Week 10 Overall for the NukeHeads Grow Series


What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back to the most lit cannabis grow Channel! Not today kicks off week 10 of that NukeHeads grow series which is actually also week 3 of flower.  And the at the bud sites, pistol development has absolutely taken off, so recently I did some serious to defoliation on all of the plants in that tent, and now the buds are just skyrocketing in size. So we are going to check that out this week as well as the nutrients feeding schedule so let's go check that out.

All right guys, so here we are for day one of the week and again this is also day 1 of week 3 of flower and we are already getting some tremendous a bud development. You will see at all of these main tops, so yesterday which was the last day of week 9 I believe that was. Just the last day of last week's video, I did a major defoliation in this tent as you can see. and not only did it open up a ton of light to the lower growth and all those Bud sites below. But you can see the buds have almost doubled in size since then and that was only 24 hours ago.

 So really stoked on how this defoliation is working out thus far and definitely paying off dividends overnight. Again this is just week 3, the beginning day 1 of week 3 of flower. So we've got a lot of Bud growth to go, and I am anticipating that these buds double in size again over the course of this week, maybe even more. So stay tuned for more, this is going to be a really exciting week, let's see if there's anything else to show you I'll give you a little look below the canopy here.

 Still really nice and you can see how much light is penetrating down to the bottom of the tent.  And that is really good that's just going to help with Bud growth going all the way up and down at these branches.  So really excited to see how far these buds go, and again that's really it for today's update. No need to water or anything like that and I will be back in 24 hours for day 2 of the week. All right peace guys!

We are now back here for day 2 of the week and you can see from a distance I really send out the plants nicely on that last defoliation, which is important because it's probably going to be slowing down a decent amount. Still removing a leave here or there but not and as a large of a quantity as I was doing for a while there. So you can see the buds have really reacted nicely to that defoliation though they are really filling out with a ton of tall and thick pistols at the bud sites. So this is still the early stages of bud development, and you will also notice that these guys are pretty much stopped in terms of growing in height so they are now all pretty much focused on bud growth.

 now this is still the early stages of bud growth like I was just saying, and pretty quickly here by the end of this week beginning of the next week, these are going to start looking like what you would typically think of as a cannabis bud. So very potent smell already, and they still have a decent way to go so really excited, I think these are going to turn out to be some really good yielders. And you can see the buds are developing pretty far down the branches I mean pretty much 3 feet down if you are going from the tallest tops. 

And in that back it's probably got four feet of Bud development going on. So really nice to see that, and when looking down through the canopy you can see that the light is really penetrating See that the light is really penetrating all the way down to the bottom, so that is how we are getting that full  Bud development. Not just at the tops but all the way down the colas, so hopefully that means we are going to be getting some really big and fat colas on these main stems here as well as a lot of lateral ones.

 So no watering necessary yet today you will see they are almost dried out but still a little bit moist. So going to wait until tomorrow and then they will probably be ready for the next watering, but until then Happy growing!

 Welcome back Growers for day 3 of the week here now, look at just how nice and big these buds are getting in here. So you can see especially these Grape Ape for the Grape Ape and the back and the Pineapple Chunk since they are the tallest, they are just developing massive hairs already. So again day 3 of week 3 flower, so we are still pretty early on in the phase and we are already getting a lot of great development and all of that defoliation is working really well. The plants were ready for their next watering today so I gave them their first plane of pH watering, and they each got about a gallon and a quarter. 

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And that is pretty much it for today's update, just giving you guys some good close-ups on the bud sites and their development thus far. You can see all of the pistols are standing up right, if early on like this early on in the flowering stage they are curling down and Browning. That means  it is either too hot in the grow tent or the light is too close and it's burning the buds. So the best way to tell which is which is if it is too hot, the leaves are going to be folded or tacoing upwards on the edges, and if it is light burn  they most likely are going to be curling up at the very tips and getting burnt and crispy. so that is one way to differentiate from those two stresses, and either of those are bad so you don't want either one happening during the flowering stage.

 Again, if you are seeing leaves crowding each other and laying on top of each other, or on top of the bud sites, this is a really important time to remove those right away. So that is again pretty much it for today's update, I did that second or I'm sorry that first plane pH watering already and the buds are looking beautiful so far.  So no defoliation really necessary today, I'm a thin out this corner over here a little bit actually because it does look a little crowded still, but other than that everything else is looking great. So I will be back in 24 hours for your day 4 update. Alright peace guys!

Alright welcome back growers we are now back here for day 4 of the week and after yesterday's clip I actually did a decent amount defoliation on the plants. Mainly over here in this corner just because it was so crowded I don't know if you guys remember that in the last clip, but anyways it seems to have helped really well. All of the plants are getting some nice extra development today and terms of Bud grow that those Bud sites. And you can see over here just how big that development is getting especially with those pistols going all the way up and down does Main tops.

 So these are eventually going to connect, these little balls that look like little fuzzies but really they are those hairs that I keep calling pistols, and that is just the really early signs of Bud development. But eventually they are going to get big enough where they connect all the way up and down these branches forming nice big buds. So ladies are still good on water, I gave them some yesterday so they don't need anything today, but they will probably be ready for a drink tomorrow they are needing water almost every other day now. So that is it for today's update, just a lot of good but new Bud growth going on here on all of the plants, even this guy in the back here the shorter one, that is a skittles back there. 

She is doing really well and is going to have some nice big cola's. And same with these guys here. Now you can see how close up to the light they are getting especially this guy right here, but what is really nice is it is not affecting them negatively in any way at all. So you can see there is no burn or anything like that on the leaves or pistols, they all look completely healthy and it actually seems like they're at the top is where the most and best bud growth is taking place. So looking really good, hopefully this guy over here stop growing up and hide because it is about to touch the light, but I'm guessing at this point it's not going to get any taller. 

This guy over here is definitely stopped and let's see I mean yeah it's hard to see right now because of the fan leaves are in the way, but that guy is starting to look really nice up there and it's trying to get some really good development. So probably by next week, these guys are not even going to be recognizable because they're going to be covered with some nice big bud growth. So that is really up for today's update, getting really pumped because we are moving along nicely here in the flowering stage, no stress or signs of any issues coming up like heat stress or light stress or anything like that.

 You can see the leaves are still in perfect health, no burns are signs of deficiencies or toxicities, and that is really important especially during flower. The more stress you give the plant during flower, the more problems and the less quality of yield you are going to have. Where in VEG is kind of okay because they have time to recover I mean obviously don't want to be making those mistakes in VEG. it's always a good idea to avoid them, but at least you have that time to recover and VEG, where when it's in flower it's kind of like once you stress them out you can't really come back from it because the flowering growth is kind of a one-time deal. So that is it for today's update, I will be back here in 24 hours for day 5 of the week, until then Happy growing!

 We are now here for day 5 of the week in the ladies were ready for their next watering, so I already gave them their second plane pH watering since their last nutrient feeding. And they took about a gallon and a quarter per plant. So I got a good amount of runoff from that, you can see the bud development is continuing to be really good all the way up and down these main call is here, and the smell is just getting stronger and more potent by the day. Now this guy in the back here it looks like it's touching the light, but actually it is just got barely some space between it, and again no Burns or any issues or signs of stress going on from that.

 But if it does start touching the light I'll have to figure out a way to raise these even higher because I don't want that to happen. Now you can see the Grape Ape in the back here that was really tall, she stopped stretching and is about I would say three inches from the light. So doing really well and really all the plants are doing super right now. Going to give you guys some good shots of the buds and they are really going to start fattening up pretty quickly here. I've also got I forgot to tell you guys I got some exhale CO2 bags in the mail right now so I will probably pop one of those in here depending on how late into the flowering phase it arrives. 

But that should help give a little added boost in here during the flowering phase as well. We are not even really at the end, we are at the early stages still, but it will probably arrive around middle of flower. So we will add that in here once that arrived and I will give you more details on exhale bags and what that is all about and why CO2 is good for getting bigger buds. But anyways, I did that plane pH watering so don't forget about that, that was the second one since the last nutrient feeding  and then that is pretty much it for today's update. So I will be back here in 24 hours for the next day of the week. Alright peace guys!

 Alright Growers, we are back here for day 6 of week 10 and Bud growth is just an amazing right now I mean these guys look like they've doubled in size since yesterday in terms of their development. And really filling out nicely from the tops all the way down to the bottoms of those main branches. So no watering today, I'm just going to be giving you guys some nice close-ups on these different bud Sights and Main colas that we have developing. So these are the Skittles plans that I am showing you guys right now, and you can see just how full they are doing or how full the buds are growing all the way up and down.

 You can see all of those different Bud sites and this Grape Ape back here is doing really well also, so stoked on how all of them are developing. And I'm really hoping to break a pound at least in this tent, so we will see how that turns out. But if development keeps going the way it is, there is no doubt that we will get that. So this talk was actually touching the light this morning, so I raised the light a little higher to give us some space. No damage was really done, you can see some of the pistols are leaning down a little bit just because they touched it, but they will stand back up as they continue to develop normal.

So I mean those two colors right there, the Grape Ape right there in the back and then the pineapple  chunk on the left there they are just going to have some massive buds. And then they are just having some of those awesome side colas coming out as well on all of the other plants.  So smell is getting really strong, got the carbon filter going at all times to maintain that, and temperature and humidity, keeping those in the right range.

 I did some defoliation since yesterday's clip, so remember I'm just continuing a little bit each day as I see necessary. Just removing leaves that are touching each other, laying on top of each other or just blocking a lot of light.  Now at this point you should pretty much have all of the big fan leaves remove so it is only the small ones that are left. So that is it for today's update and I will be back here in another 24 hours for day 7 of the week, alright peace guys!

hat up Growers, we are back here for day 7 of the week,  this one's really flown by to be honest I mean it seems like we just started this third week of flower, and now we are already on to the 4th week. So last day of the week three flower for these babies and you can see just everyday tremendous development at all of these Bud sites. And you can see if I give you a zoomed-out view, it just looks like there is a bunch of little balls of Bud growing all the way up and down the branches. A pretty soon what's going to happen, kind of like you can see is already going on, is all those different Bud sites are going to start connecting with growth, to form some big colas.

 So all of these guys up top here probably in the next two weeks you will see that formation happened and then from there on they are just going to be fattening up and having some really good development down below the canopy as well. As you see I've kept everything really thinned out in terms of those fan leaves throughout this whole flowering phase so far and it is really starting to pay off. I mean that is still really good development down there and that is like a foot or two maybe even three feet below the highest parts of the canopy. So lots of good bud growth again just keeping and I on those leaves, those fan leaves, and just making sure that none are laying on top of each other. And if you do find any doing that just chop a leaf off and you are good to go.

 So that is it for today's update but I will be back with that fourth week of flower pretty shortly here. Where we are going to see even more progress. Oh yeah and you can see also that that one in the back there, she is not really sure doesn't look like she's getting any taller. And also all of those pistols did right back up, so even though she grew into the light, luckily I just did it right away so it did not affect her negatively at all. I almost forgot to mention, these ladies did get a watering today and that was their third playing pH watering since the last nutrients feeding. 

And each one got about a gallon and a quarter exactly so lots of good runoff from that, and just really important to stay on that watering schedule properly, especially during the flowering phase. Not let me just give you guys some good nug close-ups here, and again still rather early and turns the developing but just look at that growth. Just absolutely beautiful, smells amazing and I mean the second I turn that carbon filter off it just starts filling up the tent and the whole garage almost instantly. So you can see was buds are everywhere guys, now of course get excited because over the next three to four weeks here as we get near the Harvest going to be a lot of good development going on at these Bud sites. Alright guys so that is really it for today's update, peace!

 All right GreenBox Growers, that officially concludes week 3 of flower for this NukeHeads grow series. And that is week 10 overall for the entire grow serious. I will be back shortly with the 4th week of flower now that we are truly in the heart of the flowering phase and passed that transitional phase. We are going to continue seeing so massive Transformations from week-to-week in terms of that bud development. So as always thank you guys for watching, I really hope you enjoyed this week's video, and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown