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What up Growers and welcome back for another lit episode of GreenBox Grown! Now as most of you probably noticed I was taken off of YouTube recently, and I add all of my videos deleted so I recreated my Channel with this new account here. And I'm going to have to limit the videos and type of content that I upload from here on out just because of the changes that YouTube is making with their policies and how strict they are getting with channels. 

So I'm not going to be able to put up any more of the how to and very detailed informative videos where I guide you through everything. Now the videos I will still be uploading  will include product and strain reviews, and I'm also going to be doing videos that will be more of an overview of the grow series that I am doing on my website. I can't really show you guys the how to parts of it but I will give you updates on how the plants are doing and stuff like that.

Now if you are interested in seeing my premium how to grow content where I show you exactly what to do step by step, with the plants that I am growing in my video series. All you got to do is hop over to and just scroll down on any of our video pages and you will see you can subscribe to our video channel for $14.99 per month. And what that will include is unlimited  access to our entire video library that I have up there, as well as the new videos that I am updating every other day.  So the premium content will include those grow series where I go week-by-week showing you how to grow the plants and telling you exactly everything I do to them, so that you can follow along and mimic what I am doing.

 There is a two-week free trial with that sign up so if you subscribe you won't have to pay until after that trial is over. And you can cancel at anytime. Now the purpose of today's videos to give you an idea and overview of my intro to growing cannabis section which is basically a crash course to all the information you need to know before you start your cannabis grow. So this is including things like what supplies you will need, how to  mix your nutrients and water and what kind of watering schedule you should follow.

 And other basic types of information like that. So in today is a video I'm going to give you a quick highlight of all the information that comes along and our intro to Growing section. And again this is part of the premium content package so to get this you have to subscribe at Alright guys so now that you know what we are doing in 2 days the video, let's get started with that overview of the kind of content you can expect to find in my intro to growing cannabis section!

Alright guys so what I will be doing here is giving you some clips and highlights from those different intro to growing cannabis videos just so you can get a brief overview of what that whole premium content section has to offer.  First off we are going to show you exactly what supplies you need and the whole setup of everything you'll need from start to finish so you'll know exactly how to use all those different supplies and how to set them up. We cover all of that and show you exactly how to do it. If you want to grow indoor we can show you how to do that and if you want to grow outdoor or in a greenhouse we will also be able to show you how to do that. As well as how to pick out a good spot to set your Greenhouse up in.

 Now what is really good too as I have used all of the supplies that I recommend and show in my videos and I only recommend well and gave me the best results so you are going to know that these products have been tried and tested and you don't have to worry about whether or not they are good quality or fit your needs. So now you can see I am covering the indoor grow tent and the different supplies you will need for growing in there as well as if you want to do low stress training which I also cover later on in the series.

Next up I'm going to break down what the difference is between an Autoflower plant as well as a regular or feminized plant and I'll show you guys of course how to grow those out from seed and the differences between growing them. So this right here is what was recently grown and one of my more recent grow series, it was that Autoflower low-stress training grow series and I'm showing you some of the buds from that blue amnesia Autoflower right there.  And then of course this is from my blue dream grow that was a while back. 

And that was a greenhouse outdoor grow, and these actually came from clones but that is still a regular plant not an Autoflower. And some good shots of those blue dream buds right here. But anyways yeah grew these outside with the scrog and the greenhouse, And we can show you not only how to grow feminized plants or a regular seeds but we can also show you how to scrog and grow out in a greenhouse.

Now as you probably have guessed one of the most important parts of growing cannabis is having a proper nutrient and watering schedule so that is something we are going to cover and a lot of detail. Not only do I show you how to pH your water for different growing mediums because that is important to follow those numbers properly. But I will show you exactly how to mix your nutrients and at what ratios, and I will also show you how to increase those doses as you go through the grow and have a bigger plant. 

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That is very important because you don't want to over or under feed because that will greatly affect The results you have with the plants. So going to show you not only how to use the nutrients but also you know when to feed, because having a proper watering schedule is very important. Because if you feed too frequently like I was just saying or not frequently enough, that will lead to a lot of issues so depending on the type of bro you are doing whether it is hydroponic or soil or maybe a soilless medium. It is all going to be different depending on what you go with. So we show you how to do it with each one of those growing mediums and that way you can grow and all the different types of mediums. 

Now if you are neuter cannabis you probably heard of starting from seeds and maybe you have heard from starting from clone. But those are the two main ways you can start off your cannabis grow and I'll be showing you how to start from either of those methods. Just so  that you can start from either a clone or from a seed. Both are really easy and you can get great results either way, I have no preference it's more about finding the right genetics and strains that you are looking for. But we make it really easy to start from either a clone or a seed. And then of course more advanced down the road I do teach you guys how to take clones and grandmother plants so that if you want to grow your own clones you can do that as well.

Now I mentioned I would show you guys what kind of supplies you need and how to set them all up, and I will also cover the differences between the different types of grow lights. So you know the three basic ones are LEDs, HPS, and then CFLs and I cover all three of those and here you can see I've got a good example of a 900 watt LED I was using. You can see it has two switches on it one for veg and one for Bloom, and then you can see in the second shot here I've got the CFL lights which are not as powerful as the LEDs, they have their own purpose that is a little different. But again all of these different types of Lights have different pros and cons when compared to each other and I will show you how to decide on which light is going to be best for your specific grow and set up.

Now something that is very important and growing cannabis and will help you have a lot more of a successful Harvest is knowing how to diagnose different issues such as deficiencies, pest problems, or toxicities with your nutrient feedings. So I'm going to cover all of that in this intro section as well as other groceries, and things like over-watering and under watering will be shown like here. So you can see these first plants here actually over water which is why they are curling over, so I will show you guys not only how to spot and diagnose issues but I will also show you how to fix them and cure the problem.

 And then also prevent and avoid it. So here is another example is under the rug being under watered, and that is why the leaves are droopy like that. So a lot of people might think that their plant is dying or that it is a very serious issue. Is not something you want to happen a lot to your plants, but With these videos I'm going to show you not only how to avoid them but how to fix them so that it's not going to ruin your grow and you can continue and have a successful Harvest.

Now like I was saying with diagnosing different issues, pests go along with that. So here is a shot of an aphid on a plant and now this looks like a small harmless bug but they can actually kill and wipe out a complete cannabis plant and a couple days. So I show you guys how to spot these different pests and bugs and how to take care of and eradicate them as well as how to prevent them from getting into your grow room. And this is really important because even if you are doing everything perfectly in terms of growing the plants, if you can't stop these bugs from killing or eating them, there is no point in growing because you're just not going to get to that Harvest. So another important part about the intro to Growing section!

Now last but not least it's some of the most important stuff and that is the advanced grower stuff. So first we include things like how to top your plants for higher yields and increase growth, because this will help you create a bushier shorter plant for smaller grow spaces, and then on top of that we also show you how to do LST or low stress training. Which is like you see hear the bending of the plant to get also better results with a Brashear plant, more tops, and then of course That is going to lead to more yields.

Next up for some of that advanced stuff, is the automatic watering system so this is really cool because you can set it up on a weekly basis, so you don't have to check on the plants every day. Although that is something I recommend doing is checking on them at least once a day just to make sure that they are going and doing well and are healthy and happy. But anyways this tool is really useful for saving a lot of time and of course if you need to go on vacation or a trip you're not tied down to your plants because you can leave and set up this drip system to take care of them while you are gone. 

And then of course that leads me to the final section that I will be covering today which is our video that explains exactly how you can set up an automated for up to a week at a time for vacation or any sort of trip. So I show you guys what tools and supplies You'll need to set that up, and then you can manage all of that from your smartphone remotely around the world. Now that is just kind of the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the information and videos that you can see on the website under our subscription. Of course I will be coming out with more videos on are different grow series and over views on that so stay tuned. And be sure to check out that link Down Below in the description if you want to subscribe to our videos, so you can see exactly how I got the results that I'm showing you guys in these videos here.

 Alright GreenBox Growers and that concludes today's a video as well as that brief overview of our intro to cannabis growing section, and again that is part of that premium Content Library which you can sign up for with that two-week free trial right on  And you can find more details about that down below in the description. Now I will be back with more videos  that give you guys overviews and highlights of my premium content so that you guys can see different updates on those are various grow series that I have going. Now if you enjoy the video please don't forget to give us a thumbs up and also feel free to comment below with your feedback. As always thank you guys for watching and until next time….

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GBG