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What's up GreenBox Growers and welcome back to the most LIT Cannabis Grow Channel on YouTube! Now today I'm going to change things up a little bit because I'm going to talk about temperature as well as humidity and your ideal grow room conditions whether you are growing indoors or in a greenhouse. I'm going to show you not only what those ideal conditions are, but also how to maintain those ideal conditions and what appliances or tools you can use to get to those ideal conditions. 

So I'll be showing you guys that in my different grow tents downstairs in the garage, and before I get started I want to remind you guys that if you are struggling to grow your own cannabis plants at home or just need help learning how to do so at home, you can always check out my link Down Below in the description to my patreon page. and essentially you will be signing up for one-on-one guidance from myself where I will be guiding you each day showing you what to do. I also want to remind you guys to check out our merch at greenboxgrown.com, under the MERCH and SMOKE section, and now that you guys know what we're doing in today's video, let's get started!

All right folks we are out here in the garage where I have my two different Grow rooms set up. Right now this bigger one is the Autoflower room, while this smaller one is where I am growing the mother plant. But what I am going to be doing is actually setting it up so this smaller tent is the bedroom and then this bigger tent is the flower room.   so all of the plants that are in veg will be moved through here and grown out slash trained with low stress training and Topping in this room, and then once they are ready to bud I'm going to move them in here and that’s just going to be when they're at the desired height So some plans maybe in the Veg Room longer than others, but that's alright it's just about getting them to where you want them once it's time to flower.

 So of course you're going to need different settings for the different Grow rooms as the veg Stage Requires a different humidity and temperature than the flowering stage does and that's what I'm going to be covering in this video, so let's start with the veg tent right here where I have my Limoncello Haze Seedling that's going to become a mother plant, and it's actually not really a Seedling anymore at this point. It's actually in the veg stage. But since we are talking about seedlings, for that stage if you are growing from seed you are going to want To have the temperature in the range of 72 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit, and that's going to also be with a medium to high humidity. 

So somewhere in the range of 65 + percent for humidity is going to be good for the seedling stage and for cuttings you are also going to want to have that same temperature range of 72 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit, but you will want to have as high of a humidity as possible. So you will want it to be as high as like 95% if possible, and that is why we often times use a humidity Dome here for seedlings and cuttings because that just makes it really easy to get that humidity up there.  For keeping humidity high once you are outside of the dome for a plant like this that is too big  or in too big of a pot to fit in the dome, misting is perfect and that helps also with growing a bigger and healthier fan leaves. 

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Now for humidity once you are in the vegetation stage you are going to want to drop it down a little bit you will still want to be around 60 to 65% with that same temperature of the 72 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Your will also want a good amount of air circulation in the grow room as you want those families to be slightly fluttering or as I like to refer to it as dancing.  And it's also good to just have them moving like that because it just drinking the branches and then having good air circulating into the room and then the old air coming out is great. 

Because that's going to help with keeping the plants fresh and healthy. So those are the conditions that are ideal for most of the grow during the veg stage and the seedling and cutting stages, but during the night you're kind of going to want to tweak those conditions a little bit, mainly the temperature and that you're going to want to drop that a few degrees because that in nature is what is going to happen at night for the plants.

 So when it comes to the different tools and appliances you're going to use to keep your conditions at these ideal levels, you're going to want to use different things such as fans AC units humidifiers dehumidifiers of course, but it really depends what you will need is really going to depend on where you live.   So if you live for example in Alaska, you probably will not need an AC unit but you'll need fans for good air circulation and you'll want to use heaters to keep it at that proper temperature. Now for the opposite example if you are in the desert you're obviously going to need a see as well as probably a humidifier because it's going to be a condition where you live. And that is not going to be great for growing cannabis, you know you can find strains that are ideal for different growing conditions so that you can help fit where you live and give the plant a better chance for a successful grow.

 So if you live in the desert and grow a strain that is better for that kind of conditions the more arid and dry conditions, so you will probably have better success out there then if you were growing a strain that requires a more temperate. so once you figure out your local conditions that you are going to be experiencing during your grow, you'll get an idea for what tools you'll need such as If you will need a humidifier or dehumidifier, and when it comes to heating the row room you got to remember that the grow light is going to help with heating things up. 

Especially if you have like an HPS light, LEDs do still give off some heat and then that brings up another point, you want to remember that at night especially in flower when you are just doing the 12:12 cycle, those lights are going to go off and if you're using that to heat the grow room, it's going to cool off pretty rapidly. So you'll want to adjust for that and maybe have a little heater like I have right here in the corner going that just turns on at night you can have it on a timer which works perfectly but you just want to remember that anytime of different Appliance turns on or off that is going to affect the conditions and you need something else to counteract or balance that out so that you stay in that ideal temperature and humidity range.

All right that pretty much covers it for the vegetation stage so now let's move over to the flower tent so we can cover those conditions. All right here we are right outside the flowering tent and like I said I've got the Autos going in there and they are budding pretty well. I've got some blue amnesia's and then a couple Tangerine dream's going. But anyways 4 flowering, the conditions are going to be slightly different starting with temperature, you're going to want to be lowering that. And actually in flower it helps especially if the temperature does drop a little more at night like I was mentioning it earlier. So you're going to want to stay in the range of around 67 degrees Fahrenheit to about 78 77 degrees Fahrenheit. You do want to cool it down a little bit during flowering you don't want those temps to get any higher then 78 Fahrenheit just because that is going to stress the plan out and any sort of stress during the flowering phase you really want to try and avoid that because that is what's going to a lower your yields and your overall but quality. So you're going to want to lower your temperature then when it comes to humidity that's going to be lower as well. 50 to 55% range, and the reason for this is a high humidity with too much moisture in the air is going to lead to mold and other issues on your buds. So Bud Rock and also form from that and that's why you also want to avoid that high humidity. Another issue that does arise is if you do have low air circulation, usually combined with high moisture, but usually that can also lead and make it very easy for mold and spores to develop. I like to have a good amount of air flow underneath the canopy moving around in between those branches because without that that stagnant air is not going to be good for the plants. And again it will allow spores to land on there or even pests. So you don't want the breeze to be as strong

 as when it was in the vegetative stage, but you still want some of that air circulation going and of course you want those branches slightly moving around. Not moving around as much like we were talking during the vegetative cycle, but still a little bit because that does help. Now finally with the flowering stage like I was mentioning earlier, if you are growing regulars and not Autoflower plans, you are going to have a longer. Where those lights are off at night because it's a full 12 hours which is really going to allow for that temperature to drop a good amount. So if you don't have a good small heater fan like here and I mean this small fan about 20 bucks on our website, that tent could heat a five-by-five in a 6 by 5 very easily. But yeah if you don't have anything to counteract that large swing in temperature at night, that can be an issue. And like I said I can drop a little bit but rapid steep drops where it changes 10 to 15 degrees, that isn't good. I'm talking you know maybe a slow 5 degree drop over the course of a few hours. So that pretty much covers everything you need to know about controlling the environment in your grow room or Greenhouse as well as what those ideal conditions are. Again if you follow these rules it's just going to make it that much easier to grow top quality bud while growing at home.

All right GreenBox Growers, that concludes today's video on the ideal grow room conditions such as you are temperature and humidity. But as always if you enjoyed the video please give it that thumbs up and don't forget to comment below with your feedback. Also feel free to subscribe to the greenbox grown YouTube channel and to turn on those notifications for updates on my latest grows. As always thank you guys for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown