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What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back to the most lit cannabis grow Channel! Now today kicks off week 6 of vegetation for that NukeHeads grow series. And it's going to be a very exciting one cuz I'll be adding in that second Electric Sky LED grow light. So I want to get that in there so the plants can get used to it, and also I want to get some more vegetative growth throughout the tent. You'll see there are some spaces in the corners that aren't getting enough light and then I'm thinking depending on how the plants react to the second light I'm probably going to flip the plants in another week and a half to two weeks.

 Maybe a little bit more, like I said it just depends on how they react to that second grow light. So don't forget I'm also offering my one-on-one grow guidance for $10 a month and if you want to sign up for that, just visit the link here on the screen. And what that subscription gets you is access to my help over the phone so I can show you exactly what to do with your cannabis plants, to get the best results possible. Also don't forget to check out our merch at GreenBoxGrown.com under the merch and smoke section. And now that you guys are know what we are doing in today's video, let's get started with day 1 of the week!

 Alright Growers, so here we are for day one of the week outside here in the vegetative tent, and you can see first thing I want to point out as I've added that second Electric Sky LED. So I've got both of those In there, and I will also be running the carbon filter and now that I've got that second light in there, just to help keep things cool. And also as we are getting bigger size plants, they are also starting to smell almost as if they are in flower so even though they are not flowering yet they are  giving off a pretty strong and dank smell. 

So the carbon filter will help with lowering that smell as well. So no more low-stress training for the rest of this series and like I was saying I'm probably going to be a week to another two weeks of veg before I flip them in the flower so for now all I am really doing for maintenance is missing them two times throughout the day, getting some good coverage throughout the canopy. Making sure the leaves below are getting a good missing as well. And that is pretty much it, so I will be trimming up the lower growth and underneath the canopy once it is time to flip to flower just so that we don't waste any energy down there on some of those popcorn Buds. So that is it for day 1 of week 6, and I will be back in another 24 hours for day 2 of the week.

Alright Growers, we are back here for the second day of the week and I actually decided to do the lollipopping today. So that is what I'm going to show you in today's video, first off they are ready for a watering and I already did it so that was the second plane pH watering that they were getting since that last nutrients feeding. And I was going for about 25% run off, so it was a little over a gallon per plant that I did. So first let me explain to you guys why we are going to be doing this, so you can see that there are a lot of different tops growing, and there is also down below here a lot of growth going on below the canopy.

 And what happens is a lot of tops that are coming from well below the canopy, try to stretch up to the light sometimes they don't make it, and you will find branches that are literally weaving and sneaking through out the canopy and underneath the canopy just trying to get up to that light. And so those branches never really make it up to the canopy and if they do they're usually very weak just because of how extended away from the plant they are. so what are we doing today is cutting those branches and leaves out so only the good main tops that made it up to the canopy nice and healthy are going to be left. 

And what that'll do is allow the plant to focus all of its energy on those main tops that are going to get the best lighting for Bud development. And also it's going to allow for other good tops to grow up instead of creating ones that are snaking throughout the canopy, Like I was just describing. So I'm going to be demonstrating on the Skittles Plant Right here and that's the fox farm one, so let me pull that out and give you an example of how to lollipop your plant. Okay so what we are going to be focusing on is the lower two-thirds of the branches and then of course like I was saying the tops that did not make it through the canopy. 

So with those branches, the lower 2/3 you're going to be removing the foliage and leaves. And then for the branches or the tops that you want to remove, you are going to snip them about 2in from where they meet the main trunk of the plant and the reason for that is if they get infected or there is an issue, you then have some space before they infect that mean part of the trunk. And the rest of the plant. So just a safety precaution there. Now I'm going to start back here towards the back underside of this man talk right here and the reason being is because you will see you there a lot of little tops that just didn't make it and are not going to have enough space to do so anyway.

So first off you will see I am not using my Fiskar trimmers and I am using this bigger pair of scissors. Reason being as these larger branches are going to dull the Fiskars really easily and it is just easier to do it this way. So you're not going to be chopping out it with your scissors like you would the Fiskars which would also kind of stressed out the plant and shocked it a little bit, so this was just to clean it so again you have a couple inches or an inch from the main part where the main stuck where they connect. And just clip. Now if you guys need clones either perfect clones that you can use. 

All you got to do is cut a 45 degree angle right there, you know going like so to the main stem or the stock. And then clip off most of these fan leaves that are below, leave the two laptop there and then clip off half of the fingers right off the leaf, and you are set. And then all you need is some rooting hormone and stick it into a rockwool cube and you are good to go. Now I do have a video series on how to clone so if you want to hop over and check that out feel free to do so. But these clippings hear that I will be taking are going to be perfect candidate for clones. Especially with this Healthy Growth going on.

 So I don't need any clones so I won't be doing that, but what I will be doing is removing the foliage as well, and the rest of these toss that didn't really make it. Now I can be very gentle, you don't need to stress the plan out or Jerk it around, and if you are finding dying or yellowing leaves or crispy leaves, like that right there. Feel free to pull them off. You'll see that one just came right off without me even really tugging on it, and that is just because the plant has let go of it and has no real use for them. So now I'm going to finish up lollipopping and trimming this plan and getting all of the lower 2/3 trimmed up, as well as those cops that didn't make it. And then I will be right back to show you what that looks like.

 One quick thing that I wanted to show you guys I almost missed it, is those branches that I was talking about that kind of snake through the canopy. So let me just pull some of these branches apart and you can see like here is one right here.   And you can see like here is one right here and you can see how long and skinny it is growing, and while it is getting really tall it is going to be a really weak  stem just because of how it is. So I'm just going to get rid of that one and you'll see there's a lot that they look like vines pretty much.

 They are really skinny and just kind of wrapped around all of that other growth, and here is another one. You can see it is really weak and they can't really stand up very well on their own, so I'm just going to take those out to help the plant grow a lot better.

 Alright guys so I just finished trimming up or lollipopping this first Skittles plant, and I want to show you guys the results. So you can see we really just left those Main tops and branches That are growing big and healthy, took out all the scraggly stuff. Just because it is not going to really make anything good happen in terms of Bud growth. So you will see all of the Foliage for the most part has been removed as well. So we just left everything up top on their kind of like a nice looking haircut, and reason being is because this is going to allow for more branches or more space for branches to fill out the upper part of the canopy.

And then also it's not going to be wasting any energy on that growth and foliage down below that way because you removed all of that so now it will focus all of it on top. And that is important because the stuff down below that is not going to get as much light wont really fully develop into good bud, where if you do it like this you will focus all of the growth and energy up top for those good top shelf Budz. So now we're going to trim up the rest of these plants in here and then we will be back for a shot of that so you can see what that looks like.

Alright guy said we were doing some of this lollipopping and defoliation of the lower part of the canopy and I noticed that this plant right here, if you take a look from this angle right here it is leaning over towards that side of the pot. It's not really sitting upright, so what I'm going to do is read anchor it so it is sitting back right up. Alright so first I'm going to just  tie or anchor the gardening tie around the base of this plant, you don't want it up here because you don't want to bend or stress it.

 And all you need to do is wrap it around a couple of times Loop it around like so, and then take this and your clip, pull it over until it's about in the position you want it, which is going to be about right there for me.  And then just clip it to the side of the pot. Now you might want to pull a little extra just because it's a fabric pot it is going to give a little bit. As you can see there. So let me just pull like that, and there we go. So now you can see all the tops are all pointing  upright facing right up towards the light where I'll be. They are not leaning over to one side or the other in the plant is more centered over the pot now so it's going to be more stabilized.

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 That is also good because when it is leaning, that is going to put stress on the roots because it's kind of like it is pulling over to one side and of course you don't want that. So this is going to help it grow much healthier and larger buds. Are right Growers we are back here after all of the lollipopping and defoliation has been completed, and you can see we have removed all of those tops that didn't make it up to the canopy, as well as any foliage that was on the bottom 2/3 of the plant. So you can see they've got that kind of skeleton look down below and that is really good because That is going to allow for added air flow down below there.

 And it is going to make sure that no bugs or pests or any sort of molds can form down there because of that air flow. So that is good for that, and then it is also going to prevent the plants from wasting any energy on growth that is not going to add up to any good bud growth. So let me show you guys the tops of the plants also so you can see what's left, looks like we gave them a nice high and tight haircut. Left a little up on top. Yeah we basically just left The first couple sets a fan leaves from the top node and then cut everything else off. 

But you can see there is a good amount more space which is what we wanted, because now those buds will have more room to grow. And then also maybe some more solidified tops will grow through and become Big Buds as well. So going to probably give them about another week and a half to two weeks of vegetative growth. And then we will be flipping them into flour, so that is it for the lollipopping and trimming process, and I will be back in another 24 hours for the next day of the week. All right piece guys.

What up Growers we are back here another 24 hours later since I did that lollipopping and defoliation of the plants, as you can see here. So does now day 3 hero of the week now, and so far they have responded really well to that. So I took out a lot of foliage down below as well as a lot of tops and the reason for that is they had overcrowded each other and there wasn't enough space for them to grow individually strong enough so they could grow nice and big colas.

 So what I did was I removed everything that wasn't going to grow into a nice big bud, and I just kept those healthy strong tops that will grow big and have enough space to have a big bud growing on top of them. So you'll see here not as many tops like I said but a lot more space for them to grow and the ones that are left are going to have massive buds growing on them. So next week and a half that we have left a veg maybe 2 weeks, and these different tops are going to start growing up into their own little spaces.

 And they are going to fill out the tent again like they were before, it's just there won't be as much stuff going on below the canopy where there isn't as much light reaching. So you can see like before there was complete darkness reaching down below here before I did all the trimming. Because no lie was reaching through the canopy, so that's going to also help get some bigger tops growing up through there as well. And you can also see it just looks like they are the skeletons of the plant left. Because you can see all these little tops growing.

 And That is good because it is good to have these tall strong branches that are really long like that because they are going to be able to grow big long buds. And there are going to be a lot bigger yielders. And having the foliage chopped off down below there prevent it from wasting and the energy work growth down there below the canopy where the buds aren't really going to be getting much light to fully develop. Since they're getting all those little scraggly popcorn buds, you're just going to get the big main colas up top. 

That's why I left this top layer of foliage, at the top third of the plant. So nothing to do today in terms of water and, will be misting them and I am still missing about twice each day. And that is really it for today's update, should see a lot of good growth throughout the rest of this week now that these tops have some more space. All right guys that is it for todays Update but I will be back in another 24 hours for the next day of the week but until then, Happy growing!

 Alright so we are back here another 24 hours for today for the week and this is about two and a half, three days after I did that most recent of foliation, and I actually took quite a bit more the family is off. I didn't take any more tops or branches. And the reason being is what I wanted to do was open up some more light to some toss that were growing pretty strong but they were starting to get blocked up by fan leaves. So when you are doing your defoliation, one of the biggest things you are going to want to remove is the fan leaves.

 And you want to be strategic and that you remove fan leaves that are on top of other tops, or kind of blocking light that would get to certain tops that would grow nice and tall. So you can see I removed a lot of those really big fan leaves, you can see a lot of these are pretty massive. Bigger than my hand in fact, and what you will notice it's now like this Grape Ape up front here has about 10 tops that were being blocked buy those main big fan leaves up top, and now those branches are able, I bent them out using a little LST and now they are out in the sunlight or under the grow light, getting their own light. 

And now they will be able to get a lot bigger and grow up above the canopy to be a main top as well. So we are going to start to see a lot more tops filling out the canopy throughout this week and next week. Depending on how big they are by the end of next week, and may do another week of veg, but I just want to get a nice table top shape with a canopy full of tops. not really a lot of fan leaves. See I might even remove this big one right here because you can see how big of an area it takes up and then it casts a shadow and blocks everything from growing up that is below it.

And so yeah it is just really good to remove that. Now before it was a lot more dense with foliage, these plants where that is. And it looked a lot Fuller in here like we were going to get a lot of Bud, but most of that growth was fan leaves. So those like I said grow a lot of light and you want to get a lot of tops because that's where the buds are going to grow, the fan leaves aren't going to be growing those. So always good to remove those big ones just because they are blocking a lot of light. But besides that, that is really it for today's update, and I will be back in another 24 hours for your next one. And until then I will just be misting these guys throughout the day.

 What up Growers, we are back 24 hours later for day 5 of the week, and the plants were ready for their next watering so I did that just a minute ago. And that was their third plain pH water. Since their last nutrient feeding, now I actually went ahead and turned off one of the LED lights as you can see here, as now that I trimmed off all of that extra foliage, they didn't have As much and it doesn't seem like they need as much light either. Because as you can see it was getting pretty hot in here so a lot of the leaves were tacoing up and folding up, mainly the ones at the very top of the plants.

 And then there's also been some kind of drooping and yellowing, some early signs of light stress basically. So that is another reason why I turn that second light off and then I just sent her. The one that is still on over all of the plants. But you can see all of those tops they are getting some really good growth, they are getting taller and finding their own space, just seems like the leaves are not very happy right now, you're kind of folded up or twist it up. So I wanted to get that extra light off and just make sure that it wasn't too hot or too powerful in there before I did too much damage. 

So turned on that second light off, will be giving them a misting and you should still be missing throughout the day at this point. And I will be back in another 24 hours so we can check up and see how these guys react to having that light turned off. So I will see you guys then, peace!

 What up Growers We are now back here now for day 6 of the week, and this is not 24 hours later since I turned off that second LED. Out earlier today it look like it actually helped a lot, as all the leaves are standing back up perfectly there was no drooping, and the leaves, none of them were tacoed or folded up words. They are tacod or folded a little bit upwords at this point, and some are drooping. So it might be because it is later in the day and almost night time for these plants. Or just because they are still recovering a little bit from that shock Of that second light. But who knows I may have to turn that second light back on sooner than later I just want to see how they react it off. 

So that is really it for today's update, but before I go I wanted to show you guys that the plants are actually showing their sex at this point. So I want to show you guys how you can spot that. Now the best way to tell by looking under the canopy up close at the nodes. And what you are looking for is essentially white pistols kind of like what they form during the flowering stage. So they kind of look like little spikes coming out from the nodes there. 

Let me see if I can get a focused shot on them. All right so here is a little bit of A focused shot. You can kind of see those little white pistols. There is a white pistol right they're growing out of that node as you can see. But yeah that's how you tell the sex of your plants, if they are female or photoperiod Plants. If they are autoflowers you will tell a lot earlier on. But yeah that is how you can tell. So that is it for today's update and I will be back in another 24 hours, alright peace guys!

 What up what up, we are back here 24 hours later for the last day of the week, and the girls are actually looking really happy today so I think turning off that second LED is starting to pay off. They actually look like they grew a couple inches since the last video, I don't know if you guys can tell that. But the Grape Ape definitely look taller and this one in the back left, let me see. I always get confused, these are either okay yeah left side is Pineapple Chunk, right side is Skittles. 

So I mean the Pineapple Chunk right here they look like they got a lot taller too. So very happy about that decision to take the light off. I will flip the second one on during flower at some point. and that's probably going to be, flowers probably going to be after next week. So I will complete  week 7 which will be next week. And then at the  start of week 8 I will flip them into flour. Now you can see all of the growth up top is looking really good starting to stand up flat. You can see the leaves aren't all curled up as much as before, they are flattened out. And they even Look Alot perkier. The talks aren't leaning over or anything like that.

And then down below here let's check out how that lollipopping is holding up. So looks really good, I like how it looks like a skeleton down here and you can just see what is left of those branches, but those soon will have nice big buds on them. And you can see pretty much all of the ones in the back look just the same. A bunch of nice long shoots branching out from the very center. And you can see also, now that it is cleared up some space down here I like to take my misting bottle when spraying them. And I like the it upside down and spray it in here to get the undersides Of the leaves and below the canopy. And they really seem to like that as well.

 So hopefully another week of veg and then we are going into flower. Obviously no more low-stress training for the rest of this bro, we are just going to let them get taller and fill out the rest of the tent now that that lollipopping is done also. And I will be back for next week which will be week 7, very shortly here. Alright peace guys!

 Alright GreenBox Growers, so that concludes week 6 of the NukeHeads series and now that the plants have recovered from that light stress and have also come back from that lollipopping we did earlier this week. We are going to get them into flowering mode probably at the beginning of week 8. So week 7 is coming up now, and that is going to be another week of vegetation, but most likely the final week of vegetation and then we will be flipping over to flower. So get excited for that, and in the meantime thank you guys for watching this video and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown