Clones almost ready for Flower

What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back to week 9 of the mother plant in cloning how to grow series! Now it's been almost a full week now that I have transplanted the Clones out into the veg tent, so they are now going to get some good vegetative growth going now. And like I said I'm going to continue a little bit here throughout the week with low stress training on the mother plant, just to keep her low and to prevent her from outgrowing the tent. So this week is going to be a really exciting one, because those clones are going to start taking off in terms of vegetative growth so that will be really cool to see. 

As always I want to remind you guys to check out our patreon page at the link on the screen right here if you want to sign up for our one-on-one grow guidance where I myself will personally teach you over the phone each day, how to grow cannabis at home. Also feel free to check out our merch at the site under merch and smoke. And now that you guys know what we are doing in this week's video, let's get started with day 1 of the week!

 Alright Growers so here we are out here in the garage For day 1 of the week, and you can see the mother plant and her baby clones are doing really well. I actually decided to turn down, the lights not on right now obviously I just have these lights on for filming.  The bloom Beast it seems like it was a little bit too powerful with the veg switch on at this point, so I turn that off and I just have the seedling dial on at 100%. And that is also probably because I've got this Mars Hydro going in here so both of those combined are enough for the Clones this far.

 You can see up close though they are looking really good at this point, no real damage or anything like that. A little bit of burn at the tips and that is just probably from transplant in a little stress. But nothing to worry about. And the soil is still pretty moist so no watering, but once it does dry out to the point of being ready for water it will be that next nutrient feeding and then of course the soil is still pretty moist for the mother plants and no watering for her. But I will be missing all of them, so that is it for today's update, I'm still misting them one to two times per day at this point. You don't really need to be doing much more than that, but I will be back in another 24 hours for day 2 of the week.

 What up Growers we are back for day 2 of week 9 here, and the mother plant is now ready for her next watering so it's going to be her third plane pH watering since her last nutrient feeding.  And I’m going to pH it of course at 6.3.  Now clones are still not ready for their next watering so soil is still pretty moist so I will just be missing them today, Misting the mother plant as well and that is pretty much it for the update, I'm probably going to be giving the mother plant a full gallon of water maybe a little bit more at this point. 

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Just because of how big and full she is right now. She does need a lot of water, and I'm pretty much watering her that much every other day. So she is getting pretty big and I am hoping she is going to be a big yielder as well. She's already got like I said about 15 to 20 different tops going on there and they all look very nicely shaped in size. Very spread out from each other and that is just because of that low stress training that I keep doing throughout the grow. You know that will help spread those tops out. 

So no training necessary today but I may do some throughout the week just to keep her down and not to tall. And I will keep you guys updated on the Clones as well, They are starting to get some good vegetative growth and are looking very healthy so I will be back in another 24 hours for day 3 of the week.

What up Growers we are back here for days 3 and the plants are looking amazing, the Clones especially are starting to take off. So I just checked the soil and they are not ready but it looks like they will be ready by tomorrow for that next watering, so I will be giving them nutrients then. For today I'll just be spraying them and then for the light I actually turned on the veg dial, so I have the seedling dial at 100% And then the veg dial is at 15% right now for the blue Beast. Now for the mother plant I'm going to be doing some low-stress training on her today just to keep her short some more.

 I don't want her getting too tall but you can see shoes still in optimal shape looking really good, and she is still sprouting new tots here and there while strengthening the ones that are already there. So she is going to be a really good you'll there, the soil is still pretty moist so I won't be watering the soil. But I will be giving her a misting, and that is pretty much it for today's update.

What up Growers, we are back here 24 hours later for day for the week and today is going to be a pretty busy day as both the mother plant and her clones are ready for nutrients. So I'm going to be showing you guys the nutrients feeding for the Clones which is just going to be week one of veg. From the foxfarm schedule and I'm going to be doing it at half string and then I already fed the nutrients to the mother plant which was again that repeated week 4 of veg since that's the last week on the dirty dozen schedule. 

Now I did that at full strength and both mixtures I did with cal-mag at a one teaspoon per gallon of water ratio now of course that was at half strength for the Clones in full strength for the mother plant. Now before we get started today I will also be doing some low-stress training on the mother plant but I won't be showing that in today's video since you've already seen how I do it, but it's going to be the same method, just making sure she doesn't outgrow this tent and get to tall. 

Now I also want to show you guys the trunk of the mother plant because it is getting absolutely massive. So let me give you guys a good shot under here, so you can see how big around and even those little side branches coming off  below there. You can see how sturdy they are getting, and another thing that's cool is as the plants get older and the stem has been around longer it starts to kind of turn into a dark on the outside, and kind of wouldn't up. So you can see it is starting to do that right now actually and that is why I was starting to get that rough look to it Like the trunk of the tree or something like that. 

Eventually it's not going to be a bark but it's just going to form a R Us outer layer for protection of course. So we'll be doing some low-stress training after this video here on the mother plant, and now let's do those nutrients for the clones. And again those are at half strength, and it is the week 1 of veg from the foxfarm schedule. Now this you're going to want to get all of the soil Wet and about 10% run off, so you don't want to over soak them and drown them at this point. But you do want to make sure all of the soil get some water and you are not just watering around the center of the plant in the middle but you want to go all the way out to the edges as what I mean by getting all of the soil wet.

 Now you can see it is pretty dry, that is why the water is kind of just running off the top and is taking a second to soak in. So just water a little bit more slowly and that will help that. So that is probably enough right there for that plant, and then I will be watering the same amount for the rest of them. And now let me just give them a quick misting and that will be really it. So you can see the Clones are definitely starting to take off in terms of vegetative growth, they are all getting new tops going, and some of them are even getting some new branches coming up from below the canopy. So I haven't done any Low-stress training on them yet and I probably will only do a little bit here and there. 

No real tie-downs just kind of bending with the 3-finger technique in the different directions, they was still will get bushy from that it's just I don't have enough room to get them really really big. So you can see there is some really good growth on the clowns going on right below the canopy and those different nodes there.  Let's see if I can get it to focus, and you can see all of the  foliage is really healthy except for the stuff that was there during the cloning process, which is normal for some of that to die off and kind of crisp up a little bit. But, the new growth and most of the old growth is really healthy at this point, so that's really it for today's update. I will be back in another 24 hours for tomorrow's update, but don't forget to do that low stress training on the mother plant. All right, peace guys!

Alright Growers here we are 24 hours later after those nutrients feeding so we are here for day for week 9, and all of the plants are looking especially healthy. So I decided I'm not going to be doing the pullovers or LST with the little clones here just because of how  small the footprints faces of the tent for those clones. So I have five of them here so if I was to start LST they would quickly fill up and I'll grow the tent. And I don't really have any other space for them at this moment. So not going to do any LST training but they will still grow up tall with some lateral branches coming out from the sides but it's not going to be that normal bushy shape what kind of like this right here.

 They will probably get almost as tall as a mother right here but they won't get us bushy with as many tops, but that is all right I'm just here to show you guys how to grow those clones out. And if you were going to do the training on them or wanted to do low-stress training or topping, you would perform it the same way you do in my other videos And it is right about this size and health that they would be ready to go through some training, so you can so you can see going on here underneath the canopy.

And those branches will grow out and become main tops eventually, they just need to get a little taller at this point. And I will probably be turning up that veg dial on this Bloom Beast today. I had it in about 25 or 30%, so I might go up to 50% today because they look like they're handling it pretty well and could actually use a little more power. So it's going to be missing them today and I'm still missing them about 2 times each day throughout the day, so that's what you want to be doing as well, and you can see the mother plant is just doing amazingly.

 She's going to get some really big buds once we flip heard a flower so it's just a matter of time before we do that, I just want to make sure these guys have enough time to grow to a decent size. Probably another 2 weeks and then I will be flipping them. So I will be back in another 24 hours for day 5 of the week, and until then... Happy growing.

All right folks we are back here another 24 hours later to check on the mother plant and clones and this is actually day 6 of the week, yesterday was day 5 not day before so that was my mistake. But today the mother plant is ready for her next water and, I just checked the soil and she is dry about an inch and a half deep so that means she is really ready for some water, so that's going to be the first plane pH watering since the nutrients feeding I did a few days ago. 

Now the Clones are not ready yet for another watering since I did that nutrient one, but they are definitely very happy from that nutrients feeding and are growing very fast and healthy. And you can see it's pretty much perfect vegetative growth, no damage or burn or anything like that. So just going to be giving them a misting, and then the mother plant a misting as well plus that pH watering and that's really it for today. No need to do LST right now as she's not getting too much taller.  But probably will do some tomorrow and we will see how she looks like by then. So that's it for todays update and I will be back in another 24 hours for the next day of the week. All right piece guys!

All right folks we are back here 24 hours later for the last day of the week now the Clones are actually ready for their next watering come or they were ready because I already gave it to them, and that was their first plane pH watering since their last nutrient feeding. And then of course I'm still misting them throughout the day. So the mother plant she doesn't need any watering today, but what I'm going to be doing is lollipopping her, because we are getting closer to flower and she's got a lot of foliage going on below the canopy that isn't really needed anymore. 

So I'm going to get rid of that to make it easier on her to grow so she doesn't have to waste as much energy or nutrients on that growth. So what I will be doing is removing the lower 2/3 of foliage on the plant and then leaving the rest up top. And this will be fan leaves as well as any sort of tops that didn't really make it up or just kind of scraggly growth. So for this process all you're really going to need is a pair of scissors, and of course you want those to be clean and sterilized because you're going to be and you can easily infect her this way if they aren't clean.

 So I'm going to demonstrate a little bit right now. Let's just get the mother plant out here into the open, and all right I found a good little top or a good example of a top that you would want to remove. So you will see this guy right here didn't really make it out from under the canopy so that's why it is so small. And once you flower that is not going to really do much, it's just going to grow some Little LARF or kind of popcorn buds that you don't need. So I'm going to cut that off and also what happens when you remove this lower foliage is it ends up helping the plant Focus that energy up top, so you get bigger buds up top in the end.

 So when removing branches or tops from below, it is important to cut not right at the base but I like to do it or leave a little bit of a stump or a little bit of that Branch behind, because if you cut it all the way to the trunk and that piece of Branch gets infected, You're going to infect the rest of the plant right away. Where if you leave this little stem behind like that, that's going to help it so that if it gets infected you can cut that off and it won't spread to the rest of the plant. So this guy, usually the tops that you remove can be used as clones, but this guy could probably make it I don't recommend it just because I pulled it out from under and it's a little more scraggly of growth. So I'm going to toss that probably or just get rid of it as I don't need that for a clone.

So now I'm going to demonstrate on this Branch right here so this is one of the main tops, out from the side, I'm going to Defoliate the lower thirds you guys can see what that looks like. So that's going to include like I said not just those branches but also the leaves and such. And you can see this growth isn't really going to do much it isn't getting any light so that is why it's so small. So it's not going to harm the plant removing it's just going to help in the end. So make sure you get rid of all that foliage as you don't want to leave that in the soil to decay. Because that will come back and harm your plant.

So let me finish up I'm going to finish the foliating the rest of these branches and plant, and then I will come back to show you what that looks like once completed.   Alright Growers we are back here about 10 minutes later and I am finished lollipopping her, and you can see exactly what I did. I've got a decent pile of leaves here there's a lot of foliage to remove, but really opened up down below Under The Canopy and this is another thing I forgot to mention. Having this process done it's good because it allows air flow or increased airflow to go below the canopy. 

So that prevents different types of pests from getting in there as well as fungicides and moles and other things like that. So it helps prevent a lot of issues having that added air flow down below. So you can see I removed it good amount but I left the very top third, about two-thirds almost of foliage on. So you can see that is important because that is going to help with Bud growth but you don't need it down below because there is no light reaching there. Now another thing I did was I removed a good amount of tops that were really small so you can see all the ones that are left, they have really thick branches. Almost like there are their own trucks or something like that. But you can see the main trunk, that has really fat and up a lot as well.

So yeah I have probably counted about 20 to 25 different stop on here that are really good main tops that will form big cola's. So really looking forward to flipping this mother plant in a couple weeks here, because I really think the flower she's going to put out or going to be really nice. So that concludes today's video, I am finished with lollipopping her and I recommend you guys do it when you get to this stage of their grow. It is going to be a lot of help and it is going to get you much better results when it comes to flowering.

 And then of course, the Clones are doing really well also, and I will be back in another 24 hours for your next update but until then I'm probably just going to miss them a couple more times and then that is it for today. And definitely want to get rid of all of the foliage that you took down from the plant. You don't want to leave it in the tent as it could start to rot and break down and that won't be good for the plant. So there you have the lollipopping process for the mother plant, and I will see you guys back here tomorrow. Peace!

Alright Growers so that officially concludes week 9 of the mother plant and cloning how to grow series. It is pretty crazy how fast this series is going by, and we are almost ready for flower. I am thinking about another two maybe three more weeks of edge, just want to make sure those clothes get big enough. But they are definitely starting to take off and turns of vegetative growth, so it shouldn't be too much longer longer, It will probably get a lot bigger this coming week. And now that we have that Limoncello Haze mother plant lollipops. She is getting ready to be primed for flowers well. So just a few more weeks here before we flipped the plants, and then that is it for this week's update. so as always thank you guys for watching and until next time... 

Happy growing!!! 
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown