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What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back to the most LIT Cannabis Grow Channel on YouTube!  Now today kicks off week for of vegetation for the mother plant and cloning how to grow series, and I'm going to stop low-stress training starting today because I want those tops to start growing up tall and strong so I can start cloning them and the coming weeks. So week 4 and probably week 5 or probably just going to be some vegging weeks where I just left the plant grow up and get nice and bushy, and then week 6 is probably where I will start with the cloning, so get excited for that!

So for those of you who don't already know, I do have a free trial going on for my one-on-one grow guidance, and that is where I will personally teach you over the phone how to grow cannabis. So if you have already started and you are not getting those results you are looking for or you are a first-time grower looking to get pointed in the right direction, feel free to hit me up in my email or cell phone number down below in the description and I can tell you how to sign up for that free trial, and then we can get started with that one on one grow guidance! Also don't forget to check out our MERCH at the greenboxgrown.com site, under MERCH and SMOKE.  And now that you guys know what we're doing in today's video, let's get started with day 1 of the week!

What up guys, so we are out here in the garage for day 1 of the week! And a couple things before I show you the plant up close, first off you can see how nice and big she is getting, but I raised this BloomBeast light up as high as I could. so I wrapped the cord around the bar and then kind of clipped it to itself, so it is secured pretty well and I've got that other adjustable ratchet hanger clipped onto it as well so it's kind of like a safety clip if that doesn't work. But it doesn't look like it's going to come undone anyways. But yeah I wanted to raise that because it was pretty close to the plant, and this way I can get it a lot higher and have a bigger footprint with the light. I can also get a lot better growth with the plant that way as well, so I can let it grow taller, and that's going to be good to be to let her get bigger because I will not be doing any more low-stress training. It's going to make it a lot easier for those tops to grow up nice and Tall, which is what I want as I was explaining in the intro because that is going to make it easier for cloning them and getting good healthy cuttings.

So I raised the light up as high as I could so it's about 3 and 1/2 to 4 feet from the top of the limoncello Haze mother plant here. And another thing I would like to tell you guys is the seedlings, Or well the plants that are currently seedlings right now, the NukeHead seedlings, I'm going to be moving them into this tent here in the next day or so, and there are six of them and 3 gallon smart pots. And they will just be in here for a while I finish up the Autos in that tent because that is where I will be moving them into. And the mother plant will still be in here. So anyways they are still pretty small and they will fit into here so pretty nicely with that mother plant, it won't be an issue. But I just wanted to give you guys a heads up so you knew what was going on there.

 Alright so I'm moving in to the tent here, so will I just checked it and it is still wet from that last watering that we did so no need to do a watering today, but I will be doing a plain pH misting. So going to give a good misting to all of the leaves, as that is really important at that stage and getting the undersides of all the leaves as well.  But yeah just some really good vegetative growth continuing with this mother plant, and you can just see how good all of the tops are, they are all growing nice at all. And like I said, that light is a lot higher up there, so it's not going to burn them or anything like that. It wasn't burning them everything just yet but I wasn't able to turn it up much higher than that 30% on the Veg Dial.  Again this is also going to be good because it will widen the footprint of the light, and that makes it so when I move the seedlings in here they will get it as well.

Now I want to give you guys another close up on the main stalk of the plant, because it is getting insanely big and thick. You can see it looks like a freaking tree trunk almost. But ya some nice good growth and that's a good sign of a healthy plant which is really important because we are cloning this plant. And we want to make sure that we are cloning good genetics, good healthy strong genetics. And this lemoncello Haze plant definitely has that. 

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So that's it for today, continue with spraying or misting your plants several times throughout the day, even at this stage. Probably only has to be 2 to 3 times and you don't have to dredge them, just give them a good coverage and keep temperature in the range of 72 to about 78 or 79 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity at 60 to 65%, and if you follow those conditions and keep your tent and not set up. And if you just follow these easy steps and keep your tent In these conditions, your plants will be nice and happy, and growing really fast just like this one here. All right guy so I will be back for Day 2 and 24 hours, peace!

Alright guys I'm back here another 24 hours later for day 2 of the week, and you can see now that I have halted the low stress training for the time being, all of these different tops that I was growing are now starting to get taller and as I was explaining that is what we want. Because you do not want them to be really short when you take the Clones are really short and stubby, so you want them to have a little height to them. Also a little space between their nose is good too, because as you can see it looks like a little baby plant right there. So here's an example of where I would take a cutting from the stop as it has grown up nice and Tall. So I would go right to the base there and cut it like right, let's see, yeah like right there. So let me give you guys a quick close up of the plant there so you can see where it is coming out of.

 There you go, so you can get an idea of where I would cut it. But yeah that would be actually a perfect cutting or clone right there so good example. I mean she is a little small to be taking them from, if you were to be taking multiple. But if you wanted you could just take one clone and she would be good, but I am trying to take several at once so I am going to wait until she is a little bigger like I keep saying. A few more weeks at least or one more week of veg before I start cutting them. But yeah, Really good growth and she is continuing nicely into the vegetative state. And all of that training has worked out really well I mean from the looks of it you would think I've taught this plant, but all this is is it low stress training no topping at all. So the soil is still pretty moist from that last watering, so no need to water right now, and all right guys that is all for today's update. No need to water like I was just saying but you can give a misting if you want, but that is pretty much it, alright peace guys!

What up GreenBox Growers we are back another 24 hours later for day 4 of the week here, and the lemon cello Hayes mother plant is continuing to have some amazing vegetative growth. So you can see there isn't an issue going on with any of that leaves on the plant, they are all in perfect health and condition, no burn deficiencies or toxicities or anything like that. Really healthy and good growth going on at the nodes at all of the different tops. And you can see I haven't been training and I'm kind of holding off on that low stress training while these seedlings are in here, because there isn't very much room or space to go round in this tent so I'm going to try and keep this plant a little smaller for the time being.

And that is why I'm kind of training the tops to go up and Tall instead of out and horizontally. You can see the tops are starting to get a lot taller as this plant is about now to ft tall, maybe almost 3 ft in some spots. And you can see this is the main top right here from the beginning, lots of good growth underneath the canopy there which is great because it shows that BloomBeast light is getting a lot of penetration through the canopy. And that is a good sign for later on when we flower, because that will help the buds underneath below the canopy getting nice development, and swell up almost as big as the colas or main cause of top. So I am excited for that and I am excited for when the seedlings can move out of this tent into the other tent, so I can start training this guy again.

Now I checked the soil and she is good on water, it is still moist an inch deep so no need for more of that. But I will continue with my misting and I've been misting throughout the day everyday and I will continue to do that for most of the vegetative stage. And remember to get underneath you know not just the tops of the leaves, but you want the undersides of the fan leaves to get some of that misting as well. So one thing I would like to point out before I grow, if you do have certain appliances on the floor of your tent like I have the mini heater right here. Be sure to pull that off of the floor or out while watering, because there will be A lot of drainage as you can see here, and you do not want your electronics or appliances like this heater sitting in water while it is on. So just pull that out of the tent until you have all of the water up off the floor however you do that. I use a wet vac to suck it up, some people just use towels depending on how much runoff they have. And then once it is all dried up you can put your heater and fans back in. So that is it for day 4 of the week and I will be back for tomorrow in another 24 hours.

What up GreenBox Growers, we are back another 24 hours later for day five of the week.You can see that vegetative growth is continuing to be explosive and it's just taking off every day. I just checked the soil and the soil is still pretty moist and not ready for a watering yet, but that next watering will be a plane pH water and. And that will be the third one since the last nutrients, so after that I will be doing its next nutrient feeding.

Since I am not doing any training and I'm just letting them grow up I am going to continue to do that while these other seedlings are in the tent. But once they do move out, I think it's going to be time to start the cloning process, you can see these tots are getting really nice and tall and they are kind of growing into their own spaces. So they are not really curled over anymore, meaning they could be some good talks. Sometimes right after you do some low-stress training on them, they kind of curl up so the branches kind of forming that s shape. And you don't Really want to clone it there, because it might be leaning over once you put it into that rockwool cube.  So waiting until it grows up makes it so you can cut it where it stays straight, that way you have a clown that is standing nice and straight and not leaning over to the side right from the get-go.

So no training or a watering today, I'm going to do another plane pH misting as usual, and I do two to three of these each day. Keeping temperature in the range of 72 to about 80 degrees Fahrenheit with the humidity of about 60 to 65%. And that is just some really good conditions and the BloomBeast light, let's see I haven't shown you guys where I have that dial lately. So looking at the diet about 35 to 40% for the bed switch, so I'm going to turn that up to about 50% right now. Because I did raise the light up higher so it is kind of tricky to see because I have the fan right there, but you can see from over here the light is raised about I would say about three feet from the top of the lemoncello Hayes.

So I'm going to turn it up to 50%, and I did have it kind of low at that 35% because I did bring these Seedlings in, And even though they aren't directly under the LED, they can still be easily affected by it. So now that they are starting to take off and growth I'm going to turn that dial up to 50% on that vegetative switch. So 50% for the vegetative switch and 100% for the seedling, and the bloom switch is still completely off. All right guys that is it for your day 5 update, just continuing that good vegetative growth and I hope all is going well with you guys and the mother plants that you are following along with during this video series.

What up Growers we are back here another 24 hours later for the very next day, and she is definitely ready for that next plane pH watering. So like I was saying this is the third plane pH watering since the last nutrient feeding, so the next watering will be that next nutrient feeding. Another thing I want to show you guys is this is a classic sign of being under watered, or just a sign that she is ready for some more water. You can see the leaves are kind of drooping, they are not curled down and really tight like they are full and heavy with water. Instead they are just kind of like tissue paper and they are kind of just hang in there a little bit lifelessly. They are not dead or anything like that, they're just thirsty and ready for some water. The soil is pretty dry, a little drier than it should be before I water, but that is all right because now I can show you guys what that looks like when she is under watered.

 Now this isn't the end of the world she will perk back up when I give her some more of this ph water, but you don't want to do this too frequently to your plans as it will stress them out and eventually lead to some long-term problems. So be sure to water them once they are ready, of course an inch deep in the soil that is the best way to check when growing in the fox farm ocean Forest. So I'm going to give her some of that plain pH water now at 6.3 of course. All right so since I waited a little longer to water this time I'm going to be sure to give her a little extra, just to hold her over. Now I'm probably going to give her about a half a gallon to 3/4 of a gallon, I don't think she really needs a full gallon just yet. And that is the other thing with these Air roots pots, which is something I still need to get used to, because I have only use them a few times. They dry out a lot faster than plastic pots and even faster than those of fabric smart pots.

 So giving them a whole bunch more water isn't really going to do much, because Kind of just runs out of those holes at the sides and the bottom, so all you really have to do is give the oil as soaking and then you are good. All right guys so that covers this pH water, and like I said this is the third one since that last nutrient feeding. So once this lemoncello Hayes mother plant is ready for that next watering, it is going to be the next nutrient feeding. All right guys that concludes today's video and I will be back in another 24 hours for your next update.

 Alright Growers we are back here 24 hours later for the last day of week 4. You can see actually, she is showing her sex at the tops of the plants at well, she is not flowering but you can see these top notes here or just at the top you can see the slight pistol that she is forming. Just to show her sex, they are kind of curled under there on the sides, but yeah she is not flowering yet, but she is looking really good, really healthy, no damage and just really monstrous growth. again I am using that Fox farm Dirty Dozen, so that is working out really well for the nutrients, and I am hoping by the end of this next week or by the middle of the week I will have the seedlings out tent can move her back to the middle and do a little bit more training or start thinking about taking some clones As she is pretty much already there. Maybe one more week in the vegetative stage, but I really want to get started with these clowns because I do want to get these babies and flower.

Because I do have a feeling these Limoncello Haze seeds are going to be some really good quality genetics, seeing as they are already doing really well and have some really Vigorous vegetative growth. So hopefully by the end of next week's video or the very beginning of the week after that, we will be taking some clones from this lemoncello Haze plant, and going on from there. Alright peace guys!

Alright green box Growers that concludes week 4 of the cloning and how to grow a mother plant series. And I am thinking it is going to just be a couple more weeks before I start cloning this Limoncello Haze plant. Now I will be back shortly with week 5 of this grow series, and in the meantime feel free to smash that thumbs-up button if you enjoyed the video. And also feel free to comment below with your feedback or ideas for a future videos you would like to see me do. Also don't forget to subscribe to the GreenBox Grown YouTube channel and a turn on those notifications for updates on my latest Grows. As always thank you guys for watching, and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown