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What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back to the most lit cannabis growing Channel!  Now as a lot of you already noticed, YouTube has made some serious changes to their  policies as of lately. And they have actually ended up removing most cannabis related channels from their platform, along with the GreenBox Grown channel and all of our how to videos. So as a reaction, what I have done is made a few changes to GreenBox Grown, and I wanted to take this opportunity to show you guys and explain to you guys in this video what those changes are.

So first of all our grow videos are now available for $14.99 per month, and that includes unlimited access to the entire Grow video library as well as the new videos that are uploaded every other day. Now for comparison there are some other online grow courses specific for cannabis growing and most of them start at around $99 to $150 a month. So for $14.99 a month that is pretty good because our library of videos is ever-expanding and we are always covering new topics as well as new styles of growing. And what that means for you is there will always be fresh content for you to watch and more things for you to learn and try out in your very own Grow Room.

What is also really cool is these videos come with a two-week free trial no matter what, so if you want to sign up and try them out, you don't have to pay and you can cancel at anytime. And to sign up for those videos all you have to do is visit that link right here on the GreenBox Grown website, and then you'll scroll down to those videos and just hit that button that is overlaid on the videos that says “Subscribe”. Now as a heads up, these videos and pictures that I've got going here in the bottom corner are highlights of the videos that I've got going as well as results from a lot of the first time Growers that have used these videos and courses to get their grow started. 

So you can see what kind of results you'll be able to get just by following these videos, and again these are all from first time Growers who have never grown cannabis before, and they are getting top-notch results on their very first grow using the GreenBox Grown step by step videos. Now the next major change that have been made here GreenBox Grown, is our pricing for that one-on-one grow guidance that I offer. And again that is the service where I teach you guys personally over the phone each day how to grow. So essentially I am like a personal cannabis growing consultant, and all you have to do is pay a monthly fee for unlimited access to my services.

 So now this is starting at $99 a month and again that is for unlimited texting and email contact with myself. And that is a service where I will be helping you everyday over the phone showing you exactly what to do. Now the service works really great when paired with my videos, but I do recommend starting off with the step-by-step videos and then checking out this one-on-one grow got in service if you feel like you need some extra help from myself.  And one last thing I would like to say about my one-on-one Grove guidance, is most cannabis growing consultant start at $150 per hour, so for $99 you are getting unlimited access to my help for an entire month!  When compared to that same price for one hour of help from a cannabis Consulting.  So really good deal there as well and you can see the results you'll be getting from my help just from these videos and pictures.

Alright folks, so there you have all the new things going on over here at GreenBox Grown and again be really excited because I do have a lot of grow videos and series coming out soon. I'll be doing a little Hydroponics with a nice dwc or deep water culture setup. So be on the lookout for that, and again if you are interested in signing up for that two-week free trial to the entire Grow video library on the GreenBox Grown website. All you have to do is visit this link right here and then scroll down to the videos and click that subscribe button overlaid on top of them. 

Now if you want to learn more about my one-on-one grow guidance and Consulting, visit this link here and you will see all of the details and info on that. And there are a few explainer videos on there for more details as well. Now that is all I have for today's video, but I really appreciate your guyses time and I hope this clears everything up with the new changes going on at GreenBox Grown. Feel free to email me directly at my email address right here if you have any further questions I did not answer in this video, And until next time…

Happy Growing!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown