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What’s Up Cannabis growers and welcome back for another lit episode of GreenBox Grown! not today we're going to be doing a vaporizer product review the Pax era, the absolute xtracts vapor pen, and then we're also going to be checking out the doctor Dabber boost. And this is the Black Edition. So today we got my brother Cody with us, and then of course we've got clear. All right guys so before we get started I also wanted to let you know that I just released some new merch and our clothing line UPS or just check out under the merch and smoke Tab and you will see our clothing page right there. And there are a few of the clothing options right there on the screen for you.

 And then I also want to remind you guys that we still have that two-week free trial going on to our step by step so all you need to do is visit and hit that subscribe button overlaid on the sign up for sign up for the. So now that you guys know, let's get started!

 Alright guys are the first vaporizer here that we are going to be starting off with is the absolute xtracts. Now this is your standard battery pen and then you are going to use cartridges with it. What is cool about this product as you don't have to buy just one specific brand for the cartridge so any cartridge that has the 510 threading on it is going to work. So I really like this pain because of how portable it is, it is very sleek and stealthy so you can carry it around easily in public.  Obviously if people can see this part of the cartridge it's a little bit obvious what you are doing, but still very easy to use in public. 

 So what I have here right now actually is the ganja gold Northern Lights, and this is terpenes and distillate. So I have a half gram here, the battery for this pen was $20 at the dispensary I believe, and then this cartridge was $40 for the half gram. So I'm going to show you guys a quick little demonstration on it right now. So very easy to use, five clicks to turn it on and five clicks to turn it off and then if you want to just the power level or actually the heat you can just click it three times and then you will see a change from Green, which is low. Then to Blue which is medium, and then to Red which is high. So I actually like using it on the blue. So alright I'm going to take a rip in a second here but first i'm going to Hand this over to Cody so he can test it out for you guys.

I want to tell you a little bit first about skunk feather, this is a brand that I've been using with the absolute battery and I really like it. You will see that like most cartridges that come around the 80, 70, I would say 80 to 85% range. And she gets the Pax pods a lot in those are usually around 60 to 70%, but skunk feather here comes in at a 98% and it is all cannabis terpenes that are added. There are no you know like none of the fake terpenes or anything like that that's some of these cartridge companies are adding. This is just all pure cannabis right here top shelf product. So definitely recommend checking them out if you are in the mood for top-quality cartridge.

 So what do you think about the absolute pain there? So it is super smooth and is not like your traditional dad that you would get off of a nail. It is much gentle are especially because you can control the temperature with this particular one. I think they actually get a lot of flavor because you were not burning anything it's just purely about vaporizing natural THC at such a high content. So you really do get a good flavor when you hit it. How do you use other similar battery style pens like that? Yeah I mean I think I've used like kurvana, and all sorts of different ones yeah a few different ones. But I like how that one you can change the temperature I don't think I've had one, normally when they are that small in that skinny you don't have that kind of control. Exactly and what's really cool as I had this thing fully charged and it lasted me a full cartridge.  And that was a 1 gram cartridge, so that was pretty cool I did not have to charge it the whole time.

 What else? The battery is universal so if you lose the battery you can pretty much go into any dispensary and they will have that battery there, and it is fairly cheap for a few dollars. Rather than having a special product with that battery only. And that goes for the cartridges as well, as you can really go into any dispensary and they have a wide variety of different strains versus you might go in and only see one strain of something just because it is not as in a demand.

 Exactly, is there any weed left in the grinder by the way. We should get the bowl packed, do you want for us? Okay so this is again the absolute xtracts, Their battery pen again absolute does do their own cartridges. I have not gotten any of those yet because they don't have them at the local dispensary here. But obviously any 510 threaded cartridge will work so this again is the ganja gold Northern Lights capsule or cartridge. Half a gram of terpenes and distillate, and that came in at 81.5% for THC and then again 1.24 CBD. So still really strong.

So next up, this is actually Clair specialty. Yeah it comes in a little pre-roll container. So we are going to do the Pax era next and this is Claire's baby so I'mma let her take over. So yeah I've been using Pax products for a while, used their dry herb one and I just didn't like it, I didn't think the oven really served its purpose that they were trying to aim for. But when I went back a few weeks ago, then I discovered the packs and with the oil cartridges. And I thought that was really different, the Pax era, the different cartridges so I thought I would try all the oil cartridges and see if it is a better product because they are saying it is.

 And actually I prefer it, it's about $35 for the battery so not too bad, but cartridges do come around $47 for half a gram, but we have a couple of those up here with us right now too. This is Grand Daddy Purp that's in here right now, and that is Mendo Queen. The thing is when you do go to dispensaries, a lot of them can be limited when it comes to the Pax pod because not every dispensary carries them. Or carries a lot of the strains that you're probably wanting. They have a lot of the name brand ones, but I went in the other day and they only had CBD. So there is different ones that definitely don't carry them as consistently so that is the only downfall for me. You get a lot more vapor, so I think it's closer to a dab a little more than just puffing on a pain. I think there is a difference and I feel like I am getting more of that dab with the extra vapor.

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So that is another plus, you get a lot of the flavor on this and that is another thing with the flavor, I sometimes get a plasticky taste with these I definitely taste the strain as it is. It is definitely a smoother taste to me, also the battery life is really good and it will last a few days for me before I have to charge it. That was another thing that is really cool, same thing with the absolute xtracts pen, and the Pax era, they charged with a USB port so you can plug it into your computer or if you have your smartphone charger you can just plug it into the butt of that and you are charging away.

 One thing I was going to say that is really cool about this when compared to most of the other pen style vaporizers is you don't really see the concentrate in the cartridge.  So this is all black, is a very sleek and it looks like a thumb drive stick type of thing. Nothing like a vaporizer a lot easier to hit in public and then also what is really cool as it has a smartphone app that you can control it with. Yeah at first I thought it was kind of stupid I was like what do you mean I don't need an app for a smoking device. But lo and behold, that on the front of the Pax pods it tells you the temperature that it should be at, so you know the temperature in you can go on your phone and set it at whatever temperature for that strain. And it will burn perfectly and I just think that yeah it is very discreet, it tells you how much battery life is a left so you know if you need to charge and all of that.

 A little bit more for the price, but when I went into that dispensary the other day, they were like oh we only have CBD Pax pods and I was like what that is really inconvenient. So they suggested this dabbing distillate. And what is different about this is it has a thumb clicker, so does not that it will get everywhere. The oil just comes out with one click with one drop and you can actually fill these pods from the top. And you can easily refill them. So that is the plus side because packs has their packs company that makes the pods but the strains that they are doing comes from those companies. So each strain has a different grower or a different label.

 So really you can use anything to refill these pods with. It is mostly just a battery or that is the only battery that works with these pods there's no other battery. But I think mostly overall it is my favorite and I love it, and again yeah I give it an overall 10 out of 10. And again this is the dabaratus so it is almost like a syringe with the concentrate, and like she said Ishq click is going to be a dose amount for a dad, so you can hold this up right to your nail or even the doctor Dabber here. Or like she was saying you can refill the cartridge which is nice. Because yeah they don't always have your strain or they might be out or whatever. So instead of being stuck and out of luck, you can just refill with one of these.

Yeah and also to that being these only come in half grams there are no full gram pax pods. And this was a full gram, the half gram was $47 and this was $47. So it does save you a little bit of money as well. So yeah overall very smooth, I think you get a little bit of a better flavor with the Pax pods, now really the difference is unless you know your company That you're getting your cartridges from and you lie, you're always going to get a good product. With the Pax pods like she was saying they do come packaged from different Farms because the Pax pods are sent to them and then they answered it with their product or their extracts, so packs really only works with some of the top farms around so you're always going to get a really good product with this.

 And then again like I was saying unless you know the brand that you are using, sometimes it is hit or miss with these cartridges.  But yes I would say so far out of the two that we are doing, the Pax is my favorite just because of how smooth it is and easy to hit in public. What about you guys? What do you think? I mean I've said a lot about how I like the discreteness of it, the taste of it is a lot, but like compared to the absolute then what would you say.

 I mean I would say overall like the feel of it and like I said I get more Vapor so it tends to, I smoke it a little bit more and I had a pain I just didn't feel the same way I felt as hitting a bong or something. Or taking a doctor Dabber. It was not the same it was just kind of like a plastic you smell and I almost got back of a headache afterwards sometimes. So this definitely has three times the vapor and again the feel of it, the look of it, the convenience of it. It's honestly, you don't even have to press a button when you're hitting it. Yeah that is true you just hit it and it turns on automatically, and yeah I would definitely choose the packs over it. Yeah I agree so yeah so far I would say Pax is in the lead.

 So now let's do the doctor Dabber, Cody do you want to get started with that. Okay so with the doctor Dabber, basically you have your battery on the bottom here and then you will have your heating element here in the center of this bowl or nail. And to use it you just click the button 5 times and you will see the light turn blue. That is when it is heating up and you really want to keep this nail clean and you will notice if it is not because it will start steaming or smoking or gunking up. Ya so if you keep it cleaner it'll just be easier to use and also you know the lid for it will also get pretty quickly sticky so if you keep that clean it’s just going to work better. 

So you just click this 5 times, the light will turn blue, then it will eventually turn white and when it does that means it is ready for you to put your concentrate wax resin whatever it may be, and then you can just let it melt off completely and scrape it off. And then you just dab away and do as your due, inhale through here through the bubbler. And it will last a good while, you will see that you can get a good it seems infinite sometimes. Yeah you can even reheat the nail a couple times just for one dab and it'll keep hitting. So yeah do you want to get us started with a hit on that.

 Okay so we have the pot Deli, yeah oh well I was going to tell them a little bit about it while you were hitting it. But anyways, we've got the pot Deli crumble and this is Girl Scout cookie. Let's see where the box is for that. This came in at all right we are at 69.8% thca or sorry total THC. So we've got that and then we've got the guild extracts THC powder and this is the pineapple Trainwreck, and that came in at about 97%. So pretty big difference there! So what do you want to dab on there? I'll probably do this one I haven't done this one yet, right so we are going with the Girl Scout cookie crumble, so Claire what were you going to say?

So basically I went into the dispensary the other day and I was like what is this powder stuff, like that is weird I've never seen it in this form, and it is THC that is activated already so you can actually put it in your coffee or eat it and it does have an active thca in it. So you feel it automatically so that is pretty cool, and it just looks really weird and it is almost like A toute heure, so does pure THC like you said and it comes in at a whopping 97%. So that is pretty strong thca, so what we like to do with it is put on the crumble and then rolled around in this and then that is really good. The double Dabber! So yeah that is always fun, but even just doing it single like to you can dab it you can smoke it you can eat it you can put it in your coffee.

 Yeah that is what they were telling us at the dispensary, you can mix it in with your smoothie if you want since it is already activated it is the thca so it'll still work. So back to the doctor Dabber this is the Boost, that is the model. And then this is actually the Black Edition so that is why I came with this carrying case which is also loaded with a few extra goodies and replacement parts. It also comes with some extra nails so I will show you that in the close up on showing you right now, but what I've got on there right now is the quartz Banger. And that is what Cody was just hitting the Girl Scout cookies off of.

 And then actually one of my favorites is the ceramic which we have been using for a little while, and then finally the titanium mail which we haven't used adjust yet. But I think so far because we just started using the quartz Banger that is my favorite, and then of course this is a padded case so really convenient for taking this on the go. This thing is really cool too because of how portable it isn't easy to use out in nature if you want to take it on the hike or whatever. Or if you just want to take it out in the backyard. And then of course it pretty much eliminates I mean it does eliminate the need for a torch. So no need to hang up the bangers and have the perfect timing or knowing how long to wait for it to cool off. No butane, exactly no butane so it's just going to be the perfect temperature every time.

So I'm about due for a bong hit clear if you want to talk about. What else do we have here, I mean mostly I think that you can even do something that's a little funny. You can do the crumble with that, and then you can even put the distillate on top Of that because it is a dose. So you can put that in a bowl as well as a Dabber. Now it is a healthier a little bit with the Dabber for vaporizing due to you don't get those bicarbons or anything when smoking out of a bong, but with that it completely eliminates the need for a torch and butane which I always hated dealing with.

 It's like vaporizing but at an all-new, it's just a different type of peace and it is really easy to clean as well. And you never get that dirty type of taste, all you really need is some isopropyl alcohol and some Q-tips and that's pretty much it. I pretty much just clean it every couple days. Yeah sometimes it's only three or four times to reheat before it needs to charge. So that's the only thing the battery life is a little not as great as probably a battery or the Pax. but it's also not heat really heating up as much. I think those pens get as hot as best. I think my Pax goes up to 700 degrees and then this goes up to 900.

Yeah most of the concentrates on the boxes even say five to six hundred, so I don't know why I need to get to 700 degrees. Okay Cody what do you think about the doctor Dabber? Yeah I think it's a great little tool because for me, dabs before we're a really intimidating thing. You know having to heat the nail with the blowtorch or whatever, and the intensity of it all. This is just way more convenient and makes it much nicer to do dabs. I like the top part 2 because it's like oh what am I going to use for a Topper, and for this it comes with a fully metal topper and a magnet so it's really easy to lift up and down. And I like that it's magnetic it makes it super convenient. Yeah I agree.

 And again I think it is really easy to travel with, it is very convenient and it comes in a case so you never have to worry about breaking it too much. Versus other dabs I probably wouldn't take anywhere. Another cool thing I do with the extracts and the doctor Dabber, as you can if it's cold and you haven't used it for a few hours. You can put the extract on to the nail directly and then heat it up with a carb cap on. And it's just kind of like it melted and it gets it ready and kind of preheated, and then it's really easy to hit it once the light turns white. And that's really easy to do with a syringe type nail or extract holders. Just because you can just squirt it right onto the nail, fill it up and then heated up and you are good to go.

So I am just going to take a dab of the thca and I didn't double dip it or anything like that, and the other day when I first tried it I just did a dab of the THCA and it was the cleanest inhale of my life I guess you could say. No coughing at all and it was really nice tasting, and yeah I felt really good! Probably one of the best ways to dab for sure. And you can get those at dispensaries for the half-gram or the full gram. And it runs pretty much the same amount of concentrate, this was $37 so for the half gram. So yeah it's a little on the expensive side but worth it right? Yeah I definitely think it's worth it and it lasts a long time so. All right so now that we've done all three of the reviews of the vaporizers here, let's see, let's do kind of a compare and contrast and go with whatever favorite is.

So for me personally I would say in order from best to last, I would say the doctor Dabber first said that is my favorite one. And then I would go to the Pax as that is my second favorite, and then I would go to the absolute. Reason being I really like the doctor Dabber just because I like being able to put on the extracts and choose you know the different kinds or the different forms of the extracts and different flavors. I don't like being limited to just you know whatever cartridges that dispenser is caring. So it is convenient that you can use these kinds of extracts on the dr. Dabber. And then of course the portability and the ability to take it out.

 I mean you can't really hit it in public in a crowded space. But like I was saying out in nature or in a private setting you can definitely use it out there. And then of course second-favorite is the Pax just because of how good the quality of the pods have been pretty much every time we have bought them. And then of course because of how stealth and how well it hits. So the absolute pen is great too, it is just that these ones are a little bit better in my opinion. And they are all great products.

 I mean I love the doctor Dabber, but I don't think it's comparable. Obviously between the pens I would choose the Pax. I just love the product and I think it's good for traveling and I think it's very discreet and the battery life is great. You know I've been lucky with the strains and now I have the new distillate here which I can refill them with. So that is really convenient, the doctor Dabber I love, I would definitely choose the thca. I think that is definitely my favorite now, it's like woah!  I found something completely, and I definitely think that one's my favorite. And you know that I absolutely, I have a lot of people who use the cartridges and I know a lot of my friends use the batteries. 

And you know they love it and I think it's good to start out with But I think as you smoke more you know you'll want more quality really quality products as you find out more about them. And it really does make a difference and it is pretty cool to see how technology is integrating itself into that. Definitely, and this distal it comes in at 70% by the way, THC, and then 2% CBD. And it is true OG. So yeah Cody what would you say is your favorite one. Yeah I'm kind of just trying in with you guys I agree, I mean this serves a different purpose, the doctor dabbers like a fun thing to have for your exactly trying different dabs or different types of concentrates.

 But if I had to choose one of the three I'd actually probably choose the Pax, just cuz everytime it gives you a super clean hit. And I've noticed with the doctor Dabber if you are hitting it first right when it is cool it doesn't. Sometimes you have to heat it up several times to get some good hits, where was the Pax it always hits and it is super consistent.  Definitely, and the absolute is still excellent It's just I would say the flavor of the Pax is a little cleaner and it is more consistent with the Pax and with the other cartridges in general. And it is obviously more discreet and cooler and you don't have to press a button.

 Alright GreenBox Growers, so that concludes today's product review of the Pax era, the absolute xtracts vaporizer, and then of course the doctor Dabber boost Black Edition. I hope you guys enjoyed the video please give it a thumbs up and feel free to comment below with any feedback or future product reviews you guys want to see. And then also feel free to let us know if you want to see Cody or Claire back here again! Now don't forget we still have that two-week free trial to our step by step grow videos so definitely check that out at the link on your screen. And as always, I hope you enjoyed today's video, thank you guys for watching, and until next time…

Happy Growing! 
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown