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What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back to our first-ever stealth grow series. Now this week's going to be kicking off Week 1 of vegetation and for these autoflowers being in those final pots and the big grow tent. So this week we will most likely be starting the low-stress training on these Gorilla Glue plants, and also probably will be doing the first nutrient feeding. So very excited to be getting this grow really kicked off at this point. And hopefully in the next couple of weeks we are going to see these plants are starting to flower. Because again they are autoflowers.

 Now before I get started with today's video I want to remind you guys as always to check out the link right here on our screen to visit our patreon page, and there you can find out more information about our one-on-one grow guidance. Where I myself will help you each day over the phone guiding you with your plants. So if you are looking to dive into a little more detail with your cannabis grow then what these videos are providing you. Feel free to check out that link on the screen for more details on that one-on-one guidance. All right so now that you guys know what we are doing in this week's video, let's get started with day 1 of the week.

Alright guys so here we are for day one in the stealth grow room, AKA my bedroom closet. So let me just open this up really quick, I just want to give you guys a view of what it looks like with the tent growing and going full-on with all of the appliances going, so you guys can see how stealthy it really is and how quiet it really is. So here we go, got again to CO2 bag going and my 300 watt Mars hydro. And actually forgot to mention that 18 / 6 light schedule. So 18 hours on 6 hours off each day, but pretty soon I will work these guys up so that they are on a 24 hour on zero hour off schedule.

 And again that is just because these are autoflowers, so here you guys go first look of the week. you can see first of all of the big guys doing tremendous and grew a whole new set of fan leaves since yesterday. And what's most important is most of the plants are looking very healthy and happy and they are actually looking better than when they were in the humidity Dome. So even the small guy is doing really well so at this point just making sure temperature and humidity or staying on point. And you want to be at around 75 to 78 Max degrees Fahrenheit and then for humidity want to keep it right around 65% for the stage.

 So getting them several mistings throughout the day at this point, Three Notch or three total mistings and I did give them a decent watering yesterday which is when I transplanted them into these pots. So they are still good on that, no need to water them today. But the next watering is most likely going to just be another plane pH watering and then I will start the nutrients. I just want to give them a little more time to settle in to their new house. So this guy right here is just about ready to start LST, so tomorrow I actually will probably be doing that in the video.

 And then the other guys in here I'm just going to let them grow up until they are probably about the size of this guy right here. So that'll probably be a few more days, probably about 4 more days. So that is it for day 1 of Week 1 and I will be back here in 24 hours for your next update. Alright peace guys!

What up Growers we are back here another 24 hours later for day 2 of the week, and these Gorilla Glue Autos are looking absolutely amazing. You can tell how happy they are being transplanted into their final pots and they are vegetative growth is now very rapid each day and you can see a very good difference between all of them. Little guy in the back is struggling a little bit, having a little bit of a hard time but that is okay because I think she will still make it.

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So today I will be doing actually I will be doing their next watering or their first watering really since they've been in these pots. I did give them a little one when transplanting but today I'm just going to be doing a plain pH water in. They are in soil so you don't have to pH if you are and soil, but if you are and Coco you always want to be pH in as well as with other soilless and hydroponic mediums. I will also be doing that first LST training on the big guy right here, and what I will be doing is simply using the 3-finger LST technique that I shown in my other LST tutorial videos.

And I'm just going to be bending her over like that just until it is bent at about 90 degrees and then I'm going to Anchor her to that side of the pot. Now the rest of them in here are not looking ready or big enough to start their LST so I will be holding off on that today, but probably in the next few days or so the other ones will be ready. So I'm going to be doing that played pH watering and then I'm going to show you what it looks like after I do that I just have to put the camera down while I'm watering them, but I'm only going to be watering enough so that it's probably going to be a couple cups worth per plant.

 They are pretty small at this point and really you don't have to water all of the soil just probably water about you know a 3in diameter around of the plant and that will be perfect. So I'm going to do that watering right now and then I will get that first anchor set for that first LST on this Gorilla Glue plant right here. And then I will be back to show you guys what that looks like.

Alright so as you guys can see I've started watering some of the plants and I already did that first low-stress training and anchor on this Gorilla Glue Auto right here. So for the low stress training for those of you who don't already know, the main goal is basically to expose light to the lower parts of the plant as well as the under nodes so that those can turn into their own tops as well instead of just having one main top at the very top. You're going to start off with a bunch of little branches that are going to sprout up and all different directions and then eventually they're all going to become the same size as that first main top that you bent over right there.

So lot larger yields especially when it comes to autoflowers if you do this correctly, you want to do this lightly when it is autoflowers because too much LST in too far into the grow can actually stunt and reduce them. So I will be showing you guys exactly how to do it with autoflowers throughout this grocery so that you don't have those problems and you only get good results. So that's why I'm starting so early on with this plant here is because you just want to get as much training in before they start to flower as possible.

 So as you can see I exposed a lot of lights Bozeman lower nodes and there's actually a little Branch right here that formed, I guess I'm light was getting down there so that's going to become a man top pretty quickly here in the next few days you'll notice that Branch pop up.

 And then there's actually two little nodes or branches coming out of that node right there that you'll see and now those will also shoot up and become their own man tops as well. Should I was the first anchoring and you want to be very gentle in that process, just started by bending it slowly with those three fingers so you can slowly work into that position and then that is when you can add the anchor.

And I like to use soft gardening tie so it does not cut the branch and I just wrapped a little hook around the area I want to anchor down. Make sure you don't pull it too far down because you don't want those leaves sitting in the soil, that is not good for them. And what else, you also just want to make sure that once it is anchored it is in a good position and it is not too much pull down or anything like that because you can overdo it and snap the branches.

 And now you do want to give it a few days or probably 3 to 4 days at this point just because they're so young to grow back up and recover. And then after that point is when I will do the second anchor and bit of low stress training, which I of course will show you guys in the video.  So now let me finish watering these plants, I wanted to show you since they are so small at this point I am actually just watering out of this little bottle right here because with the big watering bucket right here the water comes out to powerfully and fast so I moved all the soil around and that is not a good thing. You want to be very gentle.

 So I'm just going to be hand watering with this little water bottle right here and you can see I'm just going to kind of Splash that's of water on to the soil as close to that main stem in the middle as possible. Here let me get this one in the back right or left, and you'll see not overdoing it. The soils pretty dry at this point so it will kind of run off a little bit at first, but eventually it will soak in. So there you guys have, I'll have to finish this watering off camera because it will be too hard with just one hand.

 But you kind of get the idea there, so yeah that is really it for today's update. Did the LST and their first plane pH watering and I'm probably going to be doing that nutrient dose for their next watering. So once they're ready again that's what they will be getting, and it's going to be a really light dose of course though. Alright Guys so that's it for today's update, and I will be back here in 24 hours for day 3 of the week.  Alright, Peace.

Alright Growers welcome back to the stealth grow room for day 3 of Week 1 for this grow. Now the plants are ready for their next watering as well as their next low stress training.  And actually I mean the rest of the plants that haven't been trained yet are ready and the first plant that I started to LST already, that one is ready again before it II tied down. So you can see this top is already pointing back up to the light and she's got one main branch coming out of there and then  another main one coming right out from under that can't be right there.

 So pulling her down again will expose those two some more light so they can grow up some more, and then you can see the rest of these ladies are ready for that first training as they have all grown up a decent amount. Now I also swapped in that 600w Meizhi LED For the 300 watt that I had in here by Mars Hydro.  You can see this one is a two switch light, so it's got one for Bloom as well as the vegetative state, so right now just the veg or growth button is on. Now you can see the soil is pretty dry so I will be getting them a misting today as I've been doing a few every day actually. 

 And then they will be getting their first nutrient watering today. So what I will be doing is 1/2 teaspoon of the bloom, 1/2 teaspoon of the micro, 1/2 teaspoon of the grow, and then 1/2 teaspoon of the Cal Mag all per gallon of water. I'll probably be splitting half of the gallon between all six of these plants total though, so I might not even use all of that. I'm still giving about 3 to 4 cups of water per plant.

 The smaller ones are more like to. So I'll be doing that watering as well as the LST and then I'll also give them a misting and I'll be right back to show you guys what that looks like. And then I've got the new Meizhi LED n there which is a 600 watt light. So let me go do that training and watering and I'll be back to show you what that looks like. 

Alright Growers so here we are back after the low stress training as well as that first nutrient feeding. You can see all of the plants were pulled down like I did that first top and I kind of just use that gardening wire, that soft gardening tie as like a collar around that talk, that main top and then I just pulled it down and anchored it to the side of the plant. And again I used that three-finger LST at first just to loosen up and bend over the top so I'm not just forcing it over as you want to be very gentle in this process. And then you'll see I also watered most of the soil, not just the center of a pot. Reason being is they are now getting a little larger and you want those words to continue expanding out words into the soil.

 So a few key takaways, first off when doing your nutrient feedings it is really important you shake of each nutrient bottle that you will be using just because they do settle and separate while they are sitting around between feedings. Next, since it is an Autoflower grow and autoflowers have such a short life span. I'm doing very light nutrients feedings and I am starting off very slow with it. So that is why I am just doing everything at 1/4 strength this first watering and I'm going to slowly work up to full strength. 

And there is a good chance that we will only do about four to five nutrients feeding throughout the whole course of this grow. Now next up I am using this watering bottle to water the soil when I do feedings such as when I do the water and nutrients feedings. Reason being is with my big watering bucket here the water comes out pretty fast and very forcefully. So it will move the soil around and kind of disrupt the roots when they are small at this stage. 

Once there a larger I can use the bigger pot but at this point I just fill up the spray bottle, take the lid off and then water gently around the soil. So that is it for two days update, again this is day 3 of the week and this was a big one, we changed out that light for that 600 watt Meizhi, and then we did the first nutrients feeding as well as the first LST for most of these plants. And the second one for this big guy right here. And you can see there are already a few different tops growing out of there so it is really taking effect. Alright guy said that is it for today's update and I will be back in 24 hours for day 4 of the week.  Alright Peace!

What up Growlers we are now back here for day 4 of the week for the stealth grow room, and as you can see these Autoflower Gorilla Glue plants have reacted really well tonight I will need that first nutrient feeding that we did yesterday. But also that LST that I gave them. You can see that all of the plants pretty much stood back up at this point so just going to give them a few more days to react to that low stress training before I do some more of that. Now you can see that the one I did the second training on, she's got about three or four main tops that have popped up here now.

 So now she is doing really well and then also they are reacting really well to the new LED light that I put in here. So nothing new to really do really today, I've just been missing them a few times throughout the day and then that is all you’ve really got to be doing. And then besides that yeah it is pretty warm here today, is 81 in the tent just because of how hot it is so you can see they are drinking up that nutrients feeding pretty quickly. But that is all right I will probably be giving them another watering by tomorrow depending on how dry the soil is by then. So that is it for today's update and I will be back in 24 hours for day 5 of the week. All right piece guys!

Alright GreenBox Growers,We are back here for day 5 of Week 1 in The Gorilla Glue autoflowers are looking amazing. They are growing really fast in terms of vegetative growth, and when it comes to low stress training with autoflowers it is important that you don't do it too many times to close together. So just do one training then let him recover and grow for about another 5 days after and then you can do another one. And really with Autos you just have to train them or pull them down a few times and that is it. 

You don't want to put too much stress into them just because they do have a limited amount of time to grow. And that will cut back on yields in the end. So just a few early on pull Downs or low stress training Hooks, and that should be enough. So they are not quite yet ready or they are next watering. So I will be waiting till tomorrow to do that. But today I will be giving them mistings throughout the day as that is really important. And they seem to be doing really well with this led, it does seem to be stressing them out a little bit. 

You can tell by the yellowing, at the tops as well as there has been a little bit of a slow down in growth actually. But what I will be doing is Raising this light about 6 in just to counteract that. So I'm just going to be raising that right after this clip of the video, and then that is pretty much it for today's update. So I will be back here in 24 hours for day 6 of the week. Alright peace guys!

Alright GreenBox Growers,We are back here another day later for day 6 of Week 1 in the stealth grow room, and the Gorilla Glue autoflowers are looking really good. They are definitely responding well to the low stress training that I've been doing on them or is it just the one time that I did it on them and the two that I did for this point right here. You can see that one is reacting the best just because I have done it to her more times. What I will be doing is another pull-down of LST on these plants starting tomorrow. But for today what I will be doing is just misting them throughout the day.

And then actually I just checked the soil and it is dry at least an inch deep for all of the plants that means they are ready for their next watering. So since the last feeding was that last nutrient watering, what I will be doing  this time is a plane pH watering and I'm going to be doing 3 plane pH waterings in between every nutrient feeding. And that's going to be the watering schedule that I go with on these autos. 

So I'm going to go ahead and do that plain pH watering now, and that’s pretty much it for today's update. You can see all six of the plants are doing really well, and these two guys at the Smart pots will still be in here probably for another week to two weeks because I'm still flushing the plants in the tent that they will be going into. So I will be back here in another 24 hours for the last day of the week. All right peace.

 What up GreenBox Growers, we are back here for the last day of week 1 for the stealth groceries and actually I have a couple big things I want to share with you guys. So first off, I am no longer going to be performing low-stress training on any of these plants as they look like they are just about ready to start the flowering phase. Maybe throughout the next few days here or week, so once you see those signs you want to stop doing any sort of training and just let them grow up nice and Tall so that they could get their branches growing and you're not going to train them To have super short branches that are low to the ground. 

And then the end what that will allow for is larger buds, as well as more buds to develop and to get larger yields of course. So looking like they are starting to flower and the reason I say that is because they do look like they are starting to slightly yellow at the tops. And it is about week 2 of The Grow for them and vegetation. So usually around week 3 or 4 is when Autoflower start to flower. another thing, so no more low stress training, and then the second thing I actually switched back to my 300w Mars Hydro LED and took out the 600w. 

Reason being, some of the tops that were taller were starting to lean over and droop a little bit and we're showing other signs of light stress. So swapped out for the lighter or the less powerful Led taller and stronger. And then I will work them back up to that 600 watt LED, and then even maybe the 900-watt if that becomes necessary. But most likely we are just going to be sticking with that 600 W Meihzi once there a little larger and can handle it. so they are not yet ready for their next watering, they will be probably tomorrow or the day after so in the meantime just wanted to be missing them throughout the day and making sure that humidity and temperature are on point. 

Also have that CO2 bag still in here and up in the higher part of the tent just so the CO2 will rain down on the plants or sink down to the bottom. Again the reason for that is because CO2 is heavier than oxygen so that is what pushes it down to the bottom. All right guy so that is pretty much it for the last day of week 1, and I will be back shortly with week 2 of the stealth grow series. Alright peace guys!

All GreenBox Growers, so that officially concludes the first week of our stealth grow series here in the bedroom, and I'm going to be back shortly with week 2 of this groceries while I continue with the same kind of Maintenance and watering schedule. Now I did mention I will no longer be  performing low-stress training or LST on any of these plants and that is because they are starting to take off in terms of vegetative growth and look like they are just about to start the flowering phase. So you want to stop the low-stress training immediately once they start showing signs of possible flowering. Because if you do continue with that training throughout the flowering phase, the plants aren't going to get very tall or have more branches.

And that will result and smaller yield in terms of your buds. So with low stress training when it comes to autoflowers, the idea is want to put in as many anchors as possible throughout the first week of growth because that way once you do let them grow upwards they will just shoot up with several different tops that will eventually become main cause during the flowering phase. So now I have a few anchors in on almost every plant and I'm just going to let them grow up and let those branches do their thing so they can grow big and tall. And have nice eyes buds on them. All right so like I said I will be back shortly with that week 2 video for the stealth grow serious. And in the meantime thank you guys for watching this week's video, I hope you enjoyed it, and until next time…

Happy Growing!!! 
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown