Final Transplant for Clones


What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back for another live episode of GreenBox Grown!   Now today kicks off week 8 of that mother plant and cloning grow series, and as you guys know from last week's video I just transplanted those clones that rooted into the Solo cups with some of that ocean forest soil. So I really hoping by the end of this week beginning of next week does Plants will be ready for transplant to out in the big tent in the garage with the mother plant. And during this week we should see some good vegetative growth from the Clones that I planted. Now I am hoping that that one clone that hasn't rooted yet makes it through, but we are going to wait probably until the end of this week before deciding to just toss it If it doesn't root by then.

 Because I already have one big mother plant in that tent as well as these for rooted clones so it's going to be pretty tight in there as is. But if she does root by the end of this week we will keep her around. So let's see what happens with that. And before we get started this week's video, don't forget to checkout patreon where you can sign up for one-on-one grow guidance from myself. And I will personally help you so you can learn how to get those top-notch results with your plants at home.  Also feel free to check out Merch and smoke gear here at And now that you guys know what we are doing in this week's video, let's get started with day 1 of the week! 

Alright guys so here we are in the seedling tent with those clones for day one of the week, and the first thing I'm going to do before I open it up is I'm going to open the vents a little further so that I've got them about a quarter of the way open and then I'm going to open them to half way. So You want to do a little bit each day so you can slowly lower that humidity and then that allowed the Clones to get use to that environment where they aren't going to be in the dome any further. Like I was saying in the intro, all of them have rooted and have been transplanted except for this one over here.

 So I'm going to give her till the end of this week to see if she is going to grow any roots or sprout or anything like that. But in the meantime just be sure to keep misting them and keep the same Humidity and temperature as we have been for the last couple of weeks now. And then I am hoping by the end of this week or early next week these guys will be big enough to be transplanted outside into the garage to the veg tent. So right now they're going to start getting some vegetative growth going.

 Over the last few weeks they have just been rooting and working on that. So there hasn't been much grow, but you can see at the nodes down below like below the main top here, they already have some new leaves that are sprouting and are starting to develop pretty nicely. So just focus, you don't need to water them cuz we did water them yesterday during the transplant in last week's video. So all you really need to do right now is miss them with the plain water and make sure the humidity Dome is misted on the underneath side and that is pretty much it. So I will be back in another 24 hours for day 2 of the week. 

And now here we are Outside in the garage with the mother plant of course she is looking amazing as always. Nothing new to be doing to her right now though just letting her veg out while we wait for those clones to catch up. And going to be misting here shortly here, so you want to continue doing that as we're going to do that for the rest of veg and let me give you guys a quick couple of close up so you guys can see how those tops are doing and all those individual ones. And you can see that training did help a lot over here Letting those tops come up and in fact I'm going to bed that main top one more time right now with some LST. 

Just so we can allow these guys underneath to finish growing up and out from underneath the canopy. you don't want to leave them under her Shadow as they will just stay small forever and this will help with these guys here. And I'm going to tuck this big family under here a little bit because that will help let some light down below so they can grow up also. So that was pretty much it and all you need to be doing, let me give her a quick misting up some pH water plain pH water and then That is really it for today's update. and I'll be back in another 24 hours for day 2 of week 8. Alright peace guys!

Alright what up Growers we are back here another 24 hours later for day 2 of the week and guess who decided to finally root and Sprout something out of the bottom of their Solo Cup. So yeah this guy in the back left here, the one I was talking about she must have heard me. Because she now has that little route as you can see on the right side there come on when I get under the light. Yeah you can see that route coming out and it is about a quarter inch in length so I'm going to pot, So I'm going to plant her into some soil just like these guys right here in the Solo cups and then I will be right back to show you that. 

So I know I did say it's going to be a little crowded if this guy does pull through, but I am actually pretty stoked about it because this clone did stay the healthiest out of all of them I mean look at that fan Leaf right there,  It's still in perfect shape which is pretty cool. So now I've got all five in here transplanted and it's probably going to be in here till the end of this week or early next week until I see some roots coming out of the bottoms of those Solo cups and then that is when I'm going to transplant them again into those final smart pots.  

Which I think I will probably Be doing 2 or 3 gallon pots I haven't decided yet. But just to give you guys some good looks, of their growth, the vegetative growth is a little stressed out and I was just because they have been Focusing so hard on the roots early on and now that they are in the soil and getting Nutrients and are just fine, they are going to grow a lot more healthy vegetative growth. Now all I will be doing is giving them a good misting like I have been doing throughout the day. you still want to continue with that, and at this point I'm going to have those vents completely open at the top of the humidity Dome so I can start lowering that humidity a little bit more. So please get those all the way open at this point.

And I will be working up to having the Dome completely off. So now let's go check out the mother plant see how she is doing outside the garage. All right guys so now we are out in the garage with the mother plant in this tent here, and she is doing really well as always. I just checked the soil and she's actually ready for her next watering,  so that is actually going to be a nutrient feeding. And that will be the week for mix on the fox farm veg schedule. So I will be doing that one at full strength as well as a full teaspoon of Cal Mag per gallon of water. 

 And then I will be pH in that around 6.3 and still misting as well throughout the day. So that's pretty much it for the mother plant update, I'm not going to be doing any LST for now, but let's see those tops they did start to make it through the canopy from that last training I did to the Big Top here. So let them grow up a little more and then I will do some more training once I feel like it is time for that. All right guys so that is really it for 2 days clip and I will be back in another 24 hours.  Peace!

 All right guys, we are back for day 3 of the week and we are actually getting some really good vegetative and root growth, so let's check that out.  So first thing too by the way we are now going to have the Dome off for the rest of the. That the Clones are in this cloning tent. So no need to put the cloning Dome back on from here on out. All right so hit you guys can see they are definitely now focusing on some good vegetative growth. You can see there are some new leaves sprouting, some nice new green growth, it looks very healthy. And then also you'll see hear that there are some roots coming out of the bottoms already.

 Now that's pretty normal because I did plant them pretty far down into the Solo cups. Let's see if you can see that root there, most of them have Roots out but what I'm going to do is leave them in here for a few more days still let them get a little bigger and let them settle under this 45 watt light now that they have rooted. And then by the end of this week I will move them out into the veg tent and Transplant them into their final smart pots. For now you're going to want to keep some water down in the slats just about a quarter inch. And you still going to want to mist them about 2-3 times throughout the day. So keeping temperature and humidity about the same as usual, actually humidity should be more around 65%, just below 70. And temperature right around 75, 77 degrees Fahrenheit. So now it's head outside to check on the Lemoncello Haze Mother Plant!

Alright so here we are outside with big mama out in the garage, and you can see she has developed really nicely a big even bushy shape. You can see a lot of the tops up here and the main part of the can of here about the same height, of course except for the big main top right there. But you can see the rest Are right around the same height which is good because that means they are going to get the same amount of light as well during the flowering stage, which will allow those buds to develop evenly all the way across the canopy. So let's see if she is ready for some water, so I'm feeling the soil and it's still pretty moist. So no need for water today but I will give her a plane pH misting. 

And I am still missing about two to three times each day. And really getting some good coverage all the way around making sure to get the undersides of the leaves as well. So that is really important, not going to be doing Any low stress training today because she has filled out a pretty good portion of the tent, and I still have 5 colognes that are going to be moving out here shortly. So with this amount of space left I'm thinking I'll probably do one or two gallon smart pots or maybe I'll even go with the air route spot since they can still get really large and side of those when they are still small size pots. And I'll just probably veg them for 3 to 4 weeks before flipping them to flower. But that is it for today's update and I will be back in another 24 hours, peace!

Alright guys we are back here 24 hours later for day 4 of the week, and the Clones are looking really good. Getting some good vegetative growth going and they all have roots coming out of the bottom of their Solo Cup. So they are going to be ready for transplant tomorrow which is when I'm going to put them out there into the veg tent. I just want to give them one more night and the cloning tent. And then also I'm going to be putting them into these two guys are root pots. So they are just two gallons which seems really small, but because they are are Roots they can actually grow a plant about the size of what you could grow in like a 6 or 7 gallon plastic pot. So pretty good size plant will grow In there, and besides that just going to give the Clones a good quick misting. 

Now let me give you guys a good little close up so you can see that new vegetative growth I was going there. Now you can see you that burnt up stuff that was burnt up during the process of reading is still there. and I will probably clip some of that or trim some of it away, once out in the big tent. And this guy right here is the smallest by far of all of them so I'm kind of curious to see how she does. But still going to give her a chance and let her try and grow in the veg tent. So this one over here is probably the best, these two they are both getting a lot of new growth going and are very Vibrant with their colors. So that is really it for today and I will be in showing you guys now the mother plant downstairs to show you how she's doing.

All right now we are out here in the garage and going to check on the mother plant really quick here. And I actually just picked the soil and she is ready for her next watering, so I'm going to give her her first plane pH watering since the last nutrient feeding. And I'll probably be giving her about three-quarters of a gallon just because of how big she is right now and that will give me about 20 to 25% runoff which is a good amount. So I'm going to say I'm done with the low stress training on this plan for the rest of the grow, she is just as large as I want her and I saved some space like Ive been saying for those clones that are going to be moving out here tomorrow. So for now just going to maintain her and keep that healthy foliage going.

Another thing you want to check on is the foliage growing below the canopy as it can start to yellow and die off as the upper part of the canopy covers it up and blocks the light from reaching down below. So because we are not going to be doing any more training, this is kind of going to be the solid size and shape of the plant. She will get a little taller and stretch a little further but she is not going to really be getting too many more tops poking up through the canopy. 

So let me grab the spray bottle and I will give her a good misting and that will be it for today's update. One thing I forgot to mention is I did adjust the direction that was blowing in because she is getting taller And reaching the upper part of the tent.  So, originally I had the fan blowing like this and it was getting some good coverage on the plant. But before she was shorter so that mean top right there wasn't getting blown over like so by the fan. So all I did was move the fan into the position you just saw that I wasn't happening and now she is still going to get some good movement in there.

Especially once I close up the doors because the air is going to be cycling around. Instead of just blowing out of the tent, and it is not going to destroy the fan leaves on that top so good idea to move your fans around as your plants start to fill out and get bigger in size because it will damage them if you have the leaves fluttering around to vigorously or the fans are just blowing on them too hard. So that is it for today's update I will be back in another 24 hours for day 5 of the week, peace!

All right guys it is not 24 hours later which means it is day five of the week now and they are ready to be transplanted outside into the main tent. So let me just give you guys a quick shot of how these clones are looking before we do that, and then we will move outside into the garage. Now they all have roots coming out of the bottom, some more than others and you can see they kind of pruned or are pruned some of those routes because I didn't keep a lot of water in the tray. And that is normal just because I didn't want the routes to continue to get really long right before transplant because I can kind of create a mess. So this guy, they all have some good vegetative growth going but this guy is still pretty small so we will see how it out there, but that is pretty much for this update here, So now let's head outside and get the transplant going!

Alright guys we are now outside in the garage and big mama has now been reconnected with her babies! So we are going to get these guys into their 2-gallon Air route spots which you can see here, and that is what we will be doing today just giving them a transplant. So I did change up the tent a little bit, I move some of the stuff the fan in the heater over here to open up some more space on the floor for the plants.

And then I also added this second LED light which is a Mars hydro and I believe it is the 96 from their reflector-series.  And then I'm going to use the bloom Beast over the clones for now since I can adjust the power from that and just make sure that I don't shock them with two powerful of a light from the beginning. So what I have done is taken one of my air route spots here and have filled it up about 3/4 of the way with soil.

 And with these guys because of these little divots and fingers that are protruding in words, because of the shape of the pot is like that on the inside, you want to make sure to fill the soil up a little bit and then shake it so it can settle into those areas. You don't want a lot of air pockets, you want to fill it up with soil. So did that, and now what I'm going to do is take one of my clones and I'll start with this big healthy guy right here. You're going to want to gently squeeze around the edges of the Solo Cup just too kind of loosen that soil. And here's a good close-up of some of those roots coming up out of the bottom and you can see of some really good root growth. And let me just get the tag out of there.

 Now once you have loosened up the soil pretty well just put your hand covering the stem like so over the top of the cup and then just turn it upside down and she will just come right out like that. So you can see there's a lot of good root growth going on it under there, she was starting to Circle a little bit so we got her out of the cup in time before any rootbound issues were to happen. And now I'm going to take my Solo Cup I should have done this before but I'm just going to kind of imprint it into the middle very center of the pot. Just to kind of pre-press a little area for the plant to go. And now gently just flip her over and put her in like so. It is normal for the soil too kind of fall apart like that too, it is just part of the deal.

And now all you got to do is cover up the rest of the pot with soil and your transplant is complete. So you just want to fill in around the edges and you want to be careful as you don't want to plant it with the girl leaning to one side, so make sure she is standing up right. And again you want to fill in all of those little crevices so be sure to spread the soil and shake it around till it does so. So let me finish this transplant and then we will be right back to give you an update. Alright so the transplant is complete, I have all five of the Clones into their final pots. And again those are the 2 gallon air routes pots.

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 Made sure made sure to made sure to put directly under the BloomBeast and I have it dialed up so that the seedling dial is at 100% on And then I've got the veg dial on at 50%. That's just because it is much higher than before when I had started the seedling in here, so that is why I've got the power turned up a little further.  Now I do have the Mars Hydro reflector light just on the growth or veg switch, not the bloom yet. So that is good over here and now that everything is transplanted, all you want to do is give them a good missing and you'll want to continue with that each day. And also give them a good watering of just plain pH water, reason is you don't want that soil to be super dry because then the roots aren't going to want to grow out into that new space.

And this just helps the loose soil find its way into any crevices you missed or any air pockets that were created, and then that will help eliminate and just get the roots to settle into their new home. So it doesn't have to be a lot of water, just a couple cups worth, I will probably use this whole water bottle for each plant actually. And then just want to give them a good misting, and then you were all finished. So that is pretty much it for today's update, and I will be back in another 24 hours for your next update so you can see how these clones are doing in their new home. All right, peace guys!

What up Growers, we are back here another 24 hours later for the very next day of the week and as you can see, the mother plant was more than ready for her next watering so I already fed her which was just her second plane pH watering since that last nutrient feeding. So she is starting to perk up already and she will be perked up in another 30 minutes or so, so nothing to worry about there. And then the Clones are thriving and doing very well now. 

It is about 2 days now They have been in this tent now and they are starting to get some good growth going now and turns a vegetative growth. The soil is still pretty moist since that first watering I gave them when I transplanted, but once it is dry enough for its next watering I will be giving them a nutrient feeding. So I will discuss more on what that mixture will be once it is time, and besides that I am just missing them a couple of times each day throughout the day, and you want to give them 1 in the morning then one in the afternoon and you know once more is okay if it's a few hours before lights off.

And then that's really it. So I will be back in another 24 hours before your next update and hopefully we will have some more vegetative growth with those clones by that. One additional thing I forgot to mention about the mother plant before I left, so I was doing a little maintenance on her and saw that there was a decent amount of leaves that had kind of let go and we're dead Under The Canopy, so I pulled all of those off. And you can tell under here is nothing wrong with the nutrient feeding. 

Or the conditions in the grow room, it's just simply just because they weren't getting enough light because they were hidden Under The Canopy. And you can tell because they are yellow and a little bit crispy, but no Burns or anything like that so it is just good to pull these out and get rid of them so that your plant doesn't have to waste any energy where effort on those leaves. So that is it for today's update and I will be back in another 24 hours, alright peace guys!

Alright folks we are here for the last day of week 8, and the Clones are looking really healthy as well as the mother plant. So finally have some good lighting set up here so I can turn off those purple LEDs while I film, and now you can see how healthy and green the mama plant is looking. So you can see there are no Burns or toxicities like I'm always saying and if you get up clothes here you can see there is a very slight burn at the tips there. Nothing it's just a little bit of litening but nothing to worry about, and that is probably just from the last nutrients feeding cuz I did bump it up a little bit.

But, anyways they all look really healthy you can see the Clones are looking spectacular as well so I'm thinking probably 2 weeks, 3 weeks Max more of vegetation for them in this tent and then we will flip to flower. And the biggest challenge is just making sure that the mother plant doesn't get too tall and outgrows this tent. So I'm actually going to do a little more LST on the mother plant but what I'll do is just focus on the tallest branches so like this guy back here of course which was that main top the first main top that we had in the very beginning.

So I'm just going to bend it over here till the side so not towards the back of the tent but just kind of parallel to the back of the tent. Just because there is more space over here, and you can see all of this growth is very healthy, but super quick growth coming up from below the canopy whenever I open up an area and let more light in below. So this will probably give us more tops overall in the end as well. So that is always a good thing right always want to increase those yields right!

Just going to be doing a little bit of this low stress training, the 3-finger low-stress training I'm not going to be hooking them down or anything like that. And that's just going to help keep her shorter and it will widen her out a little bit and create that table top shape or that tabletop effect. And that was just help prevent her from outgrowing the tent while we are waiting on the little clones over here to catch up. All right so now I'm going to give you guys a quick update on the Clone so you can see how they have been doing since yesterday.

 So lots of good vegetative growth, I will do a little bit of LST on them, not too much because as you guys can see there are five of them and I don't want them to outgrow the tent or overcrowd it because you are just going to lose yields and there isn't benefit to doing that. So at this point the soil is still dry for these guys, but like I was saying they will be ready for their first, or their next nutrient feeding once they are ready for a watering. 

And mama is still pretty full from the last watering as well so no need for that. But here you guys go the tops are bent over and I'm probably going to do a little bit more because I mean that right there isn't going to do too much, she's just going to stand right back up by tomorrow. So I'm going to work down, if a branch is in or it's going right back up and it's not really taking effect with the LST, the best thing to do is to bend starting at the top near the newest growth. 

Then slowly work your way down that main branch until you get all the way to the bottom, just bending a little bit at a time. So I will just keep going on that I can show you guys everything because it will take a little while but you can see she is already kind of standing back up from that last been. But it is good for her and it is going to make sure she doesn't outgrow the tent, so that Is pretty much it for today, I'm going to give her a quick misting. And I'm cutting it back to about two mistings a day for the mother plant and it is still three for the Clones. So just to follow along with that, and then of course I will be back shortly with week 9 of this grow series.  Alright, Peace Guys!

 Alright GreenBox Growers, that concludes the 8th week of this cloning and mother plant how to grow series. And I am thinking it's going to be about another 2 to 3 weeks Max of vegetation  for these guys before they are ready to flip into flower. I just want to make sure that the clones have enough time to veg to get big enough and to have a decent yield. I'm not trying to have a huge one it's more just to show you guys what kind of results you can get from a proper clone. 

So 2 to 3 weeks Max for a badge and then we will flip into flower, so the biggest challenge at this point is to make sure the mother plant doesn't outgrow the tent or get Too Tall. So that she doesn't fit anymore. So that's why I'll continue with some little bit of low stress training on those taller branches just too kind of flatten and lower them out to make that table top shape. And that should help prevent that from happening so as always thank you guys for watching. I hope you enjoyed the video, until next time...

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown