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What up cannabis Growers and welcome back for another lit product review by GreenBox Grown! today I am unboxing and reviewing the 600 watt  LED light by MEIZHI LED. And I will be giving you guys a little overview on the light, showing you the specs about it as well as a little background info on the  company itself. I'm also  going to be doing a full on groceries with this light, so you guys can see the exact kind of results you can get from it and how well  it works. Because I haven't used a messy LED light before, so this is going to be my first run with one to show you guys exactly how it works. 

Now that grows here is where I will be including that 600 watt MEIZHI LED light, is going to be my stealth grow series. Which will be released pretty soon here, and that is going to be growing for Autoflower Gorilla Glue plants. Now if you guys want to follow along with that video series to see exactly how this grow light works, just check out this link right here to sign up for our premium content section, and again that when you sign out that comes with a 2 week free trial so you can watch these videos free of charge for the first two weeks.

 Now I do have the MEIZHI LED lights listed on the GreenBox Grown store, to just visit the starter kits and supplies Tab and hit the grow lights button right under there. And you will see MEIZHI listed towards the bottom and middle of the page. All right so  now that you guys know what we are doing in two days of video review, let's get started with a quick overview of the MEIZHI LED and a little background info on the company itself.

All right guys do a quick little bit of background on the MEIZHI LED company, first of all they don't just sell LED grow lights. They also sell it grow tents, light hangers, and other supplies. And they are a Chinese bass company, so the products are a little bit on the cheaper side, great for entry-level and beginner Growers, but they are still pretty good quality. They are not just going to break down on you right away and they do all come with A 1 year warranty. So they do back up their products.

Now with that 1 Year warranty they do replace the lights within the first period Of that warranty, and then once you are past that period, they will send you free replacement parts.  So just be sure to look at the details on their warranty on their website, they do have details listed there so you can see exactly what you are getting when you purchase one of these lights. Now the MEIZHI company does offer several LED models ranging from 300 watts come all the way up to 1,200. And again this is the 600 watt led, so you can see we've got the four different LED panels. and this is from the reflector-series don't make sure that a vast majority of that light that is being sent out by the Light, penetrates the canopy of the plants. 

And is directed down on those plants so it isn't being bounced off  or being reflected in two different directions and being wasted. Another cool feature about this light is it does have two switches, you can see on the back it's got one for the vegetative stage for the flowering stage. So during veg you will just have the Veg switch on obviously and then when you are in flour you will have both switches on. Differences between these two different modes is in the veg switch, the light spectrum is going to be more of a blue color and a wider lighter color.

 Which is Optimum for the vegetative growth, and then when you flip on that flower switch, which I will be doing a little demonstration of later on and it's a video to show you guys. But you will see when you turn that on, it's going to get a lot more red and purple and color. And that is because of that light spectrum or wavelength is much better for flowering and Bud growth. Now like I said this is a 600 watt light but from the wall it is just pulling around 277 Watts so while it is still very good power that it is giving off in terms of the light and brightness.

 You will be saving and using a lot less electricity, so it's going to be nice on your energy bill. Now I have never actually used one of the MEIZHI products such as their LED or grow lights before, so this is my very first time, don't really have any reviews or recommendations on how the product works. So this is going to be a completely new experience for myself and I will be showing you guys like I said exactly how this works through my grow series.

On different forms that I have been checking up on the different growing and cannabis forms come as well as on the Amazon reviews it does have a lot of great reviews and recommendations from people there. So I do have a lot of confidence and this company so far. Now let's go get this light hung up in my stealth grow tent, which is going to be the one that I do the demonstrative series on. 

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And I will give you guys a quick demonstration on how this thing looks turned on. Now before we do that though I did want to mention that this light is available on Amazon listed at  $146, again I had it listed on my side as well and that will redirect you to that Amazon page. And again it is $146.99 I believe, so that is a really good deal for a 600 watt LED of this quality. Now the box also comes with a power cord of course and then a basic grow light hanger.

 Now I don't usually use these hangers because I like to use the adjustable pulley but if you do need a little extension to get this light lower in your tent you can just hook this up to one of those. So now I'm going to get this light hung up in the closet, and then I'm going to show you guys what that looks like.

Alright folks so here we are over where the stealth grow setup is, and I've got it all closed up just so you can see what it looks like in Disguise. But again this is my bedroom closet right here. And I've got a nice little to buy for tent set up here which is where those Gorilla Glue seedlings will be growing pretty soon here. And then you will see on the right, I've got my germination and seedling/cloning tent, which the Gorilla Glue Autos are actually in there right now, just popped above ground in their rockwool cubes.

 But over here, this is where I've got the messy LED hung up right now. So you can see it's right there completely off. So first thing I'm going to do cheer is turn on just the veg switch. So you can see I've got that right there, band there we go. And obviously you guys can see the light is just with the bed switch and it still got a little bit of that pinkish purple color. But it is also pretty white and  kind of on the blue side as well. You will see that more when I turn on that flower switch. But again very bright light giving off a great spectrum right now.  

Great footprint, you can see it is covering up all the pots on the floor space really well and it is only about I would say three or four, I would say four and a half feet off the ground. So pretty good footprint for this light, and now let's switch on that flower switch. Bam, so there you go you can see a lot more red and purple in the light. All of the pieces are now that up, we're before just some of the LEDs were. So before is probably just as blue and white LEDs, and now the red ones are on.

 So very powerful and very good light, specially for a 600 watt light that is only around $150. So there you guys go there's a little demonstration on how the MEIZHI 600 watt LED does turned on with both switches. And like I was saying I will be doing my grow series, so if you guys want to follow along and see exactly what kind of results you can get from this light. Be sure to do so!

 Alright GreeBox Growers, that concludes today's product review of the 600 watt MEIZHI LED grow light. And again I will be doing that Gorilla Glue Autoflower stealth and grow, where I demonstrate how this light works. As I will be using this led in that grow tent. And again if you want to follow along day by day with that grow series, all you got to do is visit this link right here on the screen and  sign up for our premium content section. And again when you do that it is free of charge, because it comes with a 2 week free trial!

 Now as always be sure to stay tuned to the GreenBox Grown channel, as I will be releasing more product reviews and grow updates in the coming weeks here. And as always thank you guys for watching, I really hope you enjoyed today's video, and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown