Rapid Vegetative Growth + New Grow Lights


What app GreenBox Growers and welcome back to the most lit cannabis grow Channel on YouTube!!!  Now today I'm very excited because we are kicking off week 3 of that NukeHeads Grow Series, and I will be continuing with some more low stress training on those plants as well as that second comparative nutrients feeding between the NukeHeads flower power package and then of course the fox farm Dirty Dozen so get excited for this week. It will be a good one, now before I get started I want to remind you guys that I am continuing my one-on-one grow Guidance free trial wear I myself personally got you over the phone each day with your plants, telling you what to do and how to grow them. 

So that you can get the best results possible, so if you are interested in signing up for that service or trying the free trial out. Just check out my info for mation Down Below in the description I've got my email and cell phone there so feel free to email or text me. And then I can tell you how to sign up for that free trial. Now I don't want to forget to remind you guys to check out our MERCH at greenboxgrown.com under the merch and smoke section. We also have some new merch dropping soon which I will be sporting in the next couple weeks here so you guys can see that. And now that you guys know what we are doing in this video, let's get started with day 1 of the week!

Alright so here we are out in the garage for the first day of the week, and you can see these guys are just blowing up with vegetative growth. This guy in the back here, what is this come on Pineapple Chunk the NukeHeads, and I mean look at all those Little tops coming up through the canopy and just creeping through getting ready to become big main sauce that you shoot up. This one I'm going to pull down the top again today because it kind of covered up the rest of the growth that was trying to get up there, but still doing really well and same with that guy right there. 

The Zkittles  in the front right here you can see it is doing just like that Pineapple Chunk that I was showing you a second ago, it's really getting all of those tops going and spreading them out. And now you can see I've got a good base for the plant now I want all of that growth to start growing up so she has a bunch of different tops. So I'm going to repo down this top as well and I will show you guys that in a second. But yeah all of these ladies are doing really well just check the soil is still moist right under the surface so no need for a watering. As you can see like these three plants here need to be re tied down. They are growing really well, it's just that that main top grew back over the rest of the plant so new tops aren't really coming up.

 So let me get set up I'll be using the usual paper clips and gardening soft tie, now with this man top here I'm going to pull it down again. Because you can see all of these tops growing right under, and all I have to do is take the hook I used the first time around for pulling her  here right under that first new node. And what this will do is just pull her down like that. So this is exactly what I wanted and you can pull her down a little more in there we go. Now all of those tops are getting some light exposed and now that'll probably be the last tie down I do for that plant and maybe a week or so.

 So now these new guys are going to start growing up and hopefully start getting a lot taller, you can see I've got some more wind damage on these leaves so I had to adjust the fans even further. But nothing serious going on there. Now this one I'm going to do the same thing, I'm just going to repull down the main top in the same direction As you can see it started to work by a lot of this new growth going on Under The Canopy right below. And those are all new tops and they just got covered up. So let me just unhook right here, and then I'm going to slide that up to the next node. So they can get some light exposed to them. And then yeah it's really just as simple as that, there we go.

 Okay so this big fan leaf I'm going to kind of Bend out of the way because it is also kind of blocking up there so once you've done a little training like that it's good to give the plants a good misting. And that will just help them recover a little better. But let me pull down these two main tops and then I will be right back for that to show you what it looks like. Alright guys I just finished the low stress training for today and you will see mainly what I did was re pulled over those main tops and just hook them  down closer to that new growth so they weren't covering anything below the canopy.

 Now I am actually really excited to show you guys this, and you are probably going to say what the hell are you excited about, but when I was bending this top here you can see I actually got a little aggressive with her and she snapped slightly. So didn't break all the way through it's only about a third of the way maybe a quarter of the way snapped, so what I'm going to do is tape it back together with some Scotch tape. Now a lot of people might think she is done and she has snapped so  she's going to die. No not at all!

 And actually what that means in fact is it's going to help her a lot with the low stress training because now it is actually considered high stress training because it's going to shock her a lot more than the normal bending. And it's going to cause her to get even more rapid growth. So I don't recommend trying to do this to your branches but if it does happen no worries, it is savable. All you have to do is tape her or wrap her around and tape the part that broke and I'm just using clear Scotch tape is that is what I recommend. And then I'm just going to leave her just like this, I'm not going to bend over tire back down again or anything like that.

 Because I do just want her to focus on healing that growth. I will put an anchor around this Branch right here so kind of stabilizes it but that will be it. After that I'll give them all a plane of pH misting and then that is  It for today's update. Alright peace guys!

What up GreenBox Growers, we are here another 24 hours later for day 2 of week 3 for the NukeHeads grow series here. so they are not quite yet ready for watering so I'm going to wait until tomorrow to do that, but what I will be doing today is giving them a plane at pH misting As I usually do. As you guys can see that second low-stress training that I did a few days ago is really working out nicely and a lot of these tops are going to start growing up in the next few days now. 

So I'm not going to be training them anymore for a little while just so they have a chance to grow up words, but what I will be doing is adding Another grow light that just came in the mail a few days ago here. All right guys so that's it for today's clip and I will be back in that a 24 hours for the next day of the week!

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What up Growers were back here another 24 hours later 4 days 3 of week 3 here and the plants are ready for their next watering, I just checked the soil and it is dry an inch deep so what that means is they are ready for their third plane pH watering since their last nutrient feeding. Now you guys might notice that I have some different lighting setup in here since last clip, and these are the electric sky 300 watt LEDs that they recently sent me. So I'm going to be finishing out this grow even though it's kind of just started I will be growing these plants for the rest of this grow series with these two lights. Just to show you guys what kind of results you can get from the electric sky wideband LED lights.

 Now I recently did a review and unboxing video on these lights when I received them from Electric Sky in the mail, so feel free to go check that out so you can get more details on their lights. I also have a 5% discount on their lights as well as free shipping to the US and Canada. And there is more details on how to get that discount in that particular video. So before I do the watering I want to show you guys the recent growth that I have had. And I just put these lights in here about an hour ago and the instructions they came with said to start with them at about 3 or at least three feet away from the tops of the plants.

 So I've got them at about three and a half little over three and a half feet away and as you can see Also what's really nice is this is really good lighting for filming, so the  light is wide spectrum so you'll see a little bit more of a pinkish peachy color. So because of that I don't really need to use those other lights that I had in here for filming purposes. So you'll see lots of good growth going on and all those tops and knows that I've been bending out with low stress training or starting to grow upwards. Looks like to me that this back Grape Ape is the one that is really grown the best out of everybody but no one has really taken the cake just yet  Because wall this one is a lot taller than the rest it doesn't have as many notes as these Zkittles over here or even the pineapple chunks on the left.

 So at this point each plant is going to take about a quarter of a gallon to get fully water too, and then once I'm done with that I will be missing them. So that is really it for today's update but I will be back in the other 24 hours for the next clip of this week and we will be able to see how the plants react to these lights by then. And that will also give these plants and have time with these new lights above them so we can see what kind of results we are going to start to get from them. Alright peace guys!

 What up GreenBox Growers, we are back for day 4 of the week and this is officially day 2 of having the electric sky LEDs up and the plans are looking really good. They seem to be liking and acting really well to the new light setup so I am happy about that. I do see some leaves tacoing or folding up words which means temperature is a little high in here so I lowered that a few degrees. Turn down the heater a little and besides that seen some really good growth. Now I'm not going to be doing any LST for a little while now because I do want these plants to start growing up before I do that again. They are a little bit on the low side or the short side and they are just kind of growing out and wide so now I want them to grow up and tall and size like this one is doing right here.

 Now I just realized I haven't give you guys an update yet on that Branch I kind of snapped a little bit and damaged, remember if you guys remember I taped it up with some Scotch tape and it has been a few days now but let's see. It looks like I mean it is growing straight up As you can see, it is not leaning or anything like that it's got a lot of new growth too. So it's definitely not dead and there is the tape. Let's see if I can okay yeah you can see where the cut is and it looks like it is healed a decent amount probably not going to remove the tape just yet.

 So I can see yeah you can see that is where the cut is and you can see the tape covering it. But probably going to take another week or week and a half before I am willing to remove the tape. And it doesn't hurt having it so there is no point in removing it too soon. So now I'm going to give the plants a good misting of that plain pH water and that's really it for today. I was saying I'm going to hold off on that  LST for a little bit because I want to get used to set up in here. 

They are all looking really good and healthy as you can see from these close-ups. I think that 900 watt LED might have been a little too much for These couple of plans like these ones here and the ones that are a little short. For whatever reason I guess the Grape Ape isn't fazed by it but we will see how these two new lights are doing anyways. All right grow so that is it for today's update and all I will be doing is continuing with the Mistings. 

No need to water the soil still moist from that last one and here is just a quick look at those LED diodes on the electric sky lights. They are pretty cool looking, don't recommend looking into them straight on and real life is that will probably burn your eyes but in the video you will be just fine. So I will see you guys in another 24 hours for tomorrow's clip.

What US Growers we are back here another 24 hours later for the very next day and you can see the vegetative growth is continuing to go really well. These branches here starting to grow up words now we're before they were just  growing horizontally. You can see I bent that one out a little bit so that is why it is leaning over a little bit at the moment. But it should be standing back up by tomorrow. The one that I had damaged a little bit and taped back together is looking really good and strong. It looks I don't know if you guys can see right there but it looks like it's just about finished healing up.

 And all the rest of the plants are looking really good too. I thought they would be ready for a watering today which would have been their second nutrient feeding but I just checked the soil and is still pretty moist for most of the plants. But it does seem like by tomorrow they should be ready for nutrients. So as you guys can see they are all doing really well in terms of vegetative growth, And like I said the ones that stayed kind of shorter are definitely starting to get taller and are starting to grow upwards now. 

And I am definitely contributing that to having these lights and here raised up pretty high so that they weren't too close and too much power for these younger plants. So since it's too early to water I will just be misting them like always. And I will be back in another 24 hours with your guyses next update which will hopefully be that next nutrient feeding. They are definitely ready for some nutrients as you can see they're turning a little light and color and I don't think that is from light burn. Because I think it is cuz they are ready for nutrients again. So I will see you guys back here tomorrow, peace!

 What up Growers we are back for day 6 of the week and the plants are now ready for their next nutrient feeding. This is going to be there second feeding of nutrients and I will be starting with the fox farm plants and I'm going to do it at half strength for this one. And I'm actually going to be starting with the week 3 mix on the schedule there. So the week 3 of Veggie mix and its pH at 6.3 and a check ppm's and it's at around 918. On the schedule here it actually recommends about 1200 to 1400 PPM for this feeding so I actually went a little bit on the lighter side Since it's only Their second feeding. 

So I have that mixed up right there and then of course some pH water in a spray bottle for misting the leaves. So now that the plans are getting to a decent-size, you really want to get a little more runoff from the feeding. So I've got about a gallon and a half mixed up for these three Fox Farm plants so I'm going to split that evenly between the three of them and then again they are the plants in the front so I will be starting with the pineapple chunk in the front left here. and I like to start in the center than just slowly work out towards the edge of the pot and a circular motion like. just so evenly Waters all of it. 

Like I always tell you guys I like to let some soak in before I go and give them the rest, so I will do that for now and then I'll move over to the Grape Ape in the middle which is actually growing really well when compared to before as you guys can see. I think they are really enjoying these Electric Sky LEDs by the way because sense adding them about 2 days ago now they have really taken off in terms of vegetative growth. So I'm going to finish giving this gallon of and a half splitting it between these three. So I'm going to let that soak in for now and in the meantime I'm just going to be misting these three guys in the front here with that playing at pH water.

 And now I'm going to finish this first Fox Farm nutrient feeding and then I will mix up that NukeHeads mix and we will be right back for that. all right now we are back with the NukeHeads  mix and I did the same thing I did it at half strength and I've got the same amount mixed up and I actually added cal-mag to this mix as well.  I don't know if I mentioned in the last clip I had one teaspoon, I'm sorry I was doing half a teaspoon per gallon of water with the cal mag for my dirty dozen mix and then I did the same ratio here. 

So I know some of you guys do in the comments  before that the new kids flower power nutrients doesn't need anything else added to it. But I do have some clients using it and they said that calmag is definitely something they recommend adding to the mix so that is why I have been doing it. So got that mixed up and pH and the ppm's were at around 1100 in between 1100 and 1200 PPM. So little bit higher than that dirty dozen which isn't a bad thing, we can just know or compare that to see how they react differently. So now let me feed some of those guys in the back with this mix.

 So I will also be missing with the plain pH water but first let me just do some watering by hand for the soil.  Now just like with the dirty dozen plants you're going to want to get some run off with these guys so I've got I've been doing about a gallon and a half mixed up for these three and probably next time I'm going to do more than that because I'm not getting as much run off as I would like. But just be sure to start at the center and soak all of the topsoil going all the way out to the edges of the pot, that is important. Because you do not want any of that soil to stay dry because that will prevent roots from growing out into it.

 So there is the Pineapple Chunk, just gave her that watering and now I will missed and that is it for today's video. We will be back tomorrow and another 24 hours so you guys can see, we should see some good growth overnight here, Vegetative growth that is from this nutrient feeding and hopefully we will be able to start seeing some differences between the foxfarm plants or the plants that are getting the fox farm Dirty Dozen Nutrients. Compared to the plants I'm giving the NukeHeads flower power package. So I will see you guys back here in 24 hours, peace!

 Alright guys we are back here for the very last day of the week here and plants are looking really good. One thing I did notice though is they are starting to get a little bit of light stress so what I did was I turned off one of these LEDs, one of the electric sky LEDs, and I'm just running one of these over the middle of all six of these plants. So that will allow some of them to start growing upwards cuz as you can see well this Pineapple Chunk here and then this Skittles right here, they are both staying really low. 

And I'm starting to see a little yellowing towards the centers of the tops at the top of the plant, so that is another reason for why I turned that off. Because that is another sign of some of the heat stress, I'm sorry some light stress. So you can see here are some other examples of that and you can tell by the way the top is kind of leaning over, so that brings up another point. With light stress not only will you see yellowing towards the centers of the tops, or the higher parts of the plants. But you will also noticed the plants growing away from the light instead of up towards it. 

So you will see like these guys are going out instead of up and this top right here is actually laying over instead of standing straight up so that is another sign that is getting a little stressed out. So again moved that light towards the middle so it’s centered over all of the plants and then turned one of them off. I just misted the plants so no need to do that right now but you should continue misting throughout the day.  And hopefully by next week these guys will start recovering a little bit from that light stress so I can continue with the low stress training at that point.

 Alright Growers, that concludes week 3 of the NukeHeads Grow Series! I'm expecting vegetative growth to start taking off even faster now that I've got those electric sky LEDs more dialed-in. Now I will be back with week 4 of this grow series where there should be a lot more vegetative growth, and I will continue with that low stress training. And as always thank you guys for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown