Week 1 of Veg


What's up GreenBox Growers and welcome back to the most lit cannabis grow Channel on YouTube! So today I will be kicking off week one of my mother plant and cloning growth serious, and this is going to be Week 1 of vegetation of course. Last week was the intro and seedling phase and now I'm going to teach you guys exactly how to grow this plant to get plenty of tops that will be great for turning into clones later on. Now before I get started I want to remind you guys to check out our merchandise and smoke gear on the greenboxgrown.com website unders merchandise and smoke of course. 

If you are looking to get started with growing your own plants at home or have already started and are struggling, feel free to visit our patreon page via the link Down Below in the description where you can sign up for one-on-one help from myself where I will teach you over the phone exactly what you need to do to get those plant growing properly. All right now that you guys know what we are doing and today's video, let's get started!

All right Growers, we are out here in the garage for day 1 of the week and you can see there is already been some progress since the end of the last video, which was the very end of the seedling phase when I transplanted into the air Roots pot.  So it has been almost 24 hours since that transplant, and you can see there has been significant growth. We've got to top growing here out of the main stock up top so you can see those right there on the left, here and then on the right. And then we've also got a set underneath so this is already starting off really well, and there isn't going to be too much to do this week besides watering and misting the plants as well as keeping the temperature and humidity and other conditions on point.

 What the goal is with this plant is to grow a bunch of even and nice and healthy tops that we can eventually cut into clones. So what I will be doing is letting this grow up for the next week maybe week and a half and then what I will do is start training her after that. So we can get more tops to grow out of there and so we can get more clones in the end. All right so far today there is no need to water since I just watered yesterday, after the transplant, but I will be misting and during this stage you should be misting several times each day to get good coverage on the leaves.  All right guys that is it for day one of the week and I will be back in 24 hours for a day 2.

All right Growers Welcome Back for day 2 of Week 1 for the mother plant in cloning grow serious. So as you can see here the plant is ready for its next watering which is going to be a plane pH watering at 6.3. And this is actually the second watering, plant watering since the last nutrient or first nutrient feeding, so what that means is I'm just going to do one more plain watering after this one and then it's going to be the next nutrient feeding. Still going to be using the spray bottle that I have here to water because it's going to be gentle on the roots and they are getting used to the new pot and then I'm still going to give it a little misting. So the last 3 days I actually had an issue with my pH pen and the calibration being off, and you can see there's a little damage on the leaves from that as well as probably from a little bit of high temperature as it has been a little bit of slow growth.  So I've got the ph and temperature straightened out and hopefully open it back up on track with rows. All right so now I'm just going to give it a little water in, and you want to be sure to get all of the soil at this point. 

You don't need runoff but you don't want to just water the middle of the pot. So you want to water all the way around the edges and the outside soil not just the center. I'm probably going to do another half bottle after this full bottle is done but for now I'm just going to do this just to let soak in, actually this looks like plenty of water so I'm just going to do this one bottle actually getting a little bit of runoff from it. And then I'm just going to give it a little misting and that's it. So right now it's really easy with taking care of this future mother plant because we are just growing it in veg and just kind of keeping it healthy and pretty soon we will probably be training it probably by next week and that's just to increase the number of tots you get so that when we clone it you can clean it as much as you want. All right guys so that concludes day 2 of Week 1 for the cloning series and I will be back in another 24 hours for day 3, Peace!

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 All right Growers here we are back here in the garage for day 3 of Week 1 for the Clone and mother plant grow series. You can see she's doing really well in here not too much growth that you can see there is some more development here of this new set of fan leaves coming up there in the middle. You can also see the tops that are growing under the main canopy there are growing up some as well.  So nothing in terms of watering for today, but I will be misting throughout the day as always as I am still continuing with that process. I like to do about 3 times a day spread out evenly so once in the morning once in the afternoon and once at night if you have that opportunity. If not it's not a huge deal, but do try to get one in the morning before work and then after at night.

 So currently I have the bloom Beast LED with the veg switch on at a hundred and the, I'm sorry the seedling switch-on at 100% And The vegetation switch is at 35% right now I'm going to turn it up to 40%. Just because she's handling the light pretty well right now and temperature still right around 75 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity is still on the high side not high side but it's not low you wanted to be about 60 to 65% at this point. Besides that that is really it for now you guys, so I'm just going to give this guy a little more time to grow up words and to grow some more tops as you can see it is getting taller and larger and then pretty soon here we will begin the training to help form some more tops that will eventually be clones.

All right row where's we are back 4 day 4 of the week and your next update on the mother plant here in again she's the lemoncello Haze by Amsterdam marijuana seeds, and she's ready for her next watering so it's going to be a plain pH watering at 6.3, and I will also be misting. She is getting large enough that she is ready to be fed straight from the watering can, so that is what I will be doing this watering and let me just been that back a little. All right so she doesn't need to too much but you'd want to make sure to get a good soaking all of the way around the soil and towards the outside not just in the middle, and you want to be very gentle as always of course to not disrupt The Roots by moving the soil around too much. 

Just water gently and slowly, give it a little bit let it soak in, and then you can go for some more after that. So you can see the stock has been thickening up and there's new leaves coming in and these tops are growing some more. There's even a second pair of tops at the lower node and like I keep mentioning I'm going to start with the low-stress training that will help create more top just after this first week of initial vegetative growth.  All right so that should do it in terms of watering, and now I'm just going to give her a misting and that is it per day for the week. All right I will see you guys in 24 hours 4 day 5 of the week, peace!

 What is up Growers and welcome back for day 5 of Week 1 for the mother plant grow serious and that's Week 1 of vegetation of course.   You can see I've got some more New Growth up top here at the new set of leaves coming in and I've got the light turned on for 45% for the bench dial and of course the ceiling goes at 100%. Keeping the same distance for now as it seems to be working really well, and might actually raise it just a few inches because it might actually be too close. Seems like growth slowed a little bit once I turn that vegetation dial on, so I'm going to adjust that. I've been missing three times each day throughout the day, just doing a plane pH misting, and yesterday was at third pH watering since the last nutrient feeding so probably tomorrow or the day after it is going to be ready for that next watering, which will then be the second nutrient feeding at half strength. So I will be back in another 24 hours for day 6 of the week and until then just try to keep temperature at 75 degrees Fahrenheit You want humidity at about 60 to 65%, and just keep giving those mistings throughout the day. Alright peace guys!

What up Growers, we are back here for the mother plant series for day 6 of the week and the limoncello Haze plant is ready for her next watering. You can see the soil here is dry over an inch deep so she is more than ready and I will also be missing her with that plane pH water as always. It has been 3 watering since the last nutrient feeding so it is time for that next nutrients feeding which is going to be, I'm going to do another one at 1/4 strength and it's going to be the same mix, the cuttings and seedlings mix on the Fox Farms feeding schedule and I've got that mix that 1/4 strength with my Cal Mag add 1/4 strength. Normally 1 teaspoon per gallon so now I'm doing 1/4 of a teaspoon per gallon, and then I mix that all up and pH it to 6.3. So again I'm going to be watering out of the water and cannot at the plant is large enough and can handle it, and I'm going to be completely soaking all of the topsoil. I'm probably not going to use the whole half gallon that I have mixed up here, I will probably use three-quarters of that because you don't need to get too much run off at this point, just a very little bit.

 So is always be very gentle so the water doesn't move the soil and disrupt the roots, and these air Roots pots obviously dry out really fast because of how much air they get to the root Zone, hence the name. All of those little holes around the side light Aaron and allow that moisture to evaporate a lot more quickly than if it was in a plastic or even a fabric pot. So you get run off a lot faster with this pot but again you kind of have to water more frequently just because of how quickly it dries out. So just about finished there, that was just about not all the nutrients but about three-quarters of the bucket of what I had filled, and now I'm just going to do my plane pH misting. You want to do the misting still about 3 times throughout the day and I like to get the undersides of the leaves as that helps a lot as well. But yeah that's pretty much it for today and I will be back In 24 hours for the last day of this week period and again after this week 1 of vegetation I will start the low-stress training in so that will start in the next video.

What's good green box Growers we are back here for the last day of the week, and yesterday was that nutrient feeding the second one, and today you'll see no need to water because the soil is still perfectly stoked. But I actually dialed down the veg light a little bit as you can see it has helped a lot. Because this plant has almost added a third of its height on since yesterday. You can also see it through another set of leaves. And overall it has just gotten a lot larger, so I'm going to keep it at that setting for now and again tomorrow is going to be the first day of Week 2, which means I will start the low-stress training on this guy I don't think I'm going to top her just because I think I can get the results I need just with low stress training. And then I will be able to get enough tops that way for cloning. So I actually have the veg switch completely off and let's see if I can get it to focus. 

Yeah I've got the veg switch completely off they're just so it's the seedling switch turned on at 100% and that is the kind of growth we are getting with this Bloom Beast LED. So I am pretty stoked on this light as I think it's going to help me get a pretty large yield, and this is just the ceiling light and it's already blowing up so I will be back with the next week shortly of this series and that of course is going to explain the beginning of low stress training and how to optimize that for a mother plant. So I will see you guys later for that, peace!

All right Growers, that concludes Week 1 of vegetation of my clone and how to grow a mother plant grow series and as always if you enjoy the video please smash that thumbs up button and don't forget to comment below with your feedback.  Also feel free to subscribe to the GreenBox Grown Channel and a turn on those notifications for updates on my latest grows!  As always thank you guys for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown