Explosive Growth with the Limoncello Haze Plant


What's up GreenBox Growers and welcome back to the most LIT Cannabis Grow Channel on YouTube! Now today is the official start of week 2 of veg for my mother plant and how to clone grow Series. So I will be starting that low-stress training on my mother plant so we can start developing some more tops and good bushy growth. I will also be covering the watering and nutrients feeding schedule for the week so that those of you who are following along can continue to do so. And for those of you out there who are curious about starting your own cannabis grow at home or you're just having trouble starting your plants and can't really get them to grow how you want them to. 

Feel free to hit me up because I do one on one grow advice where I will help you over the phone from seed to harvest, and you can visit the link down below to my Patreon Page which has more details there.  You'll also see I've left my phone number and email address down in the description, and I'm offering a free trial for my one-on-one grow guidance, so be sure to contact me via my number or email address down below and I can give you more details on how to sign up for that. I also want to remind you guys to check out our Merch and Smoke Gear on the greenboxgrown.com website, and now that you know what we are doing in this video let's get started with day 1 of the week!

Alright Growers, we are out here in the garage for day 1 of week 2 of that now for the mother plant and cloning series, and today is going to be the first low-stress training. So the first thing you want to do, well today she's ready for her next watering which is going to be the first plane pH watering since the last nutrients feeding.  So I will be doing that and after the training and I will also be misting cuz we will continue with that throughout veg. So what you're going to want to do is use some gardening soft I and then depending on the pot you are in, a paperclip like this or a close pin, but what I did was took my piece of soft I and made it into a loop like so. So no all I'm going to do is use this like a hook and I'm not actually going to need the paperclip because I'm just going to use the knobs on the side of this Air route pot.

 To clip this onto, but usually I will use a paperclip if I'm in something like Fabric or plastic I will just use this to clip the wire or gardening wire to the side of the pot. So I'm going to use this to pull that plant over trying to make that you shape where you just take the top and essentially folded over, and you want to be slow and gentle with it using that three finger LST to get it worked in that position first. I'm going to be smart with this as you can see there are tons of tops already growing underneath the canopy here like this one here. And then this little pear underneath there let me give you guys a good close up on that. 

So you can see, right there that's a good close up on that pair underneath and then there are some bigger ones like this guy right here you can see and there are a couple on the other side. So I want to be sure that I've been the branch or the main top over so that it is you know going to expose light to all those ones underneath or as much light to all those cops as possible. So that day and turn grow up and you, Maine top. 

So I'm going to take this and I'm thinking the best way to expose those big tops that are already growing as by bending it this way, so I'm going to start with just that three-finger training thumb on the bottom so you can work it without snapping. And it does help if you work your way down a little bit, this one I can tell it doesn't want to been too much so I'm going to be a little more gentle than usual. But essentially this is the position I want to hook it into so that's what I'm going to do right now. 

And I'm only going to go down to this first note here, I'm not going to have the hook under any further just so that I can expose as much as possible but still have it pulling over. now let me get it around these tops here just hooking it around like so being very gentle of course the whole way through, and now you can see I may have to make it, I'm going to put it a little lower so I don't have to stretch the plant out as much to get her down into this position that I'm trying to get her into. All right, sometimes it's good to have a counter anchor, but really it's all about slowly working her into the position.   let's see, that's kind of a rough spot for that first hook so let me try and get it into a little bit better of a position.

 She is slowly oh here we go, damn so I just hook it on right like that and that is it for the training. Now what you can see is I have exposed all of these branches and tops that were underneath the canopy and this main top at the head of the plant is going to grow up back up and kind of been back like an S shape and that will form. And then these branches here will grow out to the left there filling out that side of the pot. So you can take these top that I've already started growing up and train them out and away from the center of the plant a little bit. But you can see that that main stalk down here What I did was I bent it over so that it was making that lowercase in shapes so you can see it's going up through there and then it is going back down. And like I keep saying that exposes the whole canopy underneath to light, so now all of these new tops are going to start forming.

 Alright so now that you guys said that I'm just going to give her her quick plane pH watering, and misting, then we are all done for this first day of the week. So 6.3 as usual for the ph and I'm just going to water from the bucket but just remember this is still time to be very gentle and you don't need to get very much run off at this point. But you do want to be soaking all of that topsoil, roots are at this point growing outwards and down so it's going to help having a wide root system and you want to give all those root systems a good drinking. that's probably it for now but I'm going to give her a little bit more but she doesn't need too much, and then the misting and we are all done. 

And remember the most key point of this first training is to be  gentle with that Branch as this is of course the first training you are doing. And if you go too fast or bend it to quickly it's just going to snap and kill the plant. You can see doing it slowly with that three-finger technique Really gets it to been further then you would think it could before snapping, as I basically have it at a 90 degree angle here and it didn't snap. So just going to keep it hooked like this give it it's misting and then I will be back for day 2 of the week in 24 hours.

Alright guys I lied and I actually did the training a little differently and I just remembered I wanted to show you guys doing it, so I'm going to redo that part. So first I forgot to show you guys doing the base hook and you want a secure that base with some tie gardening tie so when you pull it over the plant will stay where it is. And instead of tying it into a loop like in the other part of the video What I am doing is using a more of a hook method where I just take one end and wrap it around the base and then you'll see I took the other end and just tied it around one of those hooks or one of those knobs coming out of the air route spot so for the hook that I'm going to be using the pull down the top for the main LST. 

You'll see I wrap that in around the branch where I wanted to hook it and now I'm just going to pull it down into that position and loop it right around this knob here.  So that is how you want to be doing your training as it's going to be easier to get the hooks around the part of the plant you wanted on, and as you can see it's easier to pull down the Plant while still being really gentle with it.

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 Alright guys we are back here for day 2 of week 2, and this is 24 hours after that first tie down for the low stress training. And you guys aren't going to begin how much this is grown since then.  I mean you can see it is completely bent back up Creating that s shaped in the main stock, kind of hard to tell, but there is that mean top right there that was pointing downwards yesterday from the tie down, and then it kind of goes down and it keeps right there where that hook gets it. Yeah there is a good shot, and then it goes down. So I've already got several new tops that have popped up including that one right there, this one and that one. And then there are a couple underneath so no need to really try anything down today, what we can do is just start lately doing a little three finger and even that one finger LST on those little toes that are coming out.

 And the ideas that you are just bending everything out and away from the middle so that it gets its own little space and can get some more light Which will in turn cause it to grow up and become its own Mane top. And again the more tops we get, the more clones we can take from this mother plant and the easier that process will be. So no need for water still good on that but I will give that misting right now because I am keeping that up several times each day and yeah no need to top all the time as a strategically-placed hook can help you get several new tops just overnight. Very happy with how this first training went on the mother plant and I will be back in 24 hours 4 day 3 of the week.

All right guys one thing I forgot to mention, with the Bloom Beast LED I've been using I still only have the seedling dial on and no veg dial. so this much growth with only the seedling dial that's really good, and I'm going to turn on the veg dial right now and only put it at 10% because I mean, it doesn't even really they don't even really turn on. It's just those two Cobb lights and they don't even really come on until it says 25% so that's right where they came on I'm going to leave them there and it's just a little bit more light and I figured it'd be good to do that now that I started the training and the plan starting to widen out. 

With just the seedling switch only those middle bulbs light up so it's kind of a small footprint And now this will hopefully widen that up and allow those tots to grow out even further.

Alright guys we are back for the very next day which is day 3 of the week, and I was going to do a plane pH watering today but the want the soil is still pretty wet so I'm going to hold off until tomorrow. The tops that the new top that came up from below the canopy are doing really well, there is nothing to tie down again yet so what I'm going to do is continue with this three-finger LST where I've been these new tops out like show. Before I was doing this you could see that they have grown back up already from doing this yesterday, but basically cranking down like this gently I mean gently biting them down not cranking them sorry, but doing that is going to help them grow out and white or so to get more light and can grow taller and possibly be topped to grow more tops out of that.

Going to continue with the LST throughout this week and I'm going to give them another misting of plain pH water, just a light one and I've been doing this a little bit throughout the day, two to three times each day is what you want to do at this point. You can see there is a lot of good growth going on underneath the canopy as well where there are new tops forming, and let me see if I can get that to focus here. You can see that new set of Topps forming right under there, so she is definitely looking like a female, I wouldn't say she shown yet but from the looks at it definitely a female I would say.

 Alright guys actually had one more thing I wanted to show you before I leave, so I decided after that last video to train with low stress training that top that I had tied down a few days ago. But all I did was like I did with these other tops here I just gently bent it and you'll see I bent it to the right here. Away not just away from the center but kind of in a New Direction Where another top wasn't growing. Because when it was standing straight up it was kind of covering up his top down under there right there, so I'm bending it a little to the right to expose that one. And also to expose this growth and these tops right here. and she'll probably also have these other tops growing out of there now that they are exposed, so just wanted to show you guys that I did that little three-finger training on the top here so that's why it's laying over and tomorrow we're probably going to have a whole bunch more of tops that are coming up to the canopy.

All right growers from Welcome Back, we are now on day 4 of the week.  The plant was actually showing some signs of light stress, you can see the tops were kind of curling down a little bit, growth has slowed and really at the tops inside the middle you can see it was starting to Yellow. So I actually turned off the veg switch and just have it on seedling for now is that seems to be how the plant is growing best. I'm going to hold off on the LST for today just so I can recover but I will be giving a watering. And that will be a plane pH watering, this will be the second plane pH watering since the last nutrients feeding so just one more of those and then it'll be time for that third nutrient feeding.

 So I've got about a quarter of a gallon mixed up here because it doesn't need that much and it's pH that 6.3, and of course I'll be giving a good misting right after the watering. So still want to be getting a little bit of runoff at this point and soaking all of that soil. You don't need to drown the plant or anything like that and of course always be very careful when watering as you don't want to move the soil around And disturb the roots like I always say.

And be sure to get around the edges, With this air Roots pot you'll probably want to water a little more than you normally would in a fabric pot just because it has more drainage and it really quickly dries out. So I'm going to let that soak in and then I'll give it a little more, but before I do that I'll give it a misting to just get those leaves nice and wet. You can also get the undersides of the leaves if you just write upside down with it like that spraying upwards. And then that is pretty much it for today, I will be back in another 24 hours for the next day of the week and hopefully these guys will be recovering from this light stress by then. All right see you guys!

Alright Growers we are back here for day 5 of the week, and you can see that now that the veg switch is off and just the seedling switch is on for the light, we've actually had a lot of growth just in the last 24 hours so she got taller, she grew another set of leaves out of here and the top screw higher along with another top throughout through the canopy. Actually a few others grew up through the canopy here but one of them this guy right here actually made it up through the canopy. So Today is going to be a basic day just going to do a little bit of low stress training on these new lateral tops that have come up and again I'm just going to be bending them out and away from the main top that is right here and that is just going to help us. These guys are basically what you're clones are going to be cut from so these are your future clones these little branches here.

 Basically you want to grow them so that their longer taller and have a few nodes on them so that you can cut them into a good healthy clone that will root properly. Just did a little bit of that light 3-finger LST training there it's going to open up the canopy as well so more tops can grow up and it'll help grow out. So now I'm going to do a plane at pH misting of the plant and that's really going to be at 4 today. We already watered yesterday with are playing pH watering so we are good for now in terms of watering the soil, and there will probably be another day or two before it's time for that next one. Alright guys I will be back for the next day and another 24 hours, peace!

Alright folks welcome back for the very next day of the week, and you can see we have a lot of nice growth overnight since the last clip of this video. It's crazy because this Bloom Beast again is only on the seedling dial and nothing else. So this is definitely considered some veg growth and lots of tots coming up and again I want to show you guys so you can kind of see, like this is what's going to be cut and turned into your clone in the future. So what you can see is and you can get the idea of how this is eventually going to be or become its own plant, right now it's just a branch. But if you can imagine this will be the top of it and that will be of course the main stem going down into the rockwool cube and eventually Roots will grow out of there and turn it into it's very own plant.

So right now the goal is to just get as many of those tops to grow so that we can have as many clones as we want to take from this mother plant. So today I'm not going to be doing any of the three finger LST and it doesn't look like I really need to tie anything down yet at this point. So just going to let her grow up and do a little bit more misting throughout the day, this is something I will do throughout the whole veg stage. And besides that just keeping temperature and humidity constant and having a nice flow of air breathing through and cycling fresh air and, so not only are you getting that fresh air, but you are also getting that fresh Breeze so that the leaves are slightly fluttering like you see here. That is important because that will allow the CO2 to Flow by the leaves more and to allow them to absorb more of that CO2 for better growth.

 Alright guys we are back for the last day of week to hear for the mother plant and cloning how to grow series. You can see yet again we had a lot of good vegetative growth coming here and we have a lot of tops that are coming up from below the canopy and they are going to be great selections for future cuttings. So I'm going to just give you a zoomed out shot so you can get an idea of how big this lemoncello Haze plant is getting at this point. trying to give you a shot of the sides here as well, but there is about five or six different tops I am seeing here a few in the back, and again no need to really do any training yet just yet. I'm doing a little bit of the three-finger light training to Bend them out into the sunlight. But that also helps a lot for exposing light to those tops that are still stuck behind The canopy. And that'll allow them to grow up and kind of become main tops as well.   

But you can see there's some tops and growth right here that can be cut into main tops, and there's one under here in the canopy that's kind of stuck so exposing that light to below the canopy helps a lot because you can see those branches will be able to grow up and become like this one here and this one over here. Which is considered a man talk. So spoil is dry and inch deep below the surface, so that means it's time for a watering. It's time for another plane pH watering this time and this is the third watering since the last nutrient feeding, so that means the next watering will be the next nutrient feeding.

 I've got it pH at 6.3 is always and then I've got my bottle of water that is also pH that 6.3 and I will be missing after the watering. All right guys so here is a good angle so you can watch me water the plant, And I'm probably only going to be doing a quarter of a gallon for this one soaking all the way out towards the edges of the pot and towards the middle as well, and getting a slight bit of runoff At this point. You don't need to water too much just because it's still pretty small in the overall scheme of things. so a quarter gallon is probably even too much I'll probably just do three quarters of that amount. So I'm just going to give it that little bit amount of water and I'm going to let it soak in and give it its misting. And then I will be back in a little bit to give it some more water I just like to let that first bit soak in, but yeah that's it for week 2 of the cloning and mother plant series!

All right folks that concludes week 2 of the mother plant and cloning how to grow series! And I will be back with week three pretty quickly here where I will be doing some more low-stress training on those branches to get some more tots growing up. I will also cover the nutrient and watering schedule for the week so you guys can continue to follow along with that. I have also been thinking this plant is growing really fast at the moment so she might only need to veg for 3 or 4 more weeks before she is ready to be cloned. So we will see on that depending on how the training goes and New Growth, how fast that comes in. But who knows we may be cloning her a lot sooner than first anticipated!

So if you guys enjoyed the video please smash that thumbs-up button as always, and don't forget to comment below with your feedback. Also feel free to subscribe to the green box ground Channel and to turn on those notifications for updates on my latest Bros. As always thank you guys for watching, and until next time….

Happy Growing!
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