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 What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back for the most lit cannabis growing Channel! Now today kicks off Week 9 of that NukeHeads grow series which is also the second week of flower, so I am very excited for that Because I am definitely getting some good development going on at those Bud sites. So you will see that in this week's videos we are starting to get those white pistils going and hopefully by the end of the week we will have a nice little bud growing right at the tippy-top of all of those plants. 

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Alright so here we are out in the garage for day 1 of week 9 which is also day one for week 2 of flower. And you can see the plants are still blowing up in terms of vegetative growth you can see how thick the canopy has gotten already since I trimmed it up last. Which I believe was the second or third time, and I am still removing little leaves or big leaves actually, big fan leaves  here and there, just throughout the day and the week. Just a little bit at a time. So you can see these two back plants are blowing up in height and also In Bloom growth or flower growth.

So you can see all of the plants actually are starting to sprout a good amount of pistols at the very top of the plants. And starting to get a lot of good smells going on in here as well which is great. But probably by the end of this week we will have some decent bloom or flower growth going on, it's just going to take a little more about transitional phase to get them going. But again still growing and terms of vegetative growth and looking really healthy. All of the plants of course are great and even the one Skittles plant in the back right here that is getting towered over by the rest of them.

 So a quick look below the canopy, you can see everything is holding up really well in terms of the lollipopping and trimming, and the  branches are looking really healthy, you can see how big the trunks are getting along with those roots, they are just absolutely massive. So really stoked on that, they are not ready yet for a watering either so we will hold off on that as well. But definitely seeing some good Bloom growth going at the very top of the nodes here. So very stoked on that, and again all of these are showing only female parts, no male Parts going on so that is a good sign as well. That is really it for today's update and I will be back in another 24 hours for day 2 of the week but until then, Happy growing!

24-hours what's good Growers, we are back here another 24 hours later for day 2 of week 9. And ladies were actually ready for a watering today so I gave them their first plane pH watering since that last nutrient feeding. So each plant took about a gallon and a half at this point, some a little less than others but yeah just about a gallon and a half. So now what I am really excited to show you guys about, we are definitely in that flowering stage at this point. No more longer in the transitional phase. And let me show you what that looks like. So you will see up at the bud sites here, you will see there is a lot of pistils growing and forming right at the bud sites. And they are starting to form all the way down those branches, so you can see all those nice white pistils all the way up and down.

 And there is even starting to be a little stronger of a scent going on now that those are starting to come in more frequently throughout the different tops. So you can see there is Big Mama, that big Grape Ape in the back middle and you can see her pistols are coming in thicker already just because she is the closest to the light so she is going to have the fastest growth. So very excited about that, that flowering growth is coming and really nicely throughout the whole tent and you can see all of the leaves on the plants, you can see there is no nitrogen toxicity no nutrient deficiencies Burns and no damage to leaves whatsoever. 

You can see nothing on the tips were edges or anything, they are just all the hundred percent healthy so that is great  especially because we are in flower. That just means the quality of the bud is going to be that much higher and the yields are going to be that much bigger. So that is pretty much it for today's update, I will be doing some to foliation today. So I mentioned I'll be doing a little bit here and there throughout the flowering. And you can see look how thick the canopy is gone at this point. So what I will be removing at this point the leaves kind of like the leaves that are laying on top of the other ones, or just really big fan leaves like that one right there That are blocking a lot of light to the lower canopy.

 So again leaves that are laying on top of each other, you can remove those, and again only fan leaves, none of the bud sites or anything like that especially since we are now in flower. So we are removing those big fan leaves and again the ones that are laying on top of each other and then that will be it. So that is it again for today's update, and I will be back in another 24 hours for day 3 of the week. All right peace guys!

What's good Growers, we are back again and it is now day 3 of the week in flower is really starting to take off on these plants so you can see lots of pistols  even more than before are forming at the tops of the plants and you can see not only has that vegetative growth continue to grow crazy but they are really starting to Bud well at those various tops. So let me give you a quick close up on the big Grape Ape Bud that is already starting to form up here in the back. You can see it right here in the middle of that top and it's starting to form all the way down that main branch so it's going to be a nice big bud back there on both of those ladies actually.

And you can just see the plant is really now starting to turn off on the vegetative growth and is starting to focus more on that flower growth only. You can tell that by how all of these different tops are kind of nice and skinny and standing up straight up, focusing more on thickening up that Branch so we can hold a bigger bud. So we will still be doing some to foliation throughout the grow here and there but right now is not really necessary as all of the plants are looking really good and trimmed up. And it doesn't seem like there's too much below the canopy that is being blocked out by the Light. So let me give you guys another good close up here on this little bud site. 

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 It's really starting to form nicely and let's see if I can give you guys an even better close up. So you can see more pistols are forming and they are really thickening up and they are really going all the way down the trunk of the branch, so that means it's going to be a nice and big bud. So that is it for todays update and I will be back here in another 24 hours for day for the week. All right peace guys!

Alright Growers we are back here for day 4 of the week and they are actually ready for their next watering so that is going to be there second plane pH watering sense that last nutrients feeding. And in the meantime let me just give you guys some nice close-ups of those buds and how they are starting to develop. We are getting some really nice pistol development right at the tops there so let me see okay there you go you can see, let's get it to focus. 

You can see how they are starting to form almost like that white fuzz ball looking shape right at the center of the tops and we are getting that really nicely throughout all of those different branches all the way down. So that is really good so far in terms of Bud development and now I am just going to give them their second playing pH watering and that'll really be it for today's update. And I will be back here in another 24 hours for the next day of the week but like I was saying, I'm just going to give them that watering and then that's really it. Alright peace guys!

What up Growers we are now back here for the NukeHeads grow And day five is now upon us. So lots of good development going on at the bud sites, you can really tell a big difference each day now in terms of how many pistols and how big they are really getting so really taking off in terms of that bud growth. And pretty soon here we should start seeing some nice buds forming into those nice Bud like shaped. Now yesterday I did that watering, so the soil is still pretty moist meaning they don't need a watering today, and I also added a fan here on the floor down below the canopy.

The reason being, the canopy above has gotten so big and thick that are float isn't really getting down to this area, so it is a good idea to circulate the area around here because if it does stay stagnant it is going to attract pests as well as mold and possibly other issues like that. So I just have this little fan going lightly, does not blowing too hard and you do not want to be messing with the buds or the leaves up in the canopy. You just want to be circulating that are down around here. 

So I also remove the fan that I had up in here and replaced it with the smaller one right here, that guy still pretty powerful but you can see it is not blocking the light like the fan was over here. So not as much light was getting down to the corner of this plant here so I wanted to fix that and that is why I decided to fix that fan. Not a big deal at all you just want to make sure that the fan isn't blowing too hard on the plants and the way you can tell is by the leaves and how much they are shaking. 

So you can see these guys are lightly, very lightly fluttering and that is what you want especially during flower. You don't want them shaking as much once they start  developing buds, because that can affect the growth. So that is really it for today's update, again just really stoked on this new development at the bud sites so you can see how good they are looking. And really a night and day difference in terms of Bud growth from day to day. Now one last thing I wanted to show you guys before I go is I was telling you guys about how leaves will lay on top of Bud sites and cover them up and how it is a good idea to remove those. 

So you can see this fan leave  right here is covering up my Pineapple Chunk or one of its own tops actually in the back there. And you can see that leave their is laying on a bud site right there right below it,  so you can kind of see it's pistols poking through so what I'm going to do is remove this main leaf that is laying right on top of it and then also this guy right over here on top of it so that we can just completely expose light to it. 

Now there are few other ones going on in here and you'll even see the leaves growing into each other and pushing each other in a different directions, so those are good to remove as well because they are just blocking light and also making it harder for those Bud sites to grow. So I will be removing those leaves as well as others that are covering up bud sites and I recommend you guys do the same as well each day, just kind of checking out for a little bit of those each day, just kind of checking out and looking for a little bit of those here and there and removing as necessary. Now you do not need to do a massive defoliation everyday, I'm just talking about a few leaves here and there as needed. But definitely keep an eye out for that. So I will be back here in 24 hours for day 6 of the week, alright peace guys!

What up Growers, we are back here for days 6 in the plants are looking amazing right now. That bud development like I keep saying is really starting to take off and look at how tall does back to plants are getting. I've got here on the left my Pineapple Chunk and in the back row again is the NukeHeads row, so I've got my NukeHeads Pineapple Chunk, and then the NukeHeads Grape Ape. And I mean, these two plans not only are they the two tallest plants by far but they are also the farthest I would say along in terms of Bud development. 

So you can see how nice those pistols are looking right at the tops of the bug sites, and really honestly look at all of these talks. I mean they're really filling out densely with those pistols so I mean I really think these Electric Sky LEDs are really doing a lot of good for all of the plants in here. Because you can see all of them are equally as far as long, the plants or the tops that are on the way outside kind of not getting the main light, those are a little less further along but that is as expected. 

And again look at how tall and healthy they all are, no deficiencies or Burns or anything on all of the fan leaves so they're all looking really healthy. And I've got again that fan going down here to keep a little extra circulation down here below the canopy because with no air circulation it makes it easier for pests to get in there and land on the plant. So keeping that are circulating will make sure that they are not down there and no pests are going to infiltrate the soil or the lower parts of the plant. And then it's also going to help prevent spores of mold from Landing down there from it getting too humid and causing  that to form. So good little Health tip right there is to keep a little fan blowing down there. 

Nothing too strong because you don't want to be messing up the leaves or anything like that. Now the plants are ready for their next watering so I will be giving them their third plane pH watering since their last nutrients feeding and each plant is probably going to Be getting a gallon two more like a gallon and a half per plant. so I wanted to get a good amount of runoff now that we are in flower, and they seem to really be liking that as I am seeing some really amazing differences in their growth each day. So let's do a quick little update on that nutrient comparison between the dirty dozen buy Fox Farms and Then the flower power package by NukeHeads. so I would definitely say that the back plans which are getting the NukeHeads  nutrients, they are much taller and thicker with vegetative growth.

 So I would say that definitely NukeHeads won in terms of that. Now with the buds I would say all of the plants are pretty much as far along as each other. And one doesn't seem further along than the other in terms of the fox farm Plants verse that back row of NukeHeads. but this is still there really early stages of flower development so I'm going to give them a few more weeks before I really decide. Hopefully we will see a different size between the bud size and density between the two so we can get a good look at some differences. So that is it for today's update and I'm going to give them that plane pH watering now, and then I will be back here in 24 hours for the last day of the week. All right peace guys.

Alright Growers we are back here for the last day of week 9 for this NukeHeads grow series. And the flowering growth is continuing to take off. You can see you can see all the different tops, the main ones at top at least are filling up really really well with a ton of pistols and growth, so this is the last day of the week, week 3 of flower which is next week, they're just going to continue to blow up and probably fill out this whole canopy with Bud growth.

 So you can see the taller ones of course are the furthest along and getting the best development so far as expected. And it also looks like their growth has leveled off in terms of vegetative growth Because it does not seem like they are getting any closer to those electric sky lights. 

So let me just give you guys a couple more nice close-ups here, you can see, let me get it to focus, you can see how nice those pistols are looking. There is no burn and they are just standing straight up and they are nice and white and thick. If at this stage they were already curled over and kind of Browning or turning colors, that means they are burning because they are too close to the light or because it is too hot in the grow room. So very stoked and even the ones that are up close to those lights, you can see they aren’t burned or anything. So these lights are really gentle on them even when they are that close. 

So that is really it for today's update, oh yeah they are also ready for their next watering, so that's going to be there next nutrient feeding so what I will be doing today is feeding them week 6 from the fox farm Dirty Dozen schedule and that is only for the front row of plants of course because those are the ones getting the fox farm lineup. And I will be doing that at full strength with a teaspoon of Cal Mag as well per gallon of water. So the week 6 mix and then for the back row I will be doing the NukeHeads plutonium bloom mix again which is about one and a half Scoops per gallon of water. And then I will also be mixing in that one teaspoon of Cal Mag per gallon for that.

Let's do a comparison really quick on the bud growth thus far for the front and back, to be honest I think they look pretty comparable, the back plants are obviously the tallest, but you can see these front guys that are getting the dirty dozen by foxfarm there getting a lot of good growth at the bud sites as well. So it is hard to say if there's a difference just yet, the back plants are definitely bigger. But Bud growth is pretty much the same all the way across the board, so I will also be doing a little defoliation today. So I will probably be removing 5% of the fan leaves just because they are getting pretty crowded in here at this point in there a lot of leaves laying on top of each other so. I will be back here shortly with the next week's update, but until then Happy growing!

Alright GreenBox Growers, that officially concludes week 9 of this NukeHeads grow series. And again that is also week 2 of flower. now these guys are way further ahead than I ever thought they could be this quickly into the flowering phase, so there's Electric Sky LEDs by the Green Sunshine Company are really blowing up these plants and the doing an amazing job so super stoked on that. And of course I will be back shortly with week 3 of flower for this Grow Series where they are going to take off even further. So get excited for that, and as always thank you guys for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown

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