Week 6 Update of my current Autoflower Grow Series


What Up GreenBox Growers and welcome back for the most LIT grow Channel on YouTube!  Now today I am back for week 6 of my low stress training Autoflower serious, and I'm going to be focusing a lot this week on bud development as all of the plans are officially in flower now some are further ahead than others, but I'll be covering that more over the course of these videos during the week. Now before I jump into this week's video I got to remind you guys as always to check out our merch at GreenBoxGrown.com  under the  Merch and Smoke section. If you guys are looking for help or Guidance with your cannabis rows at home, don't forget to check out the link Down Below in the description where you can sign up for one-on-one help from myself. All right now that you guys know what we're doing in today's video, let's get started!

What up what up green box Growers, we are back out here in the garage for a day 1 of week 6. Again this is the LST Autoflower series and yesterday I had just given them a pH water and just a plain one, so they are not ready yet, but once they are ready for their next watering  it's going to be nutrients. Still lowering the lights a couple inches each day and keeping a close eye on the plants to how they are reacting to that, as I don't want to stress them out now that we are in flower. They are really handling it well so far as you can see in this Tangerine Dream is now really in the flowering phase and it's still really early on, but you can see It's got those pistols going crazy and hopefully they start getting bigger. 

And then we're going to see some nice Bud development pretty quickly. What is grade is although these plants are smaller or on the smaller side, they are going to harvest some quality bud so you can see this is getting really Frosty and this is still pretty early on in terms of development, but yeah hoping for some nice quality Bud from these guys. And then of course this one in the back right is going to be another monster and those buds are really coming along nicely that's far as you guys can see. They are starting to get Frosty and are a little bit further behind than these other ones but they are starting and definitely getting to that point. And you can see this guy has lots of man tops that ended up make growing pretty large so those are going to be a man cool as as well.

 And then we've got the blue Amnesia back here as well the shorty with the Nice buds as well. You can see those are going to be some fire as well even though it's not going to be much in terms of yield, but learned my lesson with this row light as I keep mentioning that won't happen again. All right guys that is day 1 of week 6 for you and I'm going to be back as always and another 24 hours so I'll see you guys then.

All right peeps we are back here for day 2 of week 6 and I have lowered the lights a couple more inches, just keep doing that a little bit each day an inch or two. She have the plants reactive course if they react poorly to it and raise them back up but if they accept it then you can continue he was eventually that's just going to help with flowering and getting the biggest buds possible out of them, so they are ready for a watering so it's going to be the next nutrient watering which will be the third week of flower mix. I'll show you You guys are close up on the buds and show you guys how these plants are doing.

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 They are really getting more Frosty and this one is just focusing on the pistols at the moment but those are getting bigger as well and you can see the bud sites are starting to fill out even from a distance now. I'm really happy about this one now because it has a ton of different tops that are going to fill out really well, and then of course there's this blue amnesia in the front right looking good as always and getting Frosty or by the day. And this man Cola is really starting to fatten up below and underneath. They all smell really good as well that really citrusy and fruity strong smell and that dank smell.

 This one is getting bigger as well each day and it's got a lot of those big pistols up top and it's starting to get Frosty with trichomes, I would say this one is probably in third place in terms of flowering out of all of them. With the to Blue Amnesia as being first and second and then of course this guy in the front being in last for this behind but still going to do really well. All right so now time for the nutrients feeding so I'm going to show you guys what that mix was. And again it's the third week of flower mix which is week 7 on the dirty dozen mix and I'm doing it at full strength here so this is all per gallon the amount you want to mix so if you're doing 2 gallons you'd want to double these amounts.

 Big Bloom 3 teaspoons per gallon, grow big you have to tiger bloom too, not doing the flower kiss, got one of the boomerang and then have half of the microbe brew and then .25 of the Beastie bloomz. Now of course I added 1 tsp of Cal Mag per gallon and then I pH to everything to 6.3 after I stirred that all together. So remember it's important to shake those bottles up before you pour them out just so you can shake them up So that whatever it has separated is all mixed up, and also if you mix up your Nutes and then they sit for a little bit make sure you give them a little stirring every once in awhile.   all right now I will give you guys a showing of this watering.

So here is a good shot of those Tangerine Dream buds in the back so you guys can see how they're starting to fill out, this is the other Tangerine Dream and then of course we have the blue and the Isaiah here which I will give the first nutrients to. Again at this point you really want to be soaking the soil you don't want to flood it but I'm getting about 10 to 20% run off and I'm getting all of this oil way. And it is a pretty good amount of runoff that's coming out so I'm going to water this guy by itself and then show you exactly how much runoff comes out so you can see get an idea of how much you should do Watering yours at this point.

So imma let that first bit settle there isn't any runoff coming out just yet, that's all right that's pretty normal and I have probably given this guy quarter to almost half a gallon. So that is a pretty good amount just in a 2-gallon pot here so no run off yet I'm going to give it a little more now, and remember to just evenly water the topsoil and everything all around. You don't want to just water it all in one spot as you want it to be spread out evenly. And that is just because obviously the roots below or all over and not in just one spot. All right so here we go we're getting a little runoff out of the bottom here, a decent amount coming out there. I would say I mean there's a lot more still going so that's probably good I might give one more drizzle but in terms of runoff that is a pretty good amount in that is what you should be aiming for at this stage of your plants.

 Or I guess here we are 4 day 3 of the week and again I lowered the lights just a little bit about an inch and a half, but growth is continuing and it is going really well and I've got some more further development with this Tangerine Dream right here in the front starting to get a little Frosty as well and around the edges and then the rest of the buds on these plants are just filling out and getting more Frosty each day. Guessing it's going to be three more weeks before these plants are ready maybe a little more or a little less hard to say exactly but the buds are definitely coming out really well. Important to keep temperatures right as well as humidity, you want it to be about 75 to 72 to 75 + Fahrenheit and in that range and for humidity around 50 to 55% is ideal for flower. And you can see all of the little buds that are starting to form everywhere looking really good.

All right now I want to give you guys a close up of the buds now that I have the purple light off, and I have this blue light, and again I'll start with the least developed and go to the most developed the buds. So the Tangerine Dream here you can see since it is the furthest behind they are the least developed but they are developing, very sativa like qualities you can see the very skinny fingers on the fan leaves the taller link ear branches and now the second or this one along or the 2nd for this behind would be this other Tangerine Dream which is developing really nicely. You can see the leaves are starting to get Frost in the buds are starting to Denson up especially this big guy up top here, you can see underneath it starting to fatten up.

 And then next up we've got the blue Amnesia, and these are more on the Indica side so you can tell by the fatter fan leaves, the shorter squatty or plants, and the nice dense fat nugs of buds. And this one is the other blue Amnesia and I would say this is the furthest a long as it's buds are the densest  and the frostiest. Now it looks like these it is interesting here is the blue Amnesia are Clawing but the tangies aren't. So Calwing is a sign of nitrogen toxicity You can see it is just the tip of the fan leave here curled not just the whole Leaf which would be over water in, and that is a sign of nitrogen toxicity so I will go a little lighter with the nutrients next time around with these guys and you can also tell because they are a little darker in the green color where the Tangie dreams are more of a yellow we color. So that is pretty much it for the buds up close.

 What app green box Growers we are back another 24 hours later and it is already day 4 of week 6 here and we are getting some decent Bud growth going through out this week already. So you can see it turned off the purple light so you guys can get a better look at the plants without that purple light going. so you can see the Tangie dream is doing really well here and starting to fatten up with those buds, while the other three are doing just that as well just a little further along so a couple quick close up for you guys just to see the development of what's going on, these guys still have a little ways to go specially the Tangerine Dream and the blue amnesia's are a little further along even though they didn't develop as much bud but anyways. You can just get an idea from this distance here how big all of the plants really are.

 Now I lowered the lights a couple of inches again today as I've been doing everyday and since the soil is now dry I'm going to be doing a plain ph watering for these guys today, and that will be the first watering since their last nutrient watering. All right here is a good angle for me to Fillmore I am watering, and again these guys are getting a good amount of water each so these guys are probably each plans probably getting well the smaller ones are probably getting a half to three-quarters of a gallon each and then the larger plants are getting almost a gallon Pur water and just because of how big they are and their Roots can handle that. So as always just going to do this quick little watering first and then once that soaked in I will be back for some more. And you really want to be up in that run off each watering now, so I'm getting about 15 to 20% run off and I'm probably going to be doing that for the rest of this row now just while I wait for the buds to finish growing.

 What up GreenBox Growers we are back here 4 day 5 of week 6. You can see I lowered the lights again just a few inches and you can see there are only about 6 to 8 inches away from the top main Cola here but that's alright because it is able to handle it just fine as you can see here so, I will keep getting closer a little bit each day until I am happy with the distance and that's just going to help the buds fill out that much better. So I watered yesterday with plain pH water so I'm still good today in terms of that you can to the soil so good and slightly moist. So today I really just wanted to focus on showing you guys how well these buds are growing. 

And with the Tangerine Dream here that is a little behind, you can see the buds are fattening up all the way around but more importantly these branches are really thickening up and getting stronger so that they are going to be able to handle the weight of the buds once they do fill out completely. You can see the this plant here is got let's see here one, two main tops of course number 3 years the main Cola, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and then And then back here you know if you got 9 10 11 so I'm having those buds fill out from top to bottom so this is just a mess of you either.

 For the blue amnesia's those buds are really fattening up, and they smell tremendously strong and you can see just getting dents with trichomes, I really wish I would have been able to grow these taller because you can see these buds are just really fat from top to bottom how many here especially with this man cooler as you can see all the way underneath and it goes down to like right there. So really nice nuggs this Tangerine Dream that is further ahead is filling out really nicely and you can see  those buds are getting fat from top to bottom. And this guy has a bunch of different coolest to so you got 1 2 3 4 5 right there and then that 6 the main one and you'll see back there we got one two and then there's a small few small ones around underneath.

 Back there we've got the other blue Amnesia and these birds are flying out nicely although there smaller, you can see Under The Canopy it's hard for me to reach right now but it's just full of dense nugs, so you can see from this close up here how dance it's getting let me get that purple light and see if that helps turn that off. Okay yeah you can just see really Frosty and dense and that is how it is Under The Canopy too, you'll see when I harvest this week I'm looking forward to it as well. So that is the cut the latest update with the buds and again you want temperature to be at about 72 to 75 right now and then I've got these guys on a 21 hours on 3 hours off so I might go up a couple hours so that it's 22 or 23 hours on but they seem to be doing really well like this so I'm not maybe going to mess with that. Humidity you want to be about 45 2 55 + for the flooring so you want to be a little bit on the low end cuz you don't want any molds or Bud rot to form. All right guys I will be back again 4 day 6 of the week.

 What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back 4 day 6 of week 6 so it's been a little bit chilly the last couple of days here and I thought they would be ready by today Cut the soil still moist so I will be waiting till tomorrow for the next plane pH watering. You can see I lowered the light again today a few inches so it is really getting close to that Main Bud Abbott out there on the Tangerine Dream, and the rest of the buds are filling out really nicely I mean this blue amnesia the one in the back is looking amazing 2 but this one is easier to get to so here is just a nice close-up to see how nice and Frosty and fat this but is getting it looks exactly like that all the way down and with the other ones another thing I wanted to show you guys here is a good example of a situation where you want to use leave talking. So I noticed this Bud back here was covered up by a couple fan leaves so all you got to do is pull them down and under the bud to expose it to the light like that.

Now that way I can continue to grow and get as big and dense as possible. Now they are really starting to come on strong with their smell I mean barely have to touch them and I'm my fingers are completely sticky and they smell really good now too. But yeah but you're looking really good and fattening up all the way down from the top and I can't wait to see how big these guys get especially this one right here that is a little behind.  Oh and I want to give you guys a quick aerial view of the plants so you can see what they look like from above that's pretty close, but yeah they all look really good nice and healthy.

All right guys we are back for the last day of the week and it has been pretty hot lately so they really dried out over last night and today since I last showed you them. So that is why the leaves are drooping they are just really thirsty right now and need a good watering. So I didn't lower the lights today because they are kind of under-watered and it's not a good idea to put them into any sort of stress when they are underwater, so I'm going to wait to water the lights for when the leaves come back up. And I will obviously be giving them their plane pH watering today which will be the second watering since there last Nutrient feeding. Let's see close up you can see the buds are still doing really well and still developing nicely and you can see if they're really starting to fatten up in the back there. 

So the Soil is really dry right now, keeping the same temperature and humidity and I'm going to show you guys this plant right here since you already know the drill with the watering and I'll give you a close up on this guy so you can see I've got about 2 gallons makes right now and they are taking we will see how much today but it's been about two two two and a half gallons just to depending on how warm it's been during watering time.  As always you really just want to soak the soil then let it Soak it in and I am aiming for a decent amount of runoff so about 25 to 30% now that this plant is getting to the end well I would say the middle end of flower.   So that is soaked in and I'm going to give it a little bit more around and that should be good for right now. You can see the water's already draining out of there pretty size and there will be a lot more to come and I will probably just give it one more soaking and then that will be good. All right folks that's it for now and I will be back next week with the latest update on the LST Autoflower plants.  Peace!

All right grey hours so that concludes week 6 of the LST Autoflower serious and I will be back next week with another update on these plants which of course will be for week 7, and that's going to cover more of the middle to end of the flowering cycle. Now as always don't forget to smash that thumbs-up button if you enjoyed the video and as always feel free to comment below with your feedback as well as ideas for future videos you would like to see me do. Also don't forget to subscribe to the greenbox grown YouTube channel and to turn on notifications for updates on my latest grows. As always thank you guys for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown