisters of course. 

And for the lights I'm going to keep them exactly the same today, but starting tomorrow I will start angling them back down towards the light so they are not directed away from the plants. That way we are just going to slowly increase the intensity of the lighting a little bit each day. So the plants are really reacting well so far to the second light, and I think angling the lights outwards is actually doing the trick because as you guys can see there are no signs of light or heat stress or any yellowing like we had last time. 

So we are going to go ahead and get these ladies water now, especially this one in the back left since she is especially thirsty. She will be perked back up by tomorrow's video though so don't worry about that and then I will see you guys back here for tomorrow which will be day 4 of the week.  Alright Peace Growers!

Alright Growers so we are back here for day 4 of the week in the plants are looking amazing. We are still going through that pre-flowering phase, so we are only going to see a slow bit of flower growth at this point but probably in the next few days we will start to see even more pistols coming in abundantly. So right now it is really important to make sure that your humidity and temperature are on point, so you want to be in that range for temperature of around 72 to 76° Fahrenheit you can go a little bit above or a little bit below that, but you don't really want to be getting into the 80s or high 70s during the day at this point. 

At night it is okay for it to be a little cooler like 68 or 69 degrees Fahrenheit. But you don't want it going to much lower than that. For humidity wanted to be in the range of 50%-55% and again we are no longer misting the plants. That is very important, so for today there's going to be a simple one as we are going to shake up the CO2 canisters of course and then I'm going to be giving that light alternate watering of just plain water and again I will probably just be splitting one spray bottle between all four plants. 

Now as I mentioned for the lights I am going to start angling them or downwards towards the plants, so they are not facing away from them and I will be showing you guys that in the clip after this. So now that you guys know what we are doing in today's video, I am going to adjust those lights and give the plants that light water and then I will see you guys back here for day five of the week. Peace!

What up Growers, we are back here now for day 5 of the week and this is a pretty exciting one because the plants are ready for their next watering. And what that means is they are going to be getting their first dose of flower nutrients. So before I cover that I want to cover what else what we will be doing in the video today, it is actually a pretty simple one. First we are not going to be adjusting the angle of the lights, we are just going to keep them at the exact same settings for now. And I'm thinking I will leave it like that for another day or two before I lower them or kind of adjust the angle so it is pointing more downward. 

Of course we are going to be shaking up the tnb naturals CO2 canisters and then besides that that is pretty much it. During the flowering phase there isn't a whole lot to do it is really just about maintaining proper temperature and humidity. As well as giving your plants the perfect lighting and watering schedule. So for the schedule today, the nutrient feeding it is going to be the fox farm Dirty Dozen of course. And we will be doing the week 5 mix from the soil feeding chart at full strength. Now this is the first week of flower nutrients, I know it it says it is week 5 and we are actually on week 9 here and that is actually just because we repeated the week for a vegetation mix for those extra weeks of veg. 

All right so we have two gallons mixed up here and we will be splitting that between all four of the plants as usual. And besides the normal Dirty Dozen nutrients that we are adding here, I of course have the CalMag which we are actually doing now at 1.5 teaspoons per gallon of water. And as I was mentioning is the first week of flower nutrients, so we are also going to be adding that grape sweet or that bud sweetener with the grape flavor by Botanicare. And I am doing that at 1.5 teaspoons per gallon of water as well, that is what the recommended dosage is for the entire flowering stage.

 Now if you pop the lid off there and smell it, it does smell a lot like grapes so I am excited to see how it affects the flavoring and smell of the buds.  I've never used one of these before, a bud sweetener so this will be my first time and I am excited to see what the results are. All right girls are so that pretty much sums up today's video and I am going to go ahead and give them that watering and shake up the CO2 canisters and then I will see you back here for a day 6 of the week.  Alright Peace!

What up Growers, we are back here for the very next day of the week so that means it is now day 6 of week 9. And that also means we are pretty much almost finished with the very first week of flower for these OG Kush plants. Now the first week to week and a half is really more of a preflower transitional phase, so that is why there isn't a lot of crazy flower growth just yet. But we are doing really well as we already have some pistols warming and the plants are looking really healthy and happy. You can also tell we are pretty much transitioned completely into flower because the plants are no longer getting any taller or bushier with foliage, and with that kind of growth. 

And then like I said they are also starting to develop and show signs of pistols and future Bud growth here at the bud sites. So very excited for the growth we've already got as well as for the future growth that is going to be here pretty quickly. During week 2 and 3 which is you know the next coming weeks, we are going to see a lot of pistol development so that will be very exciting. Now for today's video we are going to be shaking the CO2 canisters, which I have already done. I'm going to be doing that plane watering. That in between watering which is just going to be one spray bottle worth split between all four of the plants. And then for the wedding I am actually going to keep it exactly the same, I'm not going to angle them down any more at this point just because the plants seem to be doing fine with how it is.

 So I will give them a another two days before I angle it to the completely vertical or horizontal formation where the lights are pointing straight down on the plants. As you can see right now they are just slightly angled out towards the edge of the 10th. I would say it's about a 10% or a 10 degree angle. Now besides that I would like to just mention one more important thing about defoliation. So in the flowering phase we do have a few more deflation that we will do on the entire plants. But in between that you will notice that leaves are going to start dying off kind of one by one, especially as you start finishing up the flowering phase. 

So what I like to do is kind of as needed just remove leaves as you see them kind of starting to Decay or die a little bit. So we have a few right there and it is okay if you were just doing one or two here and there. That is fine, just consider it plant maintenance over the course of each day. All right Growers so that concludes today's update, so I'm going to go ahead and do that playing watering and remove some of those leaves like I was just describing. And then I will see you guys back here in 24 hours for the last day of the week.  Peace!

Alright growers we are back here for the last day of the week, and let's check on the plants to see how they are doing. Now as you can see they are looking really good, that flower growth is definitely starting to come on strong and you guys can probably not tell this or obviously you can't tell but I am definitely starting to smell that flowering scent. And honestly in the veg stage I could smell it, when we would do those defoliations and you probably will as well. But now that we are in flower and have had about a week's time and flower, I'm definitely starting to smell it stronger scent. 

So today's update is going to be a simple one, we are just shaking up the CO2 canisters, we are also going to be doing the next watering and that is going to be the first plain water and since that last nutrient feeding that we did. And if you guys remember, the last nutrient feeding that we actually did was the first flower mix of nutrients. So the plants look really good down here as you guys can see, the below the canopy area is getting plenty of Light which means we will have fully developed buds down here. And for the watering I will be splitting two gallons of plain water between all four plants.

 Now besides that all I am going to be doing is adjusting the angle of the light so they are pointing directly downwards and there's no more angle left and you can see the plants are definitely ready for that extra power. And then after a few days of that I will start lowering the lights a few inches at a time. The way that I decide that the plants are ready for the lights to be pointing directly down on them is it has been about four days since I did the last adjustment and there has been no yellowing during that time. 

There has been no signs of stress from the lights or any sort of heat stress so that tells me they are ready for some more power. Alright folks, so that about does it for this weeks update, I'm going to go ahead and get that watering done and then we will see you guys back here for a week 2 of flower which is also we 10 overall for this grow. And get excited because there is definitely going to be a lot of early flower development over that video.

Alright GreenBox Growers, that concludes week 9 of the OG Kush screen of green grow series. And of course that was Week 1 of flower. So I will be back shortly for the week 2 of flower episode and expect to see a lot of pistol development and early Bud growth during that video. So I am very excited, like I was saying the plants are already smelling really great and from that last shot you can see those first kind of sets of pistols that are already pushing out from the very top of the plant. So before I go I just want to thank you guys for watching this week's video, I really hope you enjoyed it, and until next time... 

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown