1 More Week till Flower!


What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back to the most lit cannabis grow Channel! Now I'm really excited for today's video cuz we are kicking off week 7 of NukeHeads grow series and what that means is this will be the last week of vegetation before we flip the plants into flower. So just 7 more days of veg and  letting them grow up tall and bushy before we see some nice buds developing on these plants. So get excited for that, it's going to be an exciting couple of weeks coming up here, and before we get started with today's video. I want to remind you guys that I am offering one-on-one grow guidance where I personally teach you how to grow over the phone each day so you can get the best results possible.

 So if these videos aren't enough for you, or you need some more help and guidance, feel free to check that out of you this link down below. And also feel free to check out our merch and smoke beer on the GreenBoxGrown.com website.  All right, so now that you guys know what we are doing in this week's video, Let's Get started with day one of the week!

Alright GreenBox Growers, we are out here in the garage for day 1 of week 7. And as you can see, those back to left plants, I think that's the Pineapple Chunk on the left and then the great ate both of which are the NukeHeads.  Let me just double check on that, okay yeah back rose nukeheads and this is the pineapple chunks on the left and then the grape Apes. So those are the tallest plants right now, just about the same height but anyways, all the plants now that I've got that second light turned off they are doing much better and you can see they really table topped out their canopy.   Or have shaped it like a tabletop because  they got all of them at about the same height flattened out getting nice equal amount of sunlight which is what you want. 

So you can see all of the plants, I mean the fox farm plants are doing really well also. I just also knows those two in the back or the tallest and then I mean over here there's Skittles in the front the fox farm Skittles is actually better or taller than the NukeHeads  Skittles but that's a lot to do with that Grape Ape towering over her.  But anyways I'm really excited with all of the different tops that we've got now that we have lollipops at the plants you can see the lollipopping is holding up really well also. There isn't a lot of new growth coming up yet and that probably won't happen until we start flower which is fine we will clean that up then. And you can also tell this Grape Ape in the front, she really found out from that LST training Once we did the lollipopping. 

So lots of good coverage you're going to see this whole tent even though we didn't use a scrog, I was still able to fill out the whole footprint of the tent with different tops. So really happy about that because we are going to get a really good to you from all of these plants. So the plants are ready for their next watering and it's going to be there week for nutrients feeding. So today's nutrients feeding, the NukeHeads plants will be getting their last mix of the uranium veg nutrients. And I will also be doing one teaspoon of Cal Mag per gallon for that one. And then the fox farm plants in the front I will be doing that week 4 of vegetation from The Dirty Dozen schedule from Fox Farm. 

And that is also the last week of veg which is great because we are on the last week here and are going to be flipping these plants into flower come next week. This will be the last nutrient feeding for the plants in terms of vegetation and I will be doing it at full strength when it comes to both mixes. So follow the fox farm and NukeHeads schedule exactly for this feeding. And for the plants this size they are actually getting a little over 1 gallon of water, almost 1 gallon and a quarter, between a gallon and a gallon plus 1/4 per plant. So you want to get a good amount of runoff especially because these guys are drinking a lot faster. And they are getting a lot bigger a lot faster. So you can tell, I mean I don't know if you can remember last week's video but these guys are probably sent 24 hours ago they probably another couple of inches. 

And you can see the lollipopping really helped because all of those branches have fanned out and all those different tops you can see they are becoming big main tops. So it looks good in there. You can see I mean the main tops are really big that are coming up in the middle but this guy right here, that looks like a main top also and that's a different one coming off of this side. So they are all looking like that so very excited and just seven more days until we see these ladies start to flower.

 And I'll also be doing misting still throughout this week, I will stop once we do gone to flower so last week of misting and be sure to continue to do that as it is still important to be doing. But you can tailor it back a little bit, probably just once or twice per day. So that is it for today's update. I will be doing that nutrients feeding now for both Rose have plans and then I will be missing them, then that will be it. So I will see you guys back here for day 2 of the week In 24 hours.

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What up Growers we are back here 24 hours later for day 2 of the week, again this is the last week of veg for these ladies and you can see they are just giving us one good push a vegetative growth Before we get going with the flowering stage. So really Stoked on how they reacted to the lollipopping. You can see they really stacked up with a ton of tops at the top of their canopy, and I mean it's going to be full of really dance big nugs and here in just a few weeks. So really pumped on that, don't need to water them just yet is the soil is still a little moist from that last watering. But probably by tomorrow they will be ready. You can see the soil is just about dry. And you can see that complex network of branches how they are really nicely and evenly distributed in growing upwards throughout different directions.

 And you can see they are all really nicely spaced out which will be good once they start flowering because they will need that in order to pack on those big buds. So let me just give you guys some quick little Clips or overviews of the canopy, and I will just be missing them today probably two times and then that is it. And then you can also see how much growth is going on underneath or right below the canopy so those will form a lot of dense nugs as well Once we start flowering. and again I still have a whole nother light to turn on as I just have that one LED going on right now. So that is at 4 today's update and I will be back in 24 hours for day 3 of the week. All right peace guys!

What up Growers we are back here 24 hours later for day 3 of the week and nothing too much different to show you guys, they are ready for their next watering so I will be giving them their first plane pH watering since their last nutrient feeding and since they are so large at this point they are really taking about a gallon and a quarter of water per plant. So you are going to be feeding them a decent amount once I get to the size. You can see those two in the back there that Grape Ape in the middle and then on the left the Pineapple Chunk, both the NukeHeads ones, they're just going crazy tell right now, tons of new tops forming on all of the plants.

Again getting really close there to starting flower and I think it's going to be the perfect time to start at the beginning of next week because you can see the tent is really filled up their starting to get taller, and now I was thinking also do I need to read lollipop that I'm right before we start flowers since there is some veg growth going on Under The Canopy. But my thought is I'm going to keep it just because I still have that second light that I'll be turning on and that power might just be enough to fully develop those buds throughout the canopy. So no point and not trying it because I do have plenty of weed on Deck so anyways if it lowers my yields I don't have to worry. I just want to test this out to see if maybe it's a good method for you guys to follow.

 You can see all of the corners are full also and they are really growing up against the walls of the tent. Almost smashed up there but don't worry it's not going to hurt the plant, you will notice that when you close the 10th of if you have a carbon filter going, it might suck the walls in and kind of push the branches in a little bit. And if you want to avoid that all you got to do is crack some of the vents on the and maybe open the door a little bit and let some more air flow in. So that is really it for today's update, Still got a few more days to go before we start flower and I will be doing that planned pH watering now and then missing them a good amount after that. So I will be back in another 24 hours for day 4 of the week. Alright peace guys!

What up growers so we are back here for the NukeHeads grow series, and this is actually day 6 of the week. I had to head out of town for a few days there so I put the girls on autopilot and they did really well for the few days that I was gone. And now that I'm back we are just about ready to flip them into flower. So tomorrow will be day 7 of the week, which will be officially the last day of vegetation for these plants. And I have decided that I'm going to do another lollipopping and kind of do fully ation on them because they have gotten crowded, quite crowded again.

So they could definitely use some trimming, especially of those fan leaves and they're actually a decent amount of new branches that are popping up below here in the foliage, or below the canopy here within the foliage. And they aren't going to make it so you can see a lot of the leaves down here and while they are doing really well and healthy, they are Under The Canopy and probably aren't going to get enough light to be any used to the plant. So just best to take it away now before they use up too much energy. 

So I also flipped on the second LED so you can see we've got both of the electric Skies going. and then again they are each 300w but both of them combined can replace a standard thousand watt HPS light. So I mean you can see this one right here is about 4 feet tall maybe almost four and a half feet tall, she is getting really tall and that is the Grape Ape. And then the Pineapple Chunk over here in the corner, yeah that's the pineapple chunk the NukeHeads, both of these are in the NukeHeads. she is catching up to her as well, she is about 3 in or away from being as tall as that Grape Ape.

So I will be back tomorrow in another 24 hours to show you guys that lollipopping and for now I just have that second light on so we will see how they react. I figured it would be a good time to put it on because they were starting to get a decent amount of shade forming below the canopy, That defoliation will help with that as well and open up some more space for the light to penetrate through there. So we'll be giving them a misting and we'll be stopping that after tomorrow once we are starting to flower. So that is it for today's update and I will be back to see you guys tomorrow. Peace! 

Alright Growers this is a very exciting day, it is day 7 of week 7, but of course it is also the last day of vegetation. So today is a big day and I will be changing the light schedule from 18 hours on and 6 hours of Darkness 2 now being 12 hours on of light and then 12 hours of darkness. And like I was saying before you do not want to let any light leak in here during that dark. Because it will interrupt their sleep. So for best results, make sure it is completely blacked out and hear during the entire dark. Now if you guys can see I did turn on that second LED light by Electric Sky and then I am also going to be doing another deflation today on all of the plants. 

I already lollipop them once and then today I will just be sending them out a little bit because they did get a little crowded but just wanted to send out some of those tops as well as fan leaves. So that they have a little more space to Bud. And then of course we will be changing that light schedule. So let me do that defoliation and then I will be right back to show you guys what it looks like after. Also checked the soil and it is not ready yet for any watering but most likely by tomorrow they will be ready. And today I will be doing the very last misting so after this one today, do not missed any further.

 Some people like to missed a few weeks into flower and you can do that, I just prefer not to. So if you are following along and want to do what I'm doing these videos. Today will be the last day that I mist these plants. So now let me defoliate these guys and I will be right back to show you what that looks like. Alright guys so I just finished defoliating the plants, and here they are. So this time around the objective was a little different, so instead of removing everything from the lower 2/3, what the goal was was to basically thin out the leaves so light could reach all the way down from the top of the canopy to the bottom. So you don't want to remove any bud sites or tops or anything like that, just strictly fan leaves.

Or else you will limit your yields at this point. So you will see any leaves that were laying on top of each other I removed one or the other so they weren't doing that. You want all of your branches to kind of have their own space so they are separated apart.  And you don't want kind of bushels of vegetative growth. You want it spread out so there is good airflow going, and so that light can reach all parts of the branch and leaves. And that's just going to help increase your yields tremendously. So really thinned the ladies out and you can see I've got a whole garbage bag full of fan leaves now. 

And now just let me give you a shot down here below, very nice and clean still nice and the lollipop is holding up., and that is good because now there is a lot of light reaching down here but once those buds swell up it will darken down here. But very nice looking plants right now and I am very stoked. So I'm a switch that timer right now to the 12 12 cycle so they begin flowering tomorrow exactly. So I will be back shortly with that week 8 video, and I am very excited because we are now officially in flower. Alright peace guys!

All right GreenBox Growers, that officially concludes week 7 as well as the vegetation for the NukeHeads grow series and if you are following along  you should have your lighting schedule at 12 hours on as well as 12 hours off and that is really important. And it is also really important that you do not let any light leak in during the night period. because that will affect as well as Disturbed the plants as they are trying to sleep, and it will kind of affect the flowering process. So I will be back shortly with week 8 where we will begin the flowering stage of this Grow Series. and as always thank you for watching, and until next time…


Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown