Cloning the Limoncello Haze Mother Plant


What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back for the most lit cannabis grow Channel! Not today is the start of a very special week because we are kicking off week 6 of the mother plant and cloning how to grow series and what that means as we are going to start actually cloning  the Limonchello Haze mother plant during this week's video.  Now right now I have those buds hanging and  drying in that small seedling tent that I use for my seedlings and clones, so once those are done in there in the next few days that is when I will take the Clones. So in the meantime I'm just going to be prepping the Limonchello Haze for taking cuttings from. And then once those buds are done drying and I have them in the mason jars and that seedling 10th is open, That is when I will be taking the Clones!

 So that should be a little bit later this week so get excited for that, and before we get started with the video I wanted to remind you guys that I am offering some personal grow guy that's where I myself will work with you one on one over the phone, teaching you  exactly what you need to do each day so you can get the best buds possible! So feel free to hit me up via my info down below my contact info is in the description. And I can set you up with a free trial to that. So just contact me via my email or cell phone and again that's down below in the description. And also don't forget to check out our MERCH on the GreenBox Grown website under MERCH and smoke. And now that you guys know what we're doing in this week's video let's get started with day 1 of the week!

 Alright Growers we are here for day 1 of the week and you can see she is really thirsty right now. That is why the leaves are all drooping down like so, let me give you guys a little close up of that just so you can see the soil is really dry. And it was pretty dry yesterday I thought I should give it a little more time but it looks like I waited too long to water. But don't worry it's not the end of the world that is all right, because once I water her, those leaves will perk right back up within about 30 to 45 minutes. And tomorrow she should  be looking like just before.

 So I just wanted to show you guys what that looks like so you can spot and under-watered plant and again under-watered isn't as much about not giving it enough water when you do water, it's more about not watering frequently enough. So I waited too long between waterings, and that is why that happened. So this is going to be the second plane in PH watering since the last nutrient feeding, it's going to be at 6.3 pH and I've got about a gallon mixed up here. I don't think she will need all of that but we shall see. Now as I was mentioning in the intro, I am waiting for those buds to finish drying, that are in my seedling tent, and that is when I will be cloning this plant and putting them in there.

 Because I need that space or I need that seedling tent because that is where I put my clones after cutting them. It's just the best way to do it and the best way to get a successful clone or cutting. They should be done drying in there in about three more days maybe sooner but I'm expecting maybe 3 or 4 days. And then once that happens I will be taking some clones from this lady. So still going to be happening this week just not at the very beginning.

 But it is also a good idea to wait a little after I put her through the stress of the under watering so it's kind of good that this happened because I would be waiting anyways on cloning her due to the underwatering here. Also don't forget to missed as you want to do a plain pH misting at 6.3 as well. To help get those leaves Peart back up. Also I want to show you guys the difference between Under and Over watering, so you can tell these are under-watered and not over watered by the way they are kind of just hanging lifelessly like that. If they were curled and kind of standing up but curled over really tightly and looking really heavy. Like right now if you feel that they feel like tissue paper and are very dry almost so that is how you know they are under watered. But like I was saying if they are curled and feel really heavy, that is a sign of over-watering.

Alright so here is a perfect example of how a plant can look much better Right after watering. Now this is 24 hours later of course it only took about 25 to 30 minutes for it to look like this after I gave it that watering yesterday. And for those of you who saw the previous clip to this video, you will know that all of these leaves are drooping lifelessly and it looked like she was dead. But she was just thirsty and I waited a little too long to give her some water so that is all it takes to fix that issue now. The seedling clone tent is still full with those buds that are drying in there, they're not quite ready to come out and go into the mason jars yet. So not going to be cloning yet today, but what I will be doing is a little bit of the 3-finger low-stress training which you can see me doing right here. I'm going to do that to those main tops that are up above the canopy.

 The reason being is they have, there is a lot of really good vegetative growth going on a below the main canopy and throughout the nodes. So you can see here there are several different tops coming out right there, and then right at this second node here. So those two nodes are only like an inch apart and they Have 4 different tops growing. Now just an inch down you can see there are another two tops trying to poke up through the canopy which you can kind of see one right there and then this one right there. And you can imagine all the way down the branch which is about 2 ft long or about a foot-and-a-half, the every inch or so there is another node with two more tops just like that.

 so bending this talk part of the nodes out away from the middle of the canopy, so I can let these little guys pop up in the next couple days. And those will actually be my clones as I was actually saying these big main branches have really kind of stiffened up and the stocks have really thickened as you can see. And that's not really the kind of growth that you want to take for a cutting, you want to take this new kind of flexi not super stiff and straight-up, but kind of Bendy, kind of growth.

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 Because that is still the Young and newer growth which means it will be better for cloning because it has a better chance at routing and taking off. Where this more solidified growth with this big thick branches, that will have a harder time because it is more in the veg stage and more solidified in that stage.

So I'm going to train all of these tops with this three-finger LST technique, and I'm not going to tie them down with hooks because there is no need for that I'm going to be cloning pretty quickly here but I will do some bending so that they are facing out horizontally or at least towards the ground a little.  And sometimes it takes a few bends and then you got to let it stand back up and then try again. But eventually it will stay. So that is it for today's video but hopefully it'll only be another 2 to 3 days before I start the cloning process, just have to wait for those buds to finish drying in the seedling tent. And then we will be on our way with that!

 All right guys so I actually decided I wanted you one more shot now that I'm done with all the low stress training on the mother plant. Because I want you guys to see what kind of results you can get from doing it. And I also want to see what kind of growth is going on Under The Canopy. That is pretty crazy how much node growth is going on and how close the note spacing is. Here is a good example, you can see like 1 2 3 4 like 5 or 6 nodes right there and then about a six in Span. So really healthy plant and all of those notes will turn into their own main tops. so that is why I’m bending the branch over like that so all the light can be exposed instead of that top kind of covering up like that, it is bent over and now they will all grow up like that.

So I just finished bending and doing all of the LST training, low stress training, of course no pull downs or anything like that. I'm going to give her another misting and you can see just how big the stock is getting, it's pretty fat and very healthy and another thing I want to show you. So newer growth you'll see this was like a top standing up and it's pretty big but it is newer and it is way more flexible and easier to bend than some of the older growth. And again that is just because I was the stock thickens and as it gets older and starts to solidify more it strengthens itself. And that is because it is preparing or holding those big buds. 

Now this training will be really good because now a lot of tots are already popping up like you didn't see right here. And I mean this is a perfect cutting to take right here or a clone so that would be good for that. And these branches will stand up and no time. But geez just look at how big that is getting, it is pretty impressive! And I'm getting excited again because this is a great plant to clone like I keep saying and the buds, this is just a great sign that the buds are going to be even better.

 So another thing when it comes to low-stress training, sometimes you all maybe take it a little too far so you think, you'll hear a little pot, and your top might just be kind of dangling like that. It didn't snap, and break off, but it is kind of just lamp and it is just kind of going limp and hanging lifelessly.  That's actually a good thing, the further you go with it the better the results are going to be for the low stress training. So when you kind of pop them like that, it's just going to cause them to grow back that much stronger and you don't want to break them off of course because that will just kill them but if it does SNAP or Tear a little bit of the branch, you can always take it back together. And it will fuse itself back together and be good as good as new in about a week's time. So that's it for today's video and I will be back in 24 hours for your next clip.

 All right guys, back another 24 hours later for day 3 of the week. And I just checked the soil is actually already ready for her next  watering. So that's going to be a plain pH watering and this is the third one since the last nutrient feeding, so after this she will be getting her next. That will be after the cloning though, because  I just checked on the buds that are drying in the Clone and seedling tent and they are going to be ready by tomorrow to go into the jars. So expect tomorrow's video to be about cloning. Another thing I wanted to show you guys as I haven't turned up the dial on the light here, on the bloom Beast veg dial In a while. 

And that is because I've had it set, I normally have it at about 50 on the veg dial, but now I'm going to turn it up to about 75%. Just because some of the plant isn't getting enough light towards the edges so I want to brighten it up a little bit. Like you can see hear this talk I trained a little bit yesterday, it should be standing up by now but it's still kind of hanging over and that is because it is mainly in the shadows and not getting very much light coverage.

 So I turned that dial up a little bit to spread out the lights footprint, and some nice new Little Tops came up through the foliage here let me see if I can get a good shot, yeah you can see a lot of good tops were coming up when I bent this guy over because that top was covering all these guys before I did that LST Yesterday. So that is it for today's video, I'm going to water her and then give her a good misting and then I will be back in 24 hours to start cloning this Limonchello Haze  mother plant!

All right guys it is now day 4 of week 6 and we are officially ready to start the cloning process! so first I want to show you the supplies you need and everything you should have set up before the cloning process, and then we will go  downstairs into the garage, to clone that Limonchello Haze mother plant! So first thing you're going to want to do is get your cloning tent set up. So I've got this small 2X2 tent here which is great for putting your clones into, you're going to want to have your humidity Dome set up and then you'll want a heating pad right under that. So I'll be putting these guys into rockwool cubes so I'll soak them first  in a bowl of 5.5 pH water. And then I've got them in here in the humidity Dome waiting for the Clones to be inserted into them.

 Now you want the top of the Dome to have the vents completely closed because he want high heat and the highest humidity possible inside the Dome. Or temperature you want around the range of 75 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit and you will be misting so that is what the spray bottle is for, and you'll want to do that several times throughout the day to help With that high humidity.  Another thing you'll want is just a glass of water some of the sink is fine, and then your cloneX or some sort of rooting hormone for dipping the tips of your clones into.  Finally you're going to need a razor blade, a sharp razor blade of course for cutting your clones and then that is pretty much it for what you'll need. All right now will head down into the garage to start the cloning process.

 Alright guys we are out here in the garage and the first thing you're going to do is pick out the branches you will be taking us clones. Best practice for this is to find New Growth like I was saying in the previous video, it is still flimsy and flexible, not rigid and stiff like old growth becomes. So you can look throughout the canopy for newer notes that have popped up, so here's a perfect guy right here. And so I will be taking that one and we are going to be taking five clones today. So I'm going to be looking for a couple to get under here and you want to have a couple notes, 3-4 that you cut below. Here's a nice top that I'll be taking here as well. So now that I have found a couple clones, I will take my razor blade here and of course you want a clean sterile razor blade, that is really important you don't want to infect your clone right off the bat. This is a brand new blade and also be careful because these are obviously very sharp and you don't want to cut yourself.

 Alright guys so once you find a branch that you're going to be taking as your clone you're going to want to find the very base of it where it meets to the main stem of the plant because that is where you're going to want to cut it. You're going to want to cut at a 45 degree angle to where the branch meets the stem. So if the branch is coming straight down like this you're going to want to go 45 degrees from there and cut one nice straight cut or slice Through the branch, you don't want to be hacking or sawing at it because that will damage it.

So let me do that right now, I've got my finger all the way down here and I found the bass. Now I'm going to cut it at that 45 degree angle and I kind of took off a fan Leaf below there but that is okay. So yeah there is my clone, so once you take that put it right away in that glass of water that I had you guys get. And you can just dunk the root or the bottom of the stem right in there. alright so now that you guys have your first clone in the cup, you're going to take it out real quick and what I'm going to do is trim her up.  And that is important because you don't want to have too many leaves on here so be sure to completely clip off all of that bottom growth just like this. And don't worry the reason behind this is because you don't want your plant or your clone focusing on vegetative growth. You want her completely focused on that root growth.

 And you'll see that each one of these I'm clipping is a node so you'll see a node right there, there's a second third and then a fourth and fifth. And even a sixth right here.  So taking off pretty much all of the fan leaves,  I've got this one fan leave left up top here and then kind of that node at the middle of the very top. And what I'm also going to do now is clip the fingers of the fan leaves. Because you don't want too much growth on there. 

And again it just helps so that they focus on that root growth. Which is very important beginning because you want your clones to root early so you can plant them into some soil in a Solo Cup and get them going. So this is a very good clone ready to go and so I'll put  her back into the water and now I'm going to take my for others and trim them up like that, and then I'll meet you guys upstairs for the rest of this process.

Alright guys so I actually forgot one important key element to this process that you will want to do to your clones. So after you cut your clone off of the mother plant and you've got her all trimmed up and the glass of water, you're going to want to take her back up out of the cup and you're going to want to scrape up the bottom and or maybe three quarters of an inch and you're going to want to use that razor blade to scrape off the outer layer of the branch there. And this will be too kind of exposed what people call the guts or the inside of the plant. Some people also kind of split down the middle of the stem there to kind of open her up in a centrally the idea is that helps with root growth and faster root development, because you expose the under layer of the stem which has been causing it to grow more route out of that area.

So as you guys can see here, I've got a nice 45 degree angle cut and that is what it should look like at the very bottom at the stem there, not a straight across cut. Okay so now I'm going to take my razor blade and kind of scrape dress like that to expose the guts as they say. And that is just going to help with better faster root growth from the very get-go. Alright so now that that is done just place it back into the glass and then I'll be taking the rest of my cuttings, and then I will be meeting you guys upstairs for the rooting hormone process where I will be putting them into the rockwool cubes. 

One other thing is the reason they do go inside this cup of water instead of just having them exposed to the air is because sometimes air bubbles will get trapped in the stem. Which will then cause problems and cause them to not root and grow properly. So that is why you keep them in the glass of water with the stem buried and the water, so no air bubbles can get in.

 So now we are upstairs with the cloning tent and what I'm going to be doing is soaking the ends inside the clonex rooting solution. So I've had this guy on here for about 2 minutes now and that's really all it needs, you want to make sure there is a good covering around the lower end or inch and a half of the stem and that's going to really help make sure that those routes take off from the get-go. So now I'm going to just place this clone into the rockwool cube, and you want to be not too forceful but you want to make sure that it goes through a little bit. Not through the bottom of the cube though so just make sure it's not poking through, but you do want to push it in somewhat into the cube.  And then that's it!  So now all you have to do is mist the seedling and keep it in this dome with lights on.

 I'm using a 45 watt light that is just a couple inches above the Dome and you want to give her 18 hours on, 6 hours off of light and she should start rooting within the next 7 days here. I will be back with updates throughout the week to show you how those roots are coming along so you guys can see how that process goes. But it will be a few days from now until you start seeing roots coming out of there. Now I'm going to be keeping this Dome covered up and with the events completely closed throughout the day, so humidity is as high as possible. And then I have that heating mat underneath to help keep things warm. So let me dunk and place the rest of these clones into their rockwool cubes and then I'll be back to show you guys what that looks like.

So I've got them all in the rockwool cube now and all that is left is to give them a good misting of plane pH water at about 6.3. You want to mist the inside of the Dome there so just nice and humid from the get-go, and now I will be closing these guys up and closing the tent to let them start rooting. Now I will be back in 24 hours with your guyses next update, I don't think there will be any roots coming out just yet, it'll probably take a couple days to 5 days total before we start to see roots coming out, but until then…  Happy Growing!!!

 Alright welcome back GreenBox Growers, here we are exactly 24 hours later from when I took these clones from the Limonchello Haze mother plant. So as you can see it is really foggy and Misty up in this humidity dumb and that is because you want that high humidity along with that high temperature. And that seedling mat is helping a lot. I've been checking on these guys a lot throughout the day because like I said you want to mist them several times throughout the day to help keep that high humidity. I have been checking on them though and I don't see any roots when peeking down into the rockwool cubes, but it usually takes up to a week anyways before you see those. But they are standing and looking really healthy and the leaves aren't drooping or anything like that so that is a good sign.

 And also at the nodes, I'm already seeing a little bit of vegetative growth, new vegetative growth coming from them. So you can see all of those little nodes, there is a little bit of growth already starting so that's a good sign as well, and now all I'm going to do is keep the same conditions. High humidity and pretty high temperature, and then mist several times throughout the day, keeping that Dome on. And I will keep you guys updated on if there are any roots poking out yet in the stems of these clones. But as I said as of now nothing on the root front.

Now this is also the same day and I want to show you how the mother plant looks the day after getting cloned. You can see she is drooping a little bit because she is thirsty and it's a little past due for her watering. But she is completely healthy no issues or signs of stress from the cloning, and fact it looks like she might have grown a little bit since yesterday in terms of vegetative growth. So today she is due for her next nutrient feeding, which is going to be the week for mix of vegetation from the fox farm feeding schedule. And I'm going to be doing that at full strength so following the week for a veg mix at full strength and then also adding one teaspoon of Cal Mag, and then pH at 6.3.

 So I have about a gallon mixed up and I think I'll be using the whole gallon this time, and then I will be missing with a plane pH watering so I'm going to have the mother plant out here by yourself for now. And I will keep updating you guys on how she is doing, I don't think I'll be doing any more low-stress training on her so I'm just going to let her grow out. But once those clones have rooted and are big enough to come out into this tent and their final pots, I'll bring them out here and have them all  in this tent together, and I'll flower them with their mother. So we will have the clones and the mother plant all flowering together and the same tent.  So before I go I want to show you guys the parts of the mother plant where I cut those clones from, so you can see how she has reacted the next day later and how it has affected that area of the plant.

 So here is one of the branches or where I cut off one of the branches from the main stalk here. And you can see there are no issues with the growth around that area, everything is still completely healthy.  Just misted it so that is why it is all wet like, but you will also see it kind of air pruned itself,  and closed up those shoots and kind of hardened it off at the end there so that nothing could get in no sort of disease or pests or anything that could affect the plants. So now you'll see I took a branch or a clone from the other side too so two clones from the same node essentially and no issues so if you do it right and are careful and gentle, your mother plant is going to be able to keep growing as if nothing even happened. So great healthy way to cut your plants for clones and not have to worry about damaging them or stressing them out and any sort of way.

 What up Growers we are back here for day 6 of the week, and it is about 3 days almost 4 days that these clones have been in the dome now, so I think it was about three and a half days ago I took the cuttings, so that means we have about another 3 to 5 days before we see roots coming out of the bottoms of these rockwool cubes. But that is a little too soon for that. So keeping same conditions , I just have them off for now just for video purposes, So you can see. But you can see all of the growth is still healthy, and I am missing throughout the day to help keep that foliage moist as you don't want it to dry out While it is trying to form those roots. So keep a little water in the tree below is that is important as well but not too much. and we will keep doing that until we get some more roots.

 All right now we are out in the garage where the mother plant is, and I just wanted to give you a quick update on her, I fed her those nutrients last night and you can see she is still looking really good and really perky. And she's got some good vegetative growth still going on. So I still have 525 Bloom Beast LED above her and it is still at that same distance and I still have the seedling dial on at 100% And then veg is on at 75% now. So I might turn that up a little bit in the next couple days here and another thing I wanted to say is in the last clip I said the Clones were taken about three-and-a-half to 4 days ago but it was actually about 2 days ago. 

I don't know why I said that but anyways that means we've got a good four to five Days at least before we start seeing roots coming out of those clones. But as I said in the video, keep doing the same thing, misting the Clones as well as your mother plant, nothing is going to change and terms of how you should be taking care of them. And for the mother plant you want to continue with the nutrient schedule so once you get to that last nutrient mix on the veg chart of whatever schedule if you are following, just keep remix seeing that whenever this time for nutrients if you are in soil that is of course. 

So no need to water the mother plant today and I will be misting still as I'm doing that several times throughout the day. And I will continue for the rest of the veg stage. And again I'm just going to let her continue to grow out here and I'm doing some LST on the lower branches that are growing up through the canopy, nothing with tie-downs, just bending them out and into the light so they can grow up into their own space. But yeah that is pretty much it and I will be back in another 24 hours for the last day of the week.

 What up Growers we are back here for the last day of week 6 and the Clones are doing really well. It actually got a little hot in here last night as well as during this morning so you will notice That some of the fan leaves the tips or the fingers of them are a little bit curled up almost like they got a little burnt, and that is just from the high heat. I did adjust that temperature, so it is not going to continue to worsen or anything like that. You do want to keep an eye on those temperatures though is that is important and I've been looking for a Roots like I keep saying, down in those holes there. 

Where the stem went, as well as for them poking out the bottom but it just still a little premature for that to be happening as it usually takes around 5 to maybe 8 days so right now we are on day 3 I think it is of being in the humidity Dome from Taken as a cutting from the mother plant. So still going to be a few more days before we are seeing roots coming out of the bottom, but expecting that to happen sometime and next week's video with will be week 7 maybe a little bit towards the middle of the week. And until then just keep the Dome completely closed and don't be opening the vents or anything like that. Keep an eye on the plants and make sure no issues are happening, and he burns or anything like that. And of course finally make sure that humidity stays high.

 All right now we are out in the garage to check on Big Mama, to see how she is doing. Just checked the soil and she doesn't need any water or anything like that, so oil is still moist about a quarter or half an inch deep that is. So maybe by tomorrow she will be ready, but anyways I will be missing her and first I want to show you guys something I like to do with my plants that are in veg. So every couple days or once or twice throughout the week I like to look underneath the canopy throughout the Foliage for leaves that are maybe dead or have already died or are starting to die and I just like to pluck those off.

 So leaves like this no longer really benefit the plant, and the reason I look for them Under The Canopy is because that is where they are going to be, just because eventually as New Growth covers them up and prevents light from reaching down below there, they don't get enough light to survive so the plant lets them go as there is no real need for them down there because no light is reaching.

If there was light down there for them to absorb, they would still be alive and would be surviving and thriving down there but they aren't getting any light, so they slowly die off. And it is best to just plug those leaves away because they aren't helping and if they fall off and go into the soil that can be kinda bad for the plant if they start decomposing in the soil.  So I just like to pull them out of there and throw them away as far away from the plants, so there is no chance of the leaves getting back in there. So a lot of people call this method defoliation, I'm just kind of taking one leaf at a time as necessary though, usually defoliation is more of a concentrated removal of leaves from the lower part of the canopy.

But anyways now that that is all gone you can see that this is everything I pulled off for now and it will help the plants a more healthy and help her focus more energy on the new Healthy Growth of top on the plant. And that is really it for today which is the last day of the week, I'm going to give them a misting now of plain pH water and we will be back for week 8 pretty shortly here and hopefully the Clones will be rooting in that week so we can put them into the Solo cups. And then shortly after that we will be moving them out here until this veg tent where they can get a little bigger like their mom right here. Alright peace guys!

 Alright folks that officially concludes this week for the groceries, and I will be back shortly with week we're hopefully these clones will be rooted by then and I can transplant them into Solo cups with some soil. Then after that it should only be a week or so before they are big enough to go out into the Veg tent in their final pots, where I will finish vegging them out with the mother plant coming and prep them for flour. As always thank you guys for watching and until next time... 

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown