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What's Up GreenBox Growers and welcome back to the most LIT Cannabis Grow Channel on YouTube! Now today I'm going to be covering week 7 of the low stress training Autoflower grow series, and again I will be going over the bud development over the course of this week as well as the nutrient and watering schedule, so for those of you who are following the long you can continue to do so. Now I want to remind you guys that I have that free trial going on right now to my one-on-one grow guidance, and that's perfect for anyone who's looking to start their own cannabis grow at home or is struggling to grow their own plant and is looking for some help. 

If you check out the description you will see that my email is down there so you can contact me for more info, and how to sign up for the free trial. And once you are signed up, you will be able to talk to me one-on-one over the phone and I will be helping you out that way.  Another reminder to check out our Merch under the Merch and Smoke section at and now that you guys know what we're doing in today’s video, let's get started!

All right growers here we are outside in the garage for day 1 of the week. You can see the plants are ready for their next watering and another thing that is going on is I had a issue where my pH pen was kind of off with a calibration so I've been watering with an off pH so you can see there is issues like the yellowing leaves, summer curling down which the weather has been really hot here lately so the high heat has been an issue combined with that. And then I also unfortunately lower the grow light a little too much so I raised it back up a little bit and I fix the calibration on my pen and adjusted the temperature in here and now the plans are doing really well. So like I said they're ready for their next watering which is going to be their third plain pH watering since the last nutrient feeding. 6.3 is the ph and I have it mixed up right there.

 So I'm going to show you guys watering one of the plants, but first I wanted to give you a couple close-ups on the buds just to show you how they have developed as of late. And to show you the progress, especially under this new lighting. So you can see the blue Amnesia right here those buds really looking good, some top shelf right there really Frosty and really dense all the way down the branch. And it smells really good. Now the Tangerine Dream here in the back that was affected by the pH as you can see the Heat and the light stress cause the leaves to curl down and yellow. There's some other colors changing too but sometimes when it yellow is like that and has some of those rust spots that can be a cow mag deficiency so I might add a little extra of that on the next nutrient feeding, but for now I'm just going to do the plane pH Watering.

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 Here's the second Tangerine Dream plant and you can see but they're filling out nicely, they kind of slow down there when the like are too close and you can see some of the white pistols actually got a little burnt from it and Orange and got a little skinnier, so that's why I raised up the light and changed up the heat as well. And then finally before I do the watering, shown you guys the other blue Amnesia plant here and those buds are turning out really well also. Just smaller and shorter. But really there's a lot of nug Under The Canopy there so I will show you that there once I trim it back 4 Harvest. All right now let's get started with the plane pH watering.

 So I'm just going to film watering this one plant here the Tangerine Dream in the front left because this one was actually really affected by that off pH as you can see the leaves that are dying and getting spotted. That's usually from a potassium deficiencies or sometimes phosphorus or Cal Mag deficiency said that's, a deficiency is also an issue that can arise when your pH is off. So it is possible that they have a deficiency, but more likely it is because of the off pH because I have been feeding them nutrients properly. All right guys I'm going to show you guys the watering really quickly, and my plane ph 2 gallons here and I'm just going to give it a good soaking.

 And to be honest they are getting almost three-quarters of a gallon each of water so really just soaking the soil and getting a decent amount of runoff and that's really it. But the buds are going to continue to grow for a while now as that is really all that is left to do is for the buds to finish up, and I'm going to let that soak in there for a little bit and then give it some more like I usually do. But I really just want to give you guys one more really nice clothes up on this blue Amnesia here because those buds are pristine right now. Really Frosty, they aren't even done yet and they're probably going to fatten up a lot more, probably going to eat up all the rest of these fan leaves here. And just kind of going to fatten up and cover them up so you can't even see him anymore. Hopefully we are going to get those kinds of results with the buds on this guy's well. Alright guy said that is it for day 1 of week 7 and I will be back in 24 hours for day two, peace!

All right Growers we are back here for day 2 of week 7 out here in the garage, and I'm going to give you guys the next update on my LST Autoflower grow series. So I showed you guys that stress I was getting last week some up which was caused by the Light being too close, so I have raised it up to being about 2 feet away from the top of this main by bright here which is the tallest one here. So they're definitely growing a lot faster now and showing signs of improvement what you're about to see, so that was definitely part of the issue. And of course recalibrating the pH pen was huge, so always stay on top of that. All right so we did that plane pH watering yesterday, not looking like it's going to need any more water today. Tomorrow it probably will and the plants probably will so I will be doing the next nutrients feeding at that point. So today I really just be covering an update on the buds and how they have grown since the last video.

All right guy so I will start with this Tangerine Dream 1 here in the front, it's the furthest behind but that's because it was the most affected by the stress of the light. You can see now from this update, the hairs are no longer burning and they are turning white and growing again, the buds are fattening up and getting more Frosty. You can see the leaves are yellowing as much or curling down as much either which is a good sign. The ones down below and hear that kind of yellow and have some spots, that's more from the off pH. Not as much from the light stress, maybe a little bit from the heat stress but that's mainly from an off pH. Now of course this blue Amnesia here is just absolutely killing it these buds as you can see here are just absolutely massive and very dense and very frosty. So I'm very stoked on that, and then of course the second Tangerine Dream the buds are really fattening up now that I have the lights back up at an appropriate height. 

So very good progress there as you can see a lot of the leaves were damaged by the stress but she's and have some good yields either way. Finally the blue Amnesia and the back left is doing really well as always the buds are fattening up and getting frostier, and I always mention right Under The Canopy is a bunch of thugs. So she will be a decent yield nothing special because she grew so short, but I also want to show you guys one more good look at how the Tangerine Dream in the front has shaped up with all of it stops.  

So you can see she has a whole bunch different tops and let me give you an aerial view, it's almost like it's  fanned out like a star with all its different points, and then the main big bud right in the middle. But basically yes just this main tall one with all the a bunch of others all the way around which almost got his large is the main one. Alright let me give you guys one more close up on these blue Amnesia but it's cuz I didn't really give you a good lighting when I did that first time. All right here's a little bit of a better more lit up View. I mean really fattening up good but she still has a little bit of time to go so really stoked on that.

 all right Growers we are back 4 day 3 of the week and the plants are ready for their next watering, so that means it's time for their next nutrient feeding. So this is going to be week 8 of the flowering schedule, and there's no need all you'll see the next if you're following the fox farm Dirty Dozen schedule, you'll see I actually did last week week 7 of flour, so what that should mean is I'm on the sledgehammer flush. But because these are autos and I did not do every week of the veg nutrients, I'm just going to skip the flush for now and save that for the last two weeks of flush. So I'm moving on 2 week 8 or the 4th week of flowering nutrient mix. So because they are showing some signs of nitrogen toxicity and other issues, a little bit of stress, I'm doing this one at 70% strength So not doing this at full strength and have a couple of gallons mixed up. So be sure to follow that and of course I've got my 1 teaspoon  of Cal Mag per gallon and I have everything pH to 6.3.  All right so let's start with the watering now.

 You'll notice since I raised the lights, the plants are less and shock and are starting to fatten up the buds again. I'm going to see, I'm going to go with a watering of the Tangerine Dream in the front. so again they are probably getting almost a gallon each still have to makes it more after this, but it is good that you really soak the soil each watering cuz that is what's going to help you maximize their flowering potential. and I'll give you a close up of the buds and just a second here as they are starting to pick up and turns a growth and they're starting to go a little faster. All right so let that soak in and I will be giving it some more of course but you've seen this already so no need to continue showing the full water every time.

But as you guys can see here the Tangerine Dream buds are starting to definitely pick up that growth again and the hairs are staying the same back up. The buds are also getting Frosty or so that's always a good sign. No course the blue Amnesia is are doing really well as always in the buds are just continuing to fatten up and they're just getting really big in Frosty so that's really it for today's update but I will be back tomorrow 4 day 4.

All right folks were back 4 day for a week 7 here, and I'm really stoked because the buds are actually going back into flour where they're no longer looking like they are shocked and you can see I've been raising the lights back up she slowly each day just to get him out of that shock and I think I finally found the right height for these plants to flower in, or at least for this phase.

So I'm going to show you guys the progress we've had  in terms of the buds growing since the last video. They are good for watering since we did give them that nutrients feeding yesterday and the next watering is of course going to be a plain pH water. So you can see the buds I really coming along and you can see those white pistils  or hairs that were starting to Brown or turned a little bit of a burnt color. They are starting to form new ones and are growing up again and they're turning white so that is good that's what we want to see. You can tell all the little nugs and buds up and down the branches here are starting to form and fatten up more. 

Just going to be a matter of time before these guys are ready and much more larger and ready to be harvested. So of course the blue and leashes are doing well as always, really really high quality looking but here and you can see now the leaves are starting to curl in the hairs are starting to Curl and the buds are focusing on fattening up, and doing that last bit of growth. I would say about another week here and then I'mma start flushing here and I'll start checking on the tri comes here pretty quickly. But that's the same for the other blue and Leisure back there and for the Tangerine dream's they are both on the same page in terms of not really ready yet to be harvested or flushed of course but getting there as well.

 So that's just one of the Tangerine Dream buds in the front and then hears that main one in the back of that Tangerine Dream. Starting to get frostier and fattening up underneath and I think now that that light is raised up and not shocking it we will see a lot more growth.

 All right Growers we are back here 4 day 5 of week 7 and the plants are ready for their next watering but before I get into that I want to give you the daily update of the buds. I left the LEDs on for this filming just so you can get a different  view of the buds and they will be more lit up this way, but it starts raising the lights because I noticed that there were no longer new signs of light burn or stress on the plants and as you could see the buds are growing again and actually going pretty quickly. So you can see the Tangie dreams are really feeling that nice on both plants and of course the blue and lesions are continuing just as they have been as always.

 The blue and leashes will be harvested first since they are much further along but I'm actually really excited again to see how big these buds on this Tangerine Dream get just because There's so many different buds growing around they have buds growing from top to bottom and it really tall branches so I mean we could have some footlong cola's several of them on this planet here we will see what happens I am keeping this light where it is now as well as the temperature because it does seem to be working well and if I see any signs of stress I will adjust accordingly. And again this guy in the back just the leaves really change color the buds still growing all the way underneath down to the bottom of that call up there and there's several nice size ones. Another quick Shot Blue Amnesia looking good. This one is the All-Star of course with those buds all the way around can't wait to get some close-ups of that once it becomes Harvest Time. So like I was saying we've got the next watering up here and it's going to be the first Watering since the last nutrient feeding so it's going to the plane watering at 6.3. And I'm going to be soaking all of these guys I have two gallons filled I might have to fill up some more but yeah you guys know the drill, not going to show you guys any watering in this video just cuz of showed you so many times so I'm going to give you guys a break on that. But again I just want to show you how many different little nuggs are starting to pop up and fill out on these branches and you can see they are starting to connect and grow towards each other. And eventually they'll connect all the way up for some massive nugs. So are right we have a lot to look forward to to see with what these nugs do I will be back in 24 hours.

 All right folks who we are for day 6 of week 7 and yesterday we did the plane pH water And the buds are just continuing to grow on all of the plants. It's a little bit on the slower side for the Tangerine Dream but that's just because of the shock, so that's why they are further behind but they are definitely getting bigger and you can see the notes are filling out all the way up and down the branches and they still have a lot of those white hairs and they're actually perking back up and getting bigger so that's another good sign because I keep saying these bites have a lot more growth to go. So not a complete waste from that light shocked and again let that just be a lesson learned but I think we're going to get some good buds because I was turning out pretty nicely. 

And of course the blue and always look really on point and perfect. Get a good Focus shot there for you guys and you can see the buds are now just fattening up most of the hairs have curled up and end and a lot of them are still White and the budget Journal are just really really dance with try comes giving it that Frosty look. See if I can give you guys a good yeah there you go, so there's a nice little shot up close. And of course to not forget the Tangerine Dream in the back here  doing really well also and you can also see those nuggs our fattening up Under The Canopy so you can get a good shot their of that. So another good yielder as well and of course like the blue Amnesia it's really Frosty indent.

 I think next week I'll start checking the trichomes on this blue amnesia's, no need to do that yeah with the Tangerine Dream plants because they're not close enough. But yeah it's pretty much it for today keeping the conditions the same as they have been. Now that you're in Flowery can lower them a little bit especially at night you can drop a couple degrees So 67 degrees Fahrenheit surround 77 Fahrenheit is a good range to be in at this point and then around 50 to 55% humidity. Still want that air flow and circulation to be good but you don't want to be shaking the fan or branches that the nuggs our on so much that causes them to snap. So just a little bit of movement is all you need.

All right girl wears we are back here for the last day of week 7 and again the plants are ready for their next pH water so that is the second since the last nutrient feeding. But before I do that I want to show you how the buds have progressed and now that the Tangie dreams are out of that shock they are dressing tremendously each day in the blue tunisia's are doing just the same. So really starting to get Frosty and densening up with the blue Amnesia buds. keeping temperatures around the same as well as humidity, I think at the start of this coming week week 8 I'll be checking these try comes like I've been saying because of the blue amnesia's they are ready. 

I don't know if you guys noticed but I did pull off all of the Dead fan leaves that are on the plants and that is something you can do at this point because that's not going to help them. You'll know when they are ready to go When you tag on them because if they are dead they will just come right off from a very gentle pull. But if you are tugging on them and it feels like they are still attached then you should probably leave them alone. But if the leaves are all Crist up and crumbling. Just get him out of there cuz that's not good. And that's really it. So I'm just going to give them a plane pH watering at this point and I'm not going to show you guys since you already know the drill, but what I will do is give each plant a gallon of water and that's a total of 4 gallons. And that's because I'm really soaking them to get all of that run off because I want those buds to swell up now that it's towards the end of flower. 

All right so let me just give you guys one more quick close up on this. This video isn't really doing justice but she is really Frosty very dense and the smell is extremely citrusy and nice. You can see the butt is fat all the way down there I don't know if you can tell that blue Amnesia end of back now that I filled the leaves off. But you can see a lot more and it's a way fat nug under there.  Tangerine dream's smell amazing as well they're not as big yet but that's just because of the shocks so that's why they're further behind. But they are both moving along and fattening up. So I will be back next week with more details on that and we will start checking the trichomes to see when we can start flushing these plants.

 All right Growers that concludes the 7th week of this low stress training Autoflower grow, and I will be back in a few days with week 8 and I'm going to be starting to look at the truck comes in that video because it is getting close to harvest for the blue Amnesia plant. And then I'm just going to start keeping an eye on those Tangerine Dream buds just so I have a rough estimate of when they will be ready for Harvest. As always if you guys enjoy the video, please smash that thumbs-up button and don't forget to comment below with your feedback. Also don't forget to subscribe to the greenbox grown Channel and to turn on those notifications for updates on my latest grows. As always thank you guys for watching and until next time…

 Happy Growing!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown