Gorilla Glue Autoflower Closet Stealth Grow

What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back to the most lit cannabis growing Channel! Now today I am really stoked because I am going to be starting a brand-new grow series and this one is going to be a stealth home-grow. So if you are someone who really wants to grow cannabis at home but you need to be very secretive or hidden about it, this is going to be the perfect groceries for you. So I'm going to be growing inside of my closet over here with a two-by-four tent as well as a small 2x2 seedling tent, but if you have an empty cabinet or cupboard or something like that, that is also perfect place to have an indoor stealth grow.

Now over the course of this grow series I will cover all of the steps you need to cover in order to make sure that your grow is extremely stealth and hidden from everybody but yourself. But if you want to see more details about that right now just check out My video that is listed on the intro to growing cannabis video page. Now before I get started with the grow and want to give you guys a quick overview of the products I will be using for this series. So first off I will be growing some Gorilla Glue plants, and these genetics come from Growers Choice seeds and these are going to be autoflowers. So I've got five seeds in her that I started germinating already and then I'm going to pick the four best ones to plant.

 I will be growing in a 2 by 4 tent in my closet and then I also have a Seedling and cloning tent in there for when they are earlier on in the germination and see the process. For lights I'm going to be using a 600-watt Meihzi grow light and will  possibly be adding a 900 watt viparspectra LED or some 300 watt Mars Hydro that I have a lot of those lying around. Now I want to give a huge shout-out and thank you to Meihzi for sponsoring this grow series with one of their 600w LED grow lights. So we will be using that over the course of this grow series and testing that out to show you what kind of results you can get with their product. And if you want to see more details about what they offer and they're LED grow lights, just check them out on their Amazon page here at this link, or you can check it out the description down below here.

 Now for the soil I will be using some Fox Farm ocean forest and then for the nutrient lineup I've got the advanced nutrients Trio right here. So just  the basic line up so you guys can see what kind of results you can get from as well, and then for the pots I've got three of the 3-gallon air route spots, and then one of the one gallon air root pots. And that will be cool because we can see the differences in blood results based on the different pot sizes. Finally I will be adding some CO2 bags to this grow, I have a couple of the exhale ones so I will be adding those into the grow tent once they are in the vegetative state. And I will also be using some LST on these plans so we can really maximize their yields and get some really big buds growing on them.

 Now this video is going to cover all the way up to the very start of the vegetative stage, and then if you want to watch the rest of this grow series all you have to do is sign up on this link on the screen right here and you will get a two-week free trial where you will not have to pay anything. And you can cancel at anytime. Alright so now that you guys know what we are doing in today's video let's go check out those Gorilla Glue seeds that I have germinating in a glass of water.

Alright so right now we are going to check out those Gorilla Glue seeds that I have soaking in the glass of water over there, but first I just wanted to show you guys this is the closet where I will have my stealth grow going. So I have to tent set up in there and what is really cool with the tents in the closet is you kind of have that double layer sound barrier so when you have the fans and things going, you can't really hear outside of the tent. So here we go, I've got my 5 Gorilla Glue seeds from Growers Choice soaking in here and I will leave them in here for about 15 to 17 hours and then they will be going into the paper towel for soaking. So we will be back for that shot later once it is trying to transplant them.

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 But now let me just give you guys a quick shot of myself set up in here. So first off we got The Little Seedling tent right over here, nice and hidden in the corner and here is that 600 W Meizhi  LED I was talking about. It has two switches on it, one for bloom sorry, one for veg and then one for flower. and then there are those to Exhale bags I will be using, I believe they are the 360s which means it will be good for a whole year, but we will just be doing an auto grow in here so that will be a nice boost for bud growth as well as for vegetative growth, so it should really help with increasing those yields.

So right here I've got that 900 watt viparspectra I was mentioning that I might also throw in there to give more power, or I've got some of those Mars Hydro 300w lights over there. So quick peek inside the seedling tent you will see I've got my little 45 watt LED in there as well as my humidity Dome, and I've actually got a Little Seedling going in there from another grow not related to this one. But you can see the little set up in there, and then over here on the left you will see I've got my nice 2 by 4 grow tent setup. Just take a little peek in there we've already got the fan in there and little 45 watt light for the early veg stage. And then a couple of those, well I've got all three of the 3-gallon air route spots in there and then I've got that one 1 gallon pot right there.

 So we will be able to see if it makes much a difference in terms of yields in the bigger pots, or if you can just use smaller pots to save on soil and other resources. So that was pretty much it for the intro today, and I will be back here tomorrow and that is when I will be back to put the seeds into the moist paper towel. Alright peace guys!

 Alright growers so we are back here 16 hours later after Those seeds had been soaking in that glass of water, and I made sure that they sunk to the bottom of the glass. Now that is important that you make sure to tap them after a few hours of soaking in the cup to try and get them to sink to the bottom. If they do not seem to the bottom it is not the end of the world but it is a good idea to try and make sure they do it. So try to make sure to check on them every few hours until they do so, now after that 16 hours was up I put them into the moist paper towel on this plate here. 

So first of all you want the paper towel to be moist but you don't want it to be sopping wet, so after you've got all of the seeds out on the paper towel and the paper towels wet, just make sure to sort of fold that paper towel so the seeds are completely covered and then you are going to want to turn the play completely sideways so no water or so all of the extra water and excess drains off. And then once it stops you will be good to go. So you can see there's just a little bit dripping off their that is okay. You just don't want it to be pouring off the plate like there is a puddle on there.

 So now that we've got our damp paper towel with the seeds, it is a good idea to keep it in a dark warm place. So that is why I've got the heat mat turned on right here and then you'll see I've only got the plate about halfway on there. Because if I put it all the way on it gets a little too hot and you don't want to cook those seeds. And then I take the other plate right here and put it over The top just so that it is dark for the seeds in it keeps them in the darkness. So with the heat mat it is a good idea to check on the plate where the paper towel every few hours or every 6 hours just so it doesn't dry out because that is something you want to avoid at all cost. 

If the paper towel dries out it is possible for the seeds to come back but it is very hard on them and can kill them or start them right there. So make sure the paper towel is always a little moist, you can always rewet it, if it does start to dry out, and you want it to be in a dark but one place so that is what the heat matters for.  so now the goal is to get a Taproot to sprout out of the seeds at about a half inch in length, so that will probably take a day maybe 3 days max. Some seeds take up to 7 days, but with this method and the way I've been doing it, I've been noticing about 1 to 2 days max.  So I will be back here either tomorrow or the day after once we have some tap Roots growing just to show you guys what that looks like.

 what up Growers, so we are actually back here 24 hours later as the seeds have already sprouted their taproots and most of them are pretty much a half inch or a little more over that in length. So I'm going to be planting these guys into some rockwool cubes that I have right here, these are the 2-inch by 2-inch rockwool cubes. So I'm going to soak them in water, plant the seeds into them root down and then I'm going to get them into the closet in that stealth seedling tent. So let me get them planted in those rockwool cubes and placed inside the humidity Dome and then I will show you guys what that looks like. And then explain the next steps that we will be following.

Alright so I just finished planting all of the seeds into the rockwool cubes, it is really important to first soak those rockwool cubes and some plain pH water at about 5.5. And then you want to do that for about 10 seconds just so they can fill up with that water, when planting the seeds you want to do it Root Down of course. And you want to be very gentle, and once it is in the whole of the rock will kill you if you want To Close the top of that pull up so that no light is getting in. So you will see I've got all five of those Gorilla Glue seeds in here, and then I have the Gorilla Glue seedling that was in here a few days earlier. 

You can see it is a little further ahead and it's even got some Roots growing out of the top of the rockwool cube, a little strange. But I marked that Gorilla Glue because it is also a gorilla glue so I marked it with the X so we can tell which one is different. So at this point all we are going to be  doing is trying to get the seeds to pop up above ground, so I am going to have about a quarter inch of water or a little less and those slats down below. And then I'm just going to be misting daily while having the lights on for about 18 hours each day. And that is important you want the humidity Dome on with the vents closed as well and you just want to keep high humidity and decently high temperature.

 So humidity should be about 70-plus percent and then temperature  you want to be around 78 degrees Fahrenheit. So I've got two lights in here going, 2 45 Watt lights. So I will not need a heat mat as well because it is going to be warm enough with those two lights but usually during the winter months or if I just have one light in there, I will also have a Seedling heat mat under the tray here just to help keep them warm while they are still in that early germination seedling phase. So that's it for today's update and I will be back once these seedlings pop up above ground, which hopefully they will start doing that by tomorrow or the next day at the latest. But I will be back once that happens, probably about 24 hours.

Alright Growers, we are back here 24 hours later and actually all of the Gorilla Glue Autos have popped up above ground, except for just one of them right here. And I'm guessing that is the one that had the shorter Taproot when I planted them so that is expected. You can see when you look up close the head of the seed is just about to pop above the ground for that one so probably by tomorrow we will see it above ground. Now all four of the other ones are looking extremely healthy, you can see they  sprouted there to Cotyledon leaves on all four of them, and they are nice and healthy and color standing straight up and not stretching or anything like that. 

So for today I'm just going to be misting them and I will  start cracking the humidity vents on the Dome or I'm sorry the vents on the humidity down A little bit. So they will probably be about a quarter of the way open today, and I'm going to add a little bit more water to the tray below as it is starting to dry up. Remember just to be misting several times throughout the day at this point so they stay nice and healthy. and I will probably be transplanting the guy this evening here that is a little further ahead and probably in the next day or two here. So that is really update, and I will be back here for tomorrow. Alright peace guys!

 What Up GreenBox Growers, we are back here 24 hours later and you can see even that last seedling has popped up above ground. She doesn't have her cotyledon leaves completely sprouted out just yet so she is going a little slower than the rest. So what I'm thinking is  these for that popped up right away these four are the ones I will be growing in the stealth grow room here, and then this evening that was a little further head and this weaker one I will just be taking out into a different grow room to finish out for the rest of the grow.

  So once they are taken out of the seedling tent you won't be seeing these 2 here any further, but these four in the back here, which again these are all Gorilla Glue autoflowers. These four are the ones that will be going into the big stuff tent over here. So nothing different really for today, just going to be missing them, keeping the vent a little bit further open on top of that humidity. And checking now to see if or when does roots are going to start poking out through of the rockwool cubes. Because that is when we will be putting them into the Solo cups with some soil.

 So at this point it looks like some of the ones that already did pop up or stretching a little bit, you can see they are starting to get a little taller opposed to working on Leaf growth. So what I'm going to do is lower the lights just a few inches to help even that out. And that will make sure that they stop stretching, now stretching of the plants is a very good sign that you either have not enough wattage of light power in the grow room. Or the lights are just a little too far away from the plant. So I recommend with just an inch or two at a time lowering the lights, because you don't want to lower them too much because I can also stress them or burn the plants if they get too close.

 And then another rule of thumb is to just put your hand right under the light at the distance of the top of the plant just to see if it is too hot. Because if it is too hot for your hand, then that means it is too hot for the plant. So that is it for todays update, just going to continue misting them throughout the day and then I will be back here in another 24 hours for the next update. Alright peace guys!

 Alright Growers, we are back here another day later again, and there has been some nice progress with the Gorilla Glue seedlings. Now you can see this guy in the front left here is kind of stretched up a little bit, so that is why I lowered the light the other day and I've also been working on moving all of these cubes so they are directly under the center of the light. If you put them towards the outside the may not be getting enough, and that can cause them to stretch and you can actually see here these two in the back left. 

They've already gotten their second set of serrated I'm sorry their first set of serrated leaves is going but it's a lot bigger and a lot more developed than the rest of them. Or the two in the front here. And you can see all three in the back here actually which are the ones that were directly under that led. So you can see instead of stretching they've done a lot more in terms of vegetative development which means they are getting a little bit better light.

Now the one that is further ahead is doing a lot better than everyone as well just because it has had some more time in the tent and has about three sets of fan leaves almost going here so she's moving along nicely. And these guys should be pretty much ready for, and these guys here should have roots coming out of the bottoms pretty quickly here, which is when I went to transplant them into a solo cup with soil just like this guy right here. But just check them a little bit ago and no roots as of yet. 

So just going to be missing them and keeping the humidity Dome on still as well, I just had it off for this shot. So that is it for today, and I will be back here in 24 hours for your next Gorilla Glue Autoflower update.

All right folks, we are back here a day later at the stealth grow tent, and you can see the growth in terms of vegetative growth on these little seedlings is going really well. So just checked the bottom of these guys and they have roots coming out so they are ready for transplant into their Solo cups just like the one that is already on there. So let me just show you really quickly here is one that has a nice couple of roots coming out of the bottom here. And that's pretty much what they all look like so that is a good indicator that they are ready to go into some Solo cups with some soil.

 So I'm going to transplant them into some nice Solo cups that have a bunch of drainage holes on the bottom and I will be using some Fox Farm ocean Forest. Don't forget you will want to remove the rapper from those rockwool cubes, you don't want to leave those on at this point. And once I am done with that transplant I will be right back to show you guys what that looks like.

All right now we are back right after finishing the transplant into the Solo Cup, so here is a good look at that, they all did really well. You can see the one that is further ahead is definitely growing a lot bigger than the rest, but that is obviously just because it had some extra time to grow. So at this point I'm still going to keep a little bit of water in the slats down below of the tray, and then I will be missing still throughout the day. I am going to raise up the light probably a couple inches now that they are a lot taller and closer to it. 

You don't want them to get too close to that light at this point and then I am also going to be opening the vents to the humidity Dome so today I will open them a quarter of the way, and I will be doing a little bit more each day as we go from here on out. So just misting and making sure that humidity and temperature stay on point at this point in time. And then we are going to be keeping an eye out now for roots coming out of the bottom of the Solo cups, because that will indicate when they are ready to go into their final pots. So that is it for today's update and I will be back in 24 hours for your next update!

 What up GreenBox Growers, we are back here  and it has been about 24 hours since I planted the rest of these Gorilla Glue Autos into those Solo cups with that Fox Farm soil. So again it is the fox farm ocean forest, and all I did after I transplanted them was give them a little water just some plain pH water here, just drizzled some of that on the soil and gave them a good misting. And you can see they're actually doing really well already, there has been a lot of growth in terms of vegetative growth on all six of the plants. Even the one that is further ahead, and actually I have been turning off this white light here, this white LED once I am done filming just so that is not so hot in the grow tent.

 Because this one light by itself is actually plenty of power for the six plants here at the size. So just having this light on at this point for filming purposes so it is not all purpley while I am filming. And that way you guys get a better view of the plants, but then once I am done I turn that off, I put the humidity Dome back on, and now today I actually have the vents on the Dome cracked halfway open. So I open them about a quarter more of the way each day until they are fully opened, and then at that point that is when we will start taking the Dome off four parts of the day. Until it is just completely off at all times.

 So now like I said yesterday just letting these ladies get  their first set of leaves growing so they can get a nice  root system going as well. And then once those roots start coming out of the bottom, that is when we are transplant them into their final pot, and again I said that big guy here and then the smaller one in the back middle there, those guys are actually not going to be part of this grow series as I just have room for four of the autoflowers. So I'm going to be choosing the for best out of those 5 last ones that I started. 

So the one that is further ahead and then the weakest link out of the rest of those five, they are going to be put into the normal stealth grow tent with these guys at first just while I finish up some other grows in my other tents. And then once I open up some space out in those grow tents, that is when those two will be moved out there. So in the beginning I will have all six plants in the stealth grow tent, that you buy for here just because they will be small enough that it is okay and they will all be able to fit.

 But once I get enough room opened up and the other tents, that is when I will make the switch. So just continuing with the misting and like I was saying make sure that they don't dry out at this point we're get too hot. That is really important, and that is really all you have to be doing at this stage of growth. So I will be back here  or another update in about 24 hours, right piece guys!

Alright Growers, so another day has gone by here in the stealth grow room and vegetative growth is continuing to go really well. So you can see the big guy is really starting to get its fan leaves going and she is just about ready actually to be transplanted. So I will probably be doing that tomorrow, putting her into a 2 gallon smart pot actually. You can see right there she's got some roots coming out of the bottom and you can see a big one right there. So she is just about ready, now the reason I'm not doing it today is because I am still working on lowering the humidity in here. you don't want to put them in shock from just taking them from a really high humidity environment and then switching them out into a lower humidity.

 So at this point with the humidity Dome I have all vents completely open and then what I'm going to be doing, is using this rockwool cube right here as a little opener to keep the lid cracked. So I will have that between the lid right here on the plastic so it keeps it not completely closed. And then what I will do is tomorrow for about 24 hours of that she should be  good to go in terms of transplants or then I will move her into that 2 gallon smart pot and put her out into the bigger tent. So the rest of the seedlings are doing really well even the smaller guy, but that is still not going to be a part of this grow series. 

As well as the big one, it looks like it's going to be these for right here, As they are doing really well working on it looks like. About to nice sense of serrated fan leaves and then more are coming in already. Another thing is you shouldn't be using any nutrients at this point if you are growing in the fox farm ocean forest or any sort of soil that does have nutrients in it already.

 Probably not going to be until a few days after I transplant them into their final pots, when I use that first nutrient feeding. And this is especially important with autoflowers as you just want to go really light and slow with the nutrients, and then slowly work as they really don't need that much. Unless you are growing in a soilless medium or a hydro setup. Just because they have such a short life span and especially at this stage they are so small, they are already getting enough nutrients From the soil. So we will be going over more details on what to mix up in the beginning there but like I was just saying and stressing really important right now to hold back and only be misting them and keeping some plain water in the tree below.

 If the soil does dry out you can water a little bit from the top, but you don't want to soak them at this point. So just misting them today and keeping that lead crack to get them worked up to the lower humidity. And then again tomorrow is when I will be transplanting this guy into its final 2 gallon smart pot. All right I will be back here in 24 hours for your guyses next update on the stealth grow room, peace!

 Alright Growers, we are back here about 48 hours later since that last shot, and today is finally the day where we will be transplanting the seedlings into their final pots. So as you can see with the big guy right here, he's got a decent amount of roots coming out of the bottom so I waited a little bit too long on that, but not going to be a issue really. Just going to be really gentle with the transplant process so that won't cause any damage. But as you can see the rest of them have roots coming out of the bottom as well, you can see one actually right there on that cup. And except for this little guy right here that is still the one that's going to need a few more days  in here, but I will be doing that with the humidity Dome completely off.

 So once I am ready, I've got the pots  actually all set up and ready to go in the new grow tent, so right now for actually got A 300 watt Mars Hydro LED. That's just going to be for a few days or probably the first week of veg while they are getting used to the new growth space and a stronger light. And then I will bump them up to the 600 watt Meihzi right here.

So the two plants that aren't going to be in this gross series will be going into these two gallon smart pots right here, I'm using ocean forest soil for all of them so I've got most of them ready to go. But basically all I am going to be doing is squeezing around the edges of that Solo Cup to loosen up the soil, and then I will put my hand over the top of the soil, turn the cup over and it will gently slide out, and that is how I will transplant into the or all I am going to be doing is squeezing around the edges of that Solo Cup to loosen up the soil, and then I will put my hand over the top of the soil, turn the cup over and it will gently slide out, and that is how I will transplant into the ocean forest in here.

 Now once you do that transplant you want to give them a little water so the soil is not completely dry, and that will help with the roots growing out into the new soil and space. No preconditions so first off I've got the light at about 3 and 1/2, 4 feet above where the plants will be just cuz it is a 300 watt light. They are used to a pretty low wattage light at this point, and then for temperature it is going to be around a steady 75 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit with  around 65% humidity. And I will lower that humidity once they start flowering, which will probably be within 2 to 3 weeks from this transplant. 

So let me get the plants transplanted over here and then I will be back to show you what that looks like.  One thing I almost forgot as I do have my exhale bag hanging up in here now, so we are going to have a good amount of CO2 added into the grow room and help hopefully increase the size of those buds. So I'm going to do that transplant up about five of the plants right now and then I will be back to show you what that looks like.

Alright Growers, the transplanting process is now completed and I actually went ahead and transplanted all six of the plants. I figured the small guy was actually ready and when I took it out of the Solo Cup it did have a good root system going. So that will work out just fine, not this point I just want to make sure that the plants are all mostly under the light so they are all receiving enough and are not just sitting in the shadows. 

So like I was saying you I want to be misting these plans a couple times throughout each day, until they start flowering. And then also you will want to water them once the soil dries out. Now I just gave them a light watering up some plain pH water, but you don't want to be using any nutrients at this point and you don't want to over wet them. So just enough to get that new soil slightly moist, so that the roots will grow out into there.  Alright guys so that finalizes the seedling phase for the stealth grow series!

 All right GreenBox Growers, so that officially concludes the seedling phase for our first-ever stealth grow series here at GreenBox Grown!  And again if you want to continue watching the full grow series, you will have to sign up for our premium content section at the link right here on the screen. And when you sign up for that that comes with a two-week free trial so you can browse our full video library for free!

 I will be back shortly with that week 1 of vegetation video for these Gorilla Glue autoflowers, so be sure to sign up for that two-week free trial so you can get ahold of that right when it comes out! As always, thank you guys for watching, I hope you enjoyed this week's video, and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown