Week 2 Veg for the Nuke Heads Grow:  Move to Final Tent


What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back to the most lit Cannabis grow Channel!   Not today starts week 2 of my NukeHeads  grow series.  And it is a really exciting week because I'm going to be starting the low-stress training for the plants, and at the end of the week I will be moving these guys into that bigger flowering tent, as I will have already of harvested the auto flowers that are currently growing in there.

Before I get started I want to remind you guys that I am offering my one-on-one Grow guidance where I personally teach you guys over the phone each day on how to grow and what to do with your plants specifically. So if you are looking to sign up for that or for more details feel free to contact me via my contact info Down Below in the description.

I've got my cell phone so you can text me or my email if you want to contact me that way. Also feel free to check out our merch at greenboxgrown.com under the merch and smoke section. And now that you guys know what we are doing in two days video let's get started with day 1 of the week!

Alright GreenBox Growers here we are four day one of the week and like I said this is a very important one because I will be doing the first low-stress training. So first I want to give you guys an update and just show you how they have been growing since the last clip as they've been getting some really good vegetative growth and all of them are on about the third or fourth node so they are getting some really fast growth and are getting pretty tall pretty quickly here, so I am going to be doing the first pull down with some low-stress training. And I will be hooking her over with an anchor, so I will be showing you that in just a second.

Up close you can see how nice and healthy they are, there isn't any nutrient burn or anything any deficiencies or toxicities with the leaves, they are perfectly healthy for both. The Fox Farms and the nuke heads, so no way to really tell any difference just yet as all of the strains are growing pretty much equally. Even the ones with different nutrients, so maybe once we start doing this low-stress training we will be able to tell which nutrient lineup is working best. But anyways now that start with that low stress training and what I will be using as usual is the gardening soft I. And I will be making anchors with that and then clipping them to the sides of the fabric pots using these clips were these big kind of paper clips like so.

Alright guy said this is the plant I will be training first and showing you the process of. It is the Grape Ape that is using the nuke heads nutrient line so you can see she is doing really well, and the first thing I'm going to do is start by putting in that anchor base to just kind of hold the base steady in place. So going to be using a paperclip of course and then my piece of gardening soft high. And as always, all I am really doing is creating a hook like that to put around the plant top, and then I'm going to Anchor the other end with the paper clip. So, let me just move in here a little bit really quick, alright guys so here we go with the first anchoring clip that I will put around the base of the plant.

 And I want to tie her down going in this direction since she's kind of in the left side of the pot so I want to get her into that open area so she is growing over the soil and not past the edge. So I will be anchoring in the opposite direction and you just want to get that anchor right there below, that first set of fan leaves and you almost want to pull it tightly in that direction a little bit once you do the other top anchor. And then really simply all you got to do is pull it over here where you want it, and then take your paper clip, clip-on like so, and these guys are pretty strong the paper clips.

 So no need to worry about that coming undone. Now I've got my second hook here I'm sorry my second anchor which will be going around the top and I'm going to go right below that first node. So well the top node is right here and then there's this note right here, and then right under that is where I'll be putting my anchor. I want to give you guys a close up on that so you can see a close-up on that growth going on at the node. So let me get it to focus and there you go. So you can see she is already kind of sprouting up, or I will there's the zoom shot I can get and she's got no pistols coming out there to show her sex but no balls either so all is well for now.

So right below that first note with the anchor like so, and I'm going to just slowly kind of bend it over, you can use that three-finger LST trick that I always show you guys too kind of work it in that position first. Like this right here, but pretty much you want this main top to be almost lower than the rest of the plant because that is just going to help with getting more tops to grow up as well as faster growth. So I'm going to Anchor her down to the side of the pot Just like this position, but I'm going to wrap this anchor around so it doesn't slip off because it is kind of coming off a little bit already. 

So just get the paper clip and clip her on. And it does seem, it's always hard to do this at first because it does seem so hard and violent with the plant. But  you guys will see I guarantee by tomorrow, this plant this top right here is going to be sticking right back up pointing straight up to the sky. And this top you see this little talk right here it's probably going to be come grow up to become almost as big as this top as well as this one right here. So there's going to be plenty of growth from tonight until tomorrow. I will be back of course to show you guys, But let me just give you a good look at what it looks like to have your plant perfectly or properly tied down for that first low-stress training anchor.

First show first I did that base anchor which is holding it in that direction so you don't pull it out of the ground or anything. And then the second is just around or right below that first node. Pulling her down so I'm trying to create that kind of flat table top shape, so we can get Topps coming up in all directions so we can maximize those yields. All right guys, so now I'm going to do that for all of these plants and I will be right back to show you what that looks like once I'm done.

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 Alright grower so I am pretty much finished with that first low-stress training and you can see I've got the base around all of them and then I just pulled the tops over with that second hook so I could expose more life to the undersides or below the canopy, and what that's going to do again is just allow lots of growth to come up from below so you can get a way better yield for each plant. 

I know it seems counterintuitive because it seems like you are damaging or hurting the plant, but it is kind of weird because the more bending and training you do to them, they actually grow faster and better and more healthy. So it's actually a weird thing but it works so you will see I've got all of them then over except for that one over there which I'll show you in a second. I just wanted to show you what I do when I'm helping the top part get used to that first bend.

You can see like right there that top has already popped up from being exposed to the light where before it would have just been under the shadow of this top here. But now this talk here is going to grow up and become just as big as this main top here and there's going to be several others that do the same exact thing. So that is the whole point of this training. So I saved this Skittles plant for last so I can show you guys a little demonstration again, I've got the anchor hook in place so already. And all I'm going to do is bend the top over in the opposite direction and I'll use some of that three-finger LST to start her off though.

 Because the top has thickened I'm sorry that made stock has thick into decent amount so it's pretty sturdy and rigid so instead of just trying to bend it over really quickly and at once, because that will possibly stressed and snap it more easily, so what I recommend is first kind of training it like this to get it used to that position. And you can see there's already a good top exposed right there and that will grow up by tomorrow. And now let me just put that collar anchor on, it's right here in my hand and then I'm going to Anchor it so again right below that first node there. You can see there's another two tops forming right there and they will be come to Maine tops pretty soon here.

 Alright so final step now is to just use my paper clip and clip the anchor to the side of the pot. So let me just set up the tripod really quick and you don't really want to get her tangled up with other branches and stuff so right here is going to be a good position. You want that top pretty low, the main top below the area that used to be below it. And if any leaves are in the dirt, that is okay just try to pull them up out of the dirt if they are kind of buried and Ben them upwards a little to help them stay out. Because you don't want them kind of soaking in the soil. But it is natural for them to sometimes touch the leaves to the ground. 

So that concludes the very first low-stress training for these nukehead plants and now I'm just going to give them their first plane pH misting and we are all set for the day. So I will be back shortly here for day 2 of the week, and there is going to be a lot of new growth with these plans, especially with these top that are coming up from below. And you're also going to see that they are all probably going to have that main top standing back up and facing towards the light by tomorrow. So we will be back in 24 hours for that clip and until then, peace!

All right Growers, we are back for day 2 of the week here and as I predicted the plants have already popped back up from that low stress training I did yesterday. And they all have at least one other top that seems to have matured and grown up through the canopy. So let's take a couple of close-ups and check out that new growth that we have going on. So first I've got the Pineapple Chunk in the front here, and this is actually the nuke heads Nutrients one.  All right guys, so check it out that main top is now pointing right back up towards the grow light where yesterday it was pointed down more towards the soil.

It hasn't grown up yet in terms of height but definitely some growth from that top right there, this new one right here and then this third one right there, it's kind of right under the canopy and there's a couple right here. Kind of in the soil. And that is another thing I wanted to mention, you want to try and pull those up out of the soil if you can so I got I just used my hands to kind of put them over the pot like that. They'll grow right back up eventually after like a day but probably you don't want them really soaking in the soil especially when it is wet. 

So now let's check out this is the Grape Ape, this is the Nuke Heads one. You can see that main top popped back up as well, and it's got a new little guy growing up right under there. As well as this bigger top right there. And I think there's a couple more coming out from that lower node. But for now it just looks like those two. The one that's doing the best so far of course is the Skittles, the fox farm one. You can see there is a man talk right there, that's the first main top and then there's a couple others that are popping up through the canopy.

 Now I'm going to hold off on the low stress training for the rest of this week probably as I kind of just want them to react and respond to that first training and have a chance to grow up. But I definitely want to pull them back down a couple more times with some new wires though. Like I said I just want to give them that opportunity to recover from this first training and to get some growth growing up.

I don't want to do too much training right now because it is tight in this grow tent, but that's only a few more days and then two more and then they will be out of here and into the big tent. So that is your day to update and I will be back in another 24 hours!

All right guys here we are 24 hours later for day 3 of week 3 for the nuke heads grow series. All I just checked the soil for all the plants and they are all still good in terms of water so no need to water today, I will be giving them a misting but they all are doing pretty well and are recovering pretty well and getting some good growth at least from that low stress training I did two days ago. So the Skittles in the back is doing the best I would say so far from the training, since it's already got like two other man top growing right up.

 But again I will continue with the training and push it a little further once I get these guys out of this tent and into the bigger one. Which they will actually be in there by tomorrow. So the next clip these guys are going to be moved out and in that other tent. Like I said giving them a misting and I'm doing about two to three of these a day and just getting the tops and bottoms of the leaves, and another thing is just make sure if your leaves are resting in the soil to kind of pull them up and out of there like so. So you don't have them laying in the dirt, is that can harm them. But they should grow out of there pretty quickly now that the training has taken effect and they are responding to it.

That is another reason why I like to wait a little longer to start the low stress training because it allows the plants to get taller so that when you do do that first band you are not putting all your leaves into the dirt because they are already taller and higher up from the soil. So that is it for today to update and I will be back in another 24 hours for the next day of the week. Peace!

What up Growers, we are back for day 4 of the week and this is a very exciting one because as you can see I've got all of the new kids seedlings out here and the big tent. With the 900 watt viparspectra LED above them, But since they are so small at this point I've got that light raised to the roof literally all the way up there, just because 900 watts is a lot of power and I don't want to get any shock or burn with these plants, especially on day one of being in this tent. So I will be able to load as light as they progress and they will also be growing up to it so having it up high right now is better than sorry. You don't want to burn those plants and if they do start stretching it is easy enough to lower the light so that is not really an issue.

 So I've got a little surprise for you guys and that is  this new LED company is sending me a few of their new grow lights and they are supposed to be really high quality And great kinds of results are supposed to come from them so Windows get here I'm going to get you a little more details on the company and there's lights, and I'm also going to take out the viparspectra and switch it out with those lights they are sending me. So get excited for that and now let me just give you guys an update on how these nukeheads seedlings are doing. So all they are going to need today is a misting as I already took the soil and it is still a little bit more. They look like they will be ready by tomorrow for their next watering though.

Now they are starting to get a lot of good growth, from that low stress training that I did, and that was the first time that I did it to his plants and I will probably wait until the beginning of next week to do more training so I just want them to get some more good growth from that and to kind of maximize the results from that first training. So the way I have these plants set up are the ones and the front are the Fox Farms nutrient feeding plants and then the ones in the  back are the nuke heads nutrient line.

 So each strain you will see so I've got the pineapple chunks right here, I've got the grape Apes in the middle and then on the right are the Skittles. Now let me just give you guys a good aerial shot so you can see how much growth they have really got so far. They are starting to get all those different tops and this one right here it looks like a little bit of scaglie growth, but that is going to shoot up and strengthen up pretty quickly here and that's mostly just because it was under that 300 watt Mars hydro which isn't the most powerful light. But now that they are under this 900w viparspectra they are going to be doing really well. So here is that aerial shot so you can see how they are all doing, of course the Skittles are looking I mean the Skittles in the front is probably looking the best or maybe that Grape Ape in the back.

 The  nuke heads Grape Ape and the Fox Farms Skittles are probably the leaders I would say at this point. Oh I mean the Pineapple Chunk here, the fox worms one is doing pretty well, and they are all doing good it's just a little different here and there. And here is the Grape Ape that wasn't doing well in the beginning, she is definitely not a runt anymore and is definitely catching up with the other guys. So that is it for  today's update and remember to give them two to three things of plain pH water throughout the day at this point and I will be back in another 24 hours for your next update.

All right guys here we are 24 hours later for our next update,And I just checked the soil it is dry a little over an inch deep so they are ready for their next watering and that will be a plain pH water. And that will be the second one since their last nutrient feeding. So I've got that mixed up right here and ppm's are at about 300 which is a good range. I'm going to start working them up to about the 500 rage now that they are out of the seedling stage and an early veg. And then pH is 6.3 and I will be misting them  after the watering as well.

Alright guys I wanted to give you guys some close-ups on the plant so you can see how well they are growing and then also so you can see how well the growth beneath the canopy is doing especially from this low stress training that I did the other week. So you can see there is a lot of new growth at the nodes with those new set of leaves going on, and once they have a little more time in this tent with the 900 watt LED going, they will Sprout up and become their own tops. 

Kind of like this Branch right here, this started this whole top right here started just like that little leaf right there that you can see just started to grow out of that node there. Oh and you can see there's actually a top on the left. So those will eventually be their own tops like the ones they are growing from, as long as they get enough light penetrating through their canopy there.  That is the Skittles that is getting the fox farm nutrient line up and again all the plants in the front or the fox farm plants and then the ones in the back row are there Nuke Heads counterpart.

 Alright so today you guys can see I'm going to be showing you the watering for the Fox Farms Pineapple Chunk that I got here. And this one is one of the bigger plants right now, you can see it's got about four to five different tops growing and again I'm going to hold off on that low stress training probably for the rest of this week so they have a chance to get taller and then I will pull them down again and allow for some more top to grow through the canopy. Let them grow up to it is good because you don't want to keep pulling them down into the dirt like I did that first time you kind of have to the first time you pull them down but it's not good to repeatedly.

  So that's why I want them to get a little taller so that doesn't happen anymore. That's probably a good amount though for right now, I do want to get about 10% run off with these guys right now maybe 15% so I will probably have to give her some more later but I'm going to let that soak in for now and then just a good Misting to give her coverage all over. So one last thing before I go I want to show you guys the growth that is going on here. 

So this is from low stress training, You can see right there at the nodes how it is kind of swollen up like that, and when you bend the plant it kind of focuses where does Focus all of its energy and a lot of its nutrients out to the new growth, so that is why it swells up at the node where that new branches growing out. It is because there is that extra flow nutrients and growth. So that is it for 2 days update and then of course I will be back in 24 hours for tomorrow's clip.

What up what up Growers we are back here another 24 hours later for day 6 of the week, you can see how high I've got that light right now and that is just because it is a 900 watt so it is really powerful and I don't want to stress these guys out at all or burn them. So just going to start really cautiously and then slowly lower as they grow up to it, but honestly right now they seem to be doing really well at that height so just going to stick with it for the time being.

 You can see all of the plants are growing really well, especially this Skittles plant right here, the foxfarm Skittles it is pretty big I mean it is already getting a bunch of Different tops going. These guys back here doing the same thing but not as much as that guy but they do seem to have a lot more Lush growth going back here. And those in the back are the nuke heads nutrient line. Let's see this is another, this is a pineapple chunk right here and then the Grape Ape. So let's see the Grape Ape in the back definitely doing better than the One in the front, but then vice versa with the Skittles.

 The one in the front is bigger and then let's see. Pineapple Chunk are pretty much identical, and I'm going to continue LST just not yet. I'm going to finish out this week and then I'm going to start probably in the middle of next week because I want to see how much I can get out of that first training right there. This guy is still getting new tops right there through the canopy, so no need to retie them down just yet and no need to water either as they are still pretty wet. The soil is, but I will be giving them a plane pH misting as I have been doing about 2 to 3 times each day. You do not need to really soak them Completely, you just want to get good coverage on the leaves as this does help a lot with keeping those fan leaves healthy.

 Alright so you can see in the back here, that leaf has a little something going on but it doesn't look like nutrient burn. It looks like it might be wind damage just because it's only happening on that one finger there. If it was nutrient burn it would pretty much be happening on all the leaves and I can tell right now that leaf is shaking a little vigorously, so I'm going to move that plant into a better location or maybe turn the fan down a little bit so it's not doing any damage. And that is pretty much it for today, so I wanted to show you guys this new pair of tops growing. 

I mean there is a perfect view right there there's one on the left and then one on the right. Hopefully they keep growing up because those look really healthy and can become their own main tops.  And that could happen in no time honestly, it just seems like this main top above them is blocking a little bit of the light but I think they will continue to grow up so that is it for today and remember to continue misting and I will be back in another 24 hours.

What up Growers welcome back for the very last day of week 2 for the NukeHeads Grow Series. Now these plans have really taken off since the last clip, I don't know what is going on here but since I did that video yesterday, they seem to have almost gotten like a third bigger than before. But anyways still not going to do any of that low stress training until the start of next week. I'm really stoked though on how these guys are looking, not ready for water yet either I just checked the soil, and I will be doing a misting however. 

Got the fan still all the way up to the top so no need to lower it yet as they are doing really well and they are all developing a lot of big fan leaves as you can see. And they are really Healthy Growth no burns on the tips or deficiencies or signs of toxicities or anything like that. So I'm really happy and I added this little fan here to get some better circulation going and actually there was a little issue going on with some wind damage. So you can see here some of those marks around the edges and that is just from the wind blowing too hard on them, causing a little damage.

 You can see a little bit here and here and sometimes it looks like burn like there but it's just leave or wind damage and there's someone that back Leaf there too. So what I did was that's why I added this fan because I turned this fan down which was the one that was doing it, and then I added this fan to get some better airflow. So they aren't going to have any more problems with that but you can see how, look at these side branches that grew out there. I had shown you these ones these exact ones a little while back when they were much smaller.

 And they are just growing straight out horizontally because you can see so that they can get to the sunlight. So pretty cool looking growth there I don't know if you guys can tell what I'm talking about let me see if I can get a better angle. Okay so here This top right here you can see that main branch it's literally growing just straight out horizontally. No vertical growth at all and same with its counterpart on the very opposite side. Now they did just reach the lights so they will probably start to grow upwards and this other one has two other tops coming out from its first node below the top there. 

So who knows but I am very happy with all of the growth and as you can see the week Grape Ape from the beginning in the seedling phase has overcome that issue and is no longer the runt of the group. Now I'm really starting to get excited because from this good growth I can imagine that yields and Bud growth is also going to be pretty insane. So stoked for that and that is pretty much it for today's update and I'm going to continue to hold off with the LST until next week like I was saying. And remember to continue missing your plants two or three times throughout the day, especially in this. Alright peace guys!

Alright Growers that concludes week 2 of the nuke heads grow series and I will be back shortly of course with week 3. Where I will continue with the nutrients schedule as well as some more low stress training. As always thank you guys for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown