Clones are Rooted and Ready for Transplant!


What’s up GreenBox Growers and welcome back for another lit episode of GreenBox Grown! So this officially starts week 7 of the cloning and mother plant how to grow series, and I took those clothes last week so it's been about 4 to 5 days sense, and I am hoping that I'll have those guys rooting by the end of this week. Now before I get started I always want to remind you guys  that I am offering one-on-one grow guidance where I myself can  personally teach you how to grow over the phone each day. So if you want to learn more about that visit the description down below where I have my email as well as cell phone number, so feel free to hit me up there. 

As I am offering a free trial on my services. Also I want to let you guys know that I just added a new seed bank to that list up above under by seeds, and it is called The Single Seed Centre. And basically this is a website where you can buy each strain individually one seed at a time. So you don't have to buy a pack of like 3 for a minimum, you can just buy one seed of each strain. So definitely check that out, now that you guys know what we are doing and today's video let's get started with day 1 of the week.

Alright guys so here we are for day 1 of week 7 and I wanted to show you first there was a little more burn from the Heat, I'm sorry a little more heat stress from the high heat. So what I ended up doing was I unplugged the heat mat cuz it was just with the light going and being in a small tent, is warm enough as it is. So there was no need for that so I unplugged it and for whatever reason it only affected a couple of the plants. Mainly this guy right here. And that is because that one is right under the light, now this one, these two right here looking really healthy and so is this guy, has a few leaves curling up again just from the high heat.

 But one thing I really wanted to show you guys which is a good sign, is the new stem growth going on down there so you can see not only is it a lighter green, which signifies newer growth. But you can see it is kind of widening out at the base almost to like the stem is fattening up. So you can kind of see on the side here that new lump of growth. And that is just a good sign that it is starting to root down there, and I am hoping that like I said and the intro that by the end of this week we should hopefully see roots coming out of the bottom.

 So continue with the warm temperature and high humidity, still keeping vents closed because I'm going to do that until I see roots coming out of the bottom.  Still missing throughout the day you don't want them to dry up or anything like that, and that is pretty much it for now. So let's go check out the mother plant downstairs out in the veg tent.

 So the mother plant as you guys can see is a little beyond ready for her next water in, so I'm going to give her a plain pH watering at 6.3, and I tested the ppm's after adding that PH down. And they are right around the 318 ppm's. So that is good for a plane pH watering, doesn't need to be too high and less there are nutrients in it at this point. So I've got about a gallon and a half mixed up and I will also be misting with some plain pH water as that is still important. But as usual I will be soaking the soil and making sure to get a decent amount of runoff, probably around 20 to 25% this time. So I'm just going to let that soak in for a little bit and then I will give her some more.

 And now I'm just going to missed her and that will be it for today's video. Really quickly I want to show you guys how the plant is recovering from where I took those clones. I should you guys in last weeks video and I just want to give you a quick update. still no signs of stress or shock or any sort of damage from taking those clones. So she is just continuing to grow with vegetative growth Each day and like I said I will keep her in here like that, until it is time to flower with those other clones. So we will be back another 24 hours for day 2 of the week.

 We are now back for day 2 of the week and mama is looking much better today, much perkier since I gave her that watering and I'm definitely just going to water every other day now since this part is drying out that quickly. So for today and not too much to be done, I will be doing a little more low-stress training since it has been a minute since I did that. And for that training it's not really going to be me trying anything down but like with these new tops that are kind of around the edger perimeter of the plant, I'm just going to kind of been them out like that using that three-finger low-stress training Technique. And you can see just how many little nodes are running up and down that branch, and how far it had to come just to reach the light.

 So pretty cool, nice little shape to her and I'm going to bend these guys out too And expose that mainstem as you can see how big it is getting. And this is that main top again out here, and it's got so many Little Tops coming up there it's so I'm going to been this guy out again too, just kind of yeah there you go so just stays down in that position. Now I've already missed it so no need to do that Right now, but just wanted to continue with bending outwards. And I think it's time to turn the dial up on the veg switch or the veg dial in that bloom Beast LED. 

I think right now it's at 70%, but once I finish doing the spending I'm going to check that out. And again it seems kind of harsh to be doing this to the plant but since she is not flowering yet, and there are so many nodes growing so closely together under each of the tops, it's actually a good idea just to get these branches to bend out and lay out a little bit so you can get some light down there below the canopy. So that's that for that training for now, now let's check on the light. Yeah this is the bloom beast and I've got that seedling dial at 100% at 100%, and ok I was kind of messing with the veg right now but let's turn it up to 90, so now we're at 90 for the veg dial and 100 for the seedling and that is what it looks like, so those last two Cobbs are still off and that's just because they don't come on until you turn the veg switch on which obviously does not time to do it yet.

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 Also I have been looking and this light because it is such a short, I can't hang it too high, so the footprint is just staying small enough for his just large enough for this one plant here, so what I'm thinking is I will add some more grow lights in here once I've got those clones and this guy a little bigger or this mother plant a little bigger. So that's really it for today's video and I will be back in another 24 hours. Let me give you a quick a zoomed-out aerial view of the mother plant now that she has been trained for the day. There you go you can see that now it is opened up the canopy and she was kind of laying out and away from the middle and that is what you want.

 is just staying small enough for his just large enough for this one plant here, so what I'm thinking is I will add some more grow lights in here once I've got those clones and this guy a little bigger or this mother plant a little bigger. So that's really it for today's video and I will be back in another 24 hours. Let me give you a quick a zoomed-out aerial view of the mother plant now that she is been trained for the day. There you go you can see that now it is opened up the canopy and she was kind of laying out and away from the middle and that is what you want.

Alright Growers now we are upstairs in my bedroom with the cloning tank, and they are looking really good as always, no roots out of the bottom just yet and there is a little bit more of that burning on the tips of the leaves which was just from that high heat. But like I said, I have adjusted the conditions so that doesn't happen any further. Now it has been about 4 days since I took these clones so what I will be doing today is giving them a very light nutrient watering.

 And what I have mixed up and here is one gallon of water with a quarter teaspoon of Cal Mag by Botanicare, and then I've got one teaspoon of Big Bloom by Fox Farm, quarter teaspoon of the boomerang come back formula by Fox Farm and then finally an eighth of a teaspoon of kangaroos by Fox Farm.  And this is just to give a little bit of a boost to the root system as well as for some vegetative growth to help get these clone started well.

 So now what I'm going to do is just pour a little bit of that nutrient solution into the tray so they can kind of drink it up over the next day and a half. And then I'm also going to top feed some by hand just by pouring it over the tops of the rockwool cubes. Now you don't have to completely soak them, but you know enough so that it can get through and to the end of The Roots below and help with that growth. Now once you guys have given them the nutrients and you have some in the tree below, you are going to want to continue with that misting like so. And again you are going to want to make sure that the temperature and humidity are on point because that is one of the most important factors to making sure these clones root properly. So remember around 78 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature and that is inside of the Dome, not the tent. Remember the Dome will be much hotter inside than the tent. And that is because it is sealed off and all of that.

 Now for humidity anything above 75% is going to be really good and you can be at 85 90 and it's not going to get too high at that point. Just try to stay above 75 if you don't want to go  hello that. Now I'm going to make sure to put the Dome back on to make sure it stays humid in there And that is really it for today's update. As I have been saying I really hope that these guys root by the end of this week so I will keep you guys posted on that and just a quick look. nothing coming out of the bottom yet In terms of roots again you can see though it is kind of fattening up around the stem at the base where it goes into the rockwool cube. And that's just a good sign of new growth and the added focused with the energy of the plant down there at the root system. So I will be back in another 24 hours for your next update. Peace! 

Alright guys so check this out, we are back here another day later from giving those nutrients to the clones. So it is now day 3 of week 7 here, so that is about day 5 or 6 since I took these clones. So you can still see it is really nice and humid and foggy and side of this tent, or inside of this dome which is exactly what we want. And I turned the heat mat back on to warm things up a little bit because I actually realized that the issue at those leaves that were curling wasn't actually due to it being too hot in the tent. It was actually from me not giving them enough nutrients, so what happens is with the light going the plants start to try and veg and get vegetative growth going up top but because there are no nutrients or routes to take out nutrients down below just yet, they kind of burn themselves a little bit and that is why they curled up and kind of browned.

 So what I did is I turn the heat mat back on to turn things up a little bit, I've still been misting them. And then of course I gave them those nutrients yesterday, which is going to counteract that, and you can also see I clipped off the tips that were burnt so there are no longer there stressing the plant out. And you can see actually there are no more new burnt tips have formed as of yet. And that is because of the nutrients helping them grow, there are no roots coming out of the bottom I just checked. And I kind of pulled this wrapper off the sides of the cube to see if any were coming out the edges. 

But none yet that I could see. The only grow that I could show you guys as how the stems are just fattening up so much below, and you can see that how they're they are like growing these fins down the side where they just kind of widen up like that. And that's just cuz there's a lot of new growth going on down there so the plant focuses a lot of its energy and nutrients down that way. So is always going to continue with misting them with that plane pH water and that is really up today for the Clones, so let's go head out into the garage downstairs to check on the mother plant.

Alright Growers here we are in the garage with big mama, and you can see she's already standing right back up from that low stress training I did and yesterday's clip. But the branches are spread a little further apart which is nice because it will allow for some more tops like this the one right here to come up through the canopy. Let me put the camera down so I can get you a better shot. But here we go you can see this guy and she actually has a couple others that are starting to make it up, so I'm going to bend her out again but with Justice main top here because you can see that's going to expose a lot of those tops that are starting to grow up. So I've got about 5 new tops coming up just from bending this one main topic over.

 And if you remember this is the first top that the plant had at the very beginning of the grow. So no need to really do any more LST besides that for today, but since I am doing that watering every other day I am going to give her another plane pH watering at 6.3 and that is going to be the second since her last nutrient feeding. Now ppm's was at 409 which was good because it's a plane pH water so it's not going to be too much higher than that. But with nutrients we are right around 1200 to 1250 range. So I'm going to water her until she gets about 25% runoff, and then I will give her a plain pH misting and that will be it today really for taking care of the  Mama plant today.

 Now I am expecting she will get a lot bigger before those other Clones get in here, just because she is growing really fast at this point and because you know it is probably still going to be another week to week and a half before they are out here. So we will just keep the conditions the same and keep treating her the same way, if you were planning on keeping  this mother plant and not putting her into flower, Once the Clones were ready to go into flower, then all you would do is continue with this vegetative stage. 

You would probably want to tell her grow tent than this because you want her to be able to keep growing up words while you keep taking clones from her as she goes. But since I am going to be flowering her I am not really going to worry about that so yeah. If you do want to keep her as a mother plant for a longer period of time, I would just continue with the fox farm feeding schedule until you get to that last week of veg, and then  at that point you just repeat it until you are done with growing the mother plant. So that is it for today's clip, and I will be back in another 24 hours, peace guys!

Alright guy is here we are another 24 hours later for a day 4 of the week, so let's take a look and see if we've got any roots coming out of the bottoms of these rockwool cubes. Now as you can see that solution of nutrients that I had in the tray has dried up, so I have mixed up some more at a similar ratio and I will be feeding that in just a second. But first let's see if we got any roots coming out the bottom here. So first off here is the big one that seems to be doing the best out of all of them, and I am not seeing any routes. But again a lot of people say it takes about 14 days before you're going to see them root out, I usually get them around 7 to 10 days and I think this is about day 6 or 7 now.

 So we are getting right around that time. And now I'm not seeing any routes out of that one yet. I am seeing like I said earlier some good growth at the stem there are fattening up a little bit, but it looks like Yeah I know Roots as of now on any of these. But what's also good as we are not getting any burn yet either Like we were doing before. And that's because I have started with the nutrients.  Now that we have checked out if there were any Roots, which there are not for any of them just yet, let's now do a quick nutrient feeding. 

So what I've got mixed up in here right now is one gallon of water with half a teaspoon of cal-mag and then buy Fox Farm I put in one teaspoon of Big Bloom, half a teaspoon of kangaroos and then 3/4 a teaspoon of their comeback formula which is the boomerang. So that is what I have mixed up in here, and what you'll see is not only am I going to leave some in the tray below for the plants to feed on for the next couple days but I'm also going to talk feed them to the rockwool cubes.  So I just mixed this up like I said, and I ph, and I ph it so there's around 5.8, it doesn't have to be at 5.8 but does it help since they are in the rockwool cubes.  there's around 5.8, it doesn't have to be at 5.8 but does it help since they are in the rockwool cubes.

And ppm's were right around the 700. So that is not too high for this point, is just right, and yeah that is pretty much it. You want to make sure to give them a good soaking and then leave them a little bit down there to soak up over the next couple of days. And then just going to miss them as always and you want to keep those same conditions of a high humidity in a warm temperature, And that is really it for today's video. So now let's go downstairs and check out the mother plan out in the garage.

 Alright so now we are outside in the garage with the lemoncello his mother plant and she is doing really well and already recovered again from that last low-stress training. So let's do a little bit more of that today and I watered yesterday like you guys saw. So there is no need for me to be watering today. So I just checked the soil at is still pretty moist at this point but I will probably be watering by tomorrow. But yeah you can see so this main top or this main branch out here that was the first main one, and the very beginning. And you can see just how many individual little tops are coming off of the sides of it. 

So that is going to be a great little section of the plant all on its own there. And I just keep wanting to bend that made child down like that because it exposes light to all the ones below it. And will allow those ones to grow up just as big as it is. And that will  fill out a whole section of the plant right here if I'm able to get those to grow on their own. So that is what I'm trying to do right now and you can see there's about one, two, three, four, five little guys trying to come up and then I would say a whole host of other ones just the growing throughout the notes there. 

So I'm really just continuing with bending this main branch out like that for some low-stress training. The rest don't really need to be bent out that much because they are not covering up a bunch of vegetative growth below. It is just this made top here, and that is it for now for the low stress training and then I'm just going to give a nice missing right here. And then that is it for today's video, so I will be back in another 24 hours for the next day of the week.

 What up Green Box Growers, we are back here another 24 hours later for day 5 of week 7. And I am actually pretty stoked because we now have some Roots growing out of her clones here. So let me just take the lid off really quick and here's a good shot of how the dome should look when it's really Really humid in there, you can see it is really foggy with water on the walls of the Dome. And that is because I still have the vents on the Dome closed and because I am keeping it warm in there. So yesterday I gave her the Clones some of that nutrient solution you can see it still down in there below and that is helping a lot with getting the roots going. I have the heat not going as well to help keep them warm and that helps a lot with root growth.

 now there is one that has a root coming out of the bottom and there she is right there, so you can see it as a pretty good size group. And then the others, is going to be hard to show you but they actually have Roots growing that you can see through that little top hole that the stem is growing out of, so it's going to be hard to give you guys a shot of that butt yeah there is definitely a lot of root growth going on in there. And like I said right now it is just that one that I showed you that it looks like it has that route coming out, but that is a good sign that the other ones are now rooted as well and probably in the next couple days here they should all have roots coming out and we will be ready to go into Solo cups. 

Which means they will then be ready to go out into the veg tent in the garage. So we are actually at about day 8 or 9 since I took these cuttings, so that's actually pretty quick for them to start rooting. And I'm actually really happy about that, and now that you guys have gotten that update I'm going to give them a quick misting and then we will move outside downstairs into the garage so you can see how the mother plant is doing.

 Alright Growers we are out in the garage and I just checked the soil and she is ready for her next watering so I've got some plain pH water mixed up here at 6.3. And this is her third watering since her last nutrient feeding, So after this one it's going to be her next nutrients. So before I do that I wanted to let you guys know that she is looking like she is not getting too much bigger, so what I'm going to do is turn up the dial for the veg switch on my Bloom Bistro light.

 So right now I'm at about 95 so now I'm just going to finish it off and turn it up to a hundred there. Got the seedling dial at 100 as well. And then I will be adding another light in here once I get those clones rooted or finished rooting and put into their pots. I'll bring those out here and bring in another grow light.

 So now let's give her that mix up some plain pH water as well as a misting and then we will be done for today shot. So at this point you are going to want to be getting about 25 to 30% run off especially when you are in the air route spot because obviously it's going to get a lot more run off a lot more easily and that is also why I am watering a little more frequently Then I would if let's say if I was growing in a fabric pot. So just going to give it a good soaking till I'm getting some run off and then I'll let that soak in and feed it some more and then do a nice misting so you get all of the foliage. 

And again I like to go from underneath facing upwards with the spray bottle because that just helps get the bottom sides of the span leaves, which helps a lot as well. So really quickly before I go I just want to give you guys some close-ups on this vegetative growth because it is doing really well and it is looking really healthy, and I just want you to see how that looks. You can see there are no burns on the tips or the sides of the leaves,

 Doesn't show any sort of discoloration going on or any  sort of burns or anything Like that. Which is always good because less stress that you give during the veg stage, the better the results you will end up getting throughout flower. So that is it for today's clip and we will be back in another 24 hours.

 What up Growers we are back here for day 6 of the week, and one of these clones now has actually a ton of roots coming out of the bottom. So before I put her in the Solo cup with soil I'm going to wait for the others to root but really quick I want to show you guys with that looks like, and she I mean yesterday I showed you guys her and the clip from yesterday and she only had one route coming out of the bottom. 

Now you can see she has like a whole host of them coming out, so she's pretty much ready to go into the Solo cup with some soil. And I will be using the fox farm ocean forest for that. But I am going to wait another couple days maybe just one more day so tomorrow I will probably put her in the Solo Cup and hopefully some more of these other plants are ready by then. But I can still keep them all together in the dome here so that isn't really going to be an issue. But anyways just wanted to show you guys that and a couple of them do have Roots showing but like I was saying in yesterday's clip you can only see them By looking through the top hole there.


And other than that just continuing with the misting everyday.  all right now let's go head out into the garage and check out the mother plant. Right now we're out here in the garage with the lemoncello Hayes mother plant and nothing too new to report to you guys she's looking pretty good and healthy as always. No Burns or deficiencies and she has some sustained vegetative growth. So she is looking really good and getting bigger by the day so nothing really to show you guys, I will just give her a quick miss seeing of plain pH water and that will be it for today's video. I will be back in another 24 hours for your next update and I will be holding off on LST for another week or so on her. Or at least until those clones root and are back in this tent with their mother plant.

 What up Growers we are back now for day 7 of the week, and actually four out of five of these clones have actually rooted in are ready for transplant. So that is what I'm going to be doing in two days video so let's get started with that. So the first thing I want to show you guys I just want to show you what those roots look like and how well they are growing. They've actually really these last couple of days here. But you can see this guy has just one route coming out and then she's actually got a few coming out around the sides. And then this one is one of the ones that's doing really well as you can see there. 

Got some crazy Root growth going andonce these guys are in the soil they will just start taking off. so this one is the one that's doing the best by far. Now this guy right here just has a little one just poking through, but that is good enough to get started in the Solo Cup. But this guy this little one right here doesn't have any sort of growth yet or  as of yet. So I'm going to leave it on the floor of the tray without the Solo Cup and soil Until I do start to see some root growth. So the first step is going to be to remove the rapper so you don't want to plant these rockwool cubes with those wrappers still on. So I'm just going to use my Fisker trimmers and you want to be careful because sometimes there are going to be roots that have grown out of the size of the rockwool cubes to wear those rappers are covering.

 So just be sure to be really careful while making the cut. Now the easiest way to do this without damaging any routes that might have grown out of the side of the rockwool cube, is to just cut down one of the corners of the rapper like this. Just very gently and very slowly and then just like that it is going to peel right off. Now this is the guy I said I'm not going to be planting just yet but I am removing the rapper because I want to see if there were any roots coming out of the side because if there are then that would be good enough for me. 

But I am not saying that so what I will do is just leave it like this and then hopefully that will help, maybe that's a little route starting to poke out right there. I don't know if you guys can see it's kind of anyways sometimes clones don't root. Even if you do everything perfectly you know that is just part of nature. But I think I'm going to give this one a few more days just to see what happens, maybe just one more nutrients feeding. But anyways I'm going to cut the rappers off the rest of them and then plant them into Solo cups with Fox Farm ocean forest soil. 

So you can see I've Got 5 Solo cups just like this with all the holes and slits cut around the bottom and the lower sides. And that is just for drainage so these guys don't drown in the cups of course. You want to wait for the water to flow out through the bottom of the cup of course. so I just used my Fiskar trimmers to cut those. And then since they are in the rockwool cubes it will be different when you plant with seeds, I'm going to since they are not seedlings but really they are a little taller than a Seedling would be At this stage and a little stronger in terms of stem growth. 

So what I'm going to do is have it so there is a little soil in the bottom about 2 inches up and then I will place the cube in there and bury it.  I am hoping to have the cube somewhere well actually I will have about 3 in at the bottom because I do want the cube or at least the bottom of the cube to be resting about right here in the Solo Cup. Right under this Ridge right there. You don't want the cube above the brim or anything but you don't want it all the way at the bottom either. So somewhere in the upper middle is where I will be going. So let me do that and then I will show you guys what that looks like afterwards.

 Alright guys so really quickly before I plant them here's a great shot with all the rappers off and I just wanted to show you guys what that root growth looks like when it's coming out of the sides. So you can see this one actually had a good amount of growth coming right out of the side of the rockwool cube there. So let me plant these and then I will be back with that shot. Now here's what they look like right before I cover them with soil and I just placed these guys into the Solo cups with some soil right below them.

 And you want to make sure there is at least a couple inches to the roots to grow into. But you don't want it all the way at the top either. So that is what they look like right before they Get the soil and again this one's not getting planted just yet. Hoping it maybe a couple more days like the middle of week 8 or this week's coming video where this one will start to root. And then I can plant her just like these ones. Alright welcome back, the transplant is now complete and you can see they're all in the Solo cups now except for that smaller one without the roots. 

And this one was planted a little to the side, you want to make sure they are really centered on the Solo Cup you don't want them to the edge like this, but it is not a huge deal if you can't do it that way, it just helps. But since these guys are going to be transplanted into bigger pots and just a week here it doesn't really matter. So what you are going to want to do once you have transplanted into the Solo cups as you are going to want to give them a white watering of some plain pH water. and you don't need to do a whole lot you just kind of want to moisten the soil so it is enough to let the roots grow out into that new space. 

If it stays dry then the roots are kind of just going to stay in that rockwool Cube and not expand out so just like that, that is plenty for that one right there and then of course continue With the misting. I am still keeping these guys and the humidity Dome until they are ready to go out into the big veg tent. But what I will do now is start cracking the vents of the Dome up top. So today I will crack them a quarter of the way open for both Vents and then tomorrow and the day after I'm just going to keep opening a little bit more until they are completely open all of the way. 


So that is it for the transplanting process and you'll still want to keep high humidity around 65 to 70% and opening those events will help lower it of course. You're going to want to still keep a little bit of plain water down below here in the tray, and then I will be doing some nutrients later in the week 8 video so don't worry about that just yet. Just keep missing the plants and checking on them throughout the day. no need to increase the power of the light yet either, that'll just be when we put them outside into the big tent.

All right now we are out here in the garage with a big mama here checking up on her. And she is actually ready for that next nutrient water. So I will be giving you more details on that and just a sec but first let's just get some good close-ups on how this lemoncello his mother plant is doing. Now those clones like I was showing you just recruited and they were transplanted so they should be out here no more than a week's time. And she is still going really well, you can see it's kind of slowly and vertical growth too much bushier. And that is because I have held off on the low stress training just because I want there to be enough room in the tent once those clones get out here. Because I will be doing some training with them as well.

 So as you guys can see she is still in pristine shape and happy as always, so that is good, And now it's take a look at that nutrient feeding. So we are on the next nutrients and it's going to be that week 4 of vegetation mix from the fox farm Dirty Dozen. And that is actually the last vegetative mix on the schedule, so that is what I will be following from here on out until I flip her into flour. 2 repeating that is just fine, you don't need to worry about doing that, but what I did do this time as I only mixed it at 3/4 strength again, not quite ready yet to go to full strength and there is really no need because she isn't showing any deficiencies and a growing really well. 

So I'm a bump up to full strength on that next one, who knows but I did add some cal-mag, 3/4 teaspoon per gallon and then I did the rest of the mix at 3/4 strength.  Ppm's are at 1000 right now and I measured that with my TDS meter and the pH is at 6.3. But for that PPM level, so in the fox farm schedule for the dirty dozen to be around 1750 to 2000 PPMs right now. So I am actually pretty low and I think that is okay because she isn't actually showing any deficiencies like I was saying. I'm a bump them up over the next day and a half just to try out those levels. 

And if I see any sorts of stress or toxicities I will cut them back again, but you know you don't always have to follow the exact amounts with a nutrients in growing cannabis. When it comes to nutrients and growing cannabis it seems like less is always more and doing more is always too much. So I just plan to water her with the nutrients until she gets about 25% runoff And then as always you are going to want to continue with the misting.

 So I'll let me do that right now for the you guys. And as we are getting closer to flower you're going to want to do this because you were going to want to keep those families nice and healthy because they are very important once you get to the flowering stage. And having them nice and healthy once you start flower is always great because no or little stress on the plant it's going to produce really good and frosty buds. All right guys that is it for today's clip and I will be back in another 24 hours.

 Alright GreenBox Growers, so that concludes week 7 of the cloning and how to grow a mother plant grow series. And things are really starting to get exciting out of those clones have rooted and are now planted in the Solo cups, so it should be another few days here before we start to see roots coming out of the bottoms of those Solo cups and now they should start getting some good vegetative growth. So  once they are big enough I will move them out into the vegetative with their mother plant. And then we will grow them through a little bit of a vegetative state so they can get some good size and LST training in. And then from there we will flower them all together in the big tent. So definitely stay tuned because I will be back soon with week 8 of this grow series shortly, and as always thank you guys for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown