Week 5 of Flower for the Mother Plant & Clones


What up cannabis Growers and welcome back for another lit episode of GreenBox Grown!  Now today kicks off week 16 for that how to grow a mother plant and clone grow series and that is also week 5 of flower. We are now pretty much through the bulk of the flowering phase, so for the rest of this grow we are just going to be finishing up and fattening up those buds and then flushing them for the Harvest.

 So through this grow series I taught you guys how to grow a mother plant, and then how to properly clone her and raise those clones and now I'm just going to show you guys how to finish up the flowering phase for both those clones and the mother plant. Now before I get started with this week's video I want to remind you guys that we do offer one-on-one grow guidance where I myself will personally guide you over the phone each day, teaching you what to do with the plants. 

So if these videos are not enough information or you would like some more Hands-On help. All you have to do is visit this link right here to check out our patreon page, and that is where you can also sign up and learn more details about what our one-on-one packages include. Alright so now that you know what we are doing in this week's video, Let's head out into the garage for day 1 of the week where the ladies are going to get their next watering.

Alright alright folks, so we are out here in the garage for day 1 of the week and all of the plants are actually ready for their next watering so the mother plant is going to be getting her fourth mix of the flower nutrients. And then the Clones are all going to be getting a plane pH water, that is their second one, second feeding of plain ph water since the last nutrient feeding.  So they will get one more of that before their next nutrient feeding.

 But I wanted to show you guys really close here, the buds are continuing to look really nice and developing really well.  Not quite ready yet to be looked at with the trichome scope or to be checking on those trichomes or when they are going to be ready to flush. But I can't imagine probably in the next week to two weeks, we will be getting ready to flush these guys are at least looking at the trichomes to see how far along they are. 

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So if you guys want more details on how to look at your trichomes and what you should be looking for to determine if they have matured enough or if they are not yet ready. Feel free to hop on over to my intro to Growing section, I have a full on video all about trichomes and how to tell when they're ready for flesh as well as harvest. So I'm going to be watering the plants after this clip, the Clones are getting their second plane pH watering, and then the mother plant will be getting her  fourth dose of flower nutrients.

 So what that means is We are following the fox farm Dirty Dozen schedule so after three nutrient feedings you want to do a nice Sledgehammer flush mixed with 2 teaspoons per gallon of water. So that is actually what I will be doing, a little bit of a flush and it is still a good idea to do a few smaller flushes throughout the grow.  Just so there is not too much of a buildup in the soil of those salts and minerals Left Behind from the nutrients. So that is what I will be doing today, the plane pH watering for these guys here, and then the flushing with the sledgehammer or the Big Mama plant right here. And that is pretty much it for today's update, there isn't really any need for trimming at this point. In terms of the fan leaves, so I probably won't be removing any of those for the next week or so. Probably not until the very end of the flowering stage. So that's pretty much it for day 1 of week 16, and I will be back here in 24 hours. Alright peace guys!

Alright Growers, we are back here now for day 2 of the week just 24 hours later here. Not too much in change, just buds continuing to do the same thing in terms of getting Frosty and fattening up. Not really growing up words anymore because they are finished with that cycle, now they are just going to focus on finishing up that trichome development, and those pistols are starting to slowly sold in. And curl into the buds, and start to Orange so looking really nice, not a lot of leaves going on or a lot of leafy buds growing.

 They are all very dense and solid looking at nugs, especially that big one back there.  And really just making sure that humidity and temperature stays on point at this time, you don't want it getting too hot or too cold in here. That is just going to damage your buds and kind of lower the quality of your yields you're going to get. So probably by the beginning of next week or the middle end of next week I will be starting to check on those trichomes on these plants with my scope. Just to see how far until we are needing to flush them. So just going to give you guys some nice clothes ups on the buds that I have growing.

 You can see, how nice and thick they are getting and the smell is really good, they are extremely Frosty so very top shelf quality right now. And again these are those Limoncello Haze genetics, over there from Amsterdam marijuana seeds. Alright guy said that is pretty much it for the day to update of this week and I will be back here in 24 hours for the next day of the week. All right piece guys!

All right GreenBox Growers, we are back here for day 3 of the week in both the clones and the mother plant are all ready for a watering today. So the mother plant is going to be getting her first plane pH water and since I did that Sledgehammer flush on her the other day. And then the Clones are going to be getting their third plane pH watering. So their next watering after this one is going to be that next flower nutrients feeding. So a couple close ups before I do that watering for you guys so you can see how Frosty and dance the buds are continuing to get. And you can see like I've been saying, those pistols or those white hairs on top of the buds. 

They are starting to crawl in and some of them are even starting to Orange at this point in color. So what that means is there starting to mature a little bit further and like I was saying the other day I will be checking on those trichomes with my scope come early next week as they look like they will almost be ready to do that. So not too much to change or do this week, just maintain the watering schedule as well as proper temperatures and humidity.

But you can see I mean these colas are really fattening up each day so it is going to be a really good yield like I was saying, 2 ounces probably per clone and I will Definitely be giving you guys a driveway during the harvesting process or after the drying process so we can see how close we came to that. Or if we beat that measurement. So that is really it for today's update and I will do that watering now. Again the Clones are getting their third playing pH water and, and the mother plant is getting her first. So again that is it for today's update and I will be back here for day 4 and another 24 hours. Alright peace guys!

What up growers, we are back here another 24 hours later for day 4 of the week and the buds are even bigger today than yesterday as you can see. Really fattening up on all of this colas and I'm not just talking about the main colors in the middle I'm talking about the side colas as well. Those are becoming main colas pretty much because they are almost as big as those main ones in the middle.

 So always great to have those kinds of results and yields all the way around, not just with the middle Bud because these are just going to give us that much more of a yield and the end do to that.  And it is also a good sign that these buds are going to be a really good quality, so some nice close-ups for you guys today, still no need to water does we did that yesterday and they still look nice and full from it so just going to keep on keeping the same temperature and humidity as we finish up these last few weeks of flower here.

 So some of the buds or some of the pistols have Started to curl in an orange, but still I would say good majority of them are standing up, so maybe three more weeks total. 3 or 4 weeks total that we have left including the flush. So that is it for today's update and I will be back here in 24 hours for your next day of the week. All right piece guys!

What up GreenBox Growers, it's another beautiful day out here in Northern California so I am in here in the garage for day 5 of the week. And actually all of the ladies in here are ready for their next watering, so the mother plant is going to be getting her second plane pH watering, and then the clones are actually going to be getting at their fourth mix of flower nutrients. So lost flower nutrient mix, or when I was actually supposed to do the last one I actually did that Sledgehammer flush. So now what that means is I am on the week 8 overall mix from the fox farm dirty dozen.

And I am going to be doing that at full strength as always with my extra teaspoon of Cal Mag per gallon of water. And that is what the Clones will be getting today and that is pretty much it for 2 days update, just continuing with the bud growth each day. That's pretty much the only update, it's been really hot here lately in Northern California, we've been having some beautiful weather but unfortunately with that comes high heat inside the garage. So it has been getting up into that mid-to-high 80s, inside the tent here so I have been working hard and diligently to keep at that temperature down. 

Because really in the flowering phase you don't want to get too much higher than 75 degrees Fahrenheit. So I've been will just opening up the 10th which is a great way, leaving the vent and doors open as well as using fans and ac units to help keep to help keep things to help keep things cool. That's always the best way to do it, and then of course we are out here in the garage so what I've been doing is leaving windows to the garage open to let some fresh air in as well. So here is some nice clothes that's on the buds, they are still getting bigger in size and still developing. 

I've got some pistol still standing straight up, they are mostly curling in and starting to Orange, but still a nice little push late on in here in flower. So really looking good I definitely think we are going to hit that 2 ounces per plant for these guys here, maybe even a little bit more. and then it anywhere from 4 + ounces from the big mother plant. So that is it for today again. This is day five of the week, and I will be back in 24 hours per day 6. Alright peace guys!

What up what up and welcome back for day 6 of week 16 here for the mother plant and cloning grow series. Now the ladies are still doing really well from that water and yesterday, so no need to water today. But I am going to be giving you guys some nice clothes ups on the buds as usual just so you guys can see how they are progressing throughout this week. At this point they are just really as I keep saying, finishing up in terms of fattening up.

And they are just extremely Frosty all the way around. So it looks like I've got about, I would say about 8 to 10 nice-sized really good size colas on the mother plant here and then each of the Clones I mean they've got about six or seven main cool us with the big one in the middle included. So really going to be a nice yield as I keep saying, and just really waiting for them to finish that development with the pistols curling in and oranging. 

And just going to let them finish fattening up as we go through the next couple weeks here. I will check the trichomes next week probably towards the middle or the end. But no need to really check them out yet today definitely have a little bit of a ways to go. So just wanted to show you all the way around all of these buds are developing really nicely. There isn't really any popcorn Buds and less you go like right down below here way inside the canopy. But that is generally going to happen and you can see here, this is the lowest branch and it is still developing a really nice sized nug. 

So really stoked and the smell is tremendous, very citrusy lemony smell. Very high pitched and very terpy for sure.  So not only will I use this obviously for flower, but I will probably make some nice extracts out of these ladies as well. So look out for some videos on that and the near future. So that is it for day 6 of the week, and I will be back here in 24 hours for the last day of the week, and the ladies will probably be ready for their next watering by then. All right!

What up Growers, we are back here for the last day of week 13 here and all of the ladies are ready for their next watering. So the Clones are going to be getting their first plane pH watering since that last nutrient feeding, and then the mother plant will be getting her third plain pH watering. Now like I was saying, this is the very end of week 13 here so week 14 I'm going to say is going to be at a time where I'm going to start checking on the trichomes for how soon until we can start that flush. The beds are definitely still developing but they are getting close to being ready for that flush, so just going to be checking on the trichomes from here on out, just to see how milky they are and Amber.

 Because we want them all to be milky as well as some of them to turn Amber once we start that flush. So that’s what I will be keeping an eye on, and in the meantime just making sure that temperature and humidity stay on point as that is really important as we finish up the end of this grow.   So again today I will be doing that third plane ph watering for the mother plant coming in the first plane pH watering for the Clones. Alright peace guys!

 All right GreenBox Growers,  that concludes week 16 of the how to grow a mother plant and clone her grow series. And again I'm thinking next week will be a good time to start checking on this Tri comes to see what level of maturity they are at. Now I think we still have a few more weeks to go in terms of flour before we start the flush. But it is a good idea to start checking those trichomes early just so you can see how quickly they are developing and progressing over the course of this grow. So you don't want to wait too late to start that flush otherwise the plants will get over right and that is never a good thing. Now I will be back shortly with that week 17 video for this grow series and is always thank you guys for watching, I really hope you  enjoyed today's video until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown