Week 2 LST for the Autoflower Grow Series


What's up Cannabis Growers and welcome back to GreenBox Grown! Today is the start of week 2 for my LST Autoflower Series so in this video I will be covering the entire week, as well as everything you need to do if you are following along with your plants. And now that the first LST has been done with these plants, they are really going to start taking off this week so we will see a lot of Rapid vegetative growth and by the end of the week we should start to see them starting to flower as well.

 Now as always, before I get started with the video I'd like to mention that you guys should  Check out our MERCH at GreenBoxGrown.com, under the clothing Tab. And that way you guys could rock some cool GreenBox Grown gear. Also don't forget to check out the link Down Below in the description so you can sign up for one-on-one grow guidance from myself on our patreon page. All right now that you guys know what we're doing in this week's video, let's get started!

All right folks here we are for day 1 of week 2 for the LST Autoflower grow. And these guys are really starting to take off in veg growth, Now that it has been a few days since their first training.  So the week two conditions are going to be the same in terms of humidity and temperature.  I'm keeping it as close to 75 degrees fahrenheit as possible as well as in the range of 55 to 65% humidity. You want to have a couple of fan going to keep air circulation up and you want to keep the plants fluttering Justice lately. 

You don't want it to be very vicious shaking where it's damaging the leaves but you do want them to be fluttering like they are right now. I'm still missing them and staying watering schedule. They're still wet from yesterday is nutrient feeding, but you can see they are New all starting to form new tops that are growing around that other main top.  So even this one that was lagging a little bit, it still looks like its leaves are slightly to form, but you can see this was the main topic originally and now we have 1 2 3 and 4 and it looks like 5 even new ones coming up. So I'm not going to be training these ones for a couple more days. Because I want them to grow up a little more like I was saying, and then I'll start bending all of these branches, and I'll give you.

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Also I want to show you guys this is what happens when you pull your leaves down and they get stuck in the wet soil, they start to kind of get messed up like this they did a little copper color going on them. And that's just from the over moisture and kind of being stuck to the soil. So that's why I don't want that to happen. That's pretty much it for today and I'm keeping the Wyatt at the current height its at right now, And I'm going to let these plants grow up a little bit to it before I lower it any further.

All right guys I'll be back in 24 hours, peace.

 What's up Growers and welcome back for the very next day which is day 2 of week 2, and I'm getting very excited about these plants you guys, because they are really starting to take off in veg growth. I know they are autos and they're supposed to do this, but this LED is really starting to help them out, and really starting to get them to grow even faster. The light is still at about, I would say about 3 feet maybe a little bit less.  I'm going to lower it probably in a few days because it is still doing really well right now. Oh, and as you can see by the soil color it is still really dark signifying the still too wet to be watered. And I felt the 2 over here because they are dry on top but just below the surface they are still pretty wet, Not ready so not ready for watering but I'll still be spraying them and also I decided I won't be time the branches down yet, even though they are growing up really well. I'm going to give them one more day and then tomorrow I'm going to start Adding some low-stress training to them. So what I'm going to be doing today, is just giving them a little Dent into the direction that I want them to go in.

 So you'll see this main top up here's the biggest and I will probably try it out towards this direction or down again out here, so I'm just going to work it that way. You will see this is the new top I really want to focus on and there's actually another one right here, so they are really going crazy. But really the important thing is to bend them out into a direction where they have their own space. So try to bend them out and all their own directions, because the goal is to give them their own area to grow up in and get their own light from the grow light above. 

So just spinning them all out and away from each other, so that blue Amnesia plans done this Tangie dream that was kind of starting off slow if you guys remember, it's really starting to take off now. It's got one two three four five and then a sixth main top down here. Haven't really started training these new ones yet which is what I'm going to do right now. Just kind of bending them all line, and what they smaller branches you kind of have to bend them with one finger very gently because they can still snap at this point. They're not very strong but just push them enough so they are laying down and not standing straight up still.

 So that one's good right there And now time for this back 1. These guys are kind of growing shorter nodes and stacking them right on top of each other, and I think that's because it seems we are more directly under the light of the other two. still going to bend them out like so just to expose below the canopy and kind of these lower nose down here. And that is really, it's all about exposing those lower parts of the branches 2 light and those tops to life so they can grow up and become just as big as that may stop there.

 Here we go with that one, and this guy I'm just going to keep that dang that one in the same direction and these other ones out. Some people call this kind of similar to mainlining where you have one main branch with a bunch of tops coming off like that. I'm not really going for that shape as much, I'm just bending them and whatever directions seems to be best for them.  All right so that is that, and now I'm going to give them a quick messaging and then I will be back in 24 hours for day 3 of this week. Where I will probably be tying them down with some more new hooks. Alright peace guys.

What up guys here we are back 4 day 3 of the week and I am actually going to keep the light where it is right now, but these guys are definitely ready for some training. They are not quite ready for a watering yet which will be tomorrow, as they are still damp below the surface, but as I said they are ready to be tied down again and they are really starting to develop a lot of nice tops. So I am going to cut a couple pieces of the gardening tie and then I will be right back.

 So I'm going to start with this Tangerine Dream over here because this is the one that was struggling before, and now you can see it is doing a lot better. And you'll see the first thing I'm going to do is adjust the hook that I have on here just to pull down that main top again. And then that will as you can see help Expose and spaced out these other ones from each other. So just be very gentle as always, don't want to damage any of the leaves, and then just unclipped this and try and shorten it a bit.

 Then just Loop it back through so it's just pulling on this one top, and all kind of pull it down and to the side a little bit. And there you go, all right so now these four I'm going to deal with, and what looks best is I'll be able to pull this one down out here so it covers that part of the soil. This one's not long enough to hook so I'm just going to push it in that direction because that's where I want to start growing, and same thing with this one right here it's not really big enough yet but I'm just going to kind of push it down. But this made Branch here kind of already has two tops growing on it, so I'm going to cut a piece of wire and tie that down.

So another thing that's really cool with this gardening Thai is it holds its shape so you don't always have to do the loop around, you can kind of just tie it or shape it into a hook like this and then kind of pull it down that way. So I'm just going to kind of loop it around the top and I guess I'll kind of make it all the way around the branch. Like that, and then I'll just hook it to the paperclip like that.  Perfect,  and now you can see that top is being pulled all the way out there  and it's just being hooked to the paperclip right here, and I Thai a loop around the top with my soft top.

All right so that is really all I need to do for this guy right now and again for these tops that are starting to grow but are not very long or very big yet. You just want to use your finger to push them in the garage when you want them to grow in, cuz you will see if they will come stay down and then they will kind of grow back up but more out in that direction. So it will distance them from the rest of the plant which is always our goal.  

So I'm going to try these other ones down really quick and then I will come back to show you guys what that looks like. All right I already started working on this blue Amnesia plant that I wanted to show you guys again how this hook method Works. She really simple all you're going to do is bend the tie into a hook-shaped like that, and then you will hook it around a branch. And then just clip it to the start of the pot where it needs to be.

 So let's see okay I'm going to pull this guy over here So I'm going to hook it, and you can even bend it some more once it's around the branch so completely loose around. And I'm just going to tie it down over here. It's a lot easier this way then doing it the way I was showing you guys before and it uses a lot less of the soft tie.  Okay so training for the day is finished, and it'll probably actually be a little while before I train these guys again. I did a pretty big one today but you'll see I read it a lot of the hooks with that new method I was showing you. And really I've got all the main tops pulled out like this again and then you'll see a couple of nodes. And now I'm probably going to let them grow up for the rest of the week instead of training them anymore, just saw those branches have a chance to elongate and get bigger before I tie them down.

 These are an Autoflower grow so you only have so much time to train them before you want them to just grow up. But this guy I mean you can see how to expose the underneath part is and that's going to really help a lot, and this guy is going to really start taking off even more than it already is. So we will be back in 24 hours to show you guys how this works. But before I go, I'm going to do a quick misting and again we got the Tangerine Dream over here the blue Amnesia another Tangerine Dream and then the other blue and Misha. Sorry I think I got these two mixed up I think it's the other way around with these 2 back ones.  Alright guys I will be back tomorrow.

All right all right guys here we are another 24 hours later and this is the next day from that LST training.  I did end up lowering the light a little bit more so we are exactly 24 inches from the tops in the plants. And I did a little I tied down this one more Branch down here in this direction just cuz it was covering this one up earlier, but besides that the rest are starting to grow up and now before I tie them down again I will let them grow up for probably the rest of this week. I just checked them again and they are not ready for another watering, but I will give them a misting right now. And besides that that is all they will need for today, so I will be back tomorrow for the next day, and we should see A decent amount of growth of words.

 What up Growers we are back 4 day 5 a week to here, and the plants are ready for a pH water so we're going to do that right now. You can also see they have grown a decent amount since yesterday, and they are definitely starting to show the effects of that LST. Boom all right so I've got my plane pH water and spray bottle already at 6.2. And now I'm just going to give them a nice water. For those of you wondering what I do with the water that comes out of the bottom of the buckets, I have a wet back I use and it's really cheap to get one, you just suck up the water with it.  Most people have one of those already in the garage, so if you do good for you, but if not you can just pick one up at your local Home Depot or gardening store or hardware store.

 Still trying to water gently so you don't move all the soil around, you want to soak all of the soil at this point so there is a little bit of runoff out of the bottom of the pots, you don't need too much right now, but a little bit is good. All right now I'm just going to water this last Tangerine Dream, and get them over here to you can see that Branch here on this plant I tried out towards the right, is starting to come back up so over there will be a nice big top.   And then eventually I'll pull one of these down over here over there as well. So I'm just going to top this off a little more, and then it's time for the spray. And you don't have to miss them too much, just enough so that you see there's good coverage on all of the leaves. You can see this one on the right back there, that Tangerine Dream is really for me a nice Bush shape to it. With a lot of tops. So I will be back in 24 hours 4 days 6, and there should be a lot of growth in terms of growing up Towards the light by then since I'm not doing any training today.   All right peace guys.

 What's up Growers I am back 4 day fix of week too and you can see, the plants are doing really well and they're starting to grow up a lot, especially since I lowered light to 24 in. A quick update, I didn't really give you guys these details lately, But 4 temperature I'm still keeping it at 75 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the day and night. And 4 humidity it's a little bit high right now because I watered,  but it said about 63% , you want it to be in about the 55 to 65% range.  

I will be missing them today, I watered yesterday so I don't need to water today, but you can see in terms of growth they are doing very well. You can see all of these new tops that's 1 2 3 4 5 and there's a kind of a small one they're 678 over here if you can't this one. And those will grow more, you can see this big one here and these two here.   underneath you can see these two big ones coming up as well, and they are starting to sprout a little bit in terms of the white hairs. But not really flowering just yet, this guy's a little more bushy and then the rush, but you can see these little tops are starting to make it up to the canopy over this main one over here. 

So I've got 1 2 3 there's a fourth and fifth underneath I don't know if they'll make it. But we are still pretty early on, and then we've got these guys over here at the two big ones and then. So looking good right now and for training I won't be doing any for a little bit cuz Like I said I want the branches to get a little bit of length to them. And then I can tie them down a little better and separate them a little further from each other. 

Now I will do a little misting of plain pH water, and like I said I've got the 900 watt at 24 in and I've got the The fans going and just making sure these babies are warm and getting all the conditions that they need. So I will be back tomorrow 4 day 7, which will be the last day of the week, and I probably won't need to water them but I will give you an update on how they're growing. Alright peace.

What's up green box Growers, we are back 4 days 7 here of the second week for this Autoflower grow. Now before I get any closer I want to show you guys that I have raised the light, because the plants were starting to show signs of Life stress. Which means the light was too close, so I Raised it up from 24 in from the tops, to now being 32 in from the tops. So they don't need a watering but I will be visiting them today. And in terms of LST or low stress training, they are good for now as well. As you can see they're starting to grow up nicely along with all the other side branches that I've been creating.

 Now you can tell there has been some light stressed because the branches towards the top or a little yellower than the rest, And the leaves were kind of growing slowly as well as kind of curly down. So that's a sign that the light is way too close, as well as if the leave start to bend down like these ones here as they're not standing straight up. That just means there's too much light there and it is stressing them out and slowing the growth down. So that's why I raised it, no LST necessary for these guys right now. 

I'm going to do a little bit these new branches come through right now, you can see all you have to do is kind of bend it down a little bit.  Since it's so new it will stay down, and that will help a train a little bit. So just getting these new branches and tots and bending them all out and away from each other so that I can open up space towards the bottom through the canopy so those branches can grow up and show these spread out from each other, allowing them to get a little more space to grow bigger buds.

All right now I'm going to really quickly show you guys a close-up to show you that they are starting to flower ever-so-slightly. And you can see that by looking up close here to the tops, so you can see those little white pistils are starting to grow looking nice, still got a lot of veg grow to go, but that's why I stopped training them. Because I want them to start growing up now, and if I start training them for too long they are going to be really short and small buds once they start flowering if the branches don't get long enough. You can see the light stress there but now that I raised it they are already doing better and arrested this morning.

 You can See how the main stalk of the plant is getting really strong here, the main stock or a main stem is getting really strong and you can see up close here this is obviously definitely a female based off of, let me get this to focus classic iPhone. Okay so you can see the female part there and right there you can see where the branches Fork apart those are the female parts. If it was a guy you would see little Pollen sacs there.

 All right so I'm going to finish bending out these tops, I'm not going to tie them down, I'm just going to bend them like so. And this plant you can see how much fully just kind of stuck down there and between the canopy, and now that the light has been raised and I'm spreading these out, that will cause it to grow into lots of new individual tops that will become massive buds. So I'm just going to spread these out like so and then give them a quick misting, and then we are all done for week 2 of this row. And of course I'll be back next week with week 3 which probably will be a lot more growing tall with these plants and starting the pre flowering stage.

All Green box Growers, that concludes week 2 of the LST Autoflower series. And as you saw on that last clip, they're just starting the preflower phase, so I will be back with week 3 of this grow, and I will be back with more details about that as well as what to do with that next nutrient feeding. And maybe there will be a little more on the low stress training front. But at this point I think they might be good for training as they are already sprouting up a ton of different tops.

If you guys enjoyed the video please give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to the GreenBox Grown Channel and to turn on notifications for updates on my latest grows. As always, thank you guys for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown