Reviewing the Viparspectra Week by Week  


What's up Cannabis Growers and welcome back to GreenBox Grown! Today I am going to be doing a review on the Viparspectra 900 watt LED grow light, and what I will be doing is showing you guys a week-by-week basis update on how this grow light is working with my current Autoflower grow. So you guys will get to see how it helps these plants and how well the light works, going from week to week. Now before I get started With the video I would like to remind you guys to check out our merch at to pick up some cool gear, and also feel free to visit the link Down Below in our description where you can sign up on our patreon page, for one-on-one growing advice from myself. Where I will guide you each day with how to grow your cannabis plants, and how to get the best results possible. All right now that you guys know we're doing today's video, let's get started!

All right guys here is a shot of the viparspectra 900w LED, up close, and it comes standard with this power cord as well as the normal clip-on light hanger. I will be using the adjustable ratchet light hangers for this one, so that is why I don't have it in this shot. It is just easier to adjust it and the height that way. So you can see here on the back it has three fans for keeping it cool, and I have actually already been running this light and it does not get warm whatsoever. It has the four hooks for the hangers, and then of course it's got the light switches. What is cool about this one is it has two switches, let me get the shot here of it, you've got your Veg switch here and then your Bloom switch here. and I will show you in the tent when it is hanging up, but the way it works is you will turn veg on when you want to veg obviously.  

And when you want balloon or wants your plants are in flower, you will have both switches going, not just the bed switch or the bloom switch but both the veg and the bloom will be on.  So that is what it looks like with the switches and it's got veg and Bloom kind of carved into it there, and now I will show you the other side of the light. So you've got the six panels, when you turn it on you will see the different diodes have different light colors. And different ones turn on depending on which switches you have on. So now let's go take a look at this light hanging up in the tent.

Alright guys so here we are for week 1 of my Autoflower grow, and I have this 900 watt LED viparspectra a growing above these plants.  It has been in here for almost a week now so it is actually towards the end of week 1 actually, but you can see I've got it about three feet away and it is doing just fine. we've got for plants under there and I am training these Auto so that is why they are pulled down, but you can see they are all looking very healthy. And they are also growing very vibrantly. So this is towards the end of week 1 and I will be back in another 7 days to give you guys another update on how this light is working. 

Oh and another thing that is really nice about it, no temperature no heat from it at all, so it's not going to raise the temperatures in the grow room, it's not using a lot of electricity, and it does not give us very much heat at all. Cool to the touch. You'll also see this light has two switches as I mentioned earlier, one for veg and one for Bloom. When you are in bloom you will have both switches going, and not just the bloom that you'll have veg and Bloom going. Right now these Autos are just vegging, they are not really flowering yet so I just have the veg switch on, but once I start seeing some of those white pistils coming out, I will turn on that second switch.

 What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back for the end of week 2 for these plants! So now I will be giving you guys another update since it has been one week since the last one.  Right now the light is hanging 32 inches exactly above the plants, and you can see since the last update they have grown tremendously and I'm talking from the LST that I have done. And they all have at least 10 different tops going for each different plant. And these are autoflowers so you can see they are just barely starting the flowering phase which you can see by those little white pistols. And they're starting to grow in their around the bases. And you can tell these are females because of the cowlicks down here growing right where the branches Fork. But anyways just wanted to show you guys an update on the growth These plants have had from this 900 watt viparspectra LED. And again it's only 32 in from these plants and it's got a good 3 and 1/2 to 4 ft by 4 ft footprint so these plants are doing great.

Whats Up GreenBox Growers I am back in the garage here another week later, and I want to show you guys how these plants have progressed over the last 7 Days, using this 900 watt LED by viparspectra. Now I have raised the light you will notice, a few feet more like a foot-and-a-half, and that is because the plants were starting to show some signs of light stress and that meant that the light was too close. So let's go take a look now and how the plants are doing. So you can see they have grown a lot in terms  vegetative growth and size. And then also, they are starting to flower, and you can see this one is the furthest along, and they will still grow. I am hoping for another couple feet in terms of height from these plants. Since they are autoflowers they are going to grow a lot and turns a vegetative growth while they flower. 

While where with a photoperiod Plant, It's probably only going to grow probably a third of its size during that period. So these guys have a long ways to go and veg and Bloom. So like I said you'll see I raise the light up, and also that is just because it is a real powerful light and these guys were showing signs of stress when it was lower, so bringing it up They've grown a lot taller and they are not stretching, they are just able to flourish a lot better. Another thing is I now have both switches on, so it is not just the veg switch, but it is both the veg switch and the bloom switch. So here is what that looks like, and you can tell the light is a lot more purple and more of a pink Hue in there, supposed to with it off it's more blue. So there you go, and I will be back in another 7 days to show you guys how these plants have progressed with this 900 watt LED viparspectra.

What's up green box Growers, it's your boy Dylan, and I am back for your week 4 update and over the last week I learned a lot about this light and how powerful it really is. I've got the flower switch on now as well since they started blooming a little bit, but I had this down like four feet or 3 ft above the plants and you can see this guy in the back right here actually got some good shock and light burn from it. So that's why you can see the leaves are drooping like that. That is not from overwatering, but it does look like over-watering, but with LED lights it can take a few weeks before plants start to show signs of burn.

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But what you can see here is how they got yellow at the tops, it might be hard to see at this lighting but the top starting to get really yellow and it started with the top leaves drooping and then they all started drooping. Then you can also see this fan Leaf right here, it's kind of got that copper color on it kind of rusty color, so that is another sign right there that it was starting to burn from the light. So the other plans didn't really get too affected by it come on you can see this Tangie dream right here is really blowing up. She is getting super tall and is doing the best out of everyone in the tent at the moment. I mean this one started flowering a little early so it might have been from some Shock from the light being too close. 

But I just raised it up last night and they are already showing signs of improvement should be a lot more growth in the next week or two. So in the next update you should see another huge difference, not that this one wasn't really big already. So I will be back in another week with an update on these plants for you guys, and on the viparspectra LED. So also I've got the Mars Hydro reflector in here in this is the 96, so I think that means it's the 540 watt light. And I put that in there once they start to flower since these lights are a little more on the purple side, and that kind of wavelength really helps and flower. All right guys I'll be back in another week for your week 5 update, peace guys!

What's Gucci GreenBox Growers, and welcome back for your week 5 update on this 900 watt viparspectra LED grow light. So a lot has changed since you guys last Saw on week five what these plants were doing. Mainly you can see they have gotten, at least this one on the left has gotten way bigger, and they are all starting to flower now, Some are a lot further along than others as you can see, but everything is looking great especially with this guy. It's going to be a Monster! Again these are autoflowers and we were having some issues over the last week or week for mainly, with some heat or light stress with the plant back here. So I had to adjust the levels but now I have everything sorted out and now I am lowering the light a little bit each day now that they are in flower. I will be back again in another week's time with the week 6 update as I'm going to keep showing you guys until these plants are finished and I've harvested these bud. Just so you can get an idea of what this light can do over the course of the grow. So I will be back with your week 6 update in about 7 Days. Peace guys!

Alright Growers we are back for your week 6 update for the 900-watt viparspectra LED, for my LST Autoflower grow. You can see the plants have started budding and are very far into that process. So I'm further than others. But I actually did have as explained in last week's video clip, I had the lights a little bit too close so I had to raise them up. The plants recovered and now that they start flowering I am lowering them again, and they are budding really well. So let me give you guys a couple close up here. Here is the blue Amnesia here and you can see all Frosty that is getting. But actually really quick, let me turn off the grow lights, cuz I actually have it setup now where I can have these off there we go, all right. So now I've got some white lights and now you don't have to stare at those bright LEDs while I'm filming. All right guys know I'm going to give you some close-ups of the buds, so you can know what to expect from this viparspectra grow light. 

So here it is right here the blue Amnesia, that's in the front right. You can see those buds are doing really well, and they are getting really dancing Frosty. What's really cool as they are filling out all the way down to the branch, so under all of this canopy and fully as you can see just solid nug. And very very dense snug as well. This is The Tangerine Dream inthe front left here, and the buds were doing really well, I lowered the light a little too close and they have slowed down in growth. But that was a few days ago and I have raised the lights sense then, and they're starting to pick up some steam again. 

So that is pretty good, and the Tangerine Dream here in the back right same thing got a little stressed out from the lights, and I also had a pH issue, but that has been taken care of and now the nugs are starting to fatten up and Densen up again and get even more Frosty. Now the blue Amnesia in the back left is doing just as well as the one up front, it's doesn't a main Cola that's sticking up his tall in the front, but you can see this guy has a big bud under that canopy that is pretty much just solid all the way through. All right guys that completes my week 6 update for this led by viparspectra. And of course I will be back in another week for week 7!

Alright Growers we are back here in the garage for your week 7 update of the viparspectra 900 watt LED grow light. I'm going to show you guys of course another update on how the buds have developed since last week. The Blue Amnesias are pretty much finished growing, And just about ready for flush. And the Tangerine dream's are a little bit behind, but probably have just a few more weeks ago and they will be ready for flesh as well. So we can see here the Tangerine Dream buds are filling out really nicely and are getting really Frosty. And they are also getting really dance as well. Luckily they were able to recover from that light stress from having this powerful 900-watt to close, but you can see the buds are starting to Densen up and connect a little bit throughout the branches.

Now the blue Amnesia is doing really well over here as you can see, the buds are super Frosty and fat and dance all the way down the branch. So it is not a small bud or a little popcorn bud, just a very good weight to it. You can smell it and it is very citrusy and very potent smelling. Now the plants in the back or doing very similarly to their counterparts in the front, this is the Tangerine Dream in the back and the buds are a little bit larger, but they do smell very similarly. And then the blue Amnesia in the back those buds got really fat and dance like the ones in the front, and are very frosty as well. So I did defoliate a decent amount since last week as you can tell I just removed the dying leaves that were kind of burnt from the light stress, but besides that everything else is pretty much the same. I will probably be starting flush for some of these next week during week 8, and I'll also be back then to give you guys another update on this grow light. All right, peace guys!

Alright Growers, how's it going? We are back here for your week 8 update on the viparspectra 900 watt LED grow. Again these are the autoflowers and my Blue Amnesias, which is this Front right here and then the back left, they are now being flushed so I will be harvesting them in about a week to a week and a half. And the Tangerine Dream buds are just starting to finish up, and I will probably be flushing though starting the Flush on the Tangerine Dream, probably around the time I am harvesting the blue Amnesia is. So week or a week and a half. So just wanted to do a little bud update for you guys to show how this light is helping them out! 

 Now this is just one of those side branches on the Tangerine Dream, but you can see how they are getting really nice and Frosty and growing all the way down the branch. They are not really connecting yet, but they are really nice and you can smell them before even opening the tent, you can smell it is really strong in here. Here is that main Cola on the plant so I can give you guys a good close up on that. Bam, but yeah you can see most of the hairs are still white and growing out, some have orange and some are starting to curl in but I still have some time on here. I have also been checking the trichomes so that's how I knew the blue Amnesia buds were ready for Harvest. 

And these guys are still all milky, so still some clear, no not really any amber yet so they still have some time to go. Now here is that Tangerine Dream, the second one I'm growing here in the back, those buds are getting a little bit bigger than the one in the front, and they look to be maybe a little further along. But I did check the trichomes and there is still no Amber at these guys either. So still have a few more nutrients feeding to go with the Tangerine dreams, and then like I said almost done with the Blue Amnesia flush!

What up GreenBox Growers, and welcome back for week 9 of my LED grow light review! Now this is going to be the last week of the review, as the grow is now finished. I am now just starting the flush with these plants. so no need to continue, as there is not going to be really any change in the buds. And you will see here I've got my sledgehammer mixed up here by Fox Farm, just to get that flush kicked off, and to just get all those minerals and salts that have built up in the soil and plants so you can get them to flush out. So let's get some close-ups on the buds, so you can see how they finished up. 

And I think they look really nice to be honest, the Tangerine dream's I did stress those out a lot in the beginning but I did still managed to pull off some really nice growth and development. So here is a nice little close up for you guys to see that, and then I ended up a little bit. They didn't fill out a whole lot to their full potential just because of the light burn, but I still I think they came out pretty decent. And these are the Tangerine dream's, here is the one in the back and this one came out really well also. It is looking nice and Frosty, and you can see how all of the hairs have curled in and have mostly oranged. Which is a sign of telling that they are ready, but from the most part it's by checking the trichomes and the colors of them. so let's see, that that mean Bud there for the Tangie dream in the back, and then here are some close ups on the blue Amnesia of course, Which really turned out amazingly! 

They could have gotten a little bigger, but because of the light kept them small but it did not mess with the bud development, as you can see they are absolute Monsters!!! Alright guys so there you go, there's your week 9 update, oh sorry I didn't even show you guys the blue Amnesia in the back.  And there is going to be a harvest video that I post on these plants, about these plants, so you guys can see how these buds turn out after I trim them up and throw them in the Jars. But, that concludes your week 9 update for the viparspectra 900 watt LED!

Alright GreenBox Growers, that concludes my review of the viparspectra 900 watt LED grow light. And again it has those adjustable switches so you can switch it between the vegetation stage, as well as the bloom stage. Now I was really impressed with how this grow light grew the plants, And how much power it had.  Now the light was a lot more powerful then I first anticipated as you guys saw through the first few weeks of this video. And that is why I ended up having to raise it up a lot higher, cuz it did end up burning some of those plans. So if you do go with this LED light, be sure to have it raised up all the way up to the top of your tent when you start off with it. Now overall I would definitely recommend this light to anyone who is looking to grow in a 4 by 4 ten or something a little bigger. 

This light could probably hold up to six out of flowers and their or four large photoperiod plants. Do again, two thumbs up for the viparspectra 900 watt LED.  Now if you guys enjoyed the video please don't forget to smash that thumbs-up button, into a comment below with your feedback. Also feel free to subscribe to the GreenBox Grown Channel, and to turn on those notifications for updates on my latest grows! as always thank you guys for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown