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What Up GreenBox Growers,  and welcome back for another lit episode of GreenBox Grown!  Now Today kicks off week 5 for that NukeHeads grow series, And we are actually getting some pretty good vegetative growth at this point. Not sure how much longer I will need to veg them for but it'll probably only be two to three more weeks. As they have already pretty much filled out the footprint of the tent, and so at this point I am just letting them grow up in height so we can get some nice tall branches on them right before I start the  flowering process.

 I will be lollipopping them and a little bit of defoliating on the lower third once we are ready for the flowering to start, but I will give you guys more details on that when it is time. In the meantime be sure to check out our merch at GreenBoxGrown.com under the merch and smoked your section come and don't forget to check out our patreon page for more details on the one-on-one grow guidance. Where you can have myself personally guiding you over the phone each day showing you how to grow cannabis at home. Ok so know that you guys know we are doing in today's video, let's get started with day 1 of the week

All right guys, so here we are outside it inside the veg tent with those nukeheads plants. You can see they are already pretty much filling out the 10th like I was mentioning in the intro, so I'm not sure if I want them to grow more upwards like you can see what this Pineapple Chunk here. It is a little bit, the branches are staying a little bit low to the ground, so I kind of want to give them another week or two to grow upwards, but after that I'm thinking I will start the flowering phase. So maybe two to three more weeks of veg and then I will flip them. But otherwise besides that I've been getting a lot of  really good growth. You can see all of the plants are extremely healthy, the fan leaves are developing really nicely there are no signs of deficiencies or toxicities. And you can see especially with the pineapple I'm sorry with the Grape Apes you can see how good they are doing.

 So today they are ready for their next watering which will be there third plane pH watering since their last nutrient feeding. So let's go ahead and get that started. I'm going to be feeding the pineapple Chong I'm sorry this is the Skittles up here in the front. And that is what I will be showing you guys the watering of today. Now at this point you are going to want to be getting about 25% runoff sorry about 20% runoff. And in these three gallon smart pots with the plants this size it's taking me about three-quarters of a gallon of water to get that amount of runoff. Because I have a pretty good-sized root system by this point and 3 gallon smart pots actually hold a good amount of soil so they are pretty big.

Alright so I'm going to let this amount soak in, it's only been about a quarter of a gallon of water, getting a little bit of runoff just starting to come out of the bottom and then now I'm just going to give them all a good misting. now I want to show you guys how close and how much worth I'm getting at all the different nodes. And how close the nodes are growing together because that is a sign of a really healthy and happy plant, and I believe that is due to this Electric Sky LED light that I have been using because ever since I have added it, I've just noticed crazy vegetative growth going on at all the different node.

You can see here on this guy especially tons of different tops throughout every branch, and you guys I'm sure you've noticed over the course of the weeks just how much these plants have started to grow Since switching the lights out. So that is really it for today's update I will be back in another 24 hours for day 2 of the week.

 What up Growers, welcome back for day 2 of week 5 here and you can see these guys have pretty much filled out the entire footprint of the grow tent here, this corner right here still lacking a little bit. But you can see these branches are kind of a little short and I'm thinking it's probably because of this fan right here that was hanging over a little bit, so I raised it up some more and then adjusted the light a little bit so hopefully those will start to get taller.

 I am thinking it is because of the light and because these grape apes in the middle here are doing the best and they are the ones That are directly under the middle of the light. So I want to get these guys that are in the corners, I want to grow them a little taller before I flip them to flower, so probably going to be another three maybe four weeks, I can't imagine it going that long though because these guys will probably outgrow the tent by then. So just going to play it by ear and see how it goes  for the next couple of days here.

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I'm going to give them a quick misting right now, they don't need any watering for the soil as they are still good on that. I just checked the soil actually a few minutes ago and it is still decently moist from that last watering.  Let me just give you guys some good looks inside the tent here of those plants here in the corner. I mean all those different tops they are starting to get a lot taller, it's the Grape Apes in the middle that are doing the best and again I think that just might be because they are getting the most light. But I still want to give these guys a few more days to adjust just so I make sure that it's not going to be too much power if I had the second light in here.  Alright Guys, that is it for your day 2 update and I will be back in another 24 hours for day 3.

Alright welcome back for day 3 of week 5 you guys. We are here 24 hours from the last clip and I just checked their soil and they're ready for their next watering. So we will be Doing a nutrient feeding today, so let me show you what we will be feeding. So for the front row as you guys already know. That is the fox farm Dirty Dozen plant so I will be doing week 3 of The Dirty Dozen feeding schedule. And I will be doing that at full strength, then I will also be adding one full teaspoon per gallon of water to that as well. Now for the back row of plants that is the nuke head row and I'm going to be using the of course nuke heads uranium veg, and I will also be using one teaspoon of Cal Mag per gallon of water because I have found it is necessary to continue with the Cal Mag even when using the snuke heads mix.

I'll be doing a little over full strength with the nukeheads, I'll probably be doing one and a half Scoops per gallon of water just to help with a little extra growth. They say if it starts to look a little lime green, the leaves color then you want to increase it. So that is what I will be doing there, so let's take a look at the plants to see if we can  tell a difference between the ones they are getting the dirty dozen buy Fox Farm nutrients versus the NukeHeads line up. 

So I'm in the back row is pretty hard to see where one plant the ends and the other begins as they have all kind of grown together And have filled up the entire space. But I can definitely tell that the back row which is the nukeheads row they seem to be taller overall plants and They seem to have a lot more tops. Where you can see that in the front row here these Corner seem to have shorter tops going on and the branches haven't filled out as much as the ones in the back. Now that can be because of the grow light I have adjusted it since the last couple days so that could help out but I am thinking it is because of the nutrients. Because the light is over all of the plants evenly, so none are getting more than others if anything the back row would be getting less just because that filter is kind of blocking some of the light from them.

 So the NukeHeads are working really well in both lineups are really amazing, and we will just kind of have to see how this whole grow finishes up before I can give my final opinion on  each of these lineups, and which of these nutrient lineups are better. So that's it for my update today I'm going to be making sure I'm getting about 25 to 30% run off so they are each going to need almost a gallon of mix each and I will be back in another 24 hours per day for the week, peace guys!

Alright GreenBox Growers, we are back here another 24 hours later for the very next day of the week and all I can say right now is wow, I mean this grow room is completely stuffed right now with these six plants and they are all starting to get some really good vertical growth.  Those tops are getting really tall right now, which is going to mean big main colas, so I just want to show you guys some close-ups on the plants today just so you can see how good the growth is going and what I have decided is first of all I checked the soil and it is still wet so no need to water there and then all I have been doing today is misting. 

So I'm going to cut it back to about to miss teams per day for the rest of the age for now on. and I will probably taper a little further as we go along here and get closer to flower. And then what I have also decided as I'm going to wait until flower which is going to be in another week to two. I don't think it's going to be able to wake 3 weeks cuz they will probably be too big for this tent by that point. So once I am ready to flower I'm going to lollipop the bottom third of these plants and then and I'm going to throw in the second Electric Sky LED. So I will have two of these 300 watt lights in here.

Now that is going to help me get some massive buds going on these plants, so let's get some good close-ups on the foliage that we have your growing here. And I mean you can tell how good this light is because of the light penetration below the canopy. And the way you can tell it's getting a lot of good light penetration is by looking at all of those tops that you have growing up below the canopy. So I don't know if you guys can see but there is probably about 10 different tops right under this main one here. So you can see they are all stacked right under there and are trying to make it up through the canopy. So let me give you guys some good views of below the canopy so you can see all of that growth that is coming up.

 First let's check out this little side branch right here which I was doing a little LST on so that's why they are leaning a little bit, but if you follow that shoot all the way down, you can see it goes right down into the bottom of the trunk there. And this guy stretched all the way out here to get to the sunlight so it could become a main topic. So the side is getting a lot of good penetration do the canopy which is why all of these tops and branches are forming and are able to shoot up through the canopy where they are not getting the main light.

And that way it allows them to reach the main light so they can grow even bigger than before. So you can see right here below this man top on the pineapple I'm sorry on this Grape Ape here and this is the fox farm Grape Ape in the front, you can see there are like 10 different tops that shot up from down below where that other one came from. And they are all trying to make it up through the canopy here so they can become mean tops also. 

So I'm just going to Ben those out and away from the center of the plant so they can have another chance to get up into the light there and that is really going to be at 4 today. So no more LST besides that and then I'm going to give them a good misting, and like I was saying just probably a couple more weeks of veg before they outgrow this tent and once they are ready I'm going to lollipop them and then throw that second light in there for flower. So that is it for today's update but I will be back in another 24 hours for the next clip. Alright peace guys!

 All right folks we are back for day 5 another 24 hours later here and the plants are looking outstanding as always. So yesterday I said I was going to add the second light right when we start flour, but what I will actually be doing is adding that second light about a week before flower and that is because I want the plants to have the chance to get used to that before they start budding, because that change and going into the flower is kind of a tough process. Not tough but it does require a lot of their energy so you don't want to be stressing them out as well with a new powerful grow light. So I will do that a week before just to let them get used to it and not me show you guys how good this new growth has been going on the last couple days here.

  You can see a lot of those tops have broke through the canopy and are getting up level with the rest of the tops here, the Grape Apes in the middle I'd still doing the best here I would say and that is again because they are still getting the most light there. So when I do add that other light, that will help these guys on the outside veg a lot more as well. So a couple more weeks here of veg before we do flip them. So we will see I might be out in that second light towards the middle of next week here, I'm not too sure.

 Definitely finished with the low stress training as well on these plants, got enough growth going on, don't need to really increase that as they are doing just fine as is. So I will be giving them another misting today, check the soil they don't need any more watering at this point, so just miss staying at this point a couple times throughout the day and that's really it. Now before I go I wanted to show you guys some examples of growth that I'm probably going to be trimming away during the lollipopping process, just so you can get an idea of what to do looking out for. 

And the idea is you want to be looking for growth that hasn't really made it through the canopy, it's not super strong looking, it's more scraggly looking and lanky looking growth. So kind of like this top right here, let me see where did it go, it was like pretty cool that it was able to make it up through the canopy, but anyways you will see like this top right down here. it is getting some good growth going but you can see it’s not going to really make it up towards the top of the canopy where it can get that real light and good growth going, so that is something I will be  trimming away during the lollipopping process.

 I also want to show you guys, if you can see just how big and how swollen the nodes have gotten there from the training I was doing, it just looks pretty cool check in that out. That one is even more right down there so pretty cool, just checking out the canopy and inside the foliage. There's actually a spider, a couple spiders that made their way into some of these plans coming there just protecting them and keeping pests out, so that is always good. And you can see there is a lot of different tops coming up through the canopy over here as well. 

They are making their way up, and you can see I mean each plant probably has to have at least 20 different tops so I will be training, or taking some of them away during that lollipopping process as I mentioned but for now, going to keep them there and see if maybe they make it up to the canopy and get big enough to keep around. So that is it for today and I will be back in a another 24 hours for day 6 of the week, peace guys!

 Alright Growers we are back for day 6 of the week here and just check the soil no need for water just yet, thinking they will be ready by tomorrow though. And today I will just be giving them a couple plain pH mistings throughout the day and that's really it. I am turning it back to just a few a day, sometimes just one because we are nearing the flowering stage here and it's probably just going to be a few more weeks before that. And I'm thinking that the middle to the end of next week is when I'm going to add that second LED or that second Electric Sky LED. 

And that is just because the plants are starting to get tall and I want to get them a lot stronger and not so lanky. And that is what adding that second light will do. So today I'm just going to be misting like I said and giving you guys some close-ups and some good shots on the different strands so you can see how they are doing. So here we will look at the front plants first which of course are the fox farm nutrient plants. And on the right here is the Pineapple Chunk, you can see this one is growing crazy with a lot of different tops. It's got probably 15 visible ones right here, just from Counting quickly. And the thing with this one is they are kind of lanky and not so solid, so That is why the corner ones tend to be that way and that is why I want to add that second light.

You can tell the grape Apes here in the middle, they have massive trunks going on all the way down the main stem of the plant is massive. And you can see it is just very solid growth, not as many top spread out like with the corner plants. But you can see much bigger and stronger growth. And then again we have the Skittles over here the fox farm Skittles and it she is looking really healthy as well. Just a little bit more on the lanky side, but nothing to worry about because that will get fixed once I add the second light, just kind of letting them grow up a little bit so they can still get used to the powerful light that is already in here.

So here are the back row plants which are getting the Nuke Heads nutrients, and you can see they are pretty much, I mean I would say at this point the plants are all doing almost identically, in terms of comparing the counter parts of each strain. So you can see the great apes are almost exactly the same height, the one in the back with the nukeheads is a little bit taller but you can see no burns on either and they are both very healthy.   And same with the corner plants, so I'm very happy with the results we are getting this far and that is pretty much it so I'll give them A misting and then I will be back in another 24 hours for the last day of this week. Alright peace guys!

 What up GreenBox Growers, we are back here for the NukeHeads Grow series for day 7 of week 5,  so  we are here for the last day of the week and the ladies are ready for their next watering, so that will be a plane of pH watering, and that is their first one since their last nutrient feeding. So they are all looking really good in here and getting really tall with lots of different tops, I think they are just about ready for that second LED, so I will be putting that in here during week 6, probably the middle of next week. 

Not as you can see some of the leaves at the tops are starting to Taco upwards or fold up words in half long ways. And that is a sign of high he or a little bit of heat stress, and has been really hot lately here in the local climate so that is kind of why that is happening. And I need to lower the temp in here to counteract that. Now there has not been no actual damage from it just yet so we are all good, but it is important to act fast and to take care of that before any serious damage does happen. so we will be lowering the temps in here so they are back in the proper range, and then I will be feeding them that plain at pH water. So that is it for today, I will be giving them a misting as well and then I will be back for next week shortly. Alright peace guys!

 All GreenBox Growers, that officially concludes week 5 of NukeHeads Grow Series and I will be back shortly with week 6 where I will be adding that second Electric Sky LED Light back into the grow room. And it will probably only be about a week and a half to two weeks after that where I flip them to flower since the plants have pretty much already filled out the tent. So just trying to get some good vertical growth out of them these next couple of weeks, and then I want to introduce that second light so they can get adjusted to it before we flipped them in the flower. So get excited because there is going to be a lot of cool changes happening here in the next couple of weeks. Now if you enjoyed the video, feel free to come fill out with your feedback and as always thank you for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown