Cloning Starts Next Week!


What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back to the most lit cannabis grow Channel!  Now today kicks off week 5 Of my mother plant and how to clone grow series, and I finally decided that this will be the last week of veg before I start cloning. So get excited because in next week's video I will be starting the cloning process and showing you guys how to do that. So once those clones have rooted and have veg for a few weeks to a month then I will put them in flower and we can see how all of them look compared to the mother plant after they bloom. 

Now in this week's video I'm going to continue to let the tops grow up on the plant and I will probably hold off on that low stress training just because the lemoncello haze mother plant is still sharing her space with the other seedlings for the NukeHeads Grow.

But by the end of this week I will have those guys out of there and then I can maybe do a little bit of training, but I don't know if that will even be necessary.   I'm also going to continue with the watering schedule and covering all of the nutrients that I will be using for those of you who are following along.  And before I get started I want to remind you guys that if you are looking to get started with your first cannabis grow at home, or you have already started and are struggling And looking for some help and guidance.

 I do personally work with people one-on-one over the phone and I can help teach you and kind of show you the ropes on what you need to do to get those right results you are looking for. So feel free to check out my information Down Below in the description, I have my email and cell phone number down there so feel free to shoot me an email or a text with some pictures of your plants as well as some questions you may have about them.

 I also want to remind you guys to check out our merch and smoke section at as we have a lot of cool clothing on there as well as bongs and others smoking accessories. All right guys so now that you know what we are doing in today's video, let's get started with day 1 of the week.

Alright Growers here we are for day 1 of the week and you can see again there is great vegetative growth going, the tops are getting really tall and grown out individually and to their own spaces as you can see. Now these are all looking like they are going to make really good clone so getting excited to take those in the coming week and another thing I would like to mention is when you do take the Clones you're going to want to cut them or take them from the fourth node from the top. So you're going to want branches that have for nodes going from the top so be on the lookout for that and what I mean by a node is an area where the branch kind of forks out with leaves and some new top growth.

 So I care you will see right Under The Canopy there there is a node there and of course the very top of the plant counts as a node, but actually there is two nodes you've got one right here and then one right below there. And then you can see a third close one underneath, but that one I would consider including the top node of fourth one right there. 

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But I will cover more about that and next week's video once it is time to top them, but right now just keeping the same temperature and Humidity as before 60 to 65% for humidity and then 72 to around 79 degrees Fahrenheit for temp.  Continuing to mist three times throughout the day evenly on all of the leaves, and I just checked the soil it is still dry or it is still wet so no need to water right now. And I will be back shortly for tomorrow's update. Alright peace guys!

Alright guys we are back for day 2 of week 5 here, and just check the soil she is dry enough for her next watering so it's going to be a nutrient feeding and I've got that mixed up right here. But before I go into detail on that I just want to give you guys a quick update on how she is looking. Now she has kind of slowed a little bit and growth now that I have her in the corner with less space, and it that is just fine because once I get these guys out of here which will only be a few more days from now. She will be able to grow a little larger. 

You can see I noticed she started looking like she was starting to flower or something I started seeing a few pistols here, so I figured out it was my grow light timer actually broke. And they were only getting like 10 hours of light for the last couple of days so I got that fixed and took care of that issue so they are now on 18-6 again for this grow tent. And now she has stopped showing those pistols. And that is totally fine that that happened because she is now showing she is a female by showing those pistols so that is nice even though we did notice she showed her sex earlier on.

I will be continuing with the misting and keeping the same temperature and humidity levels as well. Now another thing I would like to cover as well as PPM levels for when you get close to cloning. So it is important to try and start lowering them as you near your cloning phase. Because you don't want them too high once you do cut that transplant because once you do get to that clone you're going to want it to be in the range of  300 to 500 PPM. They're having it in the range of around 750 to 850 once you start cloning is good because you don't want to be around 900 to a thousand ppm's as that will be too high. So let's get started with that nutrients feeding and I will show you the ppm's in there as this is probably going to be the last nutrient feeding I do before we start the cloning process.

So, I've got about a gallon and a half mixed up here and I am using 3/4 strength of the recommended dose. Last time I did have strength so this time I'm doing 3/4. So I'm doing the week 3 of vegetation mix from Fox Farm Dirty Dozen schedule, and again 3/4 strength so I've got all those mixed up in there. And then I've got three quarters of a teaspoon per gallon of water of the Cal Mag. So with a gallon and a half that is like one teaspoon for the whole bucket. And then after I start everything up I pH’d it to 6.3. And so it is now ready to go. I wanted to show you guys though that the ppm's I was mentioning so I've got my meter right here and the first thing I'll say is the water coming out of the top today's at 276 before I added any nutrients or anything like that into it, and now I believe it's in the 800 range. 776 ppm's. 

Alright guys so that is actually my mistake. so it was coming out at 576 from the tap or from the faucet and then once I added the nutrients it was up to 776.  And that's actually pretty decent for Being in the mid veg, usually at the end of veg you are at a thousand ppm's, so keeping it on a good level and especially for getting near to the cloning phase.   Alright guys so now that you have seen how I mixed up this week's nutrient feeding, time to water the Limoncello Haze mother plant. And I will also be missing her right afterwards.  

All right guys just a reminder you want to be soaking all of the soil at this point. I am getting around 15 to 20% run off from the bottom and again I always mention this because it is in the air roots pot. You want to go a little extra than you would in plastic or even fabric because of all the holes for aeration coming in from the sides, this pot dries out really quickly and loses moisture very fast. So you can get a little extra and let it soak in and then just give her some more after that. I will be feeding some more but for now I'm just going to let that soak and in the meantime I'm going to give her this pH misting. 

Like I was saying these guys are going to be moving into the flower tent or the bigger tent pretty quickly here so this lady will have some space to grow. And it's probably only going to be another week to week and a half before we start cloning her, so get pumped for that!  Alright guys so that is it for today's video and I will be back and another 24 hours, peace!

 What up Growers we are back here exactly 24 hours later for day 3 of the week, growth is continuing to do really well and I'm just getting excited to be moving these guys into that other tent which will be exactly two days from now.  So then I can get ready to clone her and prep her for that. So she is looking really healthy, I would like to show you guys I know I've been saying that a lot, but you can see there is no burn going on with the leaves and you can see it is completely burn free. No toxicities or anything like that, leaves are big and healthy as well, and also I will be misting today so I might as well do that right now. And remember to give a misting under the leaves as well. Try to get in between and underneath the canopy so that everything is covered, even the bottom parts of the leaves.

So like I kind of mentioned in the last clip in this week's video, you do not want to be overdoing the nutrients at this point or getting strong mixes, because I am getting close to cloning her it's about another week and a half from doing that. So you don't want them to be super high PPM levels and you don't want to be feeding a strong mix of anything because when you do take the Clones, if they are full of the nutrients it will be kind of hard to get them to root and to live in that cloning lifestyle or stage of life. 

So kind of ease off on the nutrients if you have a feeding coming up before you do the Clones, but besides that you don't need to change anything else up just avoid the low stress training so does tops and branches can get longer and have more nodes and length so that when you clone them they have a better chance of surviving and starting off nice and healthy. So again you can see all of the toddler looking nice and healthy on the lemon cello Haze mother plant. 

And I am excited because this is a high THC, I believe it is in the 22 to 23% range, so these buds will be really really nice. Supposed to be getting some nice heavy yield from this plant as well.  So there is a nice overview shot of it and you can see she is getting good growth and size, it has kind of slow down with these other plants crowding her, but that is all right because it's only going to be for a few days longer. So that is really it for today's update, keeping the same temperature and humidity levels and again misting several times throughout the day.  Alright, Peace Guys!

Alright Growers we are back here exactly 24 hours later for the very next day, and you can see she is in extremely good health still and is growing it seems even faster than before. So I think those nutrients are starting to kind of kick in and you might notice some sort of white spots or light Speckles on some of the fan leaves and that is kind of from the water that I have been misting. As it dries up it leaves behind some of those minerals that are kind of dissolved in the water.

kind of like on your car if you get it washed and then it dries there some of those left behind.  That is kind of the same idea.  So nothing to worry about there she is really healthy and in really good condition and is just about ready for cloning, just a few more days here and up to a week. She is ready for another watering and I just checked the soil is dry and inch deep all the way around. Here is a good view underneath the canopy here so you can see how much growth is going on under there. Once I put her into flower I probably will clean some of that up into foliate just to concentrate growth up top on those buds. But since she is ready for another watering it is her first pH watering since the last nutrient feeding.

 And of course that is going to be at 6.30, I would say right now she is probably going to take about half a gallon to maybe like three quarters but probably more like half a gallon though to be good. And then of course as usual you want to missed throughout the day. So I won't be showing the watering today just because it will be the same as always, but besides that Watering you want to give them a good misting and that will be it. So I will be back in another 24 hours for your next update! 

Alright guys we are back another 24 hours later here for day 5 of the week. Nothing too new or too much different to report to you guys from the last clip, the plant has definitely gotten taller at the tops as they are growing up towards the light now. Especially without any training, and not in any need for water right now, just going to be giving her the daily plain pH misting, still 2 to 3 times per day. And probably going to be starting the cloning process in week 6, probably in the middle of next week's video so get excited for that as I  keep telling you guys because it is going to be pretty cool to see that process. All right so that's really it for today's update and I will be back in another 24 hours for the next clip of the week, Peace!

Alright guys we are back here for day 6 of week 5 and you can see there is a lot of change going on out here in the Grow rooms. You can see I've got the nuke head seedlings over in the bigger tent so now we have the lemoncello haze mother plant all by herself again. And then I just moved these ladies out of the Dark Tent, which was in this one and now I'm going to harvest them which will be on my live stream. So back to the mother plant, you can see just how large she has gotten. It was hard to tell how big she actually was when she was just hiding in the corner there and I was really surprised when I moved her out into the middle of the 10th. Because you can see there is a lot more growth going on then it looked like when she was over in the corner.

 I just checked the soil in it is still dry from the last watering so all I will be doing today is a plain pH misting. But now that she is in her own little area here in her tent by herself, we will be able to start cloning and that will start probably next week like I keep saying! Now I want to show you guys what she is looking like up close so you can get a better idea, those tops are very healthy again no Burns or any kind of deficiencies or kinds of toxicities which is good because that means she is really healthy. That's important as we near the cloning process because you don't want to clone a sick plant or else there's a very good chance that those clones will die and not make it.

 This plan is really bushy like a very thick canopy so you really can't see anything through the bottom but we've got about 1 2 3 4 5 and then the main sixth one here that are really good, seven and eight right there also, so I will probably take 3 to 6 clones from her next week just depending. Because I don't want to kill her I want her to be able to keep going afterwards so I can't cut all of the branches off. But yeah probably around 3 to 6 will be the range of how many plants or how many clones I take from her. So remember to just keep some good airflow going at this point with the temperature and humidity at the right levels and ranges, and continue to mist at least twice a day giving them some time in between so they can dry out.  All right guys so that is it for today's update and I will be back in another 24 hours for your next clip. 

One thing I forgot to mention almost was that light is at the same veg setting on the dial. so let's go to look at that and see if it needs to be turned up. So seedling is on at 100%,  I've got veg on at 40% and flower of course is off. So let's go up to 50% So you guys can see how that changes. Definitely got brighter a little bit more red and there as well, and blue. So I just turned up the veg dial about 10% since I haven't adjusted the light or the strength of it and probably 2 weeks now, so I figured it was time to add a little more power in there!

What up Growers, we are back for the last day of week 5 here for the mother plant and cloning how to grow series. And I have been talking about this throughout the week but I am definitely going to be cloning or starting the cloning process next week and next week's video. So week 6 is where I will be starting the cloning, but for now she is good on water I'm just going to be giving her a plain pH misting and I've kind of been looking at the different tops growing to see which ones I will be cloning, so I can kind of plan ahead and get an idea of where they will be. 

So it is important, one little tip is you don't want to take the main top or ones that have really have become the biggest Growers just because that's where a lot of the plants energy is going and you don't want to just cut that off as it will affect and kind of shock the plant a lot more. You want to start off with some branches that are maybe around the side maybe some smaller ones that are smaller than the rest and kind of newer growth. Not as old and hardened. You'll notice that newer growth you'll notice the stems are a lot more flexible and flimsy wear with older more solidified growth, they sort of stiffen up so you don't want to take those tops that have stiffened up and finalized their growth. 

You want to take these little guys like this one right here because those ones have a better chance of making it as a clone and growing into its own plant, but it also has a lot less stress on the mother plant so that she can continue to grow and produce more tops for cloning later. So that is it for day 7 of this week, again I will be back shortly with week 6 where I will be  starting the cloning process and will be taking some of these Limoncello Haze tops for cuttings.

Alright GreenBox Growers that concludes week 5 of the mother plant and cloning how to grow series. And I will be back shortly with week 6 where I will actually be starting the cloning process as I will be taking cuttings during that week. So get excited for that because that's exactly what this series is all about is the cloning process and I am pretty excited to be cloning this Limoncello Haze  mother plant as she has some really good genetics as I've been talking about. Now it's always if you enjoy the video please don't forget to comment below with your feedback. As always thank you guys for watching, and until next time…

Happy Growing!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown