Flower has Officially Begun! (Week 8 Overall)


All right GreenBox Growers, we are officially back here for week 8 of the NukeHeads grow series which means it is day 1 of flower now. So very exciting time for this grow series and I will be going over that watering schedule as well as the changes on how you should be handling your plants now that we are in flour. And that will all be covered throughout this week's video. So before I get started I want to remind you guys as always to check out our patreon page via this link where you can sign up for one-on-one grow Guidance with myself, and there I will be helping you over the phone each day via text or phone call. 

Just kind of guiding you along with your plants showing you what to do to get the same kind of results that I'm getting here in these videos. Also feel free to check out our MERCH on the GreenBox Grown website under the Merch & Smoke section. And how do you guys know what we are doing in this week's video, let's get started with day 1 of the week!

Aright, we are out here in the garage for day one of the week as well as day 1 of flower, and you can see yesterday was that last defoliation I did on the plants and you can see all of the different tops are standing back up in her kind of spread out finding their own little area of light For them to grow in. So you can see before the Grape Ape back here in the middle it was kind of towering over the Skittles in the back right, and so I trimmed that up and it's got a lot more light making it down there so hopefully those buds are getting enough to get nice and large. And then I was also showing you guys I had the second light on but I have them kind of pointing outwards instead of straight down just so all areas of the tent can get plenty of light.

 So now that we are in flower, no more missed and you do not want to do that any further and you are going to want to make sure that no light leaks and during the dark period as that is really important.  I'm going to be watering them today and it is their second plane pH water that I will be doing, probably about a gallon and a half per plant at this point. You still want to be getting a lot of good run off and it is going to be exciting to see how these guys start to develop in the next few days here especially since we did that strong to foliation on them. 

You will see there were some branches that before the deflation they were stuck below the canopy and so they weren't getting enough light to really stand up completely or make their way up words. So they were kind of growing sideways. So we will see if these guys will stand back up during this process now that they have more light reaching them. They should, it should just take a couple more days. But we will keep an eye on that, so that is it for day 1 of flower as well as day 1 of the week, I'm going to do that watering now of the plane pH water. And then I will be back here in 24 hours for day 2 of the week, alright peace guys!

All right growers so we are back for day 2 of week 8 which means it is also officially Day to a flower. So wanted to show you guys the plants are looking really good since that last defoliation. You can see that all of the branches and tops are standing up nice and straight and the leaves have flattened out. They are not really curled like before when they were looking a little distressed from the deflation, so that is all normal and it usually takes a day or two for them to straighten back out which you can see they have done here. 

Now another cool thing is I showed you some of those branches that were covered up by the canopy they had kind of bent over and folded over a little bit because they were not getting enough light, but now they are standing right back up Facing towards the light.  So you can see this main top right here was actually facing towards the ground kind of folded and flopped over about a day and a half ago when I first defoliated them. And there were a couple over here as well but I think they are standing back up. You can see there's one down below there still pretty low Under The Canopy but it is getting enough because I send them out enough. 

A little bushy over here I may have to take a couple more fan leaves just because of that but other than that everything is looking good. Remember you don't want leaves laying on top of each other from different branches, you want them to have enough space so they aren't doing that. And it is going to be very exciting to see this main cola form, because you can see it is just about a foot away from the light. Now these plants have started forming their pistols they are kind of their very first pistils. Let me see if I can give you guys a good shot on that. it is just right, just kind of right at the nodes you can see. 

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A couple little white hair starting to form and little pistils coming off the side. You can tell to because at the tops, the leaves kind of stopped getting larger and they yellow a little bit right before those big pistol start to form at the center. So that is it for today's update, I'll be back in another 24 hours for day 3, And just remember no more misting of the plants and 12 hours on 12 hours off. You want to make sure it doesn't get too hot in here especially during this time. In fact for temperature you're actually going to want it to be a little lower.

 So like at a range of that night you wanted to be in the high 60s like 68 to 69. And then during the day about 72 73 with the humidity right around 55%. A little higher is okay but you don't really want to be in the 60% range any longer. So I will see you guys back here shortly for the next day of the week.

What up GreenBox Growers we are back here now for day 3 of the week and you can see the ladies are doing really well. This Grape Ape here in the back row with the NukeHeads  row of course you can see it's really dominating the whole tent. You can see it's about 4 in taller than this Pineapple Chunk right next to it. And then the rest of the tent it is probably a good 6 inch taller than the rest of the plants. You can see just how healthy and vibrant her vegetative growth is. And now she is starting to flower, they are all giving off a really strong smell already. 

So I definitely have that carbon filter running at all times, now they were ready for a watering today which I already did and that was their third plane pH watering since their last nutrient feeding. And that next watering is going to be there first mix of flowering nutrients. So that will be exciting because that is going to give them a little boost and turns of Bud growth. So that is really it for today, I gave each plant about a gallon and a quarter and in between that in a gallon and a half and that they were getting a decent amount of runoff from that amount. 

So that works really well, now I will be back here in 24 hours for day for the weekend in the meantime just make sure the climate inside your tent stays accurate and on point as that is really important now that we are in the flowering stage. Alright peace guys!

 What up Growers we are back here for day 4 of the week and the plants are just doing amazingly. I kind of adjusted the position of some of them because as you can see this back right Skittles plant was getting pretty overcrowded and pretty overshadowed by the grape ape.  Now that I have spread the plants out a little further you can see though her branches are doing much better standing right up, and it looks like they are even getting taller. 

So that should help a lot and of course the Grape Ape is just going crazy as always, that back one there. And all of the rest of the plants are looking really good you can see they are starting to solidify those branches opposed to Growing them up words and that is just going to help so they can hold that weight of those buds as they form. So no need for watering today, just going to get a give you guys a good look at how the foliage is doing and everything is looking nice and healthy. 

Now I might still be removing some fan leaves as we go through out the flowering face, like you can see that big guy right there is kind of taking up and blocking a lot of light so taking those out will help for sure. Now you can see the pistols are starting to develop a little further each day, so let me see if I can give you guys a good shot here. So you can see a couple white pistils for me and a few of the green ones, and I'm going to say by the end of this week we will have a nice noticeable amount going. So that is really it for today's update and I will be back in another 24 hours for the next day of the week, all right peace guys!

What up GreenBox Growers, we are back here another 24 hours later for day 5 of the week. And again this is still that first week of flower for these NukeHeads plants. Everyone is doing really well and I want to show you guys that they are still going to be times you are going to defoliate further with your plants. It is not just a one-and-done type of situation, so like throughout each day I'm kind of looking through seeing are there any leaves laying on top of each other like over here. 

Or where they look like they are colliding and growing into each other. And what I will do is just remove some of those leaves to open up some light and space for those branches. So it is just the fan leaves that I am removing, so you can see like this it is a leaf that has a stem going all the way to the main stock. It isn't like this growth up top here where it is kind of like a bud site would be, it is just as fan leaves. So always keep an eye out for that, you can take them out one by one now that we did that mean deflation. 

I just checked the soil and they are not yet ready for a watering but they sure will be by tomorrow, and that will be that first nutrient mix of the flower nutrients, so get excited for that. But other than that I am really stoked on how the plants are doing. You can see all of that foliage is just really healthy and thriving. 

And not a whole lot of Bud development going on, but that is alright because we are still sort of in that transitional phase. Here is a good little close up for that Grape Ape, you can see that big stock in the back. But I am seeing that all of the plants are definitely female, you can see this one right here she is growing some callux already with some nice try comes up going on them already right at the base there so just keeping an eye on all of those to make sure that nothing Hermes.

 But that really only happens if you stress them out so nothing to worry about, but again foliage is looking really good no more misting now that we are in flower, and just to remove those fan leaves as needed just to open up some space for light to get through and to make it to the plants aren't over crowded. Now that is really it for today's update, but of course I will be back here in 24 hours for day 6 of the week. Alright peace guys!

What up what up Growers, we are back here 24 hours later for day 6 of the week and today they are ready for their next watering which is going to be there first nutrient mix of flower nutrients. But before I show you guys what I'm going to be mixing up let me just give you guys some nice close-ups on how the plants are doing. So you can see some of the leaves were some of the fan leaves are a little droopy in that is just because they really dried out and are ready for that watering. They are very thirsty and it has been really hot the last couple of days here in Northern California so they dried out a little faster today than I expected. 

And you can see also that is why the leaves have kind of taco dip towards the top of the plants. Just because it has been pretty hot out. But other than that the plants are looking really healthy, the smell is getting stronger by the day, and you can't see too much development going on at the woods just yet. Some more than others you'll see, there are some pistol starting to form. But nothing crazy so hopefully just a few more days and then that transitional period will be over.

And hopefully this flower nutes or this Bloom dose of nutrients will help get that flowering phase kicked off a little better. Not saying there's anything wrong at usually does take about a week or a week and a half for that transitional phase to kick in and get them going into that flower development. So just going to keep my eye open for that and make sure everything is healthy, besides that we do not see any toxicities or deficiencies, no light burn or stresses going on so that is good because the plants are obviously in Tip-Top shape.

 Which is important when you are going into flower now obviously you always want to have your plants in Tip-Top shape, but it is most important and even more important during flower to do that. Because if you do stress during flower it will affect your bud quality, now in veg you do not want to stress them out you want to avoid that obviously. But if you do stress the plants out in your vag, what is good is you can have some time to recover and get away from that stress so it does not affect the development, but like I said once they are budding you can't give them time to recover because the flowering has already begun. 

So now let's check out what I'll be doing for my week 1 of flowers nutrient mix. Now course the back row is going to be getting the fox farm Dirty Dozen mix. And that is just going to be Week 1 of flower which is actually week 5 on the chart. So I will be doing that makes at full strength right here week 5, and then I will be doing a teaspoon of Cal Mag per gallon of water. For the front row here, I'm sorry for the back row that’s getting, so the front row is getting the fox farm, and the back row is getting the NukeHeads. so now all I will be doing is switching over to the plutonium Bloom bottle. The last one I was using was the uranium veg.

 So now we are doing the plutonium bloom. and it is just one scoop of this per gallon of water, and I will also be adding as well a teaspoon of Cal Mag per gallon of water for this mix. So each plans probably going to get about a gallon and a quarter to a gallon and 1/8 of water or of this nutrient mix. You just want to get about 20 to 25% run off at this point now that we are in flour. I'm going to mix that up and give this to them now and then that will be it for today’s update. Also you can see the lollipopping and defoliation is holding up really well down here below the canopy which is good.

 Going to keep all of that energy focused up top on those Main cola's and Bud development. Alright guys really quickly before I go I just wanted to give you guys a quick shot of the canopy from the same level or a little lower so you can see just how big it has gotten. It's got about 2 feet of depth to it, Which is good because the light is penetrating through all of that but you can see just how nice and spread out all those different tops are and it gives you a little bit of a better idea on how does buds are going to start forming.

 So just wanted to give you guys a nice little shot and then there is that massive Grape Ape in the back there that is the new kids of course. And they are just tearing up and I mean they are already about a foot away from the light, there's tallest tops but we will see that it's probably going to be the biggest Cola in the tent. going to be very exciting to see how that turns out. So I will be back here in 24 hours per day 7 of the week and until then... Happy growing!!!

We are now here for the last day of week 8 which means it is also the last day of the first week of flower. So the plants are looking really good and we are definitely starting to get some good development of pistols at the bud sites. Let me give you guys a good little close up on that and see if the camera will focus, you will also notice that the bud sites are starting to Yellow, not really yellow just lighten and color and that's also a sign that they are starting to Bud. And they are preparing for forming of those buds so yesterday I gave them their first dose of Bloom nutrients and you can see they really look like they blew up a lot. 

Especially the back to plants they're on the left, you'll see the Pineapple Chunk she is catching up almost to the Grape Ape here they are just a few inches different here. And they will probably slow down in height now since they are in flower now and they are getting close to those lights. So they will probably reach a maximum height around there. Maybe grow a few more inches, but you can see they really like that first dose of Bloom nutrients. And it seems to have really helped fill them out.

 I remember I really defoliated these guys twice really good, and also I have been removing leaves throughout each day just a little here and there. So pretty spectacular that they are already filling out the tent again for probably the third time here. Probably going to have to step up my defoliation game here in the next couple of weeks but we will see. 

But definitely some good vegetative and flowering growth going on right now and pretty soon it will just be flowering. So I will be back shortly for next week which is week 9 or the second week of flower where buy the end I'm hoping we'll have some really good development at the bud sites. And hopefully The early parts of those buds where we have those little kind of balls of pistils forming at the very center. You can see pistols coming off of the sides as well as forming at the top there. And once I turn that carbon filter off, the smell is pretty pungent at this point so they are pretty good in terms of water. 

We did those nutrients yesterday. And yeah so I haven't really compare the two nutrient lineups in a while here but again the front rows is the Fox Farm Dirty Dozen and the back row is the NukeHeads flower power package. I think the Skittles in the back here just got out beat by the great ape and that is why she stayed so short. She will still develop some nice buds but she is kind of getting blocked out a little bit. But overall I've got to say the back row which is the NukeHeads seems to be the best. As those two plants are monsters. Now the front row which is the dirty dozen is looking really good too. 

But they are just definitely not as big in size and height As you can see. So comparing the two there, now we do have to wait for these buds to finish developing and really start developing because it is not really about The vegetative growth in the end but really the buds and the quality of how they come out. As well as their size. So right now I would definitely say NukeHeads has won in terms of vegetative growth for the nutrients lineup. But now what we are looking at is how the buds turn out for each line up.   so I will say that NukeHeads got the first round here in terms of vegetative growth, And now we will see who wins in terms of Bud quality and size!

Alright Growers that officially concludes the 8th week of the NukeHeads grow series, which was also obviously Week 1 of flower. And I will be back shortly for that second week of flower where hopefully we will start to see a good amount of those pistols starting to form at the bud sites. As always thank you guys for watching, I hope you guys enjoyed today's video, and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown