Massive Vegetative Growth in this Weeks Update!


What up Growers and welcome back to another little of GreenBox Grown! Now today officially kicks off week 4 of that nuke heads grow series, and I am really pumped because I think I'm actually starting to see one of the series of plants pulling ahead. And that is actually the Nuke Heads. the right now it seems like the NukeHeads nutrients are in the lead for working better, but we still have the rest of this grow to evaluate so let's see what goes on from there.

 I'm also going to be continuing with the low-stress training this week, so hopefully we will get some more tops going on these plans, and now that I only have one of those electric sky LED lights, I'm hoping those plants also start growing up and taller because right now they are pretty low to the ground. Now before I get started I want to give a huge thank you to all of my patreons out there. As you may have noticed I picked up that new video camera so now I am shooting in 4k for all of my videos.

 And again I couldn't have done that without my patreons who signed up over the last couple of months. So also right now I'm only about $30 away from hitting my next goal on patreon, which is going to be a CBD Grow Series where I will grow a plant that is strong genetically with CBD opposed to THC. And so for those of you who have found CBD works better for you guys than THC or higher CBD is a better ratio for you then that will be great for you guys. After that my next goal will be a dwc or deep water culture grow series so let's also try to hit that pretty quickly because I know a lot of you guys are interested in learning about Hydroponics.

 Now you guys don't want to forget to check out our merch at Green Box ground, under the merch and smokes action. As you can see I've got some new merch dropping soon and now that you guys know what we are doing in this weeks video, lets get started with day 1 of the week. 

All right guys here we are for day 1 of the week and I still have the single light going of the two 300 watt buy electric sky. Like I was saying, the two of them seem to be too powerful at this point, but as I turn them off so you can see the two plants that were kind of growing out words horizontally, opposed to vertically upwards, you can see they are now starting to head upwards towards the light which is what I want. Instead of them just getting wider and wider. So you can see actually all of the plants are doing really well I mean there's no serious damage it was just the very beginning of that light stress.

I just checked the soil and they are good for water for now sent that last feeding that I did. I'm really stoked, this is that purple I'm sorry that Grape Ape that I done damage to On the main stem. you can see actually let me see if I could get a good shot for you guys. All right so you can actually see it is completely healed at this point there's that piece of tape right there. And I don't know if you can tell but the cut that was there is now no longer a wound it has completely sealed itself off. So I'm going to remove that tape in a little bit here, and will probably start again with some low-stress training on that main stock in the next couple days. But you can see how healthy they are all looking, these two guys here in the front Corners grew really wide and not really tall yet but I'm hoping that single light will make the difference with that.

 The grape apes are really looking the best in terms of vegetative growth but like I was saying in the intro  I definitely think at this point the plants that are being used with the Nuke Heads  nutrients. Those seem to be doing a lot better, you can see these guys are not doing poorly, these are the Fox Farms here. But they are not as big and bushy and you can see they are more skeleton like and there's just the leaves at the tips of the tops. 

Where these plants your have leaves going all the way up and down and are definitely larger and size. so we will see I'm sure that this will change later on in the growth cycle, we will see I'll keep an eye on Seeing which one of these nutrient lineups does better again the back is the Nuke Heads, and then the front here are the Fox Farms. So like I was saying I think so far, NukeHeads  are doing best. So that's it for day one and I will be back in another 24 hours for you guys is next update and really quick before I go of course I'm going to give them a misting. All right so that's it for today's clip and I will see you guys back here tomorrow, peace!

What up GreenBox Growers we are back for day 2 of week 4 here for the nukeheads grow series. and these guys are looking like some of them are ready for a little bit of low stress training. So that is what I will be doing in today's clip and I will be giving them a misting as well, but I just checked the soil and they are not ready for water just yet. So that I will be holding off on, but anyways let's get a little close up here to see how they have been growing. You can see how big the and bushy the NukeHeads are in the back, or the ones that are getting nukeheads  nutrients, compared to the ones in the front that are on the fox farm lineup.

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 So I'm not sure if it's mainly because of the nutrients or if it's because I had too much light going over these Fox Farm plants and it wasn't too powerful over the NukeHeads, And so less stress happened on the NukeHeads plants as a result. And that might be why they are bigger. So I'm going to give them a few more weeks before I say it's because of the nutrients But other than that they all really do look good. So let's get in here closer, I'm not going to do any LST on the plants that are shorter like this one or this guy here. But what I will do is work a little bit on the great ape hear that I had done a little damage to. Now that she has recovered there she can take some LST so I'm just going to start again with that main top that I had done a little damage to the other day. 

I'm going to be a lot more gentle this time though because I don't want to snap again. And you can see it actually there are already new tops coming out from underneath that foliage there. So two coming from that node there and then This node has a another separate two tops coming out. And you can see just how thick and healthy that main stem is getting. It is pretty I mean that is pretty good-looking right there very healthy no signs of stress or anything like that, so just a big healthy shoot right there. Now that's pretty much it for what I will be doing in terms of LST for this baby right here, this is that Grape Ape plant getting the Nuke Heads Nutrients.  But, you can see already this is going to expose a lot of light for this little guy right here, this top that was trying to come up through the canopy as well as for this one here.

 I'm going to bend this little top that was under here out so it is exposed to the light, and that will be good for their. That's really it for training and actually the rest don't need any. So now what I'm going to do is just give them that misting of plain pH water. Now when it comes to light stress it does take sometimes up to a week or two for the plants to fully recover. So that's why these guys in the front aren't really getting any taller just yet. You can see they are starting to point back up towards the light and are starting to what looks like get ready to grow taller. But it is still taking a little bit of time for them to recover and to get over having too much power going on in this tent. So I'm going to expect maybe a couple more days or maybe by the end of this week's Video, that they should be starting to get a lot of good vertical growth going. So that is it for today's clip, and I will be back in another 24 hours. Peace guys!

What up GreenBox Growers, we are back here for day 3 Of the week, and exactly 24 hours later from that last low-stress training that I did for these guys. You can see that after I did the bending on those branches, they are already standing back up and are looking just as healthy and vibrant as before. So they are now ready for their next watering which is going to be their first plane pH watering since that last nutrient feeding. And I've got that at 6.30 and then I've got some plain pH water right there for misting as well. So that's what I'll be doing today, trying to aim for about 15% runoff out of each pot. And then I will be giving them a good misting. So that is pretty much it for today's update, you can see they're all getting much taller than before now that I have that one light turned off and only one of them on. Probably won't be doing another LST training for a couple of days now, so that will be it in terms of training for a little bit.

What up Growers it is now day 4 of the week here for the NukeHead Grow Series. and all of the plants are just looking really good. And I'm thinking that second or smaller Grape Ape plant has caught up or is almost caught up to the other Grape Ape that was doing a lot better before. So they are just about the same size but you can see they're probably the tallest out of the bunch and looking really good. Now the rest are also doing really well and you can see they aren't growing really tall but what they are doing is growing lots of new tops throughout all the different nodes that they have underneath the canopy. So you can see especially This Pineapple Chunk in the front left here, she has like I don't know 20 different tops that are sprouting new tops from all these different nodes.

 So now we just need them to start growing upwards and taller so they are not so low to the ground and can grow vertically. And that will allow them to grow bigger buds on their branches. So now that you have seen that, I'm going to give them a quick misting of the plane pH water as you should be doing everyday at this point. And no need to water the soil, I just checked it and it is still moist from that last watering so we are still good on that. Alright guys that concludes today's update and I will be back in another 24 hours, peace!

You guys, check this out I mean this is just absolutely ridiculous, look at that growth. It’s a freaking jungle in there. So we are back here, it's day 5 of Week 4, plants are not ready for watering yet I just checked the soil but they are good for a misting, so I will continue to do that throughout the day. Now since the last clip I raised  this one light even further. I showed you guys I turned off that second wide spectrum LED because two of them was too powerful. And at the height or distance I had it at right then, it seems like that was still too powerful for these guys, so I raised it even further and you'll see I kind of wrapped the light hanger around the bars like so. 

Make sure they are secure I don't advise you guys to do this at home because it is a little bit dangerous, but anyways it did get that extra distance up there. And I mean it has really made a night and day difference.  You can see I mean the grape Apes have always been doing really well and have been growing up really well, but the pineapple chunks and then this Skittles that were staying really low and wide now they're really starting to grow upwards. As you can see over here. So I'm going to let those get taller and I'm going to start doing some more low stress training with those grape Apes since they are getting pretty tall.

 Probably starts have been this guy back that way in a little bit and this one in the same direction. But I'm not going to be doing that today I'm still kind of going to let them recover from that light stress or that little bit of light stress but after today I will continue again with some LST on these two guys. Now all of them are looking really healthy but I want to show you guys just how big the fan leaves are on these purple I'm sorry I don't know why I keep saying that, these are Grape apes. Not purple whatever's. Anyways look at that, these are literally the size of my hand. This big daddy right here I wish it was facing the other way so I could line my fingers up with it. But look at that is basically the size of my hand. So really strong Indica genetics, that's a big sign because you can see not only are the leaves huge but they are short and kind of fat stubby fingers. Which is a big sign of indica.

 So all of these are actually Indica like I was saying before, But you can see like these fingers are pretty skinny compared to the others, that doesn't mean it's at Eva it's just that these guys are so big, it is just ridiculous. Alright guys so that's it for today's clip and I will be back in another 24 hours later with your next update of the week. Don't forget to be misting, I didn't show you guys that in this video but that is something I'm still doing several times throughout each day. Alright peace guys!

 What up GreenBox Growers we are back here another 24 hours later for day 6 of the week, now this vegetative growth is just continuing to go insane. Especially since I decided to raise that light up a little further, and since I turned off the second one. So today I checked the soil, they are ready for their next watering which is going to be there second plain pH watering since their last nutrient feeding, and then I will be of course misting them as well. 

I'm not going to show you guys that in the video but what I will be showing you as first off how big and strong the branch is as well as the main stem or stalk of that Grape Ape in the back that I kind of snapped earlier back in the grow. It has recovered it tremendously and it is growing honestly better than all the other plants and here. It is pretty crazy and like I was saying before I kind of called it because like I was saying when you damage them or when you are kind of harsh on them, or really strong with the LSt. That actually causes them to react even better, so very interesting to how these plants react. And I don't recommend trying to break them because sometimes That's going to go too far and actually kill or completely break off the stem. And that's not really worth it, so I don't aim for doing that, but like I said if it happens on accident just tape her up. And it's just going to end up being a blessing in disguise.

So let's get up close I want to show you first off these grape Apes it's just those Indica genetics like I keep saying, but you can see just how big those fan leaves are, it is incredible. And in the back even bigger, I don't think I mentioned this yet but I will be doing some low-stress training to them today. So I'm going to show you guys that right now actually. So I will be doing a watering and missing after this, but I just want to show you today and this video the training. So here we are in the tent up close to show you the training, and first of all you can see how much the tenant has filled out with Vegetative growth. And these guys are going to veg out a lot longer and you can just see the plants are almost starting to grow together. Like they are going to become one big canopy, and I'm not going to do any sort of scrogging Or anything like that, but what I will do is continue with this low stress training.

 So up close here on that Grape Ape here in the back that a kind of damage your leader in this groserias, you can see actually I have left the tape on and let's see if I can get a good shot of that there. Yeah there's the tape right there, and I should probably take that off because it is completely and the branch or the stock of the stem is just going to keep getting thicker. And this is just going to be restraining yet a little bit so let me just pull that off really quick.  Alright let me get in there and show you guys the part of the stock that was broke so you can see what it looks like recovered. So the tape was right there actually, I think that part that was lighter, so you can see it's kind of hard to show you guys but you can see just how big the stock has gotten. And that is the one that I kind of snapped early on. So what I'm going to be doing is trying to lower some of these plants a little bit with some low-stress training.

 So I'll be starting here in the front with this front Grape Ape. And actually what is going on is there's a  lot of these new tops coming up, shooting up from down below beneath the canopy as you can see and then they're getting stuck under the main tops canopy. So what I'm going to do right now is just three-finger LST, no need to tie it down but I'm just going to kind of bend it down into this position and then hold it there for about 5 to 10 seconds. And then I'm going to let go and she will probably stay bent down like so, and that is exactly what you want. Because now you can see already all of these tops underneath have a lot of Life exposed to them so they are going to be able to shoot up and grow up above the canopy before she has enough time to  Grow over them again.

Now she will grow back up towards the light by the end of today or early tomorrow so and no time, but that is exactly what you want to be doing when you are doing your low-stress training. So you can see this is some really good vegetative growth. These shoots that are coming up from super low beneath the canopy, they are very healthy-looking and have very thick stems already. But the stems are still very flexible which is great because that means it's new Young growth and very healthy. So going to finish bending all of these different plants into their good LST positions and then I will be back to show you guys what that looks like.

 Alright so I just finished up that LST training for today, and actually I only did the two grape apes and then these two plants the pineapple chunk and Skittles in the back row. Reason being is because the two Skittles and Pineapple Chunk in the front grow is just starting to get their tops growing upwards so did not want to slow to that progress down. Since they are a lot shorter than the rest. But what I did do is bend the main tops over into that low stress training position where they are leaning over pointing towards the ground towards the floor of the tent. And then look at all of this vegetative growth going on right under that bank canopy. 

And those will all shoot up into main tops that become their own main Cola once these guys start flowering. So that is the importance of doing this training, you're going to get a lot larger of a yield and harvest. And you are going to be able to space Out those buds and kind of control where they grow so you can fill out your tent so it is maxed out to its fullest potential. So you can see all these cool little shoots that came up and became main tops and just look at how thick the stems are. Is super healthy and oh yeah, the one that had snapped I just did some LST training just now on that main top and it totally worked well. So it  is completely recovered and can't train again. But just look at how massive those fan leaves are, and I was showing you guys in the last clip just how big they were. And they were actually a little bigger than the palm and the fingers on my hand.

 So I just did some light low stress or three finger Training, no hooks pulling branches down. And really I just did the main tops that were covering up the main canopy for the plants I did train. And that will adjust allow like I keep saying those tops that are Under The Canopy, to grow up and become main colas eventually.  So that is it for today's clip and I will be back of course and another 24 hours for tomorrow. All right, peace guys!

Or I guess I just finished watering and I actually forgot to mention how much I was giving them, so it's actually about three quarters of a gallon of water for plant right now. And I'm trying to get about 20 about 20% run off so that is what you should be in before this size. And it's taking about 3/4 of a gallon to get that. So just wanted to let you guys know that before I left for tomorrow's clip.

 All right guys welcome back 24 hours later for the last day of week four, And again just some good tremendous growth, vegetative growth that is. And you can see all of the plants are now growing up. But I would say the Grape Ape are doing especially well. Now yesterday I did some of that low stress training to the tops, and you can see all of those tops have grown right back up but they are kind of leaning a little bit to the side. Not leaning but they are kind of a little bit further a horizontal than the first but they were at before.  So if that makes sense it will allow for other tops to grow up and I will do some more training later on in the week, but for now I'm just going to let them recover and get some good height to them. So that is it for today's clip and I will be missing them throughout the day as always. And then I will be back in another 24 hours for your guyses next update!

All right Growers so that's going to conclude week 4 of the nuke heads grow series, and because of how well they're doing right now in that vegetative stage and how rapidly they are growing inside. I'm not sure how many more weeks I will be doing in bed but I am hoping at least two to three more weeks maybe even 4 or 5 it is just depending on how big they get and if they outgrow the tent.

Because they will continue and growth during the flowering stage and they’ll grow about another third of their size during that point.  So you want to make sure there's still enough room for that growth once you flip them into flower. Now I will be back shortly with the week 5 video of this grow series and I will be continuing that nutrient watering schedule of the week. And then I will also continue with some low-stress training so you guys can see how that is done.

Now as always, thank you guys for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown