Week 5 of Flower (Week 12 Overall)

What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back for week 12 of NukeHeads grow series!  Again this is week 5 of flower, so we are just starting off kind of the late stages of the flowering phase. And you will see in this week's video the buds are filling out really nicely, they're fattening up a whole lot.  And you will see they are going to start finishing up their development pretty quickly here, so I'm thinking maybe another 2 or 3 weeks Max of growth and then we will start that flushing phase.

 So as always if you are looking for a little additional help to go along with these step by step videos, I do offer personal grow guidance where I myself teach you over the phone each day how to grow cannabis. So I can help you out with any issues or problems you may be running into and you can check out more details on that at this leak right here on the screen. All right so now that you guys know what we are doing this week's video, let's get started with day one of the week!

 So we are out here in the garage for day 1 of the week for the NukeHeads  grow series, and you can see especially these main Grape Ape buds in the back here, they are really filling out nicely here all the way up and down. That is going to be a mighty fine Cola right there, still has a lot of growth still to go but already is looking top-notch! So very frosty and big and the smell and odor is extremely powerful. Same with this Cola right here, you can see it's already got some hair's turning orange so it is developing a little faster than the rest. But you can't see that is also happening in the front plant of the same string right here.

 And these are both the pineapple chunks from NukeHeads. So very stoked on that growth and you can see this grape ape plant here in the front is doing really well In terms of Bloom growth very Frost, even frostier than the one in the back.  But you can see the buds have quite a different shape to them, so this one back here was big and hairy wear this one was sort of smaller and a little bit more bulbous on top. Which is normal as you know every strain isn't going to be of the same phenotype. They are going to be the same strain of course, and that is normal because you can get the same strain or multiple seeds of the same strain but some of those seeds might be a different genotype or phenotype from each other so that is why you get the different characteristics showing in the plants.

 So check in over here again, the middle is the Grape Ape and then on the right is the Skittles, and those are doing really well also. Still thickening up really nicely all the way up and down and even in the back plant right here. So I definitely did a lot of the foliation to open up space for that guy. So doing much better now, all of the bud growth is doing really well and I would say probably two more weeks of development, maybe a little bit more and then we will be starting that flush. So getting pretty close to harvest here and you can see buds are developing pretty far down the branches.  

Now soil is pretty dry today, it's been pretty hot here in Northern California so they are drying out a lot faster than usual. So we will be giving them their third plane pH watering today, and that will really be it for today's update. I'm going to give them that watering now and then I will be back in 24 hours for day 2 of the week. All right peace Growers!

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What up Growers we are now back here for day 2 of the week and the buds are smelling and looking amazing as always! Now all of the plants are ready for their next watering so what that will be is there first flush of the grow. So I'm going to be doing a sledgehammer flush for the girls that are in the fox farm nutrient line up and then for the ones and NukeHeads I will also use that Sledgehammer flush as well just because it is a good flushing agent. And I didn't get one with the NukeHeads mix. So that will be good because you want to break up the nutrient  schedule throughout the grow, just  so you don't get a big buildup of salts and minerals up in the soil and your plants.

 So I will be giving them that mix and you can see it is kind of sideways in between  weeks 7 and 8, and it says you know just two teaspoons per gallon of water of this Sledgehammer mix. Now I was also recommended to do one between the flowering phase and the end of the vegetation phase, but I did not just because it was not necessary at that time. so I will be doing that watering today and then also I did some defoliation on all of the plants as you can see, just removing as much of those big fan leaves as I could. 

So you'll see a good amount of them are gone and that will just help again with some more bud growth. So up top again with got that Big Main and Grape Ape Cola that is doing extremely well, along with her side colas. And again all the other plants are looking beautiful as always also. And that is pretty much it for today's update, and you can see another thing, buds are starting to mature further and you can tell by the way some of the hairs are starting to Orange on the buds as they get bigger. So as they get older,  the hairs will start to Orange and curl in and that is just a sign of maturity at this point. So definitely getting closer to that Harvest and flushing face, and probably still another couple of weeks before we flush. But coming along nicely here. So again that is it for today's update and again I will be back in 24 hours for your next update of the week, all right piece guys!

What up Growers, we are back here for day 3 and another 24 hours later, and all of the buds are now starting to kind of finish up that development. They are not really focusing on pistol growth better now just kind of fattening up all the way up and down those branches. So you can see how nice these nugs are getting, super Frosty and let's see if I can get a good focus on here. Because the great apes are definitely starting to exhibit some of that purple and their buds. Which they are pretty much known for, let's see, you can tell how bulbousy to see this one is getting, it's nice and big with some purple on top if you guys can see right there, you can definitely see those trichomes.

But anyways all of these buds fattening up really nicely, you can see the two main colas in the back or absolutely massive, and the Grape Ape here. This is some really top-notch top-shelf looking bud just getting super Frosty and super dance. And you can see especially on this main big Cola back here. Probably going to be checking on the tri comes in the next week here sent they are getting a little closer to finishing up. Probably will not be flushing these though it for another 2 weeks maybe a week and a half, so maybe sooner than later. 

But that is pretty much it for today's update, they were ready for a watering today. So I did give them their first plane pH watering and each plant took about a gallon of water maybe a little bit more at this point. So it has been pretty warm here lately in Northern California so that is why I have been watering more frequently. And that is pretty much normal as they start to drink more and dry up faster when it is hot out. So that is really up for today's update, you can tell right there some really nice and full buds that are growing in here and I will be back here in 24 hours for your next update of the week. All right peace guys!

What up Growers, we are back here another 24 hours later for the very next day of the week and the buds are really starting to finish up nicely here. So I still have a few weeks to go as I keep mentioning but the buds are definitely starting to make sure and you can see how fat they have gotten. I actually checked on the trichomes earlier today and they are all pretty much cloudy at this point. Some are still a little clear, but no Amber just yet. That will start happening over the next couple of weeks here. But super stoked to be harvesting these guys pretty quickly here. And as you can see all of them are looking really nice and frosty, very healthy. There's no Burns or stress or anything like that going on.

 And it is going to be a pretty nice yield and here. Very excited especially to test out these grape apes here as they are starting to get a nice little purple color going to them. So let me show you guys how Frosty they are up close here and you can see how nice that bud is looking, and it is really Frosty. I mean all the way down, now the same goes with the Grape Ape here in the very back. This is definitely the Star plant from the scrub, although the rest are looking really good also. 

Even the little guy down there, so not going to be watering today as they are not ready just yet but that is pretty much it, no need to be checking the trichomes really at the stage. You can start if you want to, but still going to be really another couple of weeks before it gets to that point where you want to start making sure it is not too late or too soon. So I will be covering that more in the upcoming weeks of video, and that is pretty much it for today's update. So I will be back here in 24 hours for the next day of the week, all right piece guys!

What up Growers we are back here another 24 hours later for day 5 of the week, and all six of the plants are actually ready for their next watering. So that is going to be there second plane pH watering since the last nutrients feeding. So let me just give you guys some close-ups on the buds here, I will be doing that water right after the shot. And they are actually finishing up pretty quickly here. So I'm going to be doing at the very start of next week, a trichome look just to see if they are ready to start that flush. As they might be ready coming the beginning of this next week.

 So you can see the buds are finishing up really well, they are getting bigger by the day and really dance which is nice.  Again the grape apes are turning really purple on the buds, And then the other for plants over here which I've got my Pineapple Chunk, they are getting really orangie hairs on them. Really Frosty as well, and then over here with the Skittles, same thing really Frosty and nice orangie hairs. So really excited on how these guys are turning out and now they're just going to be densening up for the rest of their flower growth, and yeah that is pretty much it for today's update. I'm going to give them that watering now of plane pH water and then I will be back in 24 hours for the next day of the week. All right peace guys!

 What up folks, we are back here for day 6 of the week and before I get in too close I just want to show you guys how noticeably large these buds are getting, even from this distance of about three and a half feet away from the entry of the tent. So you can see  nugs filling up from top to bottom, nice and thick and dense, and then when we get up close so you can see how Frosty and obviously you guys can't tell from the video but I can tell how strong and pungent the smell is getting. So all of these buds really finishing up nicely here, still got some time to go and as you guys can see, getting really Frosty and some of them getting really orangie hairs already.

Not really happening with the Grape Ape, so that's more like I was saying with the pineapple chunk and Skittles, but the Grape Ape still looking really nice. And it still looks like it has a little ways to go in terms of Bud development, so I am thinking the plants on the outsides here they are probably going to be harvested a little earlier than the Grape Ape just because these are taking a little longer to finish up. But that's okay that does happen with different strains so nothing to worry about there. And no need for watering, they're still good for that today, so that is pretty much it for today's update. And I will be back here in 24 hours per day 7 of the week. alright peace guys!

All right GreenBox Growers, we are back here for the last day of week 12 which is also week 5 of flower for this overall groceries here. Buds are looking really good and most of them, actually all of them the pistols have started to curl in and they are starting to turn orange like on the outside plants here and even a few of them are starting to Orange on the great apes. So like I was saying, or early next week we will start looking at this trichomes under the microscope so we can see how far along they are from being ready for flush. I'm thinking probably after next week they will be ready for flushing, but yeah getting really dense and really Frosty with those buds all the way around.

 It's going to be a nice yield in here as I keep saying, and then again all of these plants are ready for their next watering today. So that's going to be their  third plain pH watering since their last nutrient feeding. So just a nice look at the buds here, you can see getting really Frosty almost looks like their sugar covering them. And they are getting dents as well all the way up and down. This Grape Ape plant here isn't the most dense, but the one in the back it definitely is. So really stoked on how these buds are turning out, I can't wait till Harvest then coming up here. So that is it for today's update, all right peace guys!

All right growers so there you have week 12 of NukeHeads grow series and again that is week five of flowers so next week will be week 6 of flower. And we are getting close to being ready to flush, and again I will be checking on those try comes with a microscope starting next week, early next week most likely. To see where those trichomes are developed and if they are almost at that point where they would be ready for flush.  So really stoked on how these buds are developing, they are getting really dense and are starting to fatten up all the way down the branches so there are going to be some nice yields in this tent. Especially with those Grape Ape plants. Now like I was saying I will be back here shortly with week 6 of flower for this grow series and that pretty much sums up this entire week's video. So is always I hope you guys enjoyed the video, thank you guys for watching, until next time…

Happy Growing!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown