300w Wideband LED Grow Light Review


What up Growers, and welcome back for another lit episode of GreenBox Grown! now today I am really excited because I just received another care package in the mail and today's come from none other than electric sky. So they have wide band LED grow lights that they've been putting out for some time now. And these are really high quality lights that get some really amazing results, so I will be  covering those lights and today's video just to give you an unboxing and overview of the lights. Be sure to stick around because I do have a 5% discount on these lights as well as free shipping to the US and Canada. And I will be explain more details on that at the end of this video.

No electric sky was kind enough to hook me up with two of their 300 watt grow lights, so I will be putting those in the 4 by 4 grow tent where the nuke head seedlings are growing. And I will be using these lights for the rest of that grow Series so you guys can follow along and see what kind of results you can get from them. Never Forget Sarah today's video I want to remind you guys to check out our merch at GreenBoxGrown.com,  under the merch and smoke section. And now that you guys know where were doing and today's video, let's get started with a quick overview on this 300w led by Electric Sky.

Alright guys we are outside in the garage now, and I've got the two lights right here. One is still in the box and the other is out right here, and again these are the ES 300 watt light and they are each 300 watts pulling from the wall, but both of them combined can actually replace a thousand-watt traditional HPS light. So very powerful lights, and again the wide spectrum is going to help get according to Electric Sky, it's going to help you get faster results, faster growth as well as bigger buds in the end as well as more potency. So my understanding of what it means by wide spectrum is that it has more red as well as infrared light, and the wavelength that it is giving off. So that according to Electric Skies what helps get better growth.

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 So 900 viparspectra that I have in this chat over the new kids right now with these two lights. And I will be doing the rest of this grow series with that, so be sure to follow the nukeheads grow series if you want to see the kinds of results you can get with these electric skylights. So a couple cool quick features about this light, they come with a three-year warranty. another thing is they run really cool so if you have a well-ventilated tent, it's not going to heat up and cause your tent to get really hot. So no worries about lights that are going to overheat.

 Another thing is you'll see here up by the design of the panel, it creates a much wider footprint than normal LED lights would have, so hanging above the plant you can still  cover a five-by-five area where with most LEDs they would only be able to cover a 2 by 3 or a 3 by 3 at most with that kind of distance from the plants. So you can see the light comes off at a much wider angle than your traditional LEDs creating a much wider footprint for the light. It's also nice about this new wide spectrum design is it makes it really hard to burn your plant or overpower them with too much light. 

Now you don't want to have it too close to the plants as that will cause some issues but the fact that it runs Cool and has that wide spectrum, it's not as easy to burn your plants with these lights. All right guy so that covers the electric sky 300 watt LED light and unboxing, and now what I will do is hang these guys up and turn them on while they are over the nuke heads plant so you can see what that looks like.

Alright Growers there you have the first shot with the two electric sky lights officially going for the first time. Now what is pretty cool is first of all they only have one mode and that's just grow mode, there's no flour or veg switch so I guess that the spectrum of lighting is good for all stages of growth as you can see. It almost gives off like a pinkish, lighter red color. It's not so deep and Vivid like with the other LED lights. It almost looks like it's only an HPS light going. It's completely white, completely normal looking when you look at the plant so you don't really need to look or wear any special glasses to see the plants and I kind of like that. 

And it just looks really good and bright here, so I just got the lights turned on for the first time over the plants so if you want to see how well these lights grow and how the plants react to them, just hop on over to that nuke heads groceries and I'll be introducing that pretty soon here on there. So now that you guys  have had a look at the light hanging up and haven't had a good overview of what electric sky provides, I want to show you guys those lights on my website and how you can get that 5% discount and free shipping to the US and Canada.

Alright so we are upstairs in my room and I'm going to head over to GreenBoxgrown.com, and then under the starter kits tab you just want to hit the grow lights button right here. and then you will see I just added them to the website earlier today and they are listed right below the bloom Beast lights. I have the 180 Watt and that is good for I believe it's a 2-foot by 3-foot area. And then the 300 watt which again two of these replaces a thousand watt HPS light, and these cover each one of these cover 2.5 ft by 5 ft. Now to get that 5% off and free shipping to the us as well as Canada. You just want to use the code GREENBOX5. 

And that is just the number 5 and green boxes all caps. I have it right there on the screen for you guys. You'll just add the light to your cart and then you will see right here is the ad coupon. And just right here all you got to do is add green box  and the number 5, all caps, apply coupon, and then there you go you got  $34.75 off or if you buy one of the 300 watt electric sky lights and then you will see free shipping right there. And like I said if you want to follow along and get the kind of results like I get from this light, just go ahead and check out that new groceries. 

I am pretty stoked to be grown with one of these lies because I know first of all they are pricey so that says one thing about them, they are American-made and really high quality and I have just been hearing a lot about them from other Growers and just how good a results they have been getting. So looking forward to that, and be sure to stay tuned for more about the wide spectrum LED grow light by Electric Sky.

Alright GreenBox Growers that concludes my unboxing and quick review of the 300w LED wide spectrum grow light by Electric Sky. And like I was saying if you follow a long with our nuke heads groceries, you'll be able to see how well these grow lights work because I will be using them for the rest of that grow. Also don't forget to use that discount code Down Below in the description to get 5% off these grow lights as well as free shipping to the US and Canada. As always if you guys enjoyed the video please smash that thumbs-up button and don't forget to comment below with your feedback. Also feel free to subscribe to the greenbox grown Channel and to turn on those notifications for updates on my latest Grows. As always thank you guys for watching and until next time...

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown