How to use a Cannabis Grow Journal


What up GreenBox Growers, and welcome back to the most lit cannabis grow Channel! Now today's video is all about the importance of keeping a grow Journal so you can keep track of everything you do with your cannabis plants over the entire course of your grow. Keeping notes about everything you do with your cannabis plants in a diary is going to be really helpful because it's going to allow you to learn from your mistakes and improve on your gross, it's also going to help you when issues arise with your plans because you'll be able to look back on your notes and see maybe what you did in the past that could have caused that issue to happen. 

And then of course it is always going to keep you up-to-date on Where You Are in the course of your Grow, what watering you were on, what stage of flowering or vegetation you are in and all of those other details so you know what the next steps are to take with your plants. Now there are plenty of apps and websites that you can use to help keep track of your grow Journal such as grow buddy, but I prefer going the old-fashioned way of just using a notebook and a pencil. So it's up to you on what preference you like to use, I just like the notebook because it is easier for me and it is my preferred style of keeping track of everything I do.

 Now before I get started with today's video, I want to remind you guys to check out this link below our how to grow videos as they provide step by step directions on everything you need to know about cannabis growing. And also right now when you sign up, you get a two-week free trial with it, no commitment necessary. So just visit that same link right there on the screen and it will take you to the page where you can sign up for those videos. Alright so now that you guys know what we are doing and today's video, let's go head out into the garage where the Grow rooms are so we can do a little example of how I keep my grow journal and the notes that I take on a daily basis.

All right guys here we are out in the garage with the different grows that are currently going on at the moment, and I just did my grow journal for the day on this grill right here. This is my NukeHeads grow I've got 6 NukeHeads Genetics seeds growing in here or plants growing in here. They just started week 2 of flower and you can see they are already showing some nice signs of Bud development from those pistils at the bud sites.  So let me show you guys what I jotted down for today's video or for todays Journal entry. 

Here is a cool little shot from below the canopy, or sort of from the lower side of it. And then also directly below where the lollipopping took place. So here is my journal entry from today for the grow, and here you will see first off I started with the date over here, so June 1st 2018. And then it is week 9 which is the overall duration of the grow, day 1 of week 9 I have as well, and then also day 8 of flour as I said this is the first day of week too. So first thing, day temperature was 76 degrees Fahrenheit and then last night it was about 69 degrees Fahrenheit so I added those. And then an average  relative humidity of 57%.

 So those are three important metrics that you want to track throughout the grow with your grow Journal, just because you want to make sure that they're always in the right range and optimal conditions for your plants. 

Next is the watering schedule, so you always want to keep track of what you just watered the plants or if you did not water them, you want to put that in there as well so you know how long it's been since the last watering. And so they got the week 5 mix from the fox farm Dirty Dozen schedule at full strength plus 1 teaspoon of Cal Mag per gallon. So you want to be really specific not only with what you did in terms of the nutrients, but how much of each one you gave. So that is important to keep track of and then I water 1 gallon per plant and that got me 20% run off. Now that is important so that you know how much to increase the water in next time if it needs to be increased, but 20% runoff is really good for at the stage so I will not be changing anything there.

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 Next you want to keep track of the plants height so you can tell how fast they are growing and if any of them are kind of slowing down and growth, or if they are getting too close to the grow light so that is why I also keep track of that distance. Next, the light mode or the dial percentages for your light, so for example sub lights have a bloom and a veg switch, or some of them will have three dials. Kind of like that bloom Beast I have going and there, and that has a Seedling a bed and a flower dial. So they go from 0 to 100% so you will see for that grow tent right now I have the seedling  dial at 100%, as well as the veg dial, and then flower I have at just 20% because they just started flowering about a week ago.

 Now some basic info on keeping track of the light schedule is, so for both of them right now it is 12:12 because they are in flower but if you were in Autoflower grow you would want to have it 18 plus hours a day and then you'd want to slowly increase that to a total of 24 hours on zero hours off per day as they start flowering. So you'll keep track of that here and I've got the time on and time off for the lights, so 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. is too late schedule. Next is trichome development now that we are over in flower that is definitely something you want to track so you know when to harvest or start your flush for the plants. So obviously these guys are really early on as they are just starting to develop pistols at those 

Bud sites so there are no trichomes to be tracking yet. But if these were pretty developed buds, I would be looking to see what percentage of them were clear, how many of them were milky and of course how many were Amber is that is how I determine that flush.  Alright so now the final in one of the more important sections you want to keep track of in your grow Journal is observations. So these will just be notes that you jot down about your plant that you notice looking at them throughout the day. So you will see some of the notes that I took Here, No Leaf burn or deficiencies anywhere, that is important because if you do start having those deficiencies you want to say what they look like so you can try and figure out what is causing it.

I also added that I did some defoliation today as that is important. I took some leaves or fan leaves off of the plant so you want to make a note of that. And I said no droopy leaves, no pests Insight or mold so that is good because you want to make sure that it is always like that and I actually added A fan down here below the canopy just to keep a little breeze going there, cuz the past and mold like to form Down Below in that area. And then of course I made a note about the new development at the bud sites with those added pistols. 

So that is really it for what you want to be noting in your grow Journal. Obviously there will be some differences between flower and veg, what you want to keep track of their. In terms of the light schedules as well as the nutrients that you are feeding, but a good general rule of thumb to follow is to try and be as detailed as possible whenever you are riding in there. And to be sure to make note of anything you notice in there, such as any differences between any plans, any abnormalities, anything like that, because the more the better when it comes to taking these notes. Because if the issues do arise, it will be able to help you to figure out what was causing that issue. And then also looking back on those notes, it will help you to learn from your previous mistakes and I'll help you to improve on your growing skills.

 All right GreenBox Growers, so that concludes today's video on the importance of keeping a grow journal for your cannabis plants. Now don't forget those three main reasons on why it is important to keep a grow Journal. So first of all it is going to allow you to learn from your mistakes and you will be able to improve as a grower from each row that you do, because you'll be able to compare what you did in that last one and then improve on it over the course of the next grow. Being able to look back on your notes after the end of a grows great because you can do some studying as well as research on where you maybe went wrong, or what things you did right. And again that way you can tweak it for the next grow that you do.

No second, and this is one of the more important ones, is going to allow you to look back on your notes during the course of the grow if something problem arises. And you will be able to use those notes to see if it was something you did in the past to the plants that caused this issue to arise. Or maybe you weren't using the right PH range or maybe you did too much nutrients during the last watering. And being able to look back on those notes to see what you did will be able to make sure that you can determine that mistake.

 Now the third and final reason it is so important to keep a grow journal for your cannabis plants as it is going to allow you to always know where you are with your cannabis grow. For example with your watering schedule I like to do one nutrient feeding for every 3 plane at pH waterings. So the grow journals not going to just tell me which one of those waterings I am on, and what the next one is going to be. But I will be able to see what was the last nutrient mix that I use, so that I don't reuse the same one or go week back on the schedule. And I can continue forward properly. 

You will also be able to see what strength you did you last make sat so that you'll know if you need to increase or decrease based on how the plant has reacted to it. Now for more help, don't forget to check out my step by step bro videos at the link on the screen right here. And again those come with a two-week free trial when you subscribe so once you visit that link, just scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see some videos with a subscribe button overlaid on them. All you got to do is Click those and sign up and that will automatically give you that two week free trial, no charge necessary. I hope you guys enjoyed today's video and as always thank you guys for watching until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown