Week 14 Overall + Start of Flush


What up cannabis Growers and welcome back for another exciting episode of GreenBox Grown! Now today is very cool because we are kicking off week 14 for that nuke heads grow series, and like I was saying this is probably going to be the last week of flower before we start that 2-week flush for the plant. And of course after that it will be time for Harvest, so very exciting around here as we are nearing the harvest season On actually a couple of our grows. 

So there's going to be a lot of good videos coming out on that very soon here, and again just following that same watering and nutrients schedule during this week. And I'm going to continue checking on this try comes throughout the week as well just to see if we are at that point to start the flush. And again I'm looking for around 5 to 10% Amber before I am going to start that flush and then once we hit that point, that's when we will begin. So now that you guys know what we are doing in this week's video, let's get started with day 1 of the week.

All right, so here we are out in the garage where the grow tents are for day 1 of the week for these nuke heads plants. And you can see in terms of growth, they are pretty much done fattening up, most of the hairs have orange and curled in so we are getting real close to being ready for that Harvest. So like I said, probably just this week and then it will be time to start. Right now trichomes are mostly milky with very little bit, probably 1% to 2% Amber and again I am waiting for that 5% to 10% with a vast majority or all of the trichomes milky, none that are clear.

 So just going to give you guys some good looks at the buds, it is still very important to make sure temperature does not get too hot during these last few weeks in here. And how they turn out in terms of potency Over All. Now you can see how nice and purple some of these Grape Ape buds are getting in the back here and then again the front one is just really purple. Very frosty for all of the buds and again the Pineapple Chunk is looking very nice in Orange. Especially Frosty when compared to the other plants in this tent, it's hard to get a good shot up close let me see if I could do that again for you guys today. Let's go do it on this guy.

But when it does Focus you'll get an idea of just how densely packed on those trichomes are getting and of course that is always great because that just means more potency in a higher percentage of THC or other cannabinoids in the bud itself. So she does not want to focus on that one maybe over here, so you can get a little bit of an idea oh she's focused on this guy back here. so yeah there's a nice little look, you can see those trichomes popping.  Giving it that glistening, Frosty look and it is like that on all of these Buds and you guys can see this tent is just filled with a big buds everywhere. 

So very nice to get out of zoomed out shot too cuz you can get an idea of how big and dense these different  and it is like that on all of these Buds and you guys can see this tent is just filled with big buds everywhere. So very nice to get out of zoomed out shot to cuz you can get an idea of how big and dense these different polos are and how many of them there really are.colas are and how many of them there really are. There's really a lot so again no need to water today, the plants are still good from yesterday’s watering, but keeping an eye on those trichomes now because we are getting close to being ready for Harvest, or I'm sorry for getting ready to start that flush. So that's really it for day 1 of week 14 for the nuke heads grow series and as always I will be back here in 24 hours 4 day 2 of the week. All right peace guys!

What up Growers, we are back here now 24 hours later 4 day 2 of the week and actually all of the ladies are ready for their next watering. So today is going to be there next nutrient feeding, but really quick let me just give you guys a little scope at the buds so you can see how they are grown over the last 24 hours. Now the Great Apes are both looking outstanding as always and it seems like they are still fattening up and getting stronger with that smell. And I can only imagine that they are getting more dense with tripe comes as well.

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 Now I have been checking with the scope and we are starting to get a little bit of Amber going, but it is not time for that flush just yet so I think we will probably finish. Maybe a little bit of next week I'm not too sure, but on Monday of next week or the first day of the week I will definitely be checking those try comes to see where we are in terms of if it is time to start that flush. So the buds are all looking tremendously good, very stoked on not only the smell but when I get up close so I can see just how dense and frosty they are we trichomes. And again I have to get a huge shout-out to Electric Sky, because I know a lot of that has to do with these excellent grow lights.

 Now for the nutrient feeding this will be their fourth mix of flower nutrients, so for the front row which are getting the nuke heads Dirty Dozen nutrient mix, that means it's going to be the week 9 overall mix. So that is the fifth flower mix And you will see we've got again 3 teaspoons of the Big Bloom, one of the grow big, two of the tiger bloom and I will be doing this one at full strength. So then we've got a little bit of the microbe Brew which is always great, and then the kelp me kelp you which does not come with the dirty dozen so I do not use that. But if you do have it, good to use. And then 3 teaspoons of the bembe.

 Now the bembe is the sweet and dandy so this is really good for fattening up your buds and adding a lot of good sense as well as smell to the plant. So if you smell the BemBe going to give you a nice odor almost like a bourbony smell. But it is also like I said going to be really good for bringing out those beautiful odors and smells and going to give you some really potent and dense buds. It's got a lot of sugar and carbs in there so that's why that helps with that. 

And then finally you have that Cha Ching which is the powder mix and this again is going to help with just finishing up those buds so they continue to taste really well or develop really good taste and smells. And it is just going to help with continuing to get those fat dense buds. Now I'm also going to be doing a teaspoon per gallon of water with the cal mag, for this mix, and then for the back row which is getting the nuke heads just again as always the Nuke heads plutonium bloom and I think that's at one scoop per gallon of water.

 And now on the back of that for the nuke heads plutonium bloom they just recommend one scoop per gallon of water, but I'll also be adding one teaspoon of Cal Mag per gallon of water for that as well. So that is going to be the mixes that these ladies are going to get fed right after this video clip, and then again just one last good look at the buds and that will be it for 2 days update. So I will be back here in another 24 hours for day 3 of the week,  alright peace guys!

What up growers, it's another blistering hot day here in Northern California as you can see, pretty sweaty out here working on the plants but I've got a good update for you guys regardless. Now buds are looking really good and finishing up prestinly as you guys can see here. Getting some top-shelf quality out of these plans, especially these grape apes here. Probably going to start the flush day 1 of next week, but like I was saying on day 7 on this week I will do another trichome check to see where we are and then depending on what I see there is how I will decide if it is time to flush or not.

 But looking at how these buds are finishing up at this point at the stage of development, I'm definitely thinking we are just about there we're starting that flush as it doesn't really look like they have much more development to go. Maybe some trichome development but at this point they are just pumping up those resin glands with some THC. so we are just going to wait until they are Amber. So we will definitely do that trichome check at the end of this week and then that is really up for 2 days update. No need for a watering as they're still good from that last one, so I will be back here for you guys in 24 hours for your next update. And until then, Happy growing!

Right folks, we are back here for day 4 of week 14 and the ladies are looking really good, and I actually just did a trichome check on these guys with the microscope and starting to see a little bit of Amber and those trichomes. Not enough to start the flush though, that is for sure, it is probably only around I would say honestly less than 1% in all of these. I'm just seeing a little bit Amber here and there. So definitely going to check at the end of this week because they can develop pretty quickly here. Don't want to wait too long like I've been mentioning so I will check on those on day 7 of this week, just to do an update on that.

So here is a nice look at the bud so you guys can get a nice update, and again looking all really well and very stoked on how these babies are finishing up. Now they are ready for their next watering which is going to be their first plane pH watering since the last nutrient feeding. So I will be doing that right after the shot. And I also wanted to mention there are some buds hanging like this, bending over because of their weight. And the reason behind that is because the branches got too long and lanky and weren't able to hold the weight of their own buds.

So a way to avoid that is to use a SCROG net so you can trim the plants and their branches through the net and then that net will end up holding the different buds up once they get really heavy. So I havnt tied these ones up because it wasn't necessary and it doesn't look like they would snap, and I will tie them up either later today or tomorrow. I was just leaving them like that at this point so I could show you what was going on. 

So that is about it and you can see the buds are still developing really well on the branches that are bending. No issues or anything like that going on, looking really purpley and Frosty and just as nice as the ones that are standing up. It is just an issue of if the branch will snap. So getting some good size  coming in on these buds here in the last couple of weeks. And I will be back in another 24 hours for day 5 of the week, all right piece guys!

 All right folks we are back here now for day 5 of the week And it is just going to be a quick update today, not too much change to report, Still good on water, they are not ready just yet but will probably be ready for their next watering by tomorrow. Now these buds are I mean they are getting frostier by the day as you can see here and the buds are still fattening up, but development has pretty much stopped just in terms of getting bigger buds. I mean the bugs that have already grown or fattening up but no more new buds are growing of course.

 The Grape Ape or just everyday getting a little nicer, you can see more purple in them everyday and just Frosty or by the minute. Same with the Skittles over here and the Pineapple Chunk they are all really doing well. So what I am going to be doing is checking trichomes on the first day of this week to see where we are at. And then we will reassess and go from there and terms of if it is time to flush or if we need to do another nutrient feeding. My guess is we will be doing one more nutrients feeding and then we will go from there.

 But who knows we may have a surprise of a bunch of Amber Trichomes when we check that first day of the week. So buds are looking amazing in this is going to be an amazing Harvest of course, you can see such big hugs and colas everywhere especially with that Grape Ape of course. So that is it for today's update but I will be back in 24 hours for day 6 of the week, alright peace guys!

What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back to that NukeHeads Grow Series! So I actually left town for a few days here, it was my birthday and went up to Napa for the weekend so this is actually going to be  day 7 of the week, I skipped a little bit there. Just checked the trichomes when I got back last night from Napa and actually they are ready for the flush. So today we are going to be starting at that 10 to 2 weeks, sorry that 10 day to 2-week flush. So what I will be doing today is starting the flush off with that sledgehammer Slush from Fox Farms. Since I am doing the dirty dozen, and again I will be using that on both lineups even the Nuke Heads one, just because the Nuke Heads lineup does not come with a flushing agent.

 So what that means is I will be mixing two teaspoons of the sledgehammer flush per gallon of water. And I will be giving each plant a little extra water than before, just because I really want to start flushing out those nutrients. And that is exactly what this process is going to do. It's going to make it so all of the nutrients that are left over in the old and still inside of the plant is going to be flushed out so the plant then uses up all that is left and is completely clean giving you a smoother and taste your smoke. So just want to give you guys some last updates or some last but looks at the buds here before I start that flush. 

They are extremely Frosty and again when I looked at them with the scope, I was getting right around I'm I was saying is right around 8% Amber. And like I was saying you want to be right around 5 to 10% Amber when you start that flush so we are right in that window there. So you can see the Grape Ape buds looking really nice got that nice purple Frosty look to them. And so do the Skittles as well as over here our nice Pineapple Chunk plants. So you can see we do have some branches laying over, some buds laying over and that is totally fine because we are going to be Harvesting pretty quickly here in like I said, the best way to prevent that from happening is just using a SCROG. 

So we will have some grow series coming out with that, we already have a few. I just want to show you guys look how purple as funny as this sounds just Pineapple Chunk actually got really purple, on the buds too. Not just there on the leaves as you are seeing. But let me see here,  the bud is pretty much solid purple on this back plant all the way through. So there are some good looks for you guys, one in the front didn't get any purple in the bud but it is still really Frosty and clean looking.

 And then of course this other Grape Ape. Really nice and purple as well. So today we are going to be starting that flush with the two teaspoons of Sledgehammer flush buy Fox Farm pregalin of water That I am mixing up. And then yeah just going to be finishing  this grow series up by flushing for the next 10 to 14 days and then we are going to do the harvesting process. So that is it for this week's update and I will be back next week to continue that flush. All right peace guys!

All right GreenBox Growers so there you have it we are now in the flushing phase of this grow series. And that also includes week 14  for Nuke Heads grow series.  For the next week to two weeks I am going to be flashing these plants with plain pH water and the next two videos actually going to cover that entire process as well as the harvesting process. I'm just going to give you guys a brief overview since the flushing is pretty repetitive. It's going to be the same steps every time you water.

 So  I'll cover those details and then we also have more detailed info on how to flush your plants under the intro to grow in section and then also as I was mentioning in those videos. We do have another video in there to show you how to check and determine you're trichomes for when they will be ready for Harvest. So if you are looking for more details on both of those subjects, just check the intro to Growing section. Now I will be back shortly with that next video which is going to cover the entire flushing process as well as the beginning of harvest and the drying process. As always thank you guys for watching, I hope you enjoyed this weeks video, and until next time…

Happy Growing! 
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown

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