Fox Farm Dirty Dozen vs NukeHeads Flower Power Pack


 What Up GreenBox Growers and welcome back to the most LIT Cannabis grow Channel on YouTube! Now today we are officially kicking off Week 1 of the NukeHeads Grow Series, and again these are the photoperiod seeds that I got sent to me from nukeheads along with their nutrient lineup.  So this week I will be doing that first nutrient feeding, where I will be comparing the nukeheads nutrients along with the fox farm Dirty Dozen lineup. So I'm very excited to see how they grow differently based on those nutrients.  And for those of you who just saw the intro / seedling video you'll know that I just transplanted and moved all of these nuke heads seedlings downstairs into the garage, out in the veg tent. So they are now out there with that Limoncello Haze Mother Plant that I am growing in my other series.

Now before I get started with today's video I would like to remind you guys that if you are looking to start your first cannabis grow or have already started and are sort of struggling and would like some guidance or help, I myself and personally offering a free trial to my one-on-one grow guidance. And that will get you access to my help each day where I will help you over the phone telling you what to do with your plants and how to grow them properly so you do get those good results. Also don't forget to check out our MERCH at the GreenBox Grown website under MERCH and smoke, and now that you guys know what we are doing in today's video, let's get started day one of the week.

Alright guys we are out here in the garage for day 1 of the week, and I just transplanted these seedlings out here last night and to these 3 gallon smart pots. They are in the ocean Forest Fox Farm soil and temp is in the range of 72 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit, humidity is now 60 to 65%. I brought them in here with the Limoncello Haze mother plant. So I've got a lot of ladies in here right now and I'm excited to see how these Nuke Heads seeds really work, or their genetics really. Especially once I give them that first nutrient feeding with the nuke heads nutrients. So I'm going to wait until they all develop about another set of fan leaves before I do that first nutrient feeding, but today I'm just going to give them some misting with this plane pH water at 6.30. 

I gave them some water yesterday, plain pH water during the transplant because it is good to moisten that new soil That you are putting them in, so those roots grow out into that new space. But the soil is still a little damp so no need to water at this point. All right guy said that concludes day 1 of Week 1 for the Nuke Heads grow serious, but I will be back in 24 hours for day 2 of the week, peace! And before I go I wanted to give you guys a close up on all of the different seedlings in here, you'll see I kept them together by their strain. So I've got the two grape Apes over here and you can see they're both doing really well. This is the one that was really small to start off with and kind of weak seedling. 

But now she is doing nice and strong, and you can see they are all getting a nice thick stem at the base, which is another good sign of a strong plant to grow. So here on the right side of got the two pineapple chunks, and you can see those are doing really well also And the new setup. And then last but not least in the back left we've got the Skittles.  Which I think are looking the best and biggest so far, I am really excited for all these guys because these are three strains I've always wanted to grow and have yet to grow. But I think I am most excited for the gray babe, just cuz I haven't grown anything to purple lately. so that's it for day 1 of Week 1 for the Nuke Heads Grow Series, but I will be back in 24 hours for day 2 of the week. All right peace guys!

Alrighty folks, we are here another 24 hours later for day 2 of week 9 here for these Nuke Heads Seedlings You can see they're doing really well in their new tent here and their new home, they are growing really fast as well which is nice. Not ready for their next watering yet is there still some moisture in the soil, But tomorrow I am pretty sure they will be ready so at that point it will be there first nutrients eating where we can compare the effects from the Fox Farms and the nuke heads lineup. So I'll give you a kiss if you can see they are all starting their fourth set of fan leaves, and they are all starting to really gotten up at the stems which is great because it shows they are growing a lot of roots down below. 

And are going to have a very strong base for growing big buds up top. So pretty soon these guys will be ready for some training, some low-stress training. I don't think I will be topping them because as you can see over here, this is all from low-stress training with pulling it down and hooking it in certain ways. I didn't top this plant a single time, so that you can see I'm getting just as good of results. So I think I'm going to do that with these Nuke Heads seedlings as well because that way I'm not going to get the stress of topping But I'll still get the good results and extra tops from that low stress training.

So today I will keep it simple, just going to give these guys a misting up some plain pH water, at 6.30, and don't be shy to give them a good misting. You want to get good coverage all over the tops and bottoms of those fan leaves, and I will be back in another 24 hours for day 3 of the week and like I said, we're probably going to be doing that first nutrient feeding tomorrow. So I will see you guys then, peace!

All right guys we are back another 24 hours later for day 3 of the week, and it is officially time for that first nutrient feeding. So you can see the soil is nice and dry now. Well below an inch deep, so I'm going to be mixing up with a fox farm mix as well as a new pads nutrient mix. Because I'm doing that comparative grow here. Now I'm mixed up already the fox farm mix and that is going to be the seedlings mix here where the cuttings and seedlings mix here. On the Fox Farm schedule, so you can see that's 6 teaspoons of the Big Bloom and then one teaspoon of boomerang. Now I'm going to do this at a quarter strength since it is the first nutrient feeding. So here I've got mixed up a quarter strength of that, plus a quarter of a teaspoon of Cal Mag per gallon of water.

So that is going to be the fox farm watering and it is pH at 6.30 since we are in the ocean forest and after I water them with that, I will give them a misting water with this bottle here with the 6.3 water. So now for the nuke heads nutrients this recommends during veg one scoop per gallon of water, but again since this is their first nutrients feeding I'm going to do it at a quarter of the recommended dose. So I will be doing one quarter of a scoop of this new cats mix per gallon of water, and then I will also be adding in that quarter teaspoon per gallon of water of that Cal Mag. As I still want to add that in.

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Alright so I've got the mix of the fox farm right here so it's do that one first. And then I will mix up the new cousin nutrient mix and then we will go with that one. It's the first one we got to do is pick out which ones are the foxfarm nutrient plant so that's going to be this one right here for the Grape Ape. Then we've got that one in the back for the Skittles, and in that back right Pineapple Chunk is the other one. So since this is the first nutrient watering you don't want to go crazy but you do want to get that soil wet all the way towards the edge of the pot. You don't want to just be watering the middle of the pot, otherwise if you leave the outside soil dry towards the end of the pot, that's not going to help with the roots growing out words. And it's going to cause them to not grow very well and too kind of just stick to the soil that is moist.

So don't really need to get much runoff but you do want to But you do want to make sure you soak all of the top soil like I keep saying all the way to the edge of the pot, and that should be enough right there for that plant. So now I will do the Skittles plant back here in the middle. And again the Skittles look to be doing the best out of all of the plants. Or they just seem to be growing the fastest as far as they all look really healthy at the moment, they're all doing really well it's just that the Skittles seem to be taller. You'll notice all of the leaves are very short. Or the fingers on all the fan leaves Are kind of short and fat and that's a good sign that there are some good and it cut genetics. If they were sativa or more on the sativa side they would be longer skinnier fingers on the fan leaves, So that is just kind of how you tell the difference.

So that is good right there for the Skittlez plant, and now last but not least that Pineapple Chunk here in the back right corner, so let me just move this a little bit so you guys can see. And again they are all doing really well in here with their Limoncello Haze mother plant  in the corner there. Now they have some goals to work towards to try and catch up to this mother plant up in the corner. It'll give them something to Aspire towards being for their future. All right so there we go with the Fox Farm nutrients feeding so now what I'm going to do is mix up the nuke heads nutrient, and that is the nuke heads uranium for veg. And then I will also add some of that Cal Mag.

Now real quick, I don't talk too much or too frequently about the NPK ratios here on the nutrients but since we are doing this new kids mix, I wanted to show you guys. So first of all you will see on your nutrient bottles or packages, these three numbers they are usually on the front towards the bottom of the label. And that's the NPK Ratio or nitrogen, phosphorus and then of course potassium. Now in the vegetative stage nitrogen is the most important macro or essential nutrients so you'll see and most vegetation specific nutrients that first number is going to be really high. With the others being lower, now all three seem to be pretty high for this one. But you will notice that the nitrogen is the highest. All right guy so now I will go mix that up for the Nuke Heads Plants and I will be right back for that watering.

Alright guys I'm back with that nuke heads nutrient mix, and you can see I've got a gallon mixed up here just over a gallon, with a 1/4 scoop of the nukeheads veg uranium mix, and then a quarter teaspoon of the Cal Mag.  So Mixed that up and pHed it to 6.3, and I wanted to kind of show you guys what this looks like it's kind of cool the nutrients. It's like this blue powdery substance. But I see why they call it uranium it is like a electric blue. no smell it is odorless, so I'm excited to see how it does, so I'm going to finish feeding these last three plants with that Nuke Heads mix. 

Alright so I will start with the Skittles in the back right corner here with that. Let me get my jug here, alright move into the tent a little more. So you will see same thing, starting in the Middle with the water being very gentle, and then slowly working out towards the edge. So that it all kind of sucks in evenly.  Just like that! You don't want to move soil around or anything, that's why it's important to be gentle as you can disturb the roots if you do that. And that is just about enough right there for this feeding, so there's the Skittles nuke heads nutrients feeding. And now I will do the Grape Ape nuke heads feeding. You can see what soil is pretty dry and you can tell it is by the way the waters kind of sitting on top of it for a second at first before it really soaks in. But that is okay you don't want to overwater these guys early on so that is why I waited in between the first and next watering. 

Where that first nutrient waited a good time for that first nutrient watering. So that is enough for the grape head and now we will finish off by doing the Pineapple Chunk here in the front right. And I mixed about a gallon, just over a gallon of water and that seems to be the perfect amount for three of these plants into 3 gallon smart pots. So just over a gallon so that it is divided by three plants seems to be doing really well at this stage and again I'm in those 3 gallon fabric smart pots. You can grow a pretty good size and a 3 gallon smart pot as well because remember with a smart pot, those can grow a plant about twice as large as the same size plastic pot.  So a 3 gallon smart pot is essentially the equivalent of a 6 gallon plastic pot. And again I'm not really sure what the ratio is for the air Roots but I'm sure the air is pot is even bigger when compared to plastic. 

So instead of being twice I wouldn't be surprised if it was three times the amount When comparing air roots to plastic pots. Alright folks so there are the two nutrient feedings comparing that fox farm nutrient feeding by The Dirty Dozen to the nuke heads vegetative uranium feeding. So now that everyone has their nutrients I'm going to give them all a plane pH misting and that will be it for today's video. Now I will be back in another 24 hours. Next update and we will see some good growth from the nutrients in that video, and I will be able to tell you guys or see if there are any differences between the plants that got fed the different nutrients.

 Alright guys this is now day 4 of week one For the Nuke Heads Grow, And you can see this is 24 hours later from that first nutrient feeding that we did. And you can see they are all looking extremely healthy right now and they have a decent amount of growth since then. There isn't really much difference just yet in the plants, so we can't tell really which nutrient lineup is working better or if there really are any variations or differences in the growth you are going to get from them. Anyways let's just do a close up on the different pairs of genetics so you we can see if there are any differences. So first we will check out the pineapple chunks, this is the fox farm in the back and then the front this is the nuke heads one or the one that got the Nuke Heads nutrient. no not really seen too much a difference in terms of growth, The one in the front here I think has one more set of fan leaves, but it has been kind of further along since the start, but they are about the same size. So nothing really different there.

 We've got the Skittles here which is the fox farm and then we've got the Skittles in the back left here which is of course Nuke Heads. I would save this one here by the foxfarm is definitely bigger but I would say they are around the same height, this one just has a little more foliage going on. So not too much of a difference there, but I can definitely see a difference here with these two grape Apes.

 But again this is really where there was the biggest difference in the beginning if you remember that seedling that was kind of struggling early on. It was this guy here which was the smaller Grape Ape. But both look really healthy and a nukeheads one is way bigger, but that is just cuz it was doing better in the beginning. So it'll probably take a few more days or at least  a few more nutrient feedings before we really start to see a difference in the plant. But alright guys that's really it for today's update and I will be back in another 24 hours of course for your next clip.

What up Growers we are back another 24 hours later for day 5 of the week. And this is actually two days after that first nutrients feeding.   So still can't see the same plants that were doing well in the beginning or still continuing the lead the pack here, they are all looking really healthy. I am really stoked on how this is going this far. This is definitely some good strong genetics, and honestly can't wait until these ladies are big enough to flower because I do have a feeling these buds are also going to be really nice. You can see the middle back I hear that Skittles plant that is really dominating everyone, or getting the biggest and kind of just having the best growth thus far. This is the other Skittles in the back, and the Grape Ape in the middle front here is doing really well here also. And even that smaller Grape Ape that was kind of behind behind. She's starting to catch up and get some good veg grow its going.

 So really no complaints so far, no burn from any of the plants from those new Trans. Not seeing any deficiencies or toxicities or any over-watering or anything like that. No light stress so just keeping everything essentially the same. Just keeping these ideal conditions, and again Misting with plain pH water about 2 to 3 times throughout the day. And we can give some to this limoncello Haze plant over here as well. She can use a little misting. All right guys that concludes today's update and I will be back in another 24 hours to show you guys how these ladies have grown since then.

All right guys here we are 24 hours later for day 6 of the week! You can see these ladies are really starting to take off and get a lot of good at vegetative growth almost everyday. So there is a new set of fan leaves That was kind of poking up and growing up through the center that taught for each one of these plants. And now you'll see the leaves have grown out and have sprouted out to the sides. And they are already on to that next set. So the soil is dry and inch deep and ready for water, so today is going to be the first pH watering at 6.3. And this is the first one since that last nutrient feeding. 

Now for those of you who saw my water filtration video I was talking about TDS meters and how my local tap water comes out at around 255 to 260. And I just wanted to show you guys that. That's what it was at today when it came out of the tap and then adding some of that PH down increased it some so you can see it brought it up to about 280 or 279 ppm's and that is still good because these guys are still considered seedlings or very early badge so a range of around 350 to 500.

 I'm sorry around 300 to 400 or 300 to 500 about the range you want to be in for this stage when it comes to PPM. So I've got my water mixed up there and before I do the water and wanted to tell you guys that these guys are just about ready to start the low stress training. So on day one of the next week which I will believe is week to this grow series, that is when I will start with the low-stress training and by pulling them down and hooking them to the side of the pot. So get excited for that to come soon and now let's give them their plane pH watering!

Okay so you guys might be wondering like how much water should you be giving each of these plants at this point and what I have done as mixed up 2 gallons of water in my bucket, pH water in my bucket here and what I'm going to do is feed each plant until I have soaked all of that topsoil, and I'm just starting to get a little run off out of the bottom. And that is going to be enough for each plant. So I'm not sure exactly how much that will take for each plant, but I'm guessing it's going to be not all or probably will be pretty close to the two gallons that I have mixed up here. Maybe a little bit more, but we will see. And once I'm done with this watering of course I will give them a plain pH misting as I'm still doing that about 2 to 3 times each day

. Temperature still not same range of round 72 to 79 or 80 degrees Fahrenheit. And you want to keep humidity at about 60 to 65% at this stage. So it is lower than when they were seedlings but it is still a little bit up there. Now you can see this guy is starting to develop some tops underneath that first note, so that is good and showing she's going to have some good growth. And that is the pineapple chunk. And you can see they have all pretty much caught up to each other in terms of size, The Grape Ape over here that has been small from the beginning is still a little bit on the smaller side, But she is definitely catching up!

I would also like you guys to know that all of the fan leaves are pretty sure or have pretty short and stubby fingers, and that is again a sign that they are in to cut genetics or have strong and to cut genetics and them. So  I think the grape Apes have the strongest in terms of Indica genetics. You can see some of the other ones have skinnier fan leaves, but the Grape Ape seem to have for sure the fattest. So that is it for today's update, and I will finish watering the rest of the plants I showed you about how much to give each of these. You can see there is some run off starting to come out and I probably only watered about a quarter of agallon of water total here. So that is a quarter a gallon of water split between two plants. And again I will be starting that low stress training on these plants coming day 1 of next week. alright I'll be back in another 24 hours for your next update, peace!

Alright Growers we are back for day 7 of the week and we are exactly 24 hours later from that last pH watering. Now the plants have some good growth going since yesterday is a video clip and you can see they are all in outstanding condition. So I'm going to just be misting them today and it's going to be the last day of this video. But starting day one of week 2 for this groceries, I am going to be starting that low-stress training, so get excited for that, and it's only going to be a few more days of these guys and this tenant before I move them into here, and those guys are getting harvested in about 2 to 3 days and once that is done these nuke heads plants are going to be moving in over there. all right guys to take a quick look at them right now because Starting on day 1 of next week's video, they are going to be much larger. Alright peace guys!

Alright green box Growers that concludes the first week of vegetation for my nukeheads groceries. And I will be back shortly with week 2 of this grocery is where I will be starting the low-stress training like I mentioned earlier in this week's video. Right now I'm about 4 to 5 days away from harvesting my autoflowers, which are in the Big 4 by 4 tent, and then once I do that I will be moving the nuke heads plants into that grow tent, where they will have more space so I can train them to get bigger. And they will also be having a much stronger LED light in that tent as well. As always if you guys enjoyed the video, please smash that thumbs-up button and don't forget to comment below with your feedback. Also subscribe to the greenbox grown Channel and it turn on notifications for updates on my latest grows. As always thank you guys for watching, and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
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