Why Support For Marijuana Legalization Will Keep Growing

The fight for marijuana legalization and the fight for prohibition are both widespread. There are many reasons against the prohibition which are getting more popular, unfortunately because of the fact that they are starting to be an account for bigger and bigger problems. Take a look at some of the problems and reasons for marijuana legalization.

1. Marijuana is safer than tobacco and alcohol

Researchers have shown that marijuana is less toxic than alcohol and much less toxic than tobacco, and it is less likely to positively contribute to serious medical problems. The long-term effects of using alcohol are widely known - heavy usage can lead to liver disease and liver cancer. Alcohol has caused one million deaths per year and it’s proven to be a depressant. On the contrary, marijuana is an antidepressant and has never resulted in death. At the same time the alcohol industry is legal which makes it it’s regulated, taxed, and maintained, while illegal growing and usage of marijuana can result in the numerous disadvantages below.

2. Marijuana helps people treat a lot of illnesses and diseases

There are numerous diseases which the usage of marijuana can reduce the weight of. Marijuana can help ease treatment and pain for are anxiety, depression, childhood epilepsy, severe and chronic pain, PTSD, Glaucoma, severe nausea, Hepatitis C. It can also help patients manage the symptoms of HIV/AIDS and Crohn’s Disease, and treat the symptoms of cancer. Marijuana can also treat anorexia, migraines, insomnia and sleeping disorders, addiction, ADD/ADHD, menstrual cramps and pains. Most importantly – there is no record that anybody has ever died from using cannabis.

3. Marijuana prohibition encourages violence

Disputes between the buyers and sellers of marijuana often spark. Illegal traffic and selling leads to more attempts for fraud, and more vulnerability to assault when an argument of this manner occurs. Whenever a problem cannot be solved in a legal manner, people are bound to resort to extreme actions. Moreover, marijuana prohibition funds cartels and gangs, which makes marijuana a source of income for organized crime. However, the states where marijuana has been legalized have lowered their rate of crimes, connected to marijuana.

Research also shows that couples who smoke cannabis together are less likely to experience domestic violence and aggression.

4. Marijuana is eco-friendly to grow

Prohibition is actually bad for the environment

Growing marijuana illegally results in environment destruction. The reason is simple - people grow illegal marijuana on public lands which has lead to using banned pesticides, leaving bad waste in parks, polluting waterways, endangering insects and animals. Illegal outdoor marijuana growing uses up to 60 million gallons of water each day during the growing season which is a massive consumption, and results in drought and fires.

Moreover, growing cannabis legally is safe and has a lot of advantages. The plant is completely natural – it is not altered once it is grown, it is just picked off the leaf to smoke. The legal cannabis industry is following waste management guidelines.

5. Economic benefit

Raises Millions in New Tax Revenue

In 2010 Cato Institute conducted a study, which found that the legalization of marijuana would generate $8.7 billion in federal and state tax revenue annually. The government spends $41.3 billion per year just on enforcing prohibition.

In Washington State, taxation on marijuana sales brought in more than $400 million in 2017. A recent Fraser Institute study also shows that taxing marijuana can be considerably profitable. States such as Colorado and Washington has experience a considerable economic growth since the legalization of marijuana.

6. Prohibition is hurting the youth

It is a common misconception that legalizing marijuana will increase the rate of teen use because as of now, it is fairly easy for an underage person to get marijuana. The reason is no other but the fact that marijuana use is illegal. The age of the person is of no importance to a dealer, and one will never ask for an ID when is selling loosely. Legalization will help to secure much more controlled sales into adult-only stores and will reduce the potential use of underage people.
According to a survey by Monitoring the Future, for 40 years the answer of how easy it would be for high school seniors to find marijuana has been ‘easy’. However, after marijuana was legalized in four states the answer ‘easy’ dropped below 80%.

7. Prohibition leads to unnecessary mass incarceration

More than one person is arrested for possession of marijuana every minute of the year

According to the FBI, there have been more than 13 million marijuana arrests in the U.S. since 1995, 89% of which were only for possession. A criminal conviction can stand in the way of securing a job, getting housing, or receiving a professional license, student loan, food assistance, driver’s license, etc.

Marijuana is considered on the same federal level as heroin which speaks for itself, given that the damages of heroin are well-known, and cannot be compared to the marijuana use.

8. Prohibition is racially discriminatory

Compared to whites, African-Americans, Hispanics and Latinos are four times more likely to be arrested for possession and usage of marijuana, even though they use and sell marijuana at around the same rate. Marijuana prohibition allows the police to make easy arrests. They concentrate their attention on minority neighborhoods for racially discriminatory reasons which results in the mass incarceration of people of color.

9. Prohibition prevents the police from focusing on real crimes

Data showed a higher percentage of some crimes were solved after legalization in both Colorado and Washington. Marijuana prohibition serves as a distraction and is draining the limited resources of the law, court, enforcement. It is also reducing the respect for the law.

10. Marijuana use is widespread despite it being legal

People are inevitably going to smoke and find ways to do so, legally or not. It is always more beneficial and safer for something to be sold and consumed openly as it is in the Netherlands.  In Colorado it is sold in stores and bought by upper middle class citizens with no cases of overuse or abuse. In California cases of offences dropped across all categories of underage offenders.

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