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Hello and welcome to the indoor cannabis growing section of the GreenBox Grown website! Hear you will be able to find all of our indoor grow video series, consisting of everything from Hydroponics to soil and Coco grows, and we will also cover all of the different training methods. Including LST, topping, super cropping, as well as lollipopping, scrogging and everything in between. So here is where you will find the videos that will show you how to do that with your photoperiod plants. Now you will see our grow series consist of one video for each week of the grow, so you can follow those day by day, to see exactly what you should be doing with your plans to get  the same kind of results.

 Here I will also teach you guys how to do stealth grows if you are someone who doesn't have an open room or space in the house to grow and need to be very secretive and hidden with it. I will show you how to grow in closets as well as different types of the furniture such as armoires, cabinets and things like that. Now all of these videos are included with our Video subscription, so if you sign up for that today you will get a two-week free trial. And the way you sign up as you just scrolled down below to the videos, and you will see a subscribe button overlaid on the videos, and all you have to do is click that and fill out the information. And you are automatically signed up for that two-week free trial.

 Another really cool thing about these videos is if you follow along, it will only require 5 to 10 minutes of your time each day handling your plants. So you don't have to spend all of your  time working on them to get these kinds of results! Alright so now that you guys know what we are doing in this video, let's check out some examples of previous indoor grows which you will get access to once you are subscribed for videos. I also want to remind you guys that new videos are updated several times every week, so there is constantly new content being uploaded for you guys to see. And our  library is always going to be expanding with new videos and methods for cannabis growing.

 So here we are on the garage where I have a couple of my current veg tents growing right now, you will see there are a couple of different groceries that I am filming at the moment and these are two of them. So first off on the right here I have actually my mother plant and cloning groceries, and that is actually a mother plant that I've been growing as well as her clones that I took from her about a couple weeks ago. so those are some grow videos That will be included with your subscription. So you will get to see not only how to grow a mother plant, but also how to clone her, take care of her and then take care of those clones so they grow up nice and strong and healthy. 

You will also see that on these plants here as well as the mother plant, I didn't method which is called lollipopping which is why all of the leaves have been removed from the lower third or two thirds of the plant. And that is just a method that is going to help increase yields as well as help her grow a lot healthier and stronger. Now you'll see I also did that on this tent here or the plants that are in this tent here, and that is a method that you will be taught throughout these indoor grow series. You'll also see how all these plants have a ton of different tops that are really bushy in there shape. And are kind of filling out that hole footprint of the tent. And that was due to other methods such as low stress training or as you might have heard it called LST.

 And these are all methods, topping as well, but these are all methods that are included in these indoor grow Series so that you can learn how to do that. And you will be able to by following these step by step videos, you'll be able to learn exactly how to get the same results that I am getting here. And you'll see you later in this video types of buds that we are growing as well, and you will be able to grow those two. So definitely very exciting to get these kinds of results when growing cannabis and it is not that hard at all, you just need to know what to do and the things to avoid doing as well. And that is exactly what I will cover in these videos.

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 Now I almost forgot to mention, another thing I also covers all of the watering and misting and different types of feeding schedules you'll need to know about. So you don't have to worry about learning how to mix your nutrients and pHing them. I'm going to show you exactly how to do that, and also how to mix your nutrients at the correct strengths depending at what stage of your plant is at. Because obviously you don't want to feed your nutrients to the seedlings  at the same strength as when you are feeding a mother plant or a plant that is in flour and is really big. 

So we will show you guys how to know the difference is and how to mix those differently and then also these are right now so oil grows that I am doing but I will also be showing you guys Hydroponics with Deep Water Culture as well as Coco choir.  And these are the indoor grows I do have other series for outdoor and Greenhouse growing and you will see that on the other page listed here as well. All right so now that you guys have had a look at some of our current grows that we are doing at the moment, I want to show you guys some highlights from past grows that we did as well as some highlights of the buds that we grew from them.

Alright folks so there you have a quick overview of our indoor growing section. And again all of these video series are included if you subscribe to the GreenBox Grown website. And remember there's a two-week free trial if you do decide to  subscribe to the videos. And all you have to do is scroll down below to the video section and hit that subscribe button that is overlaid on one of the videos. Also don't forget that our video libraries ever-expanding so there's always new content and videos being uploaded, so you will always have something fresh and new to watch. Now that is all I have for this intro to our Indoor Grow Section.  But as always, thank you for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing!!! 
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown