Growing with CO2 Intro + Ex-Hale CO2 Bag Review

What up cannabis Growers and welcome back for another lit episode of GreenBox Grown! now in today's video I will be covering CO2 use in the grow room, and how you can use it to speed up and get rapid vegetative growth as well as increase your bud sizes and yields. So today's videos going to be an in-depth explanation and overview of how to use CO2 and the different options and kind of how it's going to help you increase your bud growth production as well as  Vegetative growth. Now you'll see here I have an Ex-Hale Bag, which is kind of an entry-level option for setting up some CO2 in your grow room. I will also cover the other options that are available.

 Now as I was saying, today is just kind of an overview and intro to the use of CO2 with growing cannabis, but if you do want to see the kind of results you can get and how I use it through an entire grow series. I will be having some videos put up shortly on my website where you can watch day-by-day how this can help your plants. And if you want to check that out, just visit the link right here and you will need to subscribe to our premium content videos. But again if you do that it comes with a two-week free trial so you can try them out free of charge before paying anything, you can cancel at anytime. 

Now before I get started with today's video I do want to mention that CO2 is not like a miracle fix or something you can just add to any grow room and instantly get amazing results and increases in your yields. Now it is something that a beginner Grower can use, but I don't recommend it because it is only going to work really well first if you have everything down pat in terms of your grow light, your nutrients, your medium, you know watering schedule and conditions.  If certain things are off in the grow room before adding the CO2, the CO2 isn't really going to make much of a difference. 

So CO2 is really just a thing that puts your plants over the top once you have maxed all the other options out. So definitely keep that in mind before you set up a CO2 system or even invested these bags. Now these bags do work really well if you are at that level, so now let's go check out some more details about CO2 in the grow room, and how you can utilize it to max out your yields!

All right guys, so you are probably wondering what's going on with this Ex-Hale bag here, basically it looks like a bag full of dirt or some sort of sledge Or something like that. So with this is actually is some sort of fungus, mushroom type of growth going on, and one of its outputs is CO2. This bag will actually last for up to a I believe this one's a year, yeah this one is actually they are 6 months to a year. I believe this one's the 365 which means it will last for a whole year, but anyways that grows will continue to produce a lot of CO2 coming out of there.

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 And then actually right here is actually vent where you will see the CO2 is going to come out of. and so you will see the vent right here, and so if you have a CO2 meter you can put it right by here to get the best readings of what kind of pp on the levels it is putting out. But anyways you will see this is a little hanger for hanging it in your grow room and we will go over that in more detail later on in this video.

 But anyways before we get into details on how CO2 is really going to help with your plants, I first want to explain why it is important to increase the CO2 levels in your grow tent. So as you guys no plans actually use CO2 like humans use oxygen, so plants breathe in CO2 and breathe out oxygen. Humans do the exact opposite, but the CO2 AIDS in the photosynthesis process so increasing the amount of CO2 in there will allow for there to be more energy to be produced in the plant. And that will lead to faster vegetative growth as well as bigger buds during the flowering phase. So on planet Earth here in our atmosphere the average CO2 levels or around 400 ppm's which isn't harmful to humans obviously. 

But once you get around 3000 PPM of CO2 in the atmosphere that is when it becomes toxic for us to breathe in. Now plants have been tested to be able to benefit from CO2 levels as high as or even higher than 10000 PPM, and I obviously that isn't going to be possible in your grow room is that would be really dangerous to have. What Growers have found to work really well as to have a range of around 1200 ppm's to 2000 PPM in the grow room. And that will really help with increasing Bud growth as well as yields. And gross have actually experienced up to 25% extra yields just from using higher CO2 levels. Now something I kind of alluded to earlier on in the video is that increasing the CO2 levels alone is not enough to get these increased year olds. So you want to make sure everything in the tent like you know the climate, lights, nutrients everything like I was mentioning before. 

You want to make sure those are all on point and you got them set up and working really well. Because if you do not have those set up properly it is not going to matter how much CO2 you add into the grow room it will not really help the plant. Another thing that is really important as you will want to increase the amount of watts of lighting you have in the grow room once you add the CO2. The reason you have this is because it isn't the CO2 by itself that increases the bud growth, but like I was saying in that photosynthesis process it actually makes it so the plant is able to create more energy. So without that extra lighting to help it turn that CO2 into energy, all it is going to give the plant is CO2 toxicity. And the reason behind that is without the extra lighting it can't use that extra amount of CO2 you provided the plants. 

So to give you guys a loose comparison, it is kind of like with people taking steroids and not working out. They are not going to see any benefits or larger muscles from that process. And it's just like the plants, you can give them all the CO2 that you want but if you don't increase the amount of energy and power that they are receiving from the lights, they are not going to be able to use that CO2 to create more energy and growth with the plants. Obviously comparing steroid use to growing cannabis is pretty different and wild but just kind of a good analogy there for you guys to use as a comparison. 

Another thing does important to realize it when you increase the level of CO2 in the grow room, the plants are going to be able to handle extra heat and actually the higher temperatures are going to be preferred by the plants with those new CO2 levels. What is really convenient since you probably are going to be adding more lights or turning the light dials up higher, they are probably going to be putting out a little more heat anyways. But anyways a temperature around 85 to 90 degrees maybe 80 to 90 Fahrenheit is What Growers have actually found to be really good when you increase those CO2 levels to that 1200 to 2000 PPM range. I already covered the CO2 bag here, but there are also other options such as compressed CO2 or even a CO2 generator. Now those are definitely more expensive options which is why I said this is more of the entry-level option.

 But if you are willing to invest, definitely worth going with either the compressed where the CO2 generator. When setting up your CO2 system in the tent, it is important that the entry level of the CO2 is from the top of the tent. Reason being is CO2 is a heavier gas than oxygen so if you want it essentially rain down on the plants as they call it or just have it so it is coming out on top of the tent and then falling down on top of the plant so they can breathe it in that way. If you just put the CO2 in the bottom of the tent or enters at the bottom of the tent, it is just going to stay down below there the plants are not going to be able to breathe it in. 

So that is where this hanger comes into place, it allows you to hang it from the top of your grow tent. And I recommend putting it in the opposite corner of where your carbon filter is, so that that filter doesn't just suck it out of the tent right away. So that concludes our entry level overview of CO2 used in the grow room and how it can help increase vegetative growth as well as Bud yields. A couple things I want you guys to take away from this video. First off remember that it is really important to have everything else in the grow room or your setup to be on point and perfect so that there isn't anything else that you can perfect or increase the quality of before adding the CO2. 

Because again this is something you want to use just to put your plans over the top, you've already maxed out all of the other options for increasing the quality and growth in your plants and so now you just need that one added supplement in that is where the CO2 comes in. And like I was saying if your plants are not doing well or you do not have that grow room dialed-in properly, CO2 is not going to help them Out and it actually will probably just harm the plants because they are just going to get a little toxic from that CO2 and not being able to use it all properly. Also remember that it is really important to  increase the amount of lighting in the grow room so the plants can use that extra CO2 that is in there. 

And then also to increase that temperature if the grow lights are not doing that. Again you want to be in that 80 to upper 80 range  Fahrenheit out at 90 degrees. And then finally I  highly recommend starting off with one of these CO2 grow bags before investing into one of those CO2 systems like one of those compress CO2 setup or CO2 generators. Reason being is these are much cheaper and they are just going to show you what kind of results you can get from the CO2 before having to spend a bunch of money on it.

 Alright grower so that concludes today's video and overview of how to use CO2 in your grow room to maximize bud yields as well as increase your vegetative growth. Now I will be uploading a few new grow series here including a gorilla glue Autoflower one as well as a DWC grow out in my big tent. But I will be utilizing these Ex-Hale CO2 bags in there so you can watch day by day how does it benefit the plant. And again if you want to check out those videos you'll need to subscribe to the premium content section of our website. And you can do that right here via this link coming again it is $14.99/mo. 

But first when you sign up you will get a 2 Week free trial so you will not be charged anything at that time and can cancel this package at anytime as well if you decide you don't want to stay with it. And you will not be charged anything until after that two-week trial is up. All right folks so as always thank you for watching today's video, I hope you guys enjoyed, and until next time…

Happy Growing!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown


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