Last Week of Vegetation for the Cloning Grow Series!


What is up GreenBox Growers, and welcome back for that week 11 of vegetation video for the cloning and mother plant how to grow series! Now this is officially the last week of vegetation as I was saying in the last week's video and after this week we will be flipping the ladies into flower. Now the clones have gotten a good size growth going already, so I'm  hoping after this last week they will be perfectly sized for flipping to flower. This week I will just be covering the watering schedules as usual as well as what steps you'll need to take to prepare them so that when it comes time to changing that light schedule up for flower, the plants are ready to go. 

And as always I want to remind you guys to check out my patreon page for one-on-one grow guidance. And  basically I'll be helping you over the phone each day, shown you specifically what to do with your plants to get the same results as of these videos. Also don't forget to check out our merch under the merch and smoke section at, and now that you guys know what we are doing in this weeks video let's get started with day 1 of the week.

Alright guy so here we are out in the garage for day 1 of the week and you will see everybody is doing really well, especially the mother plant. But one thing I want to  point out is this is just 24 hours since that second nutrients feeding that I did for the Clones here and just look at it how they've just about doubled in size since the last night. Not only did the leaves get a lot bigger but there's a lot of node growth going on Under The Canopy. And lots of new tops that are making it through the canopy like that one there. 

You can see a few coming up over there, so I'm going to do a little bending to make sure that those get some light exposed to them, and I will be missing all of the plants here as well today. No watering needed since everyone got some yesterday, but very excited on this new growth because it is the last week of veg like I was saying during the intro. So it looks like these guys will have some good size to them before I flip them to flower, which means we'll be getting a decent yield from them. So I'm really stoked on that, and also as always I'm stoked on the mother plant and how well she is doing. 

So going to mist them now for their daily misting since I'm just doing one daily since it is the last week of veg. And that is really it So just make sure your temperature and humidity are on point and your plants will be nice and happy just like these ladies here. All right I will be back in another 24 hours for day 2 of the week, alright peace guys!

 Alright Growers, we are back here for day 2 of week 11 and first off I want to mention that for the bloom beast light it is now at 100% for the seedling as well as the vegetation dial, then once we flip it into flour next week, that is when I will turn the flowering switch on. Same thing for the Mars Hydro light, I just have the bed switch on right now, it doesn't have the dial so it is just bro and flower, and I will be turning on that second one next week as well.

So another thing I wanted to bring up, for the Clones I'm not growing them for very long and too big for plants like this one just because I don't have the space in this tent. But with a regular grow you could totally grow these as long as you want in the vegetative stage. 

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So don't think with clones you have to veg them for just a couple quick weeks, and then flip them into flower. That is not how it is at all. I just did that for this gross series just to show you guys how to get them to grow effectively, and then I am growing them as big as I can but the space I have in this tent. And that is why I am flipping them early, so that is really it for today's update they don't need any water, I will be giving them a misting, just 2 mistings a day actually just one misting.  

I am going to cut it back since we are almost towards the middle end of the week. And then also added in this carbon filter over here it is a 4-inch filter, just because we are about to flip to flower, so I want to keep that smell under control. But you can see it is not blocking any of the lights or footprint of the lights. And then I have the ducting coming out of the top of the tent right here, into that inline fan that is pulling the air out. So I will be back for days 3 in another 24 hours but until then, Happy growing!

Alright so we are now back here for day 3 a week 11 and everyone is actually ready for their next watering today, so the cleanse got their next plane pH watering which was their second one since the last nutrient feeding and then the mother plant got her first plane pH watering since her last nutrients feeding. So I gave her about a little over a gallon, and then each of these guys I split between the five of them I believe it was about 2 gallons of water. So you can see they're getting nice and bushy, the Clones are that is. And the mother plant is holding up really well as also. Just a few more days here before we flip them, and actually here tomorrow I am going to be doing some to foliation in here on the Clones, as well as a mother plant.

 So I don't think I'll be doing a lollipopping on the Clones, just removing some of their fan leaves too kind of thin things out, and allow light to reach those lower Bud sites. But for the mother plant I already lollipopped her, and I will just be doing the same thing in terms of thinning her out this time around. so I will be giving them another misting As I am still doing that once a day. And then that is pretty much it for today's update, so I will be back here in another 24 hours for that defoliation, but until then Happy growing. 

Really quick I actually made a mistake, it was actually the mother plant that was getting Her second plane pH watering since the last nutrient feeding, and then it was the Clones that got their first plane pH watering since their last nutrients feeding. So I mix those up earlier in the video, just wanted to let you know what the correct one was. 

What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back another 24 hours later here for day 4 of the week. Now it is time for that defoliation, and I will be doing it to both the Clones as well as the mother plant, for the mother plant it will mainly be trimming some of those fan leaves out through the canopy just certain things out and To allow light to penetrate better through there, as I did already lollipop her a few weeks ago as you guys probably remember. You can definitely see the trunk is still really fattening up and it is even bigger than last time I showed you.

And with defoliating the Clones that is going to be a little more severe than what I'm doing to the mother plant I'm Since this will be the first time I trimmed them up. But I will be removing any growth that did not make it up to the canopy just yet or doesn't look like it will by the time I flipped them. And then I will also be removing excess fan leaves so it really just trimming that lower third to 2/3s up, and then just finding out some of the fan leaves for the Clones. And I am going to go do that and then I will be right back to show you how those results look.

So before I go do that let me just show you guys a clone so you can see how big and bushy they got before I defoliate them. Again I think this is only like 2 or 3 weeks and these pots here so they really vegged a decent amount for such a short. Of time. And you can see they really got some good growth going on here below the canopy so you'll see like this talk right here, so once I clean things out that will also help a lot with those branches getting up to the canopy. So now that you guys have seen how they look before the deflation, I am going to go do that and then I will be back to show you guys what they look like after.

Here we are right after finishing up that defoliation, and you can see I really took a lot of us fan leaves off but really importantly I did not remove any bud sites. So fan leaves are just going to be these leaves right here that come straight from the main stock or one of the side tops, a bud site is going to be something like right here where it has growth it is more of a top that has different leaves coming out of it, let me get a better focus shot. So here you go you'll see little pistols and little leaves like that, but essentially it is just the top of the node and that is the bud site. So you do not want to remove those window fully it in, but fan leaves are okay. 


So you can see I've got a really good amount of leaves that I've removed Here, and Now most importantly with the Clones you will see all of those different tops are exposed to light and they are a lot thinner now because there were a lot of big fan leaves that were covering up the lower parts of the plant. So it seems counterintuitive because you are removing the leaves which you would think would help the buds, but actually removing them is going to greatly increase your yields and help those lower branches develop buds that otherwise wouldn't develop with those big fan leaves covering them. 

So you can see looking down on the mother plant here, you can see between the different tops where before it was kind of like once you went down a couple inches right from the top of the canopy, it was solid foliage. And you could not see any further down. Now you can see all the way down to the soil which is what you want because those tops are now going to be getting sunlight all the way down through the center of that canopy periods and not just at the top and what that means is you will have nice long colas Growing down those branches instead of little buds right on top. 

So that completes  the defoliate in process for the Clones as well as the mother plant. And I will be back here in another 24 hours to show you how they react, they should be really nice and perky by tomorrow, and should have a  decent amount of growth going already. All right peace guys!

Alright Growers we are back here another 24 hours later for day 5 of the week, that means it is also a day after that defoliation that I did. So you can see all of the different tops and branches that are growing on the mother plans was the Clones, they are really distinct and separate from each other so you can see the whole path of the branch going all the way to the main stock. And that is really good because what that means is there is now space and enough light getting down through that canopy, that these branches are all going to develop nice buds, going from the top all the way down to the bottom. 

We're just before only enough light was reaching just the tips of those branches so that was going to be the only area where good bud development would be going on. So you can see it's almost like These guys are skeletons now you can see the bones of them so to speak or you can see all of the branches were before it just looked like a bunch of leaves and foliage. And same thing goes for the mother plant over here, you can see also through the top of the canopy you can see down to the soil like I was saying before. 

And that's really good so they have all reacted really well to the de foliation which is great, you can see yesterday the leaves looked a little stressed out but not today they are perked back up and looking good and healthy. Just Checked the soil both the mother plant and the Clones are ready, so that means the Clones will be getting their second plane pH watering and then the mother plant will be getting her third since the last nutrients feeding. So all of them are getting the plane pH water and then I'll be giving them a good misting and that will be it for today. So I will be back here in another 24 hours is that is it for today's update and until then, Happy growing!

Alright we are back here 24 hours later for day 6 of the week, and you know it that means, tomorrow will be the last week of Edge and then time for flower. So very excited to get these ladies flipped over into flower, because I do want to see how they bud and sense that defoliation they are all looking really happy and perky and like I was saying you can just see all those little tops and they're going to really blow up now with some massive colas. 

So I got the light, the bloom Beast, at 100% for both of veg dial as well as the seedling dial, and then once I flip them I will also turn on that flower dial, probably starting at around 20% while keeping the other two at 100. So that is how it works, you don't want to turn off the  previous dial once you go to the next stage. You keep that dial on and then just turn the next one on, and then with the Mars Hydro reflector, all I will be doing is flipping on that bloom switch while keeping the growth switch on as well. So that extra boost of power will really help these ladies get nice dense colas.

 So no need to water today, but I will be misting them and then that is pretty much it. So let me just give you some nice close-ups of this big top right here. And you can see they are all looking really healthy, no nutrient burn or deficiencies or light stress going on with any of the plants actually. 

So that is really important to, you don't want to have your plants all stressed out right as you are going into flower, is really good to have them come of obviously you never want to stress them, but if possible you try to do the stressing earlier on and veg and then try to get them nice and straight and healthy right before you flip them, as that will help with the bud quality as well. So that is it for today's update and I will be back in 24 hours for day 7 of the week, right peace guys!

All right guys we are back here for the last day of week 11 which also happens to be the last day of vegetation for these plants. So I will be flipping them to 12/1212  starting tomorrow, so that is 12 hours off in 12 hours on for light each day. And that will officially begin the flowering phase, so today they are ready or the mother plant is ready for her next watering which is going to be a nutrient feeding. So it will be her last mix of vegetative nutrients, and I will be doing that week 4 from the fox farm Dirty Dozen because that is the last mix for vegetation there and I will just be doing that at full strength plus one teaspoon of Cal Mag per gallon of water just as usual.

 So that is what I will be watering for her today and then I will be giving them a misting for these clones over here, they are not ready for a watering just yet. They are still a little moist in the soil, but this will also be the last day that I mist these plants. since we are starting them in flour tomorrow and I don't like two mist them during flower. So again starting tonight, I'm going to switch them to that 12/12 lighting schedule and then for this Mars Hydro LED I'm going to start turning on the flower switch or I will have the flower switch with the veg twitch on at all times now when the lights are on.

 And then with the bloom Beast I will have the seedling dial at 100% as well as the veg dial at 100%, And then now I will also have that flower dial on at 20%. So that is it for today's update and I will be back for a week 1 of flour which will be week 12 of this overall gross series. And until then Happy growing!

All right GreenBox Growers, that officially concludes week 11 of the how to clone and grow a mother plant grow series! and of course that also means we have now concluded the vegetative stage for these plants, and are now flipping them over into flower. So I have now got those lights on the 12 12 cycle, or 12 hours on and 12 hours off each day. So we will start to see those buds develop soon. I will be back shortly here with week 12 which is also going to be the first week of flower as I was just mentioning, so get excited for that. And in the meantime, thank you guys for watching, I hope you enjoyed this video and then till next time…

Happy Growing!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown