How to Select a Stealth Grow Space


What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back to the most lit cannabis growing Channel! Now today's videos all about how to choose the perfect grow space, and that is going to be whether you are growing outdoor or indoor and I will also show you guys how to do this if you are going to be growing outside in a greenhouse or for those of you who need to set up a stealth grow indoors, I'm also going to show you how to keep everything hidden. So you are the only one aware that there cannabis plants being grown in the house.

 Now before we get started with today's video, I want to remind you guys that I do offer one-on-one grow guidance where I will personally teach you over the phone with your plants how to get the same results as I get in these videos. Now if you want to sign up or she more details about that, just visit this link right here to visit our patreon page, and also feel free to check out our MERCH on the GreenBox Grown Website, under MERCH and smoke. Alright, so now that you guys know what we are doing in today's video, let's get started with how to set up a stealth grow properly in your house!

So there are a few factors you want to consider When selecting a space or your stealth grow. First of which obviously you want it to be out of sight but you also want it to be  somewhere that is easily accessible so you can work on the plants and check on them throughout the day, and the weeks so that you can make sure they are growing well. So next component that is really important for a stealth grow, is a carbon filter or something to deal with the odor of the plants once they start flowering. So carbon filters work really well if it's really important, you can combine a carbon filter with some sort of gel deodorizer like Ona gel deodorizers.

 Or one of those little pouches that comes with some sort of deodorizing powder inside and you just play sat in the corner of your grow room and that will help eliminate the smell a little better.  So you'll see I've got my stealth grow setup in my bedroom closet, so over here in the right corner.  I've got a nice Little Seedling and clone tent set up here for my seedlings and clones. And then on the left side let me open up the other half, this is where I've got the big veg and flowering tent so, This is a 2 x 4 tent that I got set up in here and you can see I've got my clothes and everything still set up so that when you open the closet if everything were to be closed up it wouldn't be as obvious.

Now what you can see is really nice here is my closet is hiding the tent really well but it is also still really easily accessible as well especially for The Little Seedling tent here. Now there are other options for hiding your grow tents, so if you have furniture like an armoire or some sort of cabinets that are empty and you can use those, those also work well. I have an armoire downstairs that is about 5 feet tall and 3 ft deep and it is great for small grow tent set up in there. Really quick I also want to show you guys I've got my compost tea Brewer right here which I will be setting up and doing videos on for you guys as well. So those will be listed here soon if they aren't already!

 Now the final and most important key element to having a successful stealth grow is being able to keep it a secret. So once you have it all hit in that is great, But it doesn't matter if you are telling a lot of people about your growth such as friends or family members. So for whatever reason if you are trying to do a stealth grow, be sure not to talk about it too much with your friends Unless you don't mind them knowing about it.  Which otherwise that is all right. I also recommend low wattage appliances such as fans and heaters because those also make less noise and help a lot with keeping it still that way.

  Another great option for a stealth grows if you have an attic That you can use to put it up there.  A lot of people like using that because obviously no one is going to be accessing the attic except for the owners of the house from time to time. When they need to check up there or whoever is growing. So no one is going to be able to found out about it and that's a better option for those who are in a cooler climate or somewhere that doesn't get too hot because obviously in a more tropical area, the attic is going to get really really hot up there.

 Probably too hot to grow. So if you are somewhere in a cooler climate the attic can be a great option unless you insulate it then I can also work well in a hot environment. Because they will keep the heat out. But for those of you in hot environments if you do have a basement or something down below like that, that is another great option. Some people like to use storage space just any sort of nook or a little space in your house that people don't access frequently were isn't in a common area and can be kind of close up and hidden, that is always a great spot for a stealth grow. You obviously want it to be accessible like I said and you want something eliminating that odor so you can't smell it when you walk by.

One final point I would like to make about the stealth grow, is your own bedroom is probably  always going to be the best option because you are going to be the one in there the most and probably the only person in there as no one else is going to be going into your bedroom when you aren't there. So it is a lot easier to control who sees it and who knows about it that way.

 Alright so now we are out in the garage where I have my other indoor grows going And the garage is also another great spot for a stealth grow just because it is another low traffic area. Also it's good if you're not needing to hide the gross and you can just put them in there because the garage is where you have extra space, but When selecting a space for your indoor grow, even if it is not stealth, few important factors. So again first of all you want it to be easily accessible and second of all you want to make sure it is somewhere where you can give it complete darkness and there isn't going to be a bunch of light leaking in during that flowering stage. 

That's important and then also you want to make sure that you are near a window or in a room that has Windows just for air flow, venting that smell out with your carbon filter and other things like that you want fresh air to be able to come into the grow tent. If you are in a basement that is okay because people usually do have some sort of AC unit or some sort of air flow system setup so it is circulating down there as well.

 Another great option for the indoor grow is a bedroom or maybe a spare room that you do not use. I do not recommend going into like the living room or high traffic areas Just because then a lot of people are going to see it. Now if you don't care about that that is totally fine, but again with an indoor grow, somewhere where it has easy accessibility as well as access to fresh air and you are good to go. So it doesn't really limit too many options for those again who are in a hot climate, you're not really going to want to be upstairs or in the Attic because the heat is going to rise up there and it's going to get really hot inside that grow tent. I mean it can get up to 110 or even 120 depending on where you live.

And that's going to easily kill those plants so go downstairs maybe a lower level or basement if you have one for that indoor grow and those hot climates. and then of course for those in the cooler climates, it doesn't really matter as long as you put the tent somewhere and have a heater in there so you can keep the temperature warm enough if it does drop of pretty low in the house. So that's really it for selecting your indoor grow space, so just be sure to consider those pointers when choosing your indoor grow space. All right so now let's go head out back so we can look at the outdoor area and how you can effectively select and outdoor grow space.

All right folks oh here we are outside in The Great Outdoors and I will show you how to effectively select a spot to grow. So a couple factors to consider when setting this up, first of all do you have to be stealthy with it out here so the neighbors can easily see it and are you going to be growing straight outdoor or are you going to be in a greenhouse. So I highly recommend going for the greenhouse for several different reasons because first of all when you are straight outdoor, your plants are susceptible to the climate as well as pests because they don't have any layer or Roofing protecting them. And then of course if it rains and stuff like that it's going to make it very easy for them

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 Now there are strains that are adapted to that kind of climate and for growing straight outdoor, so don't really recommend it if you are somewhere super humid and wet all the time but if you are maybe in a high desert area it could work. But again just be sure you have strains that are great for growing in that type of climate, so you want to select somewhere that is obviously going to get the most direct sunlight because that is obviously what's going to be growing your plants the Sun, so during your veg stage it's good for them to be getting about 18 hours of light a day. But obviously, unless you were in a greenhouse that has supplemental lighting going you're not going to really be able to do that for very long. 

So another big pointer for why I prefer a greenhouse as you can add supplemental Lighting in there. And then you can grow all year long and as big of a plant as you want. So When selecting that grow space out here you want to make sure it's going to have plenty of direct sunlight throughout the day, and you're going to want to make sure that if it is important to be stealthy you want to make sure it is not visible near the roads or the streets and that is also another thing, greenhouses make it easy to hide because you can put it somewhere that is a little more shaded or maybe on the side of your house or something like that.

Where maybe they only get light part of the day but then you can flip those lights on later to make sure that it makes up for the difference. Now I like to select an area that's got some trees near by because those who help for shading and protecting and then there is usually an area near those trees that is going to be open to a lot of sunlight, so usually the stable isn't here and I have a nice Greenhouse set up here, because you can see it is a nice opening in the Grove of trees. and you can see there's plenty of space for direct sunlight all year long throughout the day.

Now the final and honestly one of the most important points I want to make it for when you are selecting your area to set up your outdoor grow, is you don't want to set it up near a fallen tree or dying shrub image or foliage or anything like that. So you know sometimes you have your weeds whacked or you trim up all Of the garden and stuff like that and you have a big pile of decomposing leaves and plant matter. And with that happens with that is it attracts a lot of bugs and pests. So if you set up your grow tent near that pile or that decomposing foliage, it's going to cause those pass to be more likely to get into your tent. And to affect your plants. So really good idea to make sure there is no debris or anything like that near your plants. You want them to be in a clean area that is not going to be a tracking test or anything like that, and that is really important when growing in a greenhouse because you are going to be making it that nice warm environment in there. Which will attract some things, you just want to make sure you are not setting yourself up for failure by setting your Grow Up by all of those pests. So that is pretty much it when it comes to selecting an area to grow outdoors. 

It is actually a lot easier than it seems especially if you are in a greenhouse. And again I am going to highly recommend that Greenhouse just because that is what's going to make it. It's going to make it cheaper first of all, you might think it'll be more expensive but at the end of the day it will be cheaper because you're going to be able to have better control of your plants and get much better yield for your effort.

All right folks that concludes today's video about selecting a grow space and again if you are looking to do a stealth grow, I will be having that Autoflower LST Series going so be sure to head over to the  Autoflower section to start watching that. And it will cover everything you need to know about doing a secret grow in your house. I will also have a greenhouse shoes coming out soon but there is also already one up on the website under the SCROG video section. And that is it for today's video, but as always thank you guys for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown