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What up GreenBox Growers, and welcome back to the most LIT Cannabis grow Channel on YouTube! Now today kicks off week 10 of my low stress training Autoflower Series, so that means I will be starting the flush for those Tangerine Dream plants, and finishing up the flush for those blue Amnesia plants. So by the end of this week I will be starting the harvesting process, for the two blue Amnesia plant, and hopefully by the end of next week is when I will be starting the Harvest for the to Tangerine dreams. So I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting pretty anxious to harvest these plants, especially that blue Amnesia in the front right because of how those buds looks so Frosty and Dense.  I just can't wait to test them out!

All right guy said before I get star with today's video, I'd like to remind you guys that if you are a first-time grower or just someone looking to get pointed in the right direction so you can get started, feel free to hit me up via my contact info Down Below in the description. As I do offer one-on-one grow guidance, where I myself will personally teach you how to grow over the phone. And right now I am offering a free trial, so feel free to hit me up being my contact info and asked me how you can sign up and I will get you all setup. and also don't forget to check out our MERCH at the greenboxgrown.com website under MERCH and Smoke! and now that you guys know what we're doing in today's video, let's get started with day 1 of the week!

Alright guys we are out in the garage for day 1 of the week and I just checked on the soil, it is still pretty damn sore not ready for that next watering yet. But I will just give you guys a little close up on the bud so you can see how they progressed since the last video. Now as I mentioned, This week is all going to be flushing for both sets of plants. Both strains that is. And the next watering will be the start of flush for the Tangerine Dream here, so that's when I will be doing that Sledgehammer flush buy Fox Farm. And then after that it will just be the plain pH water that I flush with. So the buds are all finished up on the blue Amnesia, so just a couple more days of flushing for that and then I will be harvesting them and giving them the chop! And then next week sometime in the middle or the end of the week is when I'll be harvesting these Tangerine dreams. 

You can see this one in the back is starting to curl up some nice curly q white hairs. Looking really good, the tips of those buds are. So I am really excited to get these guys harvested and cured so I can try them out! This is the hardest part there at this point because this is where you have to be patient and just kind of wait for them to harvest. And that's even harder because then you have to let them dry and cure for a little bit before you can even smoke them. But yeah let me give you guys a close up of the buds here. Damn, so there is a good close up of one of the buds in the back of the Tangerine Dream you can see. Just really Frosty in those white orange hairs are looking really lovely. And again this is the one where I like to touch it in my hands smell like orange peel right away. Very citrusy and same thing with the one in the front, just not as much as that one in the back. Quick little check up on the little Blue Amnesia in the back there, those buds are really nice and frosty and dense as I keep telling you guys. They are going to be nice to try out as well. All right guy said that is it for day one a week 10, but you know I will be back in another 24 hours for your next update.  Peace!

It is now day 2 of week 10 and all and all of the plants are ready for their next watering. So what that means is I am officially starting the flush for the Tangerine Dream plants. And so what that means is I will be using the sledgehammer flush by Fox Farm, and I have that mixed up right here at 2 to spoons per gallon of water. And again flushing out really well The Tangerine Dream plants with that, and then I will be mixing up just some plain pH water at 6.3 for the blue Amnesia flush, since they have already been flushed with a sledgehammer. So no need to show you guys the water but I am giving about a gallon and a quarter to each plant still at this time. You want to get a good amount of runoff about 35% at this point. 

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And I will be most likely harvesting by the end of this video, the blue Amnesia so there will be a separate video showing the harvesting of these plants that I will release after the grow, at the end of the series I will just be kind of showing the flush process so you guys can see everything right up to that last day before Harvest. Now I will also be giving the plants 24 hours of Darkness for the day before Harvest that is. And that is just a little trick that Growers like to do or used to help push as much resin out until his buds into at the very end. it's kind of a trick that is supposed to put the plant into a shock that causes it to produce more resin than normal at that point in really rapidly. 

And it's supposed to increase the overall potency in the bud. Now I have been doing this for a few gross now and it seems to work really well so I'm going to continue to do so, so if you guys have any experience with this trick feel free to post about it or comment about it below in the comments section.

What up GreenBox Growers, we are back here for day 3 of week 10 for this LST Autoflower grow series. And you can see I've got my grow glasses on and that is just because I've been working out here in the tents all day, and have been in front of the lights for a while now so my eyes are kind of getting sensitive to it. So I just threw these on to help out with that, and the plants are looking good, soil is still moist from that last plane pH watering so no need to water for any of the plants. And yeah for today I will just be showing you guys a quick update on those buds as usual. So Tangerine Dream of course filling out really nice, finally all of those white hairs have curled in and most of them have oranged or turned a different color.

 And same with the Tangerine Dream here in the back. She is looking really good of course, hold on let me get a better focused shot for you guys. You can see it is getting pretty Frosty on these Tangerine dream's, which is always a good thing right?But yeah looking really nice and the smell is even better of course as I am always mentioning.  Especially the main Cola back here! There you go, there is a good zoom for you, and of course the blue Amnesia All-Star plants are doing their thing. The leaves are starting to Yellow because I am flushing, so what that means is all of the nutrients are starting to get out of the plant and soil. So what the plant does then is leeches all of the nitrogen that is left in those fan leaves and uses those for kind of one last burst of growth with the buds. 

And that is why the leaves start to yellow, so completely normal and Naturals and just a sign that the flush is working properly. So you can see this is also going on with the blue Amnesia in the front here.  All of the leaves are yellowing and starting to die off, so good sign that I am flushing properly as she is almost ready for that Harvest.  So I will probably be chopping her down on day 5 or 6 of this week, so I do want to give her a few more watering so it may even be day 7. But yeah just to get those two final flushes and I find that'll be very important. And then again of course as I was mentioning, I'm going to give them on the very last day before I harvest, I'm going to give them a full 24 hours of darkness. And that's kind of a trick that Growers do to help increase resin production during that last 24 hour Period. Just to get one final boost of potency out of the bud! Alright guys so I will be back in another 24 hours for your next update on these plans, but until then Happy growing!

What up Growers we are back for the very next day, 24 hours later here and the plants are still not ready yet for their next watering, or their next flushing, just check the soil and is still pretty moist. About half an inch deep, not dry an inch deep yet so probably by tomorrow they will be ready for that next flushing. And I have decided for sure that by the end after day 7 I will be harvesting those two blue Amnesia plants, so very excited for that. And you can see actually this Tangerine Dream, these buds have kind of stopped in terms of development, but the One in the back here you can see that main Cola has those white hairs and those calyx that are still kind of forming I'm sorry just those white Pistols that are still forming, not calyx.

But you can see how they are curling up and that is just a great sign of some nice dank buds to come. still going to flush these Tangerine dream's for another week and a half like I've been saying. And I will be harvesting the blue Amnesia by the end of this week, so get excited for that. Harvest video will be released after I've also harvested the Tangerine Dream buds, so that will be really fun to see. And I will be back in another 24 hours with that next flushing video. Alright peace guys!

Alright guys it's 24 hours later for the next day and they are definitely ready for their next  flush watering at this point. So got 4 gallons I will be mixing up with playing pH water at 6.3, to flush out these plants. I am using, it's probably going to actually be more than 4 gallons since I'm using about a gallon and a quarter per plant so it'll actually be more like 5 gallons. But anyways, since the last video I actually decided this is going to be the last week of this groceries. So no need to really do week 11 as it's going to be identical to this week, I'm just not going to have the blue dream plants in there because they will be harvested this weekend. 

So what I will do is finish up this week's video which is week 10 of course, and then I will harvest the two blue Amnesia plants and will get those drying and ready for the curing process. While I finish the flushing process for the 2 tangerine dream's. And then once those are done I will harvest those two and get those drying and ready for the curing process. And then I will have my harvesting and drying / curing a video ready for you guys. So I will post that and you guys can see what the results look like from all these plants. I will be giving them that watery now and then I will be back in another 24 hours for the next day.

Alright guys we are back here another 24 hours later for day 6 of the week, and that means just 24 hours until I harvest the two blue amnesia plants! So I I'm super stoked on that, can't wait to get these buds hanging up to dry and then in those jars. And it's going to be pretty tempting to not smoke them all while waiting for them to cure. Definitely going to have to do an early test after they are in that jar for a little bit, but yeah quick but update. Looking super Frosty, getting really well flushed out there and that is why the leaves are changing color so much. And the Tangerine dreams are looking great also!  So wants this video is up, keep an eye out for that for the harvesting video because I will get that up there as soon as possible. Once I trap all of these ladies down. Like I said I want to have both the blue and leashes and the Tangerine Dream harvest in there, so it's not going to go up until after I bring the Tangerine Dream plants down.

 And you can see just how nice this guy came out, this top Cola and pretty much all the buds around it are like that. Same quality. The back Tangerine Dream plant, great quality just looks a little bit different, the buds do, they are a little bit darker in color and that could be because it was directly under a different light, compared to the Tangerine Dream that was in the front here. But yeah that's just a side Cola and that is the main Bud right there, but too hard to get a good shot of it right now or at least a focused one. Quick shot of the Tangerine Dream in the back and you can see those leaves are turning yellow and getting light in color. 

And that's just because I am flushing out all of the nutrients from the plant and the soil and so what the plant does is takes that last bit of nitrogen that is in the leaves, and uses it as a little bit of a boost for Bud growth at the very end there. So yellowing is completely normal and that is why that happened, So don't even worry about that and in fact it's actually a good sign that it's happening if it happens during your flush. Now of course if you are at the beginning of your grow and you haven't even started flowering yet and the leaves are yellowing, that most likely is a nitrogen deficiency. And that just means you need to add more to your nutrient feeding.

Alright guy so this is it, we are back for the very last day of this entire grow series. I can't believe it has already come to this day, but it is here! So I just want to give you guys one last quick look at the buds up close so you can see how they are before I harvest them. And then of course I will be back with my harvesting video right after I finish harvesting the last two Tangerine Dream plants. So man this last 10 weeks have really flown by and I can't believe like I keep saying that it's already time to harvest The blue Amnesia. So you can see all of the leaves have pretty much completely yellowed and that is from the flush and that it is working well as I explained. It is leaching out all of that nitrogen from the leaves, and the Tangerine dream's just have a few more flushings to go and then it is all finished for them as well. So I will see you guys in the Harvest video coming up shortly here and as always thank you guys for following this groceries and I hope you enjoyed. Feel free to let me know in the comments below what you think about these Buds and how they finally turned out! Alright peace guys!

Alright green box Growers, that concludes week 10 and it also wraps up the entire low-stress training Autoflower grow series. Now I will be back shortly with the harvesting and curing video for this serious. But first of course I've got to harvest the blue Amnesia plants coming then of course finish flushing those tangerine dream's and then Harvest those. But it'll probably be 2 to 3 weeks and then I'll have that video up showing me harvesting all the buds. And before I wrap up this video I want to thank you guys for watching this entire series, it has been really fun growing these autoflowers from seed all the way up to harvest. And if you guys want to see me do another similar Autoflower or low stress training grow series, just be sure to leave a comment about that down below. Now as always if you enjoyed the video, please smash that thumbs-up button and don't forget to comment below with your feedback. Also feel free to subscribe to the GreenBox Grown YouTube channel, and to turn on those notifications for updates on my latest grows. As always thank you guys for watching, and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown