Youtube Continues its Cannabis Purge without Reason

As some of you may or may not have heard, my GreenBox Grown Youtube Channel was recently shut down without warning and so were most other Cannabis Related Channels on the Platform.  It seems to be that Youtube will not be associated with this type of content, even though a lot of the channels that have been removed recently were there for over 5 years.  This is unfortunate for so many reasons, but most of all it is sad because of the fact that it is preventing medical patients from accessing the info that was providing them with a cure to their ailment.  

Not only has Youtube been shutting down all of these channels without warning, but they are doing it without reason as well.  I personally was informed that my videos include too much "Violence" and therefore they had to remove my channel, but for those of you who watch you know my videos are nowhere close to being violent.

 Luckily the Cannabis Community isn't going to just roll over and take it, so we have begun to fight back!  Today Leafly released an article investigating what is going on, and I am very proud to say they included GreenBox Grown in the discussion.   While it is unfortunate circumstance, I am excited to be at the forefront of this issue as I know I can truly help to make a difference.  

To read the full article by Leafly, just visit the link below.  As always, thank you for reading and in the meantime...

Happy Growing!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown