Fox Farm Dirty Dozen vs NukeHeads Flower Power


What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back to the most LIT Cannabis grow Channel on YouTube! Now today I am really stoked because I am officially starting off my next groceries. And it's going to be an indoor photoperiod series with all Indica dominant strains! now I will be doing some low-stress training or LST on those plants to get them nice and bushy, so we can get a nice Bountiful Harvest from each plant. And I'm only going to be using strains from the nuke heads package I received recently, and I will be doing a compare-and-contrast series with their nutrients as well as The foxfarm Dirty Dozen.

 So I will be growing three different strains from this pack, 2 seeds of each strain, and then one of each of those strains will be used with the Nuke Heads nutrients, and then the other from each train will be used with the dirty dozen. So that way we can see exactly how it affects the same string using the different nutrients lineups. So like I said earlier this video is the official introduction to the groceries, and I am also going to cover the entire germination and seedling process right up to that transplant into our final pots. So instead of doing a whole bunch of videos on that entire process, it's just going to be One video since you guys already know the drill for my other series. And then once we get to the official start of the vegetation stage, that is when I will start training the plants and going on with my weekly videos from there.

 Now before I get started I would like to mention that if you guys are struggling with growing your own plants at home, or just need help learning how to grow cannabis, feel free to check out the link Down Below in the description where you can visit our patreon page and you can sign up there for one-on-one grow guidance from myself. Where I will personally help you myself over the phone with any questions you may have about growing, and just with guiding you along during the whole process from seed to harvest. Also don't forget to check out our MERCH at under the merch and smoke section, you can also pick up some smoke gear from there as well like bongs glass pipes and rolling papers and whatever else you may be looking for. And now that you guys know what we are doing and today's video, let's get started!

Alright folks here we are in my bedroom where I'm going to start my seeds off for these germination phase, and I've got my little mini seedling tent set up which is where I will be growing these guys until they are ready for the main pot that they are going in. Which will probably be a five gallon smart pot, haven't really decided for sure yet. Alright so the first thing you should know this is I've got the nutrients in here by nukeheads here on the left is the uranium veg and then for flower they have the plutonium bloom. So I will be using those for half the seeds like I was saying, and then the other half will be the fox farm Dirty Dozen. Now I've got my genetics here by nuke Heads, and I've got five strains but I will just be growing three of them for now. 

So you'll see I've got my little mini glasses setup for soaking them during germination, or to get them into germination. So I've got on the left the Grape Ape, then the Skittles, and then on the right some pineapple chunk. Now these are all Indica dominant strains which will be good because they will all prefer similar condition so we don't have any issues with that, and now all I'm going to be doing is putting the seats into their glasses and letting them soak for the next 15 hours before I put them into the moist paper towels where they will finish the germination face.

 So first I'm going to pop in we've got the Grape Ape right here and you just want to do it for 15 hours, the soaking process and you'll see at first the seeds might sit at the top of the glass but you can try pushing them down every couple of hours as that will help. But if they don't sink to the bottom before the 15 hours is up that is not a problem, so you will see one of them sunk right to the bottom there and one of them is just resting right on top. So that is the great vape and now I'm going to do the Skittles right here and I'm doing two of each like I said. One for each nutrient line up. And I will be putting these in rockwool cubes, that seems kind of stuck in there. There we go, I will be putting these in rockwool cubes once the route has come out and is about a half inch in length. And then once those are big enough I will put them into the Solo cups for a little while, while still keeping them in the humidity down.

 And then that's once they are big enough that's when I'll work them into the final pot inside of the main tent. alright so this is the Pineapple Chunk, the final two seeds going in. And another thing I would like to mention so I've been thinking about it and what I think I'm going to start using that smaller tent as my veg tent, the two by four, and then the bigger tent will be my flowering tent, which is the four by four. And so what that means is that bloom Beast will be used for the vegetation stage and I will be putting these guys in that 10 first, while the autoflowers Finish flowering inside of the big flowering tent. Now once those are harvested in the  nukehead seeds are big enough I will move those into the flowering tent, where I will probably still grow them in bed and do some train to them over the course of that period. But I will also flower them in there. 

So I've got all of my seeds soaking in the water, and I've got different cop so I can separate them and keep track of the different strains. And I will continue trying to push them down to the bottom of the glass over the next 15 hours and they will probably see well before that though. And then I will be back for the next shot which will be putting these guys into the most paper towel to soak. All right, peace guys!

Alright Growers we are here exactly 15 hours later and the seeds are ready to go into the  paper towel for the final germination stage. So I will be keeping them in for the time being while they germinate and for the germination seedling stage. And for this part of the germination, I will have each strain on their own plate so I can keep track of the strains. I've got this heat mat turned on right here so it will keep them warm, and then I will keep them in this tank closed up with the lights off. 

Because it is important that they have complete darkness, Morning. They have complete darkness but that's why the heat mat is on because they also need that warmth to germinate. So you don't want it to dry out the paper towel and you don't want that to happen because it is really bad. So always be checking on that every couple hours or so to make sure it is moist, and just make sure it is warm and not hot. Because you don't need it hot that will actually kill the seeds and you just want it to be warm as that will help with germination and will also help speed up the process. So what I'm going to do now is just separate the plates and then pour the seeds out onto each one. Aren't all right so I'm going to start with the Grape Ape here first, let me get my plate and move it over on the heat mat. And okay so that is the Grape Ape right there, bam just like that that is all you got to do. now you want the paper towel completely soaked and once the seat is in there you want to fold the paper towel over in half, so that it is completely covered up by a paper towel.

 It is also a good idea to try and not touch the seeds with your hands if possible, as you don't want to get any of those oils that are on your hands or skin onto the seeds as that can irritate them. Now I'm just going to wet this corner a little bit. Now you don't want them sitting in a puddle of water, so what I like to do is take the plates and then tilt it like that  just to let the excess run off. I will do that in the sink for now though because I obviously don't want it all in the tent, but just to show you guys just turn it on the side and let some dribble off. If it is pouring off then let it all run off and then turn it back up and leave it just like this. I'm going to show you guys want to have all the seeds on their plates, but just to show you I'm going to have the light off and I will have this door completely closed so they have complete darkness,  because that is important.

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 Alright guys so as you can see I've got all the seeds on their plates and they are separated of course by the different strains. So I've got the two Grape Apes, the two Skittles and then the two pineapple chunks. What's Gucci gang, I'm back here another day later cuz I'm actually going to show you guys how much the roots crew and just the 24 last 24 hours. And this is where that seedling heat mat comes in, really helps with speeding things up. Now here we go let's check out that Pineapple Chunk, and actually these paper towels are feeling pretty dry so I'm actually going to give them a quick moistening after this. All right so one of those routes as you can see right here is pretty much ready as you can see. It'll probably be ready by tomorrow for transplant into the rockwool cube.

So this other guy hasn't done anything just yet, hasn't cracked it looks like oh wait actually, no all right yeah so just that one of the pineapple chunk. And let's see how the other ones are doing. They all feel like they are needing a little bit more moisture so I'll be doing that right after I oh ya look at that. Both of them just about ready and again this is all just after not even a full 24 hours probably only been about 20 maybe 18, so both of these cracked Open and one is further  I had than the others, but not too much more to go. These will all probably be ready tomorrow to go in.

 Alright  GreenBox Growers, we are back here 24 hours later, and the seeds have ground tap roots that are either 1/2  inch in length or longer, so that means they are ready for transplant. So I've Got My Little Seedling tent set up here as you can see, for the seedling phase. I will be putting these guys into their rockwool cubes, you're going to need A little bowl of water PH at 5.8 for soaking rockwool cubes in. I've got my temperature and humidity gauge, my spray bottle, and then of course my humidity Dome with tray, I've got the seedling mat turned on underneath for helping with humidity. Got some of that water in the tray down below is that is important too. And I've got the light going just a little 45 watt LED, and then the fan just for circulation. That does help even though they are in the humidity Dome, I know it seems funny but just helps with circulating the air that is in the grow tent.

 So you will want to place the seeds Taproot down into the rockwool cube, and I am actually going to show you how to do that right now. So step one you are going to take your rockwool Cube, maybe it's a rapid Rooter but I'm using rockwool for this, and then you're going to soak it in that 5.8 pH water. And you're going to do that for about 10 seconds, and that is just so it can absorb and soak up that water. You are not going to squeeze it as that is really important, you don't want to damage the rockwool cube. Again, you can shake off some of the excess but you don't want to be super violent with it.

All right so, sometimes with the rockwool cubes also, the whole will be kind of closed up or not big enough, so you can use a pair of tweezers or something like that to open it up. And now I'm going to start with one of my Pineapple Chunk seeds. So got the tags ready and here you can see this is a good example of what a good healthy Tap root it is. I let that second one go a little too long as you can see, but this other one is looking really good.  So remember it is really key to be gentle and you are going to want to pick it up with your finger carefully and only touch the seed not the Taproot okay. 

So just put it right there and now you want to put a Tap Root down into that rockwool Cube that you just soaked. Be very gentle as sometimes with the longer routes you kind of have to push it down, but make sure it is in there below the surface. You don't want it poking up and then this is really important you want to close up that hole, so no light is getting in. I just passed that space together and you will see that will do the trick. There you go, so that is good Like that and then all you have to do is put it into the humidity Dome under the light. We are on 18 hours on of light and 6 hours off.  temperature you're wanting in the 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit and then humidity you want as high as possible so I'll probably have it in the 80% range maybe even higher.

 So I'm going to soak the rest of these rockwool cubes and then put the and then I will be right back to show you guys how that looks once I'm all done. Allright allright Growers, here we are after all of the seeds have been planted into those rockwool cubes and you can see I've got my temperature reader right here and it is at 72 degrees which is a good heat, the humidity is going to be much higher and the Heats going to be a little higher inside that Dome, but that's all right. And I've got them right under that light and you'll see I've got all six of them in there and they're all in the Rockwell key is really well. I've got them labeled by their strained and all those top holes are closed up. I will be missing the inside of the Dome and keeping these vents completely closed for now as I want the humidity to be high in there. And this will help them Sprout, so I will be back tomorrow and I'm hoping they will all be above ground by that point and so I will give you guys your next update then.

What's up Growers so here we are back a day and a half later, and about five of the six seeds have popped up above ground. There is still one of the grape Apes that hasn't done so just yet, so I'm going to show you that real quick. Let me just pull up the humidity Dome. You can't see it but the seat is just about to pop through the rock wall, so tomorrow both of these guys should be up through the rock wall, and all of these guys will probably be starting their first set of serrated fan leaves. Right now they just have those round cotyledon leaves. So, I'm going to give them a quick Misting, just make sure there's still a little bit of water in the tree below not too much, and just give them some Mist throughout the day and make sure they don't dry out. and that is really all you have to do and taking care of these seedlings!

What up Growers, we are here for the very next day and I am very excited to say that the seedlings are all ready to go into the Solo cups with some ocean forest soil. So first I will show you guys how they look today and some of them have kind of stretched a little bit. As you can see there, the Skittles got kind of tall, the Pineapple Chunk just medium height and then the grape ape are still pretty short. But they are all developing that first set of serrated leaves. I am going to do an example of planting into the Solo Cup for you guys and I will use one of the ones that you stretched really tall.

Cuz I got a little trick for you guys to show you how you can basically Bury that stem to show them that up and to allow it to strengthen and not lean so much. So that will allow it to grow faster because it won't be leaning and trying to strengthen its stem, and then it can focus on the vegetative growth. So first things first I've got my Solo Cup, and you will see here you want to cut holes in the bottom and slices around the Lower Side there like that. It's very important to have that drainage or else you're going to have water stuck at the bottom and your plants will essentially drown and die. So with most of them you want to put enough oil in so when it is set in it is just set under the brim with the Solo Cup so you can cover it with dirt and it's not buried below. With this one with the stretched stem, I'm going to leave out more soil so there is more room for it to sink and I can bury it further that way.

 So I've got about a third of the cup filled with soil and I'm going to grab the Skittles seedling hear that stretched. The other thing is I'm going to be keeping them afterwards in the humidity Dome still so they are not going to be going outside of here. And they can still stay inside of the seedling tent. They can stay in here for a good amount of time which is also nice about it. And then one other thing I almost forgot to tell you guys about before I do this, So in the beginning I mentioned how I'm going to be doing a comparison between the Nukeheads nutrient line and the fox farm Dirty Dozen nutrients. So I have one plant of each strain that we used for each nutrient line, and I marked that on their tags. 

So you can see that with the Skittles there's the FF and that just means I'm going to be using the Fox Farms Dirty Dozen on that guy. And then the Skittles right here you'll see it says n h and that just means nukeheads nutrients. So I'm going to do this first I need to cut the rapper that is around it you don't leave that on after this point, that is just for the seedling stage. So let's see if I can do this with one hand. Okay yeah so it is best to cut down in the corner there so you don't hit any of the roots that may have grown out from the cube you know sometimes they do grow out the bottom and then also out the sides. So remember the way you know that these guys are ready to be transported is that there is a root coming out of the bottom and you can see here there's two roots coming out. So let's just get that to focus. There you go yeah you can see two roots coming out there so it is ready, so I'm just going to take the wrapper off and then planted in the soil.

We will see if there is any roots coming out of the sides and it doesn't look like it with this one, all right so you want to make sure to put it in the cup of the very center of the cup and you want it to make sure that it is standing straight up. So this will be a good amount because I can bury the stem with soil. So alright let me do that and I will be right back. So here it is after I finished putting the soil on top. And you can see all the little Corners where there were gaps between the rockwool cube and Solo Cup I filled it up to the top and covered up a good amount of that stem. So you can see it is a lot shorter now and is standing straight up. You can kind of pack the soil sideways to get it to stand straight up that way.But just be very gentle as you don't want to stress that stem or Roots out at all.

 Once you have it this way, don't pack of the topsoil at all, you just want to kind of leave it gently on there, so the roots can easily grow out into the soil. And then it is all done being transplanted so all you got to do is take your label and put it into the soil carefully and put it around the edge and here and you are all set. So now that they're in the ocean forest soil, I'm just going to be using water that is pH at 6.3. So I've got a whole bottle mixed right here so I'm going to give them a little bit and then give them a misting. And at that point the transplant is completed.

All right guys here we are 24 hours later from the transplant into the Solo cups, and you can see they have grown a decent amount. Those first sets got a lot bigger from the fan leaves that is. And now they are working on their second set of fan leaves. They are also not leaving as much and are kind of looking like they're no longer about to topple over. Again misting them throughout the day and keeping humidity and temperature high. 78 degrees for temperature and then humidity is whatever it is with the Dome closed. Like I said yesterday I'm starting to open the vents now. So I haven't cracked yesterday and now I'm going to open them up a little further and I'll open them up about a quarter of the way let's say. And I'll do it for both of them. And that is pretty much it.

Alright guys we are back for the very next day here, and you can see first off that I lowered this 45 watt light slightly just a few inches. And when I have the humidity Dome it is about 3 in from the top of that. Now you can see that they are all growing their second set of fan leaves here. Some of them are further along as you can see actually this guy the Skittles Have bigger ones, their second set is bigger than the rest, and then the Grape Ape are the ones that have kind of the smallest second-set going with the Pineapple Chunk in the middle.

Alright guys we are exactly 24 hours later here and the seedlings are continuing to grow really well as I showed you yesterday. Just continuing with the misting, no need to water the soil just yet. Because that water in the tray below as well as the runoff from the mistings is enough, but once they are almost ready to transplant I will give them one last watering. So these plants are starting to grow really well. And since I already have the vents all the way open on the top of the Dome, what I'm going to do now is use a rockwool cube to kind of keep the Dome cracked open. And this is so I'm still just gradually lowering the humidity a little bit each day. So I'm going to take this rockwool Cube and just put it under here. And that way it just kind of cracks it and makes it so it lowers the humidity a little more without having to take the lid off. After having it like this for probably two days I will be taking the lid completely off. 

It has been 24 hours since I started using the rockwool cube to hold the Dome open, so now what I'm going to do is just go straight to the Dome being off. And I will probably not be putting that back on, you can't go with that off for like half of a day and then put it back on. And then go full day the next day, but  it's just going to be pretty much the same as taking off right now. So no more with the Dome, I will be continuing with the spray bottle though of plane pH water.

Alright guys we are back here for the very next day and you can see we've had some very nice growth since the last clip. And again I am going to be transplanting these guys into their final 3 gallon smart pots out in the garage, where that vegetative tent is, and I will be doing that today. All right guys now we are ready to head out into the garage where I will transplant the seedlings into their new home. So let's go check that out!

 Alright guys so now we are outside in the garage with the vegetation tent, and you'll see I've got my Limoncello Haze mother plant currently vegging in here as well. So I will be adding these guys in there with her as there is plenty of room for all 7 plants total. I brought the 525 watt Bloom beast in here with the veg dial dialed up to about 35% at this point. I might move that over more and then add in like a 300w LED just while these guys are still on the smaller side and still kind of in early veg.

Alright guys so now I'm going to demonstrate transplanting one of these guys into their smart pot, so let's get started with that. Alright guys so I've got my smart pot about three-quarters of the way filled up with the ocean forest. And now I'm going to take my little Skittles seedling right here and I'm going to place it right in the very center of the cup. And kind of just twist it a little bit to make a little bit of an imprint for where I will be planting this guy for when I take it out of the Solo Cup. So important not to push down too hard or Pack Soil below too tightly because that will make it hard for this new roots to grow into, but it is okay too lightly place it in like I have done here just so you can make a little and print that you can see. 

So once you've done that you can take your tag out and gently loosen up the soil around the edges by squeezing gently around the Sides of the Solo Cup. And then all you got to do is put your fingers over the top like this, gently turned her upside down, and the cup is just going to slide right out like so. Or the soil is at least. So you can see there is a good amount of root growth coming out of the bottom there and all around the sides, so all you got to do at this point now is placed her right and you can see the rockwool cube coming out of their little bit. That's kind of cool looking, but here I'm going to place it right in there. And now all you got to do is fill around the edges with soil.

 Alright folks there we have our first transplanted seedling, and Again that is the Skittles that will be receiving the nuke heads nutrients. And again these are the nuke head seeds as well, so it is going to be nice how their genetics work with their nutrients come as they are supposed to be a really good combination for getting monster sized buds. So got her transplanted and made sure she is standing straight up and is in the very center of the pot. And now I'm just going to give her a light watering around the edges with that new soil, so there is root growth going outwards away from that rockwool Cube. It doesn't have to be a heavy watering or anything like that, just enough to get the soil damp and then you want to give a little bit of a misting. 

And this water, and with this watering you don't need to get any runoff, it is just to get that soil damp. And you can even just mist it like so here. And that will help it kind of get those or getting those roots growing out and it's also going to help the soil kind of settle down. Alright guys so now I'm going to transplant the rest of these seedlings here into their smart pots, and I will have them all set up in here and I will be back for that one last final shot to show you what that looks like. Alright guys here's the shot to show you guys what it looks like after all those seedlings were transplanted. 

And you can see everything fits in there just perfectly, even with that mother plant it is a little bit of a tight squeeze, but they will only be, the ceilings are only going to be in there for another week and a half, so we will make it work for the time being. I've got this 300w Mars Hydro hanging above these guys just cuz the bloom Beast isn't covering all of them and I didn't want to leave them in the dark. So that is raised pretty high up there cuz we don't need to give them too much light at the moment, and I missed it all of the plants as well as give them that light watering and the new soil after transplant. So that it would help like I mentioned help the roots grow out into that new style. 

So I've got my fans going as well as the heater so I can keep the temperature and humidity in the range of 60 to 65% for humidity and then 72 to about 79 degrees Fahrenheit for temperature. So that is it for the transplant and I will be back for next week shortly where I will be doing that first nutrient feeding.

 Alright GreenBox Growers, that completes the seedling days as well as the introductory video to my nukeheads groceries. And I will be back shortly with that week 1 of vegetation video of these plants, where I will be showing you guys that first nutrient feeding. And that is where we will first start seeing the differences between the New Kids nutrient line up as well as that dirty dozen lineup buy Fox Farm. Now it's always if you guys enjoyed the video, please smash that thumbs-up button and don't forget to comment below with your feedback Or with suggestions for future videos you would like to see me do. Also feel free to subscribe to my channel And to turn on those notifications for updates on my latest grows. As always thank you guys for watching, and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown