Fabric Smart Pots vs Super Roots Air Pots

What up cannabis Growers and welcome back for another lit episode of GreenBox Grown! now in today's video I will be doing a comparison between the airpot as well as the fabric pot. And I've got my three gallon smart pot right here for the fabric pots and then this is my super Roots 3 gallon equivalent right here. And that will be covering of course the airpots. So I will be giving you guys my pros and cons of each  pot and which one is my favorite as well.  And then of course before I get started with today's video I'd like to remind you guys that I got some new Merch into my store recently. 

So check out under greenboxgrown.com under that merch and smoke tab. You'll see the clothing button there and you can see those options that are on the screen right now available on that page. Also don't forget we've got that two-week free trial going on to our entire grow video library. So all you got to do is hit the Subscribe button on any of our premium grow videos and then just fill out the questionnaire there. And you will be all signed up for that two-week free trial. All right, so now that you know what we are doing in today’s video, lets get started with that comparison between the super roots air pots as well as my fabric smart pot.

All right, so here we are with the three gallon equivalent of each pot. And I just wanted to show you guys some close-ups while I give you some basic details about them. So first off obviously the fabric pot is made out of fabric so very convenient because if you are growing outdoors and the sunlight it's not going to get super hot where it is cooking the root Zone. And that is actually an issue you will have with plastic pots. So smart pots or other fabric pots are excellent for growing Outdoors or even in a greenhouse. And then if you are going to be doing a plastic pot, I recommend staying indoors with that.

 It is possible if you are somewhat shaded or you keep the pots shaded of course, but just makes things a little more difficult if you want to go plastic outside. Then next thing you will notice as I did not clean the outside or I'm sorry I did not clean the inside yet of the smart pup that I did clean the outside. Still has kind of like these stains and remains from the previous plants and roots from before. You'll see, let's see on the bottom there it is a little dirty there as well so it does not come completely clean. But you will see after I clean the inside I won't be doing that in the video, but I have done that before they're still going to be some dirt left behind and plant remains..

So you can't get the smart pots or the fabric pots 100% clean after using, they are reusable that you can't see it does kind of her to grade a little bit and it does not get perfectly clean wear with a plastic pot obviously you can scrub it down and get it really really clean again. So is that is something that I definitely prefer in terms of the pot usage. Now in terms of  drainage, both are really good for that and again this fabric material that it is deceivingly strong so it's actually pretty hard to tear the pots even when full of soil dont ever tear these. 

And the air roots pots are actually very strong as well and you just pull out this plug unscrew it and you can actually collapsed down the pot and make it a lot smaller. Or if you want to clean it out more easily that way that's another option. But with all of these holes coming out of the sides and allowing for air to get into those air pockets or air pockets to get into the soil.

That helps these dry out super quickly. So usually when growing indoors with these pots, and watering like every other day once the plants are up to a decent size. So with smart pots you might go every two to three days just depending on temperature, but that is one thing to consider. Now another trade-off for that is because of all the aeration as well as the holes coming out of the sides, that allows for the routes to first of all prevent them from circling in the pot. 

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So that is going to help from your plants getting rootbound. But then it also promotes root growth out words so it's actually going to allow the roots to grow more densely in the soil so you can almost grow a plant well they say on average with this 3 gallon equivalent you can grow a plant that is 6ft tall. And you can see it is pretty small pot. So you can get a really dense roots on growing in there and still get a really massive plant growing out of this small pot which is a reason why I really like these.

 Similarly with the smart pot you can get a pretty dense root ball or root Zone going in there, but not as crazy as effective as the air pots are. Now they have they’re trade-offs and pros and cons, so that is just one of them. Another Pro of the fabric pots or the smart pots as they are actually really cheap. So like a 3-gallon pot like this you can probably get for three to four dollars at your local Hydro Store. Where one of these are pots is going to be like 10 to $15 for just one 3 gallon equivalent. So few other things I have noticed that in the air pots you will get a lot faster growth when compared to fabric or just a regular  plastic pot.

 I am not sure what the reason is, I believe it is because the roots can dry out a lot faster and have a lot more space to grow into so it works out a lot faster and allows for a lot faster growth. But that is just kind of my theory on that. And it is really crazy to see when comparing the two how fast or how quickly a plant in this pot can grow when compared to this one. Now I was saying you can grow up to a six foot tall plant in here, while in this fabric 3-gallon pot I would say probably up to 3 to 4 ft. But still a good-sized bushy plant at that height.

 I would say also another interesting thing is with the fabric pots you tend to use more soil because it tends to spill over the top and just gets really compact really easily and the smart pots or these fabric pots, so you sometimes have to add more soil on top and such. Or just replace what has fallen out. Now I've noticed with the air pots I've used a lot less of the soil because it is not getting super compact in there because of all the aeration.

 And then because also I mean it does sometimes fall out of the bottom there because of how big the holes are in the Great there. But once you've got it packed with soil it's not really coming out that much. So I don't really have to fill up the pots at all with any new soil throughout the grow so that's pretty convenient and then speaking of greats, actually. Because the bottom of your air pot you'll see the bottom is actually kind of the embedded an inch or an inch and a half out from the very bottom of the plastic side walls.

So what that does is it makes it so you don't have to have a gate or like a drainage plate or a tray to have your pot on top of because it will just ran out of the bottom right there. So what smart pots I always recommend having them on something that is kind of lifting them off the ground so they can drain more properly or else they will hold water pretty well, especially if you are growing indoors. If it's outdoors, is not as big of an issue but I still recommend doing that method. So that is pretty much all of the pros and cons that I have between both are pots as well as fabric pots. 

Now for my recommendation I am 100% going with the air roots or the super roots air pots. Reason being is first off it's a lot easier for a beginner grower to use. You can, it's pretty much impossible to overwater your plants, obviously  you can still do it in here but it is a lot more forgiving on a beginner grower. With a smart pot they do dry out quickly went out doors but indoors it is a little easier to overwater them.

 And then also you can just grow a much larger to plant with a lot less soil and a smaller space. So a lot more convenient for a beginner grower and I also find that you are getting better quality results, faster growth, and bigger yields. And that is all compared to fabric pots. Now fabric pots are definitely like 10 times better than your basic plastic pot so I would never recommend going with your basic plastic, always at least for a baseline go with a fabric smart pot or any brand of fabric pot.

 And then if you are willing to or after you have a few grows under your belt and you are willing to splurge a little bit for some better quality results come I would definitely recommend some sort of airpot. And definitely if you are growing indoors and smaller space, 3 5 gallon Max or the 3 gallon equivalent is really the max you will need. Because you will see you can grow some monster size of plants in these sized pots. 

So that is pretty much my comparison, my pros and cons for both of these pots. And again my recommendation is the airpot, but now I also want to play you guys some clips of some current as well as previous gross. Just to show you guys the kinds of results I was getting and both the 3-gallon air pots I'm sorry the 3 gallon fabric pots, as well as the 3 gallon air pot. So let's go check that out!

Alright so we're actually here at my stealth grow, this is a current one going on right now filming a serious about it at the moment. And it is some Gorilla Glue autoflowers in this tent.  I've got two of them under my 600 Meizhi LED, And you will see they are both in those 3 gallon equivalent are root spots with the yellow bottom. So you can see first of all how large these flowers or the Autos have grown. They are about 2 and 1/2 to 3 ft and height and they are getting some pretty decent size the buds.

 Now I have been doing a pretty good amount of the full eation so that has helped a lot with Bud growth as well. But I definitely agree, Because you'll see when I go downstairs To show you some of the other autoflowers that are in smart pots or fabric pots, you'll see they are a lot shorter and smaller. Now they still do have good bud growth going, but nothing like the size of what's going on in here. Again these are some airpots 3 gallon equivalent. And again Gorilla Glue autoflowers in here by Growers Choice seeds. So now we are going to head downstairs to check out some of the other plants that are growing in fabric pots.

 Alright so we're downstairs in the garage where I have actually another tent, And these are all Gorilla Glue Autos as well from the same seed bank. You will see that these two are actually in 2 gallon smart pots, fabric pots as well, and then this one is the one gallon equivalent airpot, and then one of the 3 gallon air pot equivalence. So you can see when compared to the 3-gallon air roots, and then one of the 3-gallon airpot equivalence. So you can see when compared to the 3-gallon air Roots pot or the air pot. It is much taller and has much more tops developed than compared to the ones in the fabric pot. 

Now they are a 1-gallon smaller as this isn't actually the 3-gallon but it's not really even close. So one gallon wouldn't make that much a difference. If you had the one extra gallon in the smart pot. But definitely can see this guy is a little further behind and turns a flower, but that is just because it has been focusing on the vegetative growth for so long and now it is definitely starting to flower a little bit. You can see some pistols starting to form there and actually this guy right here is a week ahead of everybody else. It was started a week earlier but you can see they're all doing really well, even the one gallon equivalent airpots has a nice sized cola that's taking off with a few smaller side branches there.

 And yeah so you can see still some good growth coming from the smart pot and like I was saying you can grow a good size plant even in the to gallon. Probably could go almost twice this size in the two gallon before it is too full. But yeah this is about as big as this one is going to get it now that it is starting to flower just about it looks like. So now what I'm going to do is show you guys some past clips from both my NukeHeads grow series as well as my Limoncello Haze Grow Series, and that was the mother plant and cloning one which I just finished up. 

And the Limoncello Haze, that was all an air routes pots and the NukeHeads was in the 3-gallon fabric smart pots. The Limoncellos, there were five, the clowns and they were in the one gallon equivalent of the air pot. And then the big mother plant was in the three gallon equivalent. So let me show you guys of the yields and the kinds of bud results you can get from those pots! 

Alright GreenBox Growers so that concludes today's comparison between the super Roots air pots as well as those fabric smart pots. Again don't forget to check out our 2 week free trial which you can subscribe for right there at the link. And that will give you two weeks free access to our entire premium Grow video library. As always I want to thank you guys for watching today's video, I hope you enjoyed it, and then till next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown