Al Natural and Organic Nutrients for Growing Cannabis

What up GreenBox Growers And welcome back to the most lit cannabis growing Channel! Now today I am really excited because I'm going to be doing a full-on review on the fox farm Dirty Dozen nutrient line up. As it is a really great nutrient line up for beginners, it is very easy to use and also it is an all natural and organic company. So very healthy products to be putting into your plants, also just a quick tip this is basically the fox farm Trio plus all of their other additives. So if you already have the trio You can add on and build up to get the dirty dozen. Now in today's video I will be going over each individual bottle and how they help the plants and I will also show you guys some plants that I am currently growing using only the fox farm nutrient line up here. And so that way you guys can see what kind of results and Bud quality you can get from using them.

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 Now the second thing I am really stoked to share with you guys today as I was just invited to join the Cannabis Club TV platform. So really excited to have our free videos up on their platform, that means you guys will be able to watch them while in the waiting rooms at different dispensaries throughout California and the US. You can also watch the videos online at the Cannabis Club TV website right there, and now that you guys know we are doing in today’s video let's get started with an overview of the different bottles that come with the dirty dozen.

All right. So here we are with the dirty dozen box, and then I actually used up all of the Big Bloom so I purchased a bottle of that separately just so I could have the full line up again. And then I have the feeding schedule right here and that is one thing I didn't mention yet  which is really cool. When you get a nutrient line up you won't have to repurchase the whole lineup every single time. You're just going to have to replace one bottle at a time because everything is used at different proportion so different bottles you will run out of earlier than others.

 So another thing that is really nice about this nutrient lineup is it comes with this feeding schedule, and they actually have a different schedule for each kind of growing medium. So if you are growing in soil you will want to follow the soil growing schedule and then they also have a hydro schedule, if you are in smart Naturals and then a few other options. To really convenient cuz you can just look at that list and see exactly what you need to feed each time you do. So now let me open up the box and show you what comes inside.

 It's a really nice it does come with its own measuring spoon but I already have my own so I haven't been using them. So I will start with the Big Bloom bottle here which is actually part of the trio. So yeah the trio is consisted of the Big Bloom here, tiger bloom right there and then grow big. So the Big Bloom is more for growing bigger buds of course as I mentioned, but you do use it throughout the vegetative stage as it does help with veg growth a lot as well. And you will see here it is made up of earthworm castings as well as bat guano, so like I was saying organic good sources of ingredients that they are putting into this nutrient line up. So again yeah you can see right here, registered organic input material.

 Now next up we have the grow big which is more of your growth or of course your nitrogen nutrient So that's why you will see on the NPK here we have 6 - 4 - 4. Now you will use this during flower but it is mainly for vegetative growth. Next is the tiger bloom and this is the third part of the tree of and this again is obviously it is really high in phosphorus so this is more used for the flowering stage. You do use it towards the end of the vegetative state, but it is more for the transitional period. Next up we've got the kangaroots which is just for your root growth and to help get a good root zone going. We've got these three different powders here all three of which are for the different stages of the flowering or blooming phase. 

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So you will see we've got the open sesame which you start off with to get your plants off to a good flowering, starting that transitional phase. And then you will go to the Beastie bloomz just to give them that big grows throughout the middle phase, and then you will finish up with cha ching which I've got right there in the back. And that is just to finish up those buds so they are nice and Frosty and tasty at the end. Boomerang is another thing in the Lineup which is really good it is a comeback formula is a refer to it too, but basically if your plants go into shock or having any issues, this is going to help them recover.

 Next we have the sledgehammer which is there flushing agent and this is what you will be using, you do use it several times throughout the grow just a flesh out those nutrients after I think like every 4 or 5 weeks they recommend you use it and they actually have that on the feeding schedule explain. So you will not forget that. But what is really important is that you flush right at the end of your grow right before Harvest. And that is where this comes in as well. Now in the back here we have the microbe brew and the bembe I believe that is coming up and Bembe is great for the flowering phase as you will see here. It has a lot of that potassium in there which is great and this is sweet and dandy so very similar to kind of like molasses and other products people add towards the middle of the flowering phase to help with the taste and smell of those buds.

Now now oh yeah I forgot the flour kiss which I don't actually use is the flower plant spray or a foliar spray as some of you are more familiar with. Great to use throughout the vegetative stage as well as what some people like to do during the first few weeks of flower. I usually don't do miss things during those weeks of flower but a lot of people do recommend it. But again this is just to help boost that leaf growth just to make sure they are nice and Healthy. As Leaves Can absorb nutrients through their leaves. So that is the reason why you do a foliar spray.

 Now I was mentioning that microbe Brew and this is basically to add in with other nutrients to help kind of strengthen them and keep them healthy. So you can see this is a plant food activator so it's going to keep that microbe system nice and healthy and there and it is really good for microbial growth so as you can see here it is a complex blend of ingredients specifically formulated Specially formulated to help plants achieve Optimum microbial habitats at the rhizosphere which is the root Zone. Pretty much so again this house with creating a really healthy root zone. So that pretty much covers all of the different Products that come with it. again for the trio which is just the basic setup you can get away with a full grow with that as the bare minimum. And that is the Big Bloom, The Grow Big and of course the tiger bloom.

 Now a little bit about the fox farm company, they are a family-run company which I really like and again they use that is all natural and organic ingredients for their nutrients which is another huge plus. And then of course they are located up in Humboldt County up in Northern California, so they have a lot of great history and experience with growing cannabis and figuring out what will work best for growing these plants.

Alright Growers so we are out here in the garage where I have a couple of my current grows going, I've got a mother plant and cloning grow series which is actually just finishing up their third week of flower. And then I've got my nuke heads grow series over here and they just finished up week 4 flower. So I have been using the fox farm Dirty Dozen on both of the setups and solely the fox farm Dirty Dozen along with some calmag of course by Botanicare. But anyways I just wanted to show you guys the kind of results I'm getting and so you guys know how far into flower we really are here. So the front row, I've got six plants in here, you'll see the three in the back or actually getting the nuke heads flower power package of nutrients so I'm not using the dirty dozen on them.

 But the three plants here in the front those are only getting the dirty dozen, so right here we've got a pineapple chunk plant, in the middle we've got a grape ape and then on the right of course we've got are Skittles plant. So let me just give you guys some good close-ups on how the buds are developing and again just finished up week for a flower with these plants here and the smell is amazing, the leaves are getting insanely Frosty and the sugar leaves are getting covered with trichomes. And then even those families that are still left are getting covered as well. So you can see just how happy and healthy these buds are with that foxfarm treatment and you can see the leaves there are no Burns or anything like that. 

A very slight nutrient burn on the very tips but nothing to really worry about and no issues or discolorations. No signs of toxicities or deficiencies either. So definitely working well with the new kids line up here. So that is that set up and then right here we have the mother plant and clones. And these are all lemoncello Haze plants. And all of them, are strictly on the fox farm dirty dozen lineup. So you can see these guys like I just said they're finishing up week 3 and they are fattening up really well and these clones only vegged for like two and a half to three weeks and and it looks like I'm going to be able to pull maybe one to two ounces, probably closer to 2 oz from each plant, so going to be really stoked on that. 

Did a lot of defoliation right here but we are really focusing on here is that foxfarm dirty dozen nutrient line up. And again with all the leaves in here you can see no toxicities or Burns, nothing like that. But it doesn't look like they got that slight nutrient burn on the tips in this program so that is good. Got them on a little bit of a better regimen in here. So that covers  all of the grows that I am doing in here right now with the dirty dozen. Just wanted to show you guys what kind of results are possible and using that line up.

 Alright GreenBox Growers, that concludes today's review of the fox farm Dirty Dozen, but don't forget that this is a great nutrient line up for  a beginner grower or even a first-timer. And if you don't want to spend the money on the whole lineup, you can just start with their basic Trio which is the Big Bloom, the tiger bloom and the grow big. So then you can just go from there and add on you know one product at a time. Also don't forget to check out our 2 week free trial to those step by step grow  videos at this link right here. And as always I really appreciate you guys watching today's video, I hope you enjoyed it until next time…

Happy Growing!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown