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What up GreenBox Growers, and welcome back to the most lit cannabis grow Channel!  Not today takes off week 10 of that mother plant and how to  clone grow series, and this one's going to be a really exciting one because I'm going to be continuing with the vegetative state for probably about a week to two weeks Max and then we are going to be flipping to flower. Now last week I lollipop the mother plant so she is looking really good and just about ready for flower at this point, and the Clones are starting to get a decent size to them but I still want them to veg for a little longer so they can get a nice to you all too. And now that you guys know we're doing it today to video let's get started with day 1 of the week!

Alright so here we are in the veg tent and you can see the mother plant was a lollipop. It has been about 48 hours since I did that and she is looking really good, that's going to help her produce an even larger colas than before. So I am really excited for that and she was ready for her second plane pH watering today, so I did that already. And then I have been missing her and the Clones throughout the day. You want to be continuing with that as well. So she is really good and healthy and I am going to show you now a couple close ups on the different main colas or Maine tops that she has going. They are not really colas yet until buds form on them, But these will be the branches that form those main colas when she is in flower.

So the Clones are also doing really well, getting a lot of good veg growth going, getting a lot of growth from the nodes and down below too, not just the top ones here so you can see there's going to be a lot of good lateral side branches growing out here in the next couple of days. And they are already starting to sprout up a little bit with this one here, you can see there's a little top there. So hopefully they are getting enough light for that to happen. And that brings me to my next point which is when the bloom Beast is on now, I have her with the veg dial sorry the seedling dial at 100%, And then veg is about 80% now. And the plants are actually really liking that strength.

 And then, with a light, the Mars Hydro that is over the mother plant I actually raised that up because if you remember that I was really close to the top of the mother plant, so raised that up so there's a little more distance and that's going to help prevent any burn from happening. And it's also going to open up the footprint of the light so that the tops are getting more of light at the edges of the plant. And it's not all Focused right on the center top part of the canopy there, so I'm just going to give them a quick misting now and that'll be it for today's video. And then I will be back in 24 hours for day 2 of the week. All right peace guys!

 Alrighty here we are back for day 2 of week 10, and the ladies are all looking extremely happy and healthy. You can see the Clones are really starting to push up and like I said I won't be doing any low stress training on them. But they are getting bushy as they do have nodes growing on the tops that are coming out from the sides of the canopy. So I'm just going to let them get as big as I can And let them fill up this little general area over here. And then that is when I will flip them into flower. And I am also going to lollipop these guys right before flower just so I can clean up that foliage down below so we don't have to waste any energy down there and you can see the lollipopping that was on the mother plant is holding up really well now. 

It has almost been 3 days now since I did that and she just looks really good and vibrant. You can tell the top growth is actually looking better and healthier than before and that is because the plant doesn't have to focus any energy below and it can keep all of its attention up top. So a lots of nice family is up here just waiting to flip into flower which will be really exciting once we do that. And for the veg dial here on the bloom Beast actually have it at it's about 85% For the veg switch or the veg dial so it is almost at full strength and you can see they are really liking it and they are just reaching out towards the light nice and happy.

 So no one needs any watering today but I will be missing them as always, and then that is it for today's clip. So I will be back here in another 24 hours for the next day of the week.

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 Alright so we are back here 24 hours later for day 3 of week 10 and all of the plants are actually ready for the next watering, so big mama's going to be getting her third plane pH watering since the last nutrient feeding and she will probably get a gallon and a half maybe closer to 2 gal she just takes a lot of water now that those roots are starting to fill up the pot. Not for the Clones they are on their second plain pH watering Since their last nutrient feeding and they are probably going to take a quarter gallon each, maybe a little bit less. They don't need too much at this point, but they are getting really big really quickly here so that is really exciting. 

And I am thinking that at the rate they are growing in terms of vegetative growth, I am thinking I am going to finish out this week which is week 10, and then do another week of veg so week 11 will be veg and then right after that depending on how big they are, probably flip them in the flower. But I don't know I want to see how big they get and I want them to be almost as tall as the mother plant when we flip them just so I get a decent yield from each plant, I'm not going to be getting a whole bunch of different top so since I'm not doing a lot of training I do want that mean cola to be big enough to have a substantial amount of Bud growing on it. 

So like I said finish this week and then next week we will reevaluate to see how big they are, But hopefully they keep getting some explosive growth going so that we can slip them into flour at that point. Now the lollipopping is holding up really well with the mother plant and I am still misting all of the plants, but I am turning it back a little just to two times throughout the day. But you do really want to get a good coverage with that. So that is it with today's update and we will give them a good watering now of plain pH water and then I will be back in 24 hours for the next day of the week. 

What up Growers, so we are here another 24 hours later for day 4 of the week and the ladies are looking extremely well as always. Now it has been really hot out lately here in Northern California over the last week so I just fed these guys yesterday, the clowns but they are actually already ready for their next watering already today. So that will be there third plane pH watering since their last nutrient feeding coming again at 6.3 so I've got about 2 gallons mixed up. And I'm pretty sure I will use almost all of that between the five clones because they are getting decently sized but we will see.  

Mama is actually not needing any more water, I guess I gave her Plenty that last feeding so she is still good, but also looking really nice and healthy. And that nice lollipopping is holding up really well at this point. Might have a few yellow leaves to pull. But that is about it, and the Clones are actually getting some really good size to them as well. So I'm going to finish up this week and then next week in terms of vegetative growth, and then I think these clones will be big enough to start flower at that time.

 I will reassess once we are at that point but we will see, I mean they are getting pretty big and noticeably larger By the day so we will be giving both the mother plant and the Clones a misting and then watering the Clones with that plane pH water. And then that's really it for today's update, let me give you guys one more zoomed out shot so you can really see and get an idea of the size of these plants. So you will see lots of nice tops coming out of the mother plant although she is really good and bushy, and the Clones are getting nice and bushy as well.  So I will see you guys back here for day 5 of the week and another 24 hours, Peace guys!

Alright so does already day five of the week and mama is already ready for her next watering, so I'm going to be giving her another nutrient feeding and that mix will be again the week for mix on the foxfarm schedule. And that is just because we already reached that and it is the last Nick's for the veg cycle, so I will just be repeating it until we go into flower. Now all the leaves are looking really good right now, nothing going wrong, no deficiencies, and a very very very slight burning at the tip so I'm going to go a little bit lighter this time with the nutrients but it is nothing damaging or anything like that, so nothing to worry about there.

 What's really nice is you will notice that since I lollipop her all of the tops seem to be doing a lot better and are kind of all perked up and spaced out, so I'm really stoked on that because once we go into flower that's going to help add some good size to those buds. Now the Clones are doing really well also and they're starting to form some nice growth underneath the canopy that's kind of making it out and turning into its own tops and colas. So looking forward to sleeping these ladies in the flower to and giving them some more time to veg though just so they are bigger because you don't want to start it too small or you're not really going to yield much per plant.

 Now the purpose of these videos is to show you guys how to do it and do it successfully, which obviously these clones are growing successfully at this point And could grow into good size two plants just like the mother plant here. But I am not going to have enough time to do that because I do need to start another groceries in this tent and because they are going to fill out this tent pretty quickly here, so I don't want them to be overcrowded. So that is it for today's update, I'm going to feed the mother plant her nutrient mix now, and remember it is week 4 of veg for the fox farm Dirty Dozen, and that is it for today's update, we will be missing all of the plants and the clones. And then that is it. So I will be back in 24 hours for the next day of the week, alright peace guys!

 Alright Growers back another 24 hours later and the plants are looking really good, the mother plant is actually getting a little taller here you can see that main which will form a cola pretty quickly here once we flipped into flower, she's starting to get much taller than she was before. So tomorrow is the last day of the week and then next week is the last week of vegetation, and then we're flipping in the flower. So hopefully these guys grow decent amount more because they are not too small right now but if we were to flip them in the flower they wouldn't yield very much, probably  half an ounce at the size per plant.

So hopefully they will get larger so we can get an ounce per plant, but I think last week's veg they will give us some good growth so stay tuned for that. I will be back here in another 24 hours for the last day of this week and in the meantime just going to be giving them a couple mistings throughout the day and that is really ever taken care of them. So that's it for today's update and I will see you guys here in 24 hours, peace!

Alright folks we are back here for the very last day of week 10 and everybody is actually ready for their next watering, so the mother plant is going to be getting her first plane pH water since her last nutrient feeding and the Clones are actually  ready for their second nutrients feeding. So that's what I will be doing today, and you can see this guy right here is actually looking a little droopy and that is because they are little underwater grabbed write out a decent amount. 

Him being directly under the light, he tried out a little faster than the rest, so that is why they aren't drooping. But not to worry this is just because he needs to be watered and once I do water them he will perk right back up. So not a big issue if this happens to you, just be sure to not let it happen frequently and to just try and avoid it because after awhile it will do some damage. So the mix I'm going to be doing this week 2 of vegetation here on the fox farm Dirty Dozen schedule, and I'm going to be doing that at half strength. 

And I will also be doing half a teaspoon of cocoa wet I'm sorry half a teaspoon of Cal Mag per gallon of water. And then that will be it. So half strength of week 2 of veg for the fox farm Dirty Dozen schedule plus half a teaspoon of Cal Mag per gallon of water and then I will be missing all of the plants as well. Again the mother plants getting a plain pH water and you can see they all look really healthy and hopefully I'm hoping by the end of next week which will be the end of week 11, these clones will be large enough that I can flip them into flour. So let's get excited for that, and I will be back shortly with that week 11 video. So stay tuned!

All right groomers that officially concludes week 10 of the mother plant and cloning how to grow series, but I will be back shortly with week 11 which will most likely be the last week of vegetation and then we are going to flip them into flour. I'm just hoping that the Clones get enough vegetative growth over the course of this coming week so that we will get a decent yield from them. So be sure to keep getting them the same amount of misting throughout each day and giving them the same kind of care, and I will be back shortly with week 11 which will hopefully be like I said the last week of vegetation. So as always thank you guys for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown